Cubs Negotiation List

Players selected in the MLB First-Year Player Draft (MLB Rule 4 Draft) are placed on a club's Negotiation List.

In most cases, a player selected by a club in the Rule 4 Draft will remain on the club's Negotiation List until either the player signs, or until 5:00 PM (EDT) on the Friday that falls during the week July 12-18 (whichever comes first), and if a club does not sign a Rule 4 Draft pick by the deadline, the player is removed from the club's Negotiation List and becomes eligible for selection again in the next Rule 4 Draft in which the player would be eligible for selection. The exception to this rule is any college senior with no baseball eligibility left. This class of player remains on the club's Negotiation List until the player signs or until one week prior to the next Rule 4 Draft (whichever comes first).

Also, any player eligible for selection in the Rule 4 Draft who is not drafted ("Non-Drafted Free-Agent" or "NDFA") can sign with any club at any time up until one week prior to the next Rule 4 Draft, unless the NDFA has college baseball eligibility remaining and is presently enrolled in a junior college or four-year college or enrolls in a junior college or four-year college subsequent to the Rule 4 Draft), in which case the July signing deadline applies.

A player selected in the MLB Rule 4 Draft or a Rule 4 eligible NDFA cannot be signed to a Major League contract.

A club is not permitted to select a player in the Rule 4 Draft two years in a row, unless the player gives his approval in advance.

CUBS NEGOTIATION LIST (updated 6-8-2013):
1. Kris Bryant, 3B (U. of San Diego) - JR
2. Rob Zastryzny, LHP (U. of Missouri) - JR
3. Jacob Hannemann, OF (BYU) - draft-eligible FR
4. Tyler Skulina, RHP (Kent State) - JR
5. Trey Masek, RHP (Texas Tech) - JR
6. Scott Frazier, RHP (Pepperdine) - JR
7. David Garner, RHP (Michigan State) - JR
8. Sam Wilson, LHP (Lamar CC) - JC3
9. Charcer Burks, OF (William B. Travis HS - Richmond, TX) - HS (NOTE: U. of Florida recruit)
10. Zack Godley, RHP (U. of Tennessee) - SR - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
11. Jordan Hankins, C (Austin Peay) - JR
12. Trevor Clifton, RHP (Heritage HS - Maryville, TN) - HS (NOTE: U. of Kentucky recruit)
13. Trevor Graham, RHP (Franklin Pierce) - JR
14. Daniel Poncedeleon, RHP (U. of Houston) - JR
15. Michael Wagner, RHP (U. of San Diego) - JR
16. Cael Brockmeyer, C (Cal State - Bakersfield) - JR
17. Kelvin Freeman, 1B (North Carolina A&T) - SR - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
18. Giuseppe Papaccio, SS (Seton Hall) - SR - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
19. Will Remillard, C (Coastal Carolina) - JR
20. Zak Blair, 2B (Mercyhurst College) - SR-5th - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
21. Josh McCauley, RHP (Shepherd U.) - SR - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
22. Kevin Brown, LF (Bryant U.) - SR - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
23. Tyler Ihrig, LHP (Marin CC) - JC2
24. Tyler Alamo, C (Cypress HS - Cypress, CA) - HS (NOTE: Cal State - Fullerton recruit)
25. Marcus Doi, OF (Mid-Pacific Institute - Honolulu, HI) - HS (NOTE: U. of Hawaii recruit)
26. Carlos Pena, C (Southwest Miami HS - Miami, FL) - HS
27. Tyler Sciacca, 2B (Villanova) - SR - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
28. Brad Renner, RHP (Florida State College) - JC2
29. John Garcia, CF (Denbigh HS - Newport News, VA) - HS
30. Zak Hermans, RHP (Princeton) - SR - NO COLLEGE ELIGIBILITY LEFT
31. Sean Johnson, RHP (Iowa Western CC) - JC1
32. Keaton Leach, RHP (Glendale CC) - JC1 (NOTE: Fresno State recruit)
33. Chris Madera, CF (Northwest Florida State College) - JC2
34. Jake Thompson, RHP (Siuslaw HS - Florence, OR) - HS (NOTE: Oregon State recruiit)
35. Ramsey Romano, SS (Valhalla HS - El Cajon, CA) - HS (NOTE: U. of Michigan recruit)
36. Derek Campbell, SS (U. of California) - JR
37. Jeremy Martinez, C (Mater Dei HS - Santa Ana, CA) - HS (NOTE: USC recruit)
38. Zack Brown, RHP (Seymour HS - Seymour, IN) - HS (NOTE: U.of Kentucky recruit)
39. Josh Greene, CF (Forest HS - Ocala, FL) - HS (NOTE: High Point U. recruit)
40. Bubby Riley, LF (Delgado CC) - JC2 (NOTE: NC State recruit)


fwiw, it's very unlikely b.riley(40th) doesn't choose to play for NCSU.

strong kid, btw. you can tell he doesn't skip the gym too much.

he's got a bit of speed and good arm (can easily play RF) to go with his decent (though not mind-blowing) power.

he turns 21 soon...he should raise his draft value easily next season. if the cubs snag him it's a sneaky nice pick that late in the draft.

Most of the HS & JC players selected in the 30's drop because they have strong commitments to a 4Y college. 

39th round pick Josh Greene says he has no intention of signing with the Cubs.


Seems he wasn't happy about being picked in the 39th round, and so he says he will honor his NLI with High Point University.

Cubs sign 12th round pick, Trevor Clifton, Highschool RHP, Knoxville TN; 6'5" 185#. Supposedly a tough sign because of his commitment to Univ. of Kentucky...hence the "3rd round money".

“It was a dream come true,” Clifton said about being drafted. “I got the money I wanted, and playing professional is a dream.”

Clifton didn’t disclose his asking price but said he asked for third-round money. “And that’s what I got,” he said.

Clifton will report to AZ Phil in Mesa (in a week).

Clifton will report to AZ Phil

I hope he won't be expected to have the same attention to detail. If so, he may as well stay home.

a bit dated but I read this brief note on pg.5 of the Baseball America magazine from May 28th-June 11th (Draft Preview issue with Clint Frazier on the cover):

Paniagua Locked Out
One month into the minor league season, Cubs righthander Juan Carlos Paniagua had still not received his visa to travel to the US.

Paniagua signed out of the Dominican Republic for $1.5M last year in July, hd his contract approved and even pitched in teh US breifly after signing. However, the US Consulate has been requesting documents from Paniagua--including school records and identifying documents from his siblings--before issuing him a visa. There's no clear time-table for when Paniagua might arrive in the Us to begin his first full minor league season. Paniagua has a checkered history with MLB investigations, having failed two of them previously and served two separate penalties that banned him from signing for one year.

I think I read some comment that he might play in the Dominican league while waiting for his Visa. Anyone hear anything else?

Huh, until now, I was never aware that an undrafted junior at a 4-year college could sign as an NDFA once his junior season is over.

if you're 21 or over, you're free game...which is how they drafted that college freshman at BYU.

I believe you're actually eligible for the draft if you turn 21 within 45 days of the draft. I was just unaware that that rule applied to NDFA too.

Good to know - now I'll fret about a couple of juniors who weren't drafted from my school.

ah, gotcha.

I believe it applies to High School kids who just graduated too but have yet to attend classes in college. (Think Jesse Hodges).

But they would be subject to the 11th to 40th round bonus rules. So $100K or whatever is it and anything over that comes out of your top 10 picks allotment.

(AZ Phil, please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Hodges story:

Q-MAN: Correct.

Jesse Hodges was an 18-year old NDFA who had not yet enrolled at Grayson JC (which he was planning to attend), and that's how & why the Cubs were able to sign him last September (two months after the signing deadline that applies to all drafted players who have not exhausted their college eligibility) after he starred for the Canadian Junior National Team in South Korea. 

If Hodges had been drafted in June 2012 and did not sign by the July deadline, the Cubs would not have been able to sign him in Sepember. It was only because he was not drafted and was not presently enrolled in a JC or four-year college that the deadline did not apply.

UCLA similarly lost a high profile recruit - Felipe Perez - to the Diamondbacks last year. He was so unlikely to sign no one drafted him but after he did well in a summer league, the DBacks, who apparently had bonus space left, signed him for $400,000.

e.jackson throwing his best game since his 1st game as a cub...and still losing.

6ip 4h 1bb 6k, 1r/er - 76 pitches

hitting 96mph on the radar at the high end of his velocity...more often 94mph.

7ip 4h 1bb 8k - 1/er...and a win.

rizzo cracks his bat...and unlike almost all of MLB...though it's suggested/advised by MLB...he has a replacement waiting for him in the on-deck circle.

...and cody ransom goes 1st to 3rd on a groundout to 1st thanks to the shift on rizzo leaving no one covering 3rd. lulz.

tie game on a sac fly!

...screw you shift.

...and the no-hitter broken up after 5.2ip

ransom 3r HR!

1-4, bottom 7.

anyone know what's with Mike Olt? He's hitting .162 (according to the box score vs I-Cubs today). About 110 at bats...he catch Ian Stewart disease?

The Round Rock lineup sported Robinsin Chirinos leading off and Jim Adduci batting 2nd.
Junior Lake continued his hot hitting and went 3-5 including a double, 2 runs and 1 rbi.

Daytona won 8-2 with Baez and Solar hitting doubles, Geiger with 2 hits and a HR.
Patrick Kane Co. Cougars lost but Vogelbomb had a double and a HR and Almora had two more hits.

Olt was having some vision problems and spent time on the DL. They activated him about a week ago so maybe they've figured out a fix.

he's been experiencing "vision issues" since one point going on the DL for it.

when he returned from the DL nothing improved, though.

Lake passes the eyeball test w/ flying colors...made some nice plays the other night in RF but has already racked up 5 errors @ 3B...gonna drive over to cedar rapids tomorrow for a matinee look @ AA & Co. before he moves up...

As I've mentioned here before, Junior Lake plays infield like the proverbial Bull in a China Shop.

While I think the Cubs would like Lake to be a multi-positional IF-OF "supersub," I believe he will end up being exclusively an outfielder, capable of playing all three OF spots. 

Lake would appear to project to fit into the roster slot currently held by Scott Hairston, the RH platoon OF who (theoretically) murders LH pitching but struggles to hit RH breaking balls. That description fits Junior Lake to a "T." Put that together with his plus-plus arm (the best arm among position players in the organization) and with the speed & range to play CF, and you have an ideal RH platoon OF.

Whether Hairston's roster slot will continue to be used for a RH platoon OF once RH hitting outfielders like Jorge Soler and Albert Almora emerge (presuming they develop into everday MLB players) is very questionable, which is why I think Lake will probably eventually get traded.

But Lake is NOT an infielder. He needs to play OF full-time and get as many reps as possible out there so that he will have sufficient experience as an outfielder once he gets called up. (And that will happen whenever Scott Hairston gets traded).  

The Cubs also have Jae-Hoon Ha as an all-outfield right-handed hitter who I project to be eventually good enough for an MLB job. Presumably, the Cubs would only carry one of him or Lake.

I hadn't really considered the effect that Soler and Almora would have on the roster makeup, but presumably there would be at most one roster slot for a guy like Lake or Ha.

1. Go Blackhawks

2. I don't get the Bears trading Carimi for a 6th round pick, well I get it, better to get something than nothing, but seems like it would be worth seeing if he's recovered from the knee injury.

3. oh yeah Cubs, wtf is up with Castro?

i wish they'd give castro a day off rather than pretending he's going to be the next cal ripken jr.

dunno how much it would help...but he's playing really tired baseball. he's had 1 hit this month...

i've never expected much out of him except to be a .280/.330 avg/ob% type hitter with 30+ doubles, a handful of triples, and 15+ HR (which isn't bad for a SS).

still...he's not even scraping that since april, though he did hit a decent amount of doubles in may...

I'd like to see them sit him for a few days and have him do nothing those days except take batting practice with the hitting coach and take some infield practice. Time to reboot.

well he sounds hopeless...

“Every time I’m going to be aggressive,” Castro said. “To go up there and take a walk – not everybody has that ability. I want to go up there and swing. And when I look at the video, (I’m doing) the same thing I did before (when I hit .300). I’m just a little bit slow. I keep working. I know I’ll get out of it, especially now, maybe hitting seventh (will help). If (this goes) good, then it’s back to second and stay hot again.”

we're talking about a guy who struggles to walk 35 times a season. he didn't walk in the minors...he's not going to start now.

the ability to take a walk (or not) never has been part of his game and probably never will be...quality contact and bit of luck hitting the ball where the defenders aren't is the type of hitter he is. if anyone was expecting him to progress in this part of his game based on his age, i dunno what to say. that's not his approach...he thinks he can square up anything...he doesn't have that "wait for my pitch" plate approach. i doubt seriously he could learn how given the stuff he swings at...both what goes for a hit and what gets hit into an out.

I agree completely. He models himself after Vlad Guerrero, which is fine if you hit like Vlad did for awhile. But as soon as you lose bat speed, which Castro doesn't seem to have done, or your mechanics are off, which they seem to be, you're hosed. Randall Simon had an exaggerated version of the Castro approach and had a nice year with the Cubs. Man, that guy swung at pitches even more out of the zone than Castro and clubbed some shots. It was almost funny.

Sveum mentioned at some point that Castro has an extra leg kick he wants to eliminate so he can sit back more, so it seems like there's a plan, but I doubt anything major like that would happen during the season.

Castro on Castro: And when I look at the video, (I’m doing) the same thing I did before (when I hit .300).

Sveum on Castro:

I’d like to see him back to where he was in 2010 and 2011 when there was a lot less movement going on. He thinks it’s the same mechanics, but they’re not the same mechanics from when he came up. It might look the same but there’s way more movement going on.”

2. I didn't get that at all. That seems like a trade that says, "this guy is no good." I have to assume that the new coaching staff thinks he's, well, no good.

Teams don't take kindly to players skipping the "optional" team activities (OTAs). Plus they think he's no good. So instead of getting nothing for him by releasing him, they got a draft pick.

This is actually a decent article from ESPN about Edwin Jackson

Jackson’s .358 BABIP puts him on pace to set a new career high and is nearly fifty points higher than his career average of .309.

At least he had a decent game last night. I was beginning to think that the next thing we were about to hear was, "Jackson visited Dr. Andrews today and was told..."

I just did the math and found that if his BABIP had been .300 this season, assuming no other changes, his WHIP would be 1.35 instead of 1.57. Sequencing would still be a key factor in determining his ERA, but simply on a scaled measure, his ERA would drop from 5.76 to 4.95. All this says to me that he has been unlucky, yes, but also not as effective as a $13 million pitcher should be despite that.


He's not called QuietMan for nothing.

not a Cub within site of the All-Star voting

I presume the only 2 options are Rizzo (Goldschmidt and Votto should be locks) and Feldman...maybe Gregg.

ninja/wood/feldman/gregg are the only legit candidates right now...whatever the manager seems to want to fit into his roster.

outside shot of j.russell or rizzo...but that would be a surprise.

If I'm managing, I take Ninja, save him to pitch in extra innings or to pinch run.

ugh, totally blanked on Travis Wood, slightly better numbers all around than Feldman at the moment. 3-7 Ninja is going to be tough to justify with 2 guys on his own team with better WHIP's and ERA's and records.

Jim Callis: A for Cubs.

FWIW Callis on 670 The Score really liked the Cubs draft including the pitchers right behind Bryant whom he deemed great value picks.

Gave the Sox a B-

He said he recommended Gabe Carimi to Jerry Angelo, too.

I made the last one up.

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    Even though Hammel is missing start, don't assume he'll not be on #Cubs postseason roster. Maddon says elbow problem isn't that bad

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    Maddon on #Cubs postseason rotation: "I don't want to announce anything. We haven't talked to anybody yet"

    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
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