Fond Memories

Mark Prior, RHP
7-3, 3.23 ERA
97/30 K/BB, 14 HR in 94.2 IP
Javier Vasquez, RHP
9-9, 4.37 ERA
127/24 K/BB, 20 HR in 140.0 IP
2B *Craig Counsell CF Jerry Hairston
RF *Chad Tracy SS #Neifi Perez
LF *Luis Gonzalez 1B Derrek Lee
3B Troy Glaus RF *Jeromy Burnitz
1B #Tony Clark 2B *Todd Walker
CF *Shawn Green LF Matt Murton
SS Royce Clayton 3B #Jose Macias
C Chris Snyder C Henry Blanco
P Javier Vasquez P Mark Prior
Let's hope this game turns out as well as the first time we faced Vasquez on Opening Day. I'm supposing that Ramirez's quad injury is acting up and that's why we're subjected to another Jose Macias start. Looks like Holly is back to the bench as Murton gets his first start versus a righty this season. I'm sure if he does well, Dusty will take all the credit. As I mentioned in the comments of the last post, if we can't take a series from the D'Backs at home, Hendry needs to keep his eye more focused on the seasons beyond this one, which means looking to move some of our veterans if the price is right. It doesn't have to be a fire sale, but anything that gets us better for 2006 and beyond should be considered if the cost is 2005. Of course a 3 game winning streak will change my opinion. Go Cubs!!!


If the goal is to win the World Series this year and if the Cubs have a four-man rotation in the postseason, would you really feel comfortable with Jerome Williams taking the ball?

Dateline, Chicago-Wrigley Field, October 2003--

Chicago V. Florida--discussion--"We feel very confident any game in which Wood or Prior starts...but not quite sure of Zambrano and of those guys is going to have to step up"...

Okay--that was with probably the best starting rotation in the game and we still didn't feel at the time our 3rd and 4th starter could get er done. Now if we had doubts about Clement and Zambrano there is sure no way in hell we will feel confident with Williams in way.

Not to worry though Philadelphia, Florida, NYM or Houston will have to worry about how their rotation will fare.

Why does everyone have such a hard on for Baez anyway? I bet Mets fans end up pretty pissed if it happens.

I agree completely, Cubfan. So, shouldn't the Cubs trade for the best starter they can get? Or since you don't think they aren't going to the playoffs, should they throw in the towel? (Does this have something to do with Dusty?)


I was high on Dusty when they signed him--partly because I just saw winning seasons in SF under his helm. I simply think he is a lousy manager and this team is very borderline--meaning they are probably as good as several other playoff contender teams...but not any yes I think Dusty will cost this team in the end.

That said, Yes I think starting pitching is a weakness. You basically have Prior, Zambrano and an aging Maddux who has shown signs of being un-Maddux like this season. The bullpen is also very dicey--but that I think is because Dusty can't generate much offense when the HR's aren't showing up, thus a lot of one-run games in which they probably should be up by 3 or 4 giving the bullpen a more likely chance of success.

The past few games they have won in the 8th or 9th were nice to see--but lets set the record straight a lot of that is due to other teams choking--walks, errors, bad throws etc...

I don't think they should throw in the towel...I don't think we have a lot of baggage that carries over to next year so I don't see us being sellers either...

I just think at some point one of the playoff contending teams is going to get hot--my guess is Houston. I don't think this club has a lot of holes...just not much strength outside of 1B, 3B and a couple starters..and that I don't feel confident in Aug and Sept and no trade-deadline deal is going to overcome the medicore team.

We Seem To Have A Team Of Believers...

{...Not all of the Cubs players wear the "Believe" bracelets, but they all believe in themselves and in the team. Chicago started the day three games back in the National League Wild Card race.

"You've got to believe it. Belief is a powerful thing," Baker said.

"We're all in this thing together, from seat 229 to the dugout," Barrett said. "When Mark gave up the hit [to Glaus], we were all thinking the same thing. That was gut-wrenching and an awful feeling because Mark pitched so well. I felt Mark pitched too well to get a loss."

So he put his batting gloves on and got ready.

"We all feel that as long as we can stay together, we have a chance to win," Barrett said. "There are a lot of teams that are shedding players right now. I've been on those teams before, and I'm glad that I'm on a team that's not doing that. I thank God and thank the team for allowing us to stay together."...}

Olney was saying that Wickman probably will be traded. How about this deal.



Some on here all year were saying that TB would not trade Huff (he is too cheap and good some said). And some said it would take 2-3 MLB ready players (not 2 prospects, no matter how good). Based on these TB/BOS/NYM rumblings, seems like TB is willing to dump Baez and Huff for 4 top prospects total. Not too high if you ask me.

Oh yeah, Cubfan, good to see you around here after a Cubs win and not only losing streaks.

Sorry if this has been previously posted, but from Rotoworld:

The Providence Journal's Sean McAdam says there are five teams involved in talks with the Red Sox regarding Manny Ramirez and that the three-team trade with the Mets and Rays is the least likely scenario right now.
McAdam said two other NL clubs and two AL clubs, one the White Sox, are looking at Ramirez. We're guessing the Cubs and maybe the Dodgers are the NL clubs. The Angels would make sense as the other AL team. Jul. 29 - 9:54 pm et

Re: #203 --

Mitterwald --

Your points about the 4 man rotation in the playoffs and defining our true goal for this year are very important. In my opinion, we would be nuts to give up good prospects for a starting pitcher for the 2005 run because:

(1) While we are in it, our odds of making the playoffs aren't great due to the number of teams in the race. There is too much luck involved, and we have too many games against STL. So, while it will be fun to watch things develop the rest of the year, I don't want to mortgage the future to improve our odds only marginally.

(2) Williams and Hill are going to start about 40% of the rest of our games. Therefore, if we do end up winning the wildcard, it's almost certain that at least one of them will have emerged as either hot or reliable. (That is, if both of them suck, we ain't going anywhere.) So, if we do make the playoffs, our 4 man rotation will have revealed itself naturally.

(3) Due to the glut of teams in contention (by my count all but 5 in the NL can legitimately consider themselves in contention for a playoff spot), the market values of trade talent are inflated. This isn't the year to make a deal with a "seller."


My time on here has been limited this past season. Hopefully I can visit and contribute a bit more as the regular season comes closer to an end.

I do like that this years club doesn't just play dead in the 8th and 9th like they did so often last season. Last season if they didn't get it done by the 7th it was usually over. However I get this feeling that each winning streak will be matched with a similar losing streak and that isn't very good.

Someone in the WC hunt is going to get hot. Houston is the hottest team and that long hot streak still hasn't gotten them to the top of the WC chase. I just don't see the makeup of this club having that continuous hot streak. I'm not sure there are any deals to be made that will alter the team makeup enough to matter.

Hopefully I am wrong.

You are right, whoever is hot down the stretch among the 4-5 WC teams will win it. The Cubs have been pretty hot since the 3 games before the AS break and I think can continue it and improve still with health and a good trade or two. The demise of this team on this site is premature.


433, regarding #213:

I don't disagree with what you said. But if the plan is to go for it this year in spite of all those obstacles you mention, wouldn't starting pitcher be the way to go?

I do think the most important hole IF this club gets to the post season is to add one more quality starter....I guess Hendry has to decide if he thinks he can get a good one without giving away too much. We probably have 7-8 teams who might be sellers and that is the pickings are slim and the quality might not be there.

#201 of 217: By Rob G. (July 29, 2005 05:44 PM)

as a reminder and if you were interested in the Cubs dealing for any of those players, here was our top 10 list:


Oh man that's painful, Dopirak is sucking the life out of Daytona, Pie is sitting on the DL(although I like him)

Harvery is the master of the K (in a bad way), Guzman may pitch in August, Petrick is out for the year with shoulder woes, Pinto got demoted to AA (where he is doing well), Marshall is on the DL with shoulder problems, Leicester sucks, Johnson is hardly dominating A ball, Dubois got traded.



ROB G: But I don't think the pre-season Top Ten Cubs prospects would be the same today. I can't say for sure, but I would bet the Cubs Top Ten right now would be something like this:

1. Felix Pie
2. Rich Hill
3. Mark Pawelek
4. Ryan Harvey
5. Angel Guzman
6. Matt Murton
7. Renyel Pinto
8. Sean Marshall
9. Eric Patterson
10. David Aardsma
11-20 (alphabetical): Ronny Cedeno, Jeff Culpepper, Brian Dopirak, Mike Fontenot, Sam Fuld, Sean Gallagher, Grant Johnson, Carlos Marmol, Scott Moore, and Ricky Nolasco.

I would think Brian Dopirak and/or Scott Moore would be available in most any deal where a "top prospect" needs to be included, because I don't see either as having much of a future with the Cubs. I would expect Hendry to sign Derrek Lee to a contract extension (through 2009) and guarantee A-Ram's last season in exchange for him giving up his player option for 2007 (which I expect will happen).


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  • I think it's probably hard to adjust to an ump's zone mid-game, as least for hitters. Pitchers can locate to an ump's zone, but hitters have minimal time to react.

    But, whatever. Umps are going to miss calls. Let's beat up on the non-Lackey starters.

  • Watched a little of Mets-Dodgers.

    Jason deGrom -- oh, my.

  • Cubs 3-4-5 hitters are 0-21 so far in the post-season.

    Let's change that in a big effin' way tomorrow, boys.

  • Considering how players reacted it seemed pretty accurate high and wide (to righties), but not so accurate low and in. I thought the strike zone by the ump was awful, but it was consistent and the Cubs never adjusted.

    Rizzo and Bryant need to have good at bats. They are really looking outclassed in these two games.

  • that game sounds fun as hell.

  • I was just wondering the same thing. I'd rather not see it at all. If it's inaccurate, it's a bad viewer experience. If it's accurate, it shows some shitty calling by the umpire.

  • TBS' K Zone seems to be more harsh than the others.

    I wonder if MLB will ask the networks to stop using them. They just make the umps, and the game, look bad, and it only pisses off the fans.

  • ...joe.

  • "Strop vs. Cardinals." Seen the movie. Hated it.

    Not all that disappointed -- I didn't think they would beat Lackey in Game 1. Need to get the bats going against the guys with less experience -- and they hit Wacha pretty good.

  • Rizzo has been slumping the last couple weeks of the season. Very disappointed it has continued during his penultimate moment of his career to date.

  • Really doesn't matter, but I was surprised to see Lester pulled and Strop pulled in. Should of left Lester in. oy.

  • Sweet merciful fuck, I hate the Cardinals.

  • *flips table*


  • Really doesn't matter, but I was surprised to see Lester out for the 8th. Down 1-0, at 100 pitches, seemed better to give a very fresh bullpen a little work.

    Oh well...Throw away game, although in a 5 game series there is no luxury afforded to do that.

  • This game is not on Lester - he did his job

  • Had a lot of hope hanging on that deep Fowler fly in the sixth.

    Really despise the Cards