Cubs Organizational Report Week 19

Before we begin, if anyone is interested in writing a blog about the Cubs farm system, MVN is looking. Please contact Evan Brunell, writer of Fire Brand of The American League and owner of MVN. Be prepared to submit a writing sample. There are currently 3 minor league blogs on MVN that you can check out, a general minors blog, a D'Backs one and a Red Sox one. You should also be prepared to be able to write once a week. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Team Records updated through 8/14/05; Individual Stats updated through 8/14/05
Organizational Records
TeamW-LGB/Pos.Last 10
Chicago Cubs57-61(Div)17.0/3rd
Iowa Cubs55-6311.0/4th5-5
West Tenn Diamond Jaxx*26-235.0/2nd3-7
Daytona Cubs22-279.0/5th5-5
Peoria Chiefs24-244.0/5th6-4
Boise Hawks22-312.0/2nd3-7
AZL Cubs3-115.5/9th3-7
Cubs Ex W/L: 57-61; (2003) 61-57; (2004) 63-55 * West Tennessee clinched the first half North Division title of the Southern League
MLB RHP Todd Wellemeyer promoted on 08/14/05 LHP John Koronka promoted on 08/11/05 and then promptly demoted when the Cubs realized he sucks on 08/14/05 CF Corey Patterson promoted on 08/09/05 RHP Olivo Astacio acquired from Boston Red Sox for LHP Mike Remlinger on 08/09/05; Unknown where Astacio will be assigned. AAA/Iowa INF/OF Jerry Hairston Jr. joined team on rehab assignment on 08/13/05 LHP Rich Hill demoted on 08/09/05 SS Ronny Cedeno demoted on 08/09/05 LHP Phil Norton activated from DL on 08/08/05 AA/West Tennessee INF Matt Craig activated from DL on 08/08/05 Advanced A/Daytona NONE TO REPORT A/Peoria NONE TO REPORT Low A/Boise NONE TO REPORT Rookie Leauge/Arizona NONE TO REPORT
(BOLD indicates an update to a pre-existing injury) MLB OF Jerry Hairston left game after hurting elbow on 08/03/05; MRI showed partial tear of ligament and was placed on DL on 08/05/05; Has begun rehab assignment in Iowa as of 08/13/05 P - Chad Fox transferred to 60 day DL on 05/17/05; Has "nerve issues" in his right elbow; Still undetermined whether he'll attempt another comeback AAA/Iowa NONE TO REPORT AA/West Tennessee OF Adam Greenberg sent to Mesa for further evaluation after his beaning; Cubs claim it's for "a more consistent program and not have to deal with things like late-night bus rides." LHP Sean Marshall placed on DL on 07/24/04; Complaining of shoulder and bicep soreness, tests to be done OF - Felix Pie sprained ankle on 06/16/05; Placed on 7 day DL on 06/21/05; The Trib are a bunch of big, fat liars and Pie is nowhere near ready to play according to the DJaxx Announcer, Ron Potesta LHP - Jon Connolly placed on DL on 07/16/05 with "recurring" shoulder injury; Will be out all season INF - Jemel Spearman out sine 04/26/05 because of wrist injury; Had surgery at some point and it should cost him the season P- Angel Guzman out with forearm stiffness and inflammation in pitching elbow; Threw 25 pitches over 2 innings for Rookie League team P ñ Rocky Cherry left game on 4/21/05 after 1/3 of an inning. Tommy John surgery performed on 05/05/05 Advanced A/Daytona OF Kevin Collins placed on DL on 08/02/05 with bone spurs in his foot; Retroactive to 07/29/05 RHP Nate Sevier placed on DL on 08/02/05 for unknown reasons; Retroactive to 07/29/05 RHP Billy Petrick placed on DL on 06/24/05 with shoulder woes; Had season ending shoulder surgery A/Peoria 1b Alberto Garcia out for season with fractured fibula; Occurred on June 15th while sliding back into first base LHP Ed Campusano placed on DL, reason and date unknown Low A/Boise NONE TO REPORT Rookie Leauge/Arizona RHP Jason Wylie has been out cause of complication to a knee injury suffered while moving his couch Other Notable Injuries OF - Nic Jackson had more surgery to clean out his shoulder; Probably out until 2006 P - Chadd Blasko - shoulder surgery; Probably out until 2006 P - Matt Clanton - shoulder surgery; Had 2nd shoulder surgery during off-season, probably out all season PROSPECT WATCH LIST (BOLD indicates injury, * bats lefty, # switch-hitter) Hitters: SS Ronny Cedeno .364/.408/.545 3B *Mike Fontenot (AAA) .272/.393/.423 2B Richard Lewis (AAA) .209/.272/.282 (AA) .246/.373/.333 C Geovany Soto (AAA) .251/.361/.333 SS/CF *Buck Coats (AA) .279/.340/.392 3B Casey McGehee (AA) .295/.343/.407 OF Luis Montanez (AA) .291/.336/.417 (A) .305/.384/.521 OF Felix Pie(AA) .304/.349/.554 13/22 SB opportunities 1B/OF Brandon Sing (AA) .287/.400/.563 2B Ryan Theriot (AA) .303/.357/.395 1B Brian Dopirak (High A) .243/.299/.387 OF *Kevin Collins (High A) .265/.346/.507 3B *Scott Moore (High A) .273/.345/.484 C Tony Richie (High A) .301/.400/.377 C Jake Fox (High A) .281/.355/.446 OF Ryan Harvey (A) .270/.318/.511 2B *Eric Patterson (A) .331/.406/.523 35/45 SB opportunities C *Mark Reed (Low A) .250/.300/.371(A) .135/.167/.192 Pitchers: RHP Bobby Brownlie(AAA) 6-4 4.26 ERA/35 BB/59 K/8 HR/86.2 IP LHP John Koronka (AAA) 7-10 4.71 ERA/37 BB/82 K/8 HR/109.0 IP RHP Jon Leicester (AAA) 1-7 1 Save 5.97 ERA/34 BB/53 K/11 HR/72.1 IP LHP Russ Rohlicek (AAA) 3-1 3 Saves/4.07 ERA/38 BB/48 K/5 HR/55.1 IP LHP Carmen Pignatiello (AAA) 0-2 5.84 ERA/11 BB/28 K/4HR/24.2 IP (AA) 5-4 2.68 ERA/28 BB/77 K RHP Jermaine Van Buren (AAA) 2-2 21 Saves/1.82 ERA/20 BB/58 K/5 HR/49.1 IP RHP David Aardsma (AA) 4-0 2 Saves/2.93 ERA/22 BB/36 K/1 HR/40.0 IP (Norwich) 6-2 2.93 ERA/13 BB/30 K RHP Carlos Marmol (AA)3-3 2.83 ERA/32 BB/44 K/7 HR/57.1 IP (High A) 6-2 2.99 ERA/37 BB/71 K LHP Sean Marshall (AA) 0-1 2.52 ERA/5 BB/24 K/1 HR/25.0 IP (High A) 4-4 2.74 ERA/26 BB/61 K RHP Ricky Nolasco (AA) 11-3 3.08 ERA/39 BB/144 K/10 HR/137.1 IP LHP Reynel Pinto (AA) 8-2 2.47 ERA/49 BB/101 K/3 HR/105.2 IP (AAA) 1-2 9.93 ERA/24 BB/24 K RHP Jae-kuk Ryu (AA) 8-8 3.58 ERA/45 BB/108 K/11 HR/145.2 IP RHP Billy Petrick (High A) 1-4 5.59 ERA/19 BB/25 K/0 HR/37.0 IP RHP Mike Billek (A) 2-0 3.44 ERA/6 BB/10 K/2 HR/18.1 IP (Low A) 0-1 2.65 ERA/6 BB/20 K/0 HR/17.0 IP RHP Sean Gallagher (A) 13-4 2.29 ERA/47 BB/120 K/6 HR/129.2 IP RHP Grant Johnson (A) 2-6 3.64 ERA/21 BB/41 K/6 HR/54.1 IP LHP Darin Downs (Low A) 4-3 2.89 ERA/13 BB/45 K/4 HR/46.2 IP LHP Luke Hagerty (Low A) 0-1 27.00ERA/25 BB/4 K/0 HR/6.0 IP RHP Michael Hyle (Low A) 2-5 2.85 ERA/18 BB/31 K/0 HR/41.0 IP LHP Donald Veal (Low A) 1-1 4.50 ERA/2 BB/5 K/1 HR/8.0 IP (RL) 0-1 8.10 ERA/4 BB/9 K/2 HR/6.2 IP LHP Mark Pawelek (RL) 0-3 2.12 ERA/17 BB/45 K/0 HR/34.0 IP OTHERS NOTABLES: 3B Scott McClain (AAA).290/.352/.576 OF Ben Grieve (AAA) .242/.365/.448 RHP Talley Haines (AAA) 2-1 2.29 ERA/3 BB/22 K/1 HR/19.2 IP (AA)4-2 13 Saves/ 1.78 ERA/2 BB/20 K/0 HR/25.1 IP RHP Andy Shipman (AA) 3-5 8 Saves/3.56 ERA/27 BB/56 K/1 HR/55.2 IP RHP Lee Gwaltney (High A) 2-3 2 Saves/2.64 ERA/15 BB/51 K/4 HR/47.2 IP (A) 4-1 1.56 ERA/17 BB/50 K/1 HR/56.1 IP LHP Paul Schappert (High A) 0-0 1.10 ERA/4 BB/18 K/2 HR/32.2 IP (A) 1-0 4.50 ERA/8 BB/16 K/1 HR/24.0 IP OF *Sam Fuld (A) .283/.367/.408 GREG MADDUX INNINGS WATCH 369.1 IP over the last 2 years; Needs to pitch 30.2 IP over the rest of the season for his $9 million 2006 option to vest; Assuming he starts 33 games (like last year), needs to average less then 4 innings per start over the rest of the season. MINOR LEAGUE LEADERS Hitting HR - Scott McClain (26) RBI - Ryan Harvey (86) AVG - Eric Patterson (.331) OBP - Eric Patterson (.406) SLG - Scott McClain (.576) SB - Chris Walker (49) Pitching IP - Jae-kuk Ryu (145.2) ERA - Sean Gallagher (2.29) WINS - Sean Gallagher (13) SAVES -Jermaine Van Buren (21) K - Ricky Nolasco (144)


I thought the Cub Reporter already had its own farm system blog, going by the name AZ Phil.

Seriously, if he's not the man to write about the farm system, I don't know who is.

Agreed on Arizona Phil, Blue.

Ronny Cedeno continues to tear it up, hopefully making Neifi! superfluous next year.

I asked this in another thread, perhaps readers of this thread will know. Do we know who the Cubs will send to the Arizona Fall League this year (aside from Angel Guzman hopefully)?

Between AZ Phil and Rob G. I am simply wondering why we are even opening the floor for nominations.

Does anyone know if there is any hope that Sing might see some AAA action any time soon. What has he not proven in AA?

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  • After the game, jacos was DFA'd. #nohelp

    CTSteve 3 min 1 sec ago view
  • Richard proving once again that, if you are really bad, it doesn't matter which hand you throw with.

    Maybe time to find out what we have in Edwards?

    billybucks 12 min 38 sec ago view
  • Oof -- ugly game at the plate and from the pen, which was the hero yesterday.

    Sorry Jake -- you deserved better.

    billybucks 14 min 2 sec ago view
  • k.bryant playing SS...because fuck it, that's why.

    crunch 17 min 32 sec ago view
  • g.soto is doing horrible in AAA...unfortunately.

    unless they decide to bring up g.concepcion or make a trade we might have richard around a little longer.

    ...that said, it wouldn't surprise me to see him DFA'd after the game...the "lefty specialist" just let 3 lefties in a row get on base. ugg.

    crunch 27 min 55 sec ago view
  • Ahhh Richard with your 6.00+ ERA as a short reliever...

    You ain't gonna be on no Playoff roster.

    The E-Man 37 min 45 sec ago view
  • I'll give this to Richard: he looks the part of a good pitcher, straight out of central casting. It's a shame he struggles with the getting guys out part of the game.

    Eric S 43 min 57 sec ago view
  • Didn't take Richard long. He is an absolute disaster.

    billybucks 48 min 48 sec ago view
  • Thru seven innings the Cubs have more errors than hits and Zobrist has struck out 3 times. And now Richard is pitching.

    These things do not add up to victory

    Eric S 51 min 30 sec ago view
  • It was from about 15 years ago

    jacos 53 min 44 sec ago view
  • Guess I was on tv

    jacos 54 min 16 sec ago view
  • Vin Scully sang the seventh-inning stretch. Along with all the great things he is known for, he can sing! He sounded like Willie Nelson out there. And he gave a nice shout-out to Harry. What a class guy.

    fullykräusened 58 min 4 sec ago view
  • I'm thinking Kazmir did not get the memo he was supposed to pitch like a tomato can tonight. Jeesh

    Eric S 1 hour 18 min ago view
  • yeah, she's not on this game, though.

    they keep talking about things that aren't this game...a lot...rather than calling this game, doing split screen coverage of other games, doing split screen studio banter, and they just finished cutting away from the game totally (no split screen) to cover another game while missing rizzo's K and the first 2 pitches of zobrist's AB.

    ESPN...because screw you, you weren't really tuning in to watch this.

    crunch 1 hour 45 min ago view
  • Phil, I think I read an earlier take that you don't see much of an ML career for Brooks? I kinda thought when he was acquired it was as depth for this year, but with an eye on the Cahill type swing role next year?

    Then again he did get hit around pretty bad in his big league time last year.

    Koyies Bansaw 1 hour 55 min ago view
  • Is Jessica Mendoza still announcing for ESPN? She is excellent from what I remember and actually talks knowledgeably about baseball.

    johann 2 hours 1 min ago view