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For those lovers of Google News, there's another site called SportSpyder which does just about the same, but is devoted entirely to sports. What I like more about SportSpyder is that they update almost instantly AND now The Cub Reporter is one of the news sources. Check it out and I highly recommend bookmarking it if you like to stay up-to-date on Cubs news. On the left you'll see us listed an an independent news source and I think as long as we include the word "Cubs" somewhere in the post, it'll show up on the site. You can do searches as well, and just typing in Felix Pie came up with this week's Organizational Report as the top listing. I'm amused if anything.


This site is great. 10x better than ProSportsDaily. Plus you can get the results via RSS Very slick!

This site is great. 10x better than ProSportsDaily. Plus you can get the results via RSS Very slick!

I have used various RSS aggregators for the Cubs and this one does not seem to be better or worse. However, one thing that makes this worse for other teams is that appears to do a simple search for the mascot. As the Cubs is a unique mascot it will work. When I looked at the Boston College Eagles aggregation it was filled with Philadelphia Eagles stories. Sorry, that is neither "slick" nor "nifty".

Oh, also there are tons of ADS. No thank you. Un related...but good article on the ugliness of the Cubs this year.

Thanks for the negativitly FLOORMASTER but your right, looks like sport calculator went a bit awry on BC, we will fix it later

I have no idea how RSS feeds work and have never used them. I'm sure they're fantastic though. As something that is simple enough to just bookmark and check for daily news, it works great in my opinion.

The RSS feed has no ads...intentional or not. And you can always use a plugin like Adblock if you need to. And as Dal mentioned they'll fine tune their search so the 4 BC fans can get their news. For a free low hassle tool for Cubs searches this works pretty well. (and sorry about the double post before)

RSS THE EASY WAY Download a free copy of the excellent Firefox Browser. Install it. Browse yourself over to The Cub Reporter, for example. Look down at the right corner of your bottom browser bar and you should see what Firefox calls a "Live Bookmark." It's an orange and white square icon. Pages that are syndicating RSS will cause that icon to appear. Hover over it and a tooltip will pop up that says something like "add live bookmark for this page's feed". Left click on the icon and an option will appear to "subscribe to rss." click on that and the rest is self explanatory. Now you have subscribed to TCR's RSS feed. Click on "Bookmarks" along the top bar of the browser. A list of your bookmarks will appear. Move your mouse over the TCR listing and all the latest threads at TCR will dropdown in a hotlinked list. Voila! RSS for dummies.

Matt Murton, LF Todd Walker, 2B Derrek Lee, 1B Aramis Ramirez, 3B Nomar Garciaparra, SS Michael Barrett, C Jeromy Burnitz, RF Corey Patterson, CF

All the players are updated now

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  • Kershaw uses his 132nd pitch for his 15th K (Marlon Juice Byrd, with the tying run at 2nd), and the Dodgers sweep the Giants. Also, Pirates lose to the Brewers for the 5th straight time. So...with 30 to play, we are 6.5 up on SF (7 in loss column) and 8 up on the Nats, and still in contact (4.5 back) of the Pirates. Man, what a roller coaster the last 2 days -- fantastic stuff.
  • Schlitter still pitching for Iowa? Guess nobody wanted him?
  • JOHN B: Pierce Johnson and Rob Zastryzny were likely 2015 AFL candidates (I mentioned them as likely candidates to get assigned to the AFL in an article about the AFL last month) because they are starting pitchers who missed part of the season due to injuries and they need to accrue more innings.
  • Also - what did Bosio say when we went to talk to Rondon? "OK, Hector, tie game, 9th inning, 2 outs, 2-0 count on the hottest hitter in the game. Let's try the ol' fastball right down the middle and see how that works, hmmm?" Terrible pitch. I've never been a fan of using closers in non-save situations -- they are used to pitching with adrenaline pumping and celebrating the last out of the inning. I realize it was a a swinging bunt and an error that caused the problem, but that may have been the worst pitch I have seen Rondon throw in a long time.
  • Ugly series save a few clutch Homeruns. 2 first inning Homeruns allowed. 2 complete innings (out of 27) with a lead (8th and 9th game 2). 6 Leads/Ties given up top half of the inning after scoring. 9 9th inning unearned runs. Brutal roadtrip coming up while SF plays 22 straight against teams with losing records. Like the Cubs odds, obviously, but long way to go.
  • No more f'n Pajama Parties, Joe! Losing a series at home to the Reds (who have a worse record than the Brewers) in September is not what we are looking for, gentlemen. 3 series losses in a row -- let's get that fixed immediately. Bad error by KB as Crunch describes -- almost like he was surprised the ball was hit to him. I think if he makes that play we win the game.
  • solid smack to him...right through his legs. he wasn't even in motion, totally stationary. no bad bounce, either. it was hit very hard, but also squarely wiffed...not even any glove contact. it happens...not a good time for it to happen with 2 outs, though. that was the inning ender, easy.
  • Can someone tell me about Bryant's error who saw the play? You cannot give the Reds (or most teams) 4 outs. In this case with Joey Votto coming up.
  • un...fucking...believable... tie a game in the bottom 8th, give up 3 runs in the top 9th...why the hell not. awesome.
  • Ugh Hammel...the new Haren. The 3-5 starters have imploded and killed yet another series.
  • Just about to type the same thing.....Augh!
  • 5 times in the last 3 games, Cubs have taken the lead or tied the game in the bottom half, only to give up runs in the top half.
  • <p>I'd like to see stats on opposing pitcher batting average. It's probably not real, but seems like we give up hits all the time to f-ing pitchers.&nbsp;</p>
  • Tony Four Sacks # 27