Organizational Pipeline - Opening Day 2006

In addition to the Chicago Cubs playing the Reds on Opening Day in Cincinnati on Monday and the Home Opener at Wrigley Field on Friday versus the St. Louis Cardinals, four of the Cubs minor league affiliates start their regular season schedules Thursday and Friday. Here is the current state of the Cubs organizational pipeline, with the Opening Day rosters for all affiliates now in place: * bats or throws left # bats both CATCHER: CUBS - Michael Barrett/Henry Blanco AAA IOWA ñ Geovany Soto/Casey Kopitzke AA WEST TENN ñ # Jose Reyes/Tony Richie Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Jacob Fox/* Alan Rick/# Olin Wick Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Mark Reed/Jake Muyco/Justin Morgan 1st BASE: CUBS - Derrek Lee/* John Mabry AAA IOWA- Brandon Sing/Jeff Deardorff AA WEST TENN ñ Brian Dopirak/* Micah Hoffpauir Hi-A DAYTONA ñ # Matt Craig Lo-A PEORIA ñ Ryan Norwood/Alberto Garcia 2nd BASE: CUBS - * Todd Walker/Jerry Hairston, Jr AAA IOWAñ * Mike Fontenot AA WEST TENN ñ * Eric Patterson/Richard Lewis Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Nate Spears/Issmael Salas Lo-A PEORIA - Robinson Chirinos 3rd BASE: CUBS - Aramis Ramirez AAA IOWA ñ Casey McGehee AA WEST TENN ñ * Scott Moore/Gary Cates Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Jemel Spearman Lo-A PEORIA ñ Brandon Taylor SHORTSTOP: CUBS - Ronny Cedeno/# Neifi Perez AAA IOWA ñ Ryan Theriot/# Augie Ojeda AA WEST TENN ñ Carlos Rojas Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Joe Simokaitis/# Danny Gonzalez Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Dylan Johnston/Luis Rivera LEFT-FIELD: CUBS - Matt Murton/* Freddie Bynum AAA IOWA ñ Michael Restovich/ AA WEST TENN ñ Luis Montanez Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Jeff Culpepper Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Johnny Defendis/Jesus Valdez CENTER-FIELD: CUBS - * Juan Pierre/# Angel Pagan AAA IOWA ñ * Felix Pie AA WEST TENN ñ Chris Walker Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Sam Fuld Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Davy Gregg RIGHT-FIELD: CUBS - * Jacque Jones AAA IOWA ñ Jamal Strong/* Buck Coats AA WEST TENN - * Adam Greenberg Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Ryan Harvey/* Nic Jackson Lo-A PEORIA - # Matt Ciaramella STARTING ROTATION: CUBS Carlos Zambrano Greg Maddux * Glendon Rusch * Sean Marshall Jerome Williams INJURY REHAB: Kerry Wood (shoulder/knee) Mark Prior (shoulder) Wade Miller (shoulder) AAA IOWA * Rich Hill Angel Guzman Jae-Kuk Ryu * Raul Valdes * Les Walrond AA WEST TENN Carlos Marmol Juan Mateo Randy Wells David Cash * J. R. Mathes Hi-A DAYTONA Sean Gallagher Grant Johnson Mark Holliman Justin Berg * Luke Hagerty Lo-A PEORIA * Donald Veal Mike Billek * Jesus Yepez Todd Blackford Mitch Atkins BULLPEN: CUBS Ryan Dempster (closer) * Scott Eyre Bob Howry Scott Williamson * Will Ohman Michael Wuertz AAA IOWA David Aardsma (closer) Roberto Novoa Bobby Brownlie * Mark Watson Andy Shipman Brandon Emanuel * Ryan O'Malley AA WEST TENN * Clay Rapada (closer) Thomas Atlee Federico Baez * Carmen Pignatiello Lincoln Holdzkom * Paul Schappert Rocky Cherry Hi-A DAYTONA Adalberto Mendez (closer) * Chris Shaver Angelo Burrows * Carlos Vasquez Jonathan Hunton Matt Weber * Carlos Perez Lo-A PEORIA Mike Phelps (closer) * Edward Campusano Jesse Estrada Jeff Teasley * Tim Layden Matt Avery Roberto Sotolongo (Cuban defector/no stats available)


Nice job Phil

marlins 11
astros 0

8th inning

mitre 6 IP, 3 H, 1 BB, 5 K
wellemeyer 1 IP, 2Ks (only 10 pitches!)

this is at the juice box keep in mind.

and pettitte got shelled (4.2 IP, 13 H, 7 ER) if it makes you feel any better.

Doesn't look like much in the way of OF talent to look forward to. If Pierre stays healthy and shakes off his subpar 2005, maybe it would make sense to sign him up and start looking at Pie as a RF prospect. I'm sure we could get somebody to take Jones (maybe with some cash) when Pie is ready, and if Pierre is still around, Dusty won't hit Pie leadoff.

with murton/jones around and pie in the works (AAA), pierre's future with the cubs might have a large part to do with just how good (or bad) Pie is in AAA.

unless murton or jones want to move to 1st and d.lee is gone, pierre might not have a place to play.

trading murton/jones is a possibility, but both those options have so many wild directions it could go.

the RF market the past 2 years has been a flaming pile for a lotta clubs who dont have a guy in their system or someone already signed.

it was either jones or encarcenon this season for the cubs and both wanted 3+ years.

a lot depends not only on the club's need, but pie's progress and pierre's job this season...along with numerous other smaller factors.

murton could get hit by a bus in sept. and make this all moot, but that's not worth thinking about since its not in play.

Yes, crnch well put, however I wouldn't rule out trading Pie for another position we might need such as a 2b, pitcher (especially at the deadline if needed) or a stud SS I'm sure we could think of someone? and move Cedeno to 2b.
It's a nice position to be in if Pie becomes ready.

Ex Cub (and almost Cub) Wrapup:

The South Florida Cubs pitching staff will be a season long near daily update. Tonight Sergio Mitre pitched 6 shutout innings (3H, 5K, 1BB) Sergio also delivered an RBI double helping the Fish to a 5 run 5th inning. Todd Welly pitched a scoreless 7th (2K's, 10 pitches) and the Marlin's helped the Cub's up North whomping the Astros in Texas 11-2.

Antonio Alfonseca (or as Ron Santo says...Al Fonseca) pitched a meaningless shutout 7th inning with his Texas Rangers already ahead 10-1 and a final over the Bosox 10-4.

Jeromy Burnitz didn't start but did hit a pinch hit 2 run HR for the Pirates in the 7th against Jose Capellan. They started the inning down 7-2 so It didn't help his team as they lost to the Brew crew 7-5. Bucco manager, Jim Tracey may be on to something as lefty Chris Capuano started. Novel idea not hitting Burnitz against lefty's.

Billy Mueller has a hit for the Dodgers (a 2 RBI single) and Furcal is 0-4 through 6 innings as the Braves and Smoltzy suffered a rough first inning, currently down 5-1. Rookie James Loney is playing 1B and had a hit replacing "Glass" Garciaparra in the Dodger lineup.

Ex Cub (and almost Cub) Wrapup (part deux):

...and New Yankee Kyle Farnsworth made his pinstripe debut tonight. He came into the bottom of the 8th against the A's with one out and a man on first, getting both hitters he faced including an 8 pitch at bat against Frank Thomas who flied out to RF and a popup to 3B from Dan Johnson.

and the Yanks didn't score in the top of the 9th so Farnsy gets a no decision...and it's raining in Oakland. Farnsworth not pitching in the bottom of the 9th.

The Iowa Cubs played an exhibition against the University of Iowa tonight. Angel Guzman and Rich Hill pitched. Guzman gave up 3 of the 4 hits the Hawkeyes got. In the seventh inning Iowa Cubs took over the pitching for the collegians.

AAA Iowa won 20-0. 24 hits including 3 run homeruns by Pie and McGehee.

Wow I expected Fox to get the AA job over Richie. Sucks for him, though he needs to work on his defense. I thought Pawelek was going to start in Peoria, did he get hurt or something? Or do the Cubs just want to limit him.

Call me up to the Big Leagues immediately. With a name like mine, I can't possibly fail. Like Nuke Laloosh or Rollie Fingers, I was born to pitch.

A name like mine belongs either in the Show or in the Baskin Robbins.

Off topic:
Does anyone know where I can purchase an Andre Dawson poster to hang in my rec room?

AZ Phil,
What's the story on Mark Pawelek? Why extended spring rather than Peoria? Is he slated for Boise again? I live in a Midwest League town and was hoping to catch him in action this summer.

Green Lantern & Cubster

I was a huge fan of keeping Mitre and didn't think he got a fair shot last year when he got yanked from the rotation for his performance at Yankee stadium. That having been said, the Cubbies needed some OBP & speed in the lineup and you know what they say, you got to give some to get some.

I'm really glad for Mitre, though, he's on a team that's going to give him big league starts all year.

AAA Iowa won 20-0.

Were they playing football?

Re: Dawson Poster

I got one as a Christmas present for a friend to add to my Cubs Office in the house. He got it from EBay, but it wasn't cheap to get one in perfect condition. I had it matted and framed.

furcal will be the biggest FA bust of the year.

#14 of 16: By Ryno (April 5, 2006 09:09 AM)
AAA Iowa won 20-0.

Were they playing football?


Rich Hill connected with Ryan Theriot for 2 TD's while Buck Coats rushed for another in the Iowa Cubs 20-0 victory over the University of Iowa on Tuesday night. Geovany Soto found the endzone on the ground, scoring from 8 yards out. Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz had no answer for the stifling I-Cubs defense, as middle linebacker Brandon Sing collected 2 sacks and 9 tackles. Safety Felix Pie picked off 3 Hawkeye passes. Kicker Bobby Brownlie hit his first two extra point attempts, but wasn't even close on his third attempt, missing wide right.

the RF market the past 2 years has been a flaming pile for a lotta clubs

Wow, you aren't kidding. There isn't a major league regular anywhere on that chart on a club with a 92 mil payroll.

Bobby Brownlie hit his first two extra point attempts, but wasn't even close on his third attempt, missing wide right.


OT, but funny... I just glanced at the headlines. And right at first when I saw Muskie's story:
Cubs embrace the small-ball era

I thought it said:
Cubs embrace the small-bra era

I'm sorry, I will never embrace that era.

In all seriousness, the Cubs lay down a bunt and execute a hit-and-run in their first game and all of a sudden they've "embraced" small-ball?

Does anyone know who Jeff Deardoff is and why we haven't heard anything about him?

Regarding embracing the small-ball era:

Did we read all of this last year? I seem to remember Dusty ranting about how he doesn't like calling it "manufacturing runs".

Yeah... we all saw how that went last year. And I'm not sure the lineup, OBP-wise and fundamentally, is all that different this year. I hope I'm wrong.

"Pitching coach Larry Rothschild said Prior has made rapid progress in the early stages of his comeback from a strained right shoulder. Wood, meanwhile, also seems to be on a fast track back to the Cubs. He might be pitching for them by the last week of April."

From the same article.

"Hendry continues to negotiate with Lee's agent, Casey Close. There remains optimism on both sides that an agreement can be brokered this week."

Thanks for the post has E.Patterson listed as a SS...I assume this is yet another error as I haven't heard anything in regard to a position switch.

Today's lineup:

CF Pierre
2B Walker
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
RF Jones
C Barrett
LF Murton
SS Cedeno
P Rusch

This may not be in line with the subject of this thread, but Baseball Prospectus came out with a new book. In it, they rate the best clutch hitters since 1972. At the top of the list is...


re: Cubs supposedly playing small ball

That had to come from Kaspar and Brenly, who kept repeating it whenever the Cubs #1, #2's got on base, stole a base, dinked an infield single, or laid down a bunt.

Of course it's NOT small ball. It's what your leadoff man and #2 are supposed to do when they're followed by sluggers like D Lee, and A Ramirez! Get on, get in scoring position and let those two drive you in.

Today's lineup:

CF Pierre
2B Walker
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
RF Jones

Dusty's always talking about the need for hitters to be "protected" but how does Jones protect ARamirez? The season has just begun and they're already IBB'ing Ramirez to get to Jones.

Better to bat Barrett #5 and Jones #6. Barrett's got plenty of experience producing while being "protected" by bad hitters like the starting pitcher for example.


Way to keep us abreast of all those developments! We all are just busting to know about those things--in fact our cups are running over in anticipation!

Aaron Krawiec is still in the organization? I did not know that. Of course, I have no idea why I even care.

AZPhil, are Nic Jackson, N.Frese and R.Rohlicek officially clipped from the organization?

Nic Jackson will be appearing with Daytona soon. Rohlicek has been released, as have Jon Connelly and Jason Wylie and many others.

Thanks BFS...has Boehringer been released as well?

Yes, Boehringer has indeed been released.

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