Cubs Org Chart

Thanks to a lot of hard work previously done by Arizona Phil and the guys at USS Mariner, I am proud to present the Cubs Org Chart! I will continue to add features to the page as the season goes on, including links to the players, contract info, etc. Let me know what other information you'd like to see on the org chart page.


Great idea guys! It would be helpful to use the hot and cold system that J. Hill used last year (hot - name in red, cold - name in blue), or something like it. I'm not talking about who is hot or cold over the last few games but who is a likely candidate for promotion or demotion/cut. This would give us folks who arenít AZ Phil or Jim Hendry some idea of who to look out for.

PLEASE TELL DUSTY!!! Neifi- Super Sub? Sure! Neifi-Play a game week? Why not? Neifi-Bats second? Hell No! In today's bright one we hear from the horse's mouth- "It was a lucky day,'' Perez said. "Any time I get three hits it's a lucky game. I'm not a great hitter.'' He said it. Also he does not walk. So why would he ever bat second? No word on Rubby though. His agent would not represent Dusty, because he could only handle so much talent.

Cardinals are a very whiny bunch...putting new meaning in team shrinkage...and stiffing the clubhouse personnel? LaRussa probably is a poor tipper anyway. from the StL Post Dispatch: Most Cardinals players - and one very perturbed manager - were jolted by a sudden loss of hot water during post-game showers. Center fielder Jim Edmonds described it as "the complete Single-A experience" after La Russa emerged from his office to vent his displeasure. Some players waited until after returning to the team hotel to shower. Others gritted their teeth and dove in for a chilling experience. "I wouldn't tip these guys. I wouldn't tip 'em," La Russa advised his players within earshot of visiting clubhouse personnel.

Here is the excerpt from Will C's Under the Knife (Baseball Prospectus) update from 4/7 on the Cub DL pitchers: The Cubs get the best news of the bunch, as they begin to plan for the return of three pitchers. The order should go: Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, and finally Wade Miller, though Miller and Prior seem to be on about the same schedule. Wood is throwing well, rated by many who saw him this spring as ìfully back.î One player who watched him throw batting practice said that his ìBP curve was better than most guys' ëAí curve.î Wood is on track for a late April return as the Cubs resist pushing him. Mark Prior is about to move from flat ground to the mound, which is certainly a big step. Heís had no recurrence of the pain in his shoulder, though his stamina is down. Assuming that he continues to move forward, heís still looking at a few weeks of work before even thinking about some rehab starts. Wade Miller is at about the same stage as Prior now, as he comes back from his shoulder surgery, but isnít progressing as fast. The addition of these three into any lineup is a major plus; keeping them in the rotation is the challenge.

nice work, phil and ruz ! forgive my density- how is it that dopirak and moore are on the 40 man, yet playing one level below sing and mcgehee? thanks in advance. dc

On the org chart, nice work, however you have Brownlie listed as a SP although I'm pretty sure he has been permantely accepted as a reliever and you have Walrond as a reliever though he started yesterday for Iowa. That could not be a regular thing though. Anyone know about Dopirak? He left the game for a pinch runner two nights ago and someone said he was hurt. He was not in the lineup last night.

JAcos- Did you get my offer for the April 25th game? Oh yeah, did anyone else catch Puljos eyeing down Dempster in teh 9th inning? I was at teh game and it was very clear, but I am not sure if they showed it on TV. in that AB, Dempster buzzed him up and in and Puljos clearly did not like it. The next pitch he wsung VERY hard and ARam made a great play and threw him out. ON his way back to the bench, Puljos just stared Dempster down. Didn't say anything but was clearly pissed. It did not appear Dempster even noticed it, but I was wondering if anyone else caught onto that?

I didn't catch that Manny but he definitely buzzed him pretty good. I think the pitch tailed in a little more than Pujols was expecting -- he seemed to back off late, which probably contributed to his pissyness. An amusing part of being able to see the game from close-up seats yesterday was hearing the players bark in pain after fouling off pitches in on the hands in that cold weather. There were quite a few "Aaaah!"s and a few "F*ck!"s from both sides.

Manny, It was real clear on TV that Albert was pissed. I think Dempster noticed but he just went about his business. I liked his focus yesterday in a non-save situation. It was like he was saying "I gotta do what I gotta do"! You can bet D-Lee or Ramirez will go down today.

#6 of 8: By JonH (April 8, 2006 10:52 AM) On the org chart, nice work, however you have Brownlie listed as a SP although I'm pretty sure he has been permantely accepted as a reliever and you have Walrond as a reliever though he started yesterday for Iowa. That could not be a regular thing though. Anyone know about Dopirak? He left the game for a pinch runner two nights ago and someone said he was hurt. He was not in the lineup last night. ---- JON H: I had changed that on the pipeline I posted earlier this week once I saw the Opening Day lineups. There also were a couple of additions (1B Alberto Garcia at Peoria and SS Danny Gonzalez at Daytona). So here is the correct lineup... CATCHER: CUBS - Michael Barrett/Henry Blanco AAA IOWA ñ Geovany Soto/Casey Kopitzke AA WEST TENN ñ # Jose Reyes/Tony Richie Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Jacob Fox/* Alan Rick/# Olin Wick Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Mark Reed/Jake Muyco/Justin Morgan 1st BASE: CUBS - Derrek Lee/* John Mabry AAA IOWA- Brandon Sing/Jeff Deardorff AA WEST TENN ñ Brian Dopirak/* Micah Hoffpauir Hi-A DAYTONA ñ # Matt Craig Lo-A PEORIA ñ Ryan Norwood/Alberto Garcia 2nd BASE: CUBS - * Todd Walker/Jerry Hairston, Jr AAA IOWAñ * Mike Fontenot AA WEST TENN ñ * Eric Patterson/Richard Lewis Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Nate Spears/Issmael Salas Lo-A PEORIA - Robinson Chirinos 3rd BASE: CUBS - Aramis Ramirez AAA IOWA ñ Casey McGehee AA WEST TENN ñ * Scott Moore/Gary Cates Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Jemel Spearman Lo-A PEORIA ñ Brandon Taylor SHORTSTOP: CUBS - Ronny Cedeno/# Neifi Perez AAA IOWA ñ Ryan Theriot/# Augie Ojeda AA WEST TENN ñ Carlos Rojas Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Joe Simokaitis/# Danny Gonzalez Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Dylan Johnston/Luis Rivera LEFT-FIELD: CUBS - Matt Murton/* Freddie Bynum AAA IOWA ñ Michael Restovich AA WEST TENN ñ Luis Montanez Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Jeff Culpepper Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Johnny Defendis/Jesus Valdez CENTER-FIELD: CUBS - * Juan Pierre/# Angel Pagan AAA IOWA ñ * Felix Pie AA WEST TENN ñ Chris Walker Hi-A DAYTONA ñ * Sam Fuld Lo-A PEORIA ñ * Davy Gregg RIGHT-FIELD: CUBS - * Jacque Jones AAA IOWA ñ Jamal Strong/* Buck Coats AA WEST TENN - * Adam Greenberg Hi-A DAYTONA ñ Ryan Harvey/* Nic Jackson Lo-A PEORIA - # Matt Ciaramella STARTING ROTATION: CUBS Carlos Zambrano Greg Maddux * Glendon Rusch * Sean Marshall Jerome Williams INJURY REHAB: Kerry Wood (shoulder/knee) Mark Prior (shoulder) Wade Miller (shoulder) AAA IOWA * Rich Hill Angel Guzman Jae-Kuk Ryu * Raul Valdes * Les Walrond AA WEST TENN Carlos Marmol Juan Mateo Randy Wells David Cash * J. R. Mathes Hi-A DAYTONA Sean Gallagher Grant Johnson Mark Holliman Justin Berg * Luke Hagerty Lo-A PEORIA * Donald Veal Mike Billek * Jesus Yepez Todd Blackford Mitch Atkins BULLPEN: CUBS Ryan Dempster (closer) * Scott Eyre Bob Howry Scott Williamson * Will Ohman Michael Wuertz AAA IOWA David Aardsma (closer) Roberto Novoa Bobby Brownlie * Mark Watson Andy Shipman Brandon Emanuel * Ryan O'Malley AA WEST TENN * Clay Rapada (closer) Thomas Atlee Federico Baez * Carmen Pignatiello Lincoln Holdzkom * Paul Schappert Rocky Cherry Hi-A DAYTONA Adalberto Mendez (closer) * Chris Shaver Angelo Burrows * Carlos Vasquez Jonathan Hunton Matt Weber * Carlos Perez Lo-A PEORIA Mike Phelps (closer) * Edward Campusano Jesse Estrada Jeff Teasley * Tim Layden Matt Avery Roberto Sotolongo

Lineup today per ESPN 1000: Pierre Walker Lee Aram Jones Murton Cedeno Blanco Z

HIGHLIGHTS/LOWLIGHTS FROM FRIDAY NIGHT ON THE FARM: INJURY UP BATTING (ALL LEVELS): IOWA (AAA): Felix Pie, CF: 2-4, 2 R, OF ASSIST Ryan Theriot, SS: 1-3, 2 RBI, K, E Mike Fontenot, 2B: 1-4, K Michael Restovich, LF: 2-4, 2 RBI, 2 2B, K Brandon Sing, 1B: 0-3, BB, 2 K Casey McGehee, 3B: 1-4 Buck Coats, RF: 2-4, R, RBI, HR Geovany Soto, C: 0-4, R WEST TENN (AA): Chris Walker, CF: 1-5, K Eric Patterson, 2B: 1-5, R, RBI, HR, 3 K, 2 E Luis Montanez, LF: 3-5, K, CS Scott Moore, 3B: 0-4, BB, 3 K Richard Lewis, DH: 2-5, 2B, K Micah Hoffpauir, 1B: 0-5, K Adam Greenberg, RF: 1-4, K Tony Richie, C: 0-4, R, K NOTE: 1B Brian Dopirak (broken foot) and C Jose Reyes (hand) are injured. DAYTONA (Hi-A): Sam Fuld, CF: 2-4, RBI, SH, 2 K Jemel Spearman, 3B: 1-4, RBI, 2B, SF, 2 K Nic Jackson, DH: 1-5, SB Jacob Fox, C: 0-3, BB, K, E Jeff Culpepper, RF: 0-3, BB, K, SB Matt Craig, 1B: 1-3, R, BB Issmael Salas, LF: 1-4 Joe Simokaitis, SS: 1-3, 2 R, RBI, BB, SB Nate Spears, 2B: 1-3, BB, SB NOTE: Nic Jackson is a former top prospect and one-time member of Cubs 40-man roster who is coming back after missing almost two full seasons (shoulder surgery). Nate Spears was one of two players the Cubs acquired from BAL for Corey Patterson. PEORIA (Lo-A): Davy Gregg, CF: 1-5 Matt Ciaramella, RF: 0-5, 2 K Robinson Chirinos, 2B: 1-3, 2 R, 2B, 2 BB, K Ryan Norwood, 1B: 1-5 Alberto Garcia, DH: 1-4, RBI, 2B, K Brandon Taylor, 3B: 2-4, SB Jesus Valdez, LF: 1-4, RBI, K Jake Muyco, C: 1-4, 2 K Dylan Johnston, SS: 0-3, BB, K NOTE: Ciaramella was acquired from BOS last December for RHP Jermaine Van Buren. ---- PITCHING (ALL LEVELS): Very good first outings by starters at AA (Marmol), Hi-A (Gallagher), and Lo-A (Blackford). IOWA (AAA): Les Walrond 6-2-3-1-4-3, 3 HBP, 2 E, 85 pitches Andy Shipman 1-1-0-0-0-0 Roberto Novoa 1-0-0-0-0-0 David Aardsma 1-0-0-0-0-1 (SAVE 1) NOTE: Walrond is just a temp starter at Iowa until the Cubs send Sean Marshall and/or Jerome Williams back to minors when Wood, Prior, and Miller are reactivated (hopefully probably sometime next month). WEST TENN (AA): Carlos Marmol 6-1-0-0-2-6, 2 WP Federico Baez 1-2-1-1-0-0 Paul Schappert 1-0-0-0-1-0 Thomas Atlee 2-0-0-0-0-0 (W 1-0) Clay Rapada 1-0-0-0-0-1, HBP (SAVE 2) NOTE: Although he is starting right now to get more innings under his belt, Cubs farm director Oneri Fleita projects Carlos Marmol as a future closer. DAYTONA (Hi-A): Sean Gallagher 6-5-0-0-1-8 Carlos Perez 0-3-4-4-2-0, HR (L 0-1) Jonathan Hunton 2-2-3-1-0-3, HBP, WP Adelberto Mendez 1-0-0-0-0-0 NOTE: Carlos Perez was the other player acquired from BAL for Corey Patterson. PEORIA (Lo-A): Todd Blackford 5-5-0-0-1-6, HBP (W 1-0) Roberto Sotolongo 2-0-0-0-1-2 Edward Campusano 2-0-0-0-1-4 (SAVE 1) NOTE: Blackford was one of two young pitchers acquired from ATL for Todd Hollandsworth last August. Sotolongo is a Cuban defector with a lot of international experience, so he may not stay at "Lo-A" very long.

This line-up reminds me... I don't like Cedeno batting 8th, especially after his horrible spring. I usually stay clear of the line-up game, but here is mine. Pierre Walker Murton Lee ARam Jones Cedeno Barrett/Blanco P

Manny- Thanks for the offer, I am traveling to Vegas tomorrow for business( I heard Aram is 30-1 to win Mvp). My son is getting some medical tests that week(nothing serious) so I will be tied up. Let me know again in the future, I tend to go after second week in May. Nothing worse than freezing you a** off at a baseball game. Side note- For Pete's Sake sing D-LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better yet SIGN Dlee!!

I like the "sing" idea better... D Leeeee....! Please sign your naaaaame... So that Jim Hendryyyyyy ....can avoid TCR flaaaaame Oh D Leeeeee.....! Whats a few mil between Frieeeeeends... Let's make this deeeeeal....come to an ennnnnd. Oh yes D Lee...! Pick up that phone.... Sign your naaaaaame....then give me a looooooan.

Sorry to totally go off subject but Brett Favre is an a**wipe-

Ex-Cub and almost Cub update from Friday's games: Braves 14 Giants 6: Moises Alou hit a pinch 2 run HR in the 6th to put the Giants up 6-4, only to see it wasted when the Braves responded with an 8 run 7th in San Francisco. Mike Remlinger got the last two outs after Moises HR to get the win. Rocks 10 Pads 4: Eric Young went 1-4 and scored a run as the starting LF for the Padres who were beaten by Josh Fogg, Ray King got an out and gave up a hit and a walk out of the Rockies pen. Royals 11 WSux 7: Andrew Sisco warmed up in the 8th but didn't enter the game as the south sides blew a 6-0 early lead. Jon Garland woofed up 9 ER (but some were only semi earned behind some shaky play in LF by P Ozuna) in 5.1 innings which equates to a 15.19 ERA. Mark Grudzielanek went 2-4 with a triple and a walk and 3 runs scored. He also slept while on third base thru a nice diving OF catch by Mackowiak in RF when he should have scored on a sac fly. Tigers 5 Rangers 2: John Koronka gave up 4 ER in 5 IP for his first 2006 loss and as Ronnie Santo would say "Al" Antonia Alfonseca (aka El Pupo) pitched a scoreless 9th giving up a walk as the Tigers are off to a hot start at 4-0. Brewers 3 Dbacks 1: Mark Grace and Thom Brennaman are quite the Cub flashback as TV broadcasters. Luis Gonzalez went 1-4 with a HR for the Snakes only offense against a hot Brewer team who got nice pitching from Randy Bush and smokin' bullpen mates Wise/Turnbow. Reds 7 Pirates 6: Jeromy Burnits was 1-5 with an RBI and a strikeout with 4 men LOB (now hitting .222) as the Reds tried to blow a 6-2 lead coughing up 3 runs in the ninth using David Weathers who walked two and gave up a hit before lefty Kent Mercker came in to strikeout lefty Burnitz to end the game. Mets 9 Fish 3: Steve Trachsel pitched 6 innings giving up only a solo 4th inning HR to Mike Jacobs for the win. Todd Wellemeyer added the Mets 6th and 7th runs pitching the 6th inning giving up 2 hits including a RBI double to Carlos Delgado. Rays 9 Jays 8: Scott Down pitched 5 innings with 3 ER including a 2 run HR to Travis Lee but didn't get the loss as the DRays overcame an early 6-0 defecit. In the most obscure ex-cub event of the day, Eric Hinske pinch ran for Benjy Molina in the 8th. Dodgers 5 Phils 3: Bill Mueller went 2-5 and is hitting .500 so far. Almost Cub, Raffy Furcal didn't play (is he injured too?) being replaced by ex-Cub Mon-ey Martinez who went predictably 1-4 with a K and a run scored... and of course Nomar is on the DL for April. Red Sox 14 Orioles 8: Matt Clement got the blowout win giving up his usual 4 runs on 9 hits, 7K's in 7 innings. Nick Markakis started in CF but CPat came in the 8th for mop up duty and went 1-2 with an RBI single against Clement in a 4 run 7th and grounded out to JT Snow in a 4 run 8th as the O's were trailing when Patterson entered the game 11-0. LaTroy Hawkins pitched scoreless ball with only one walk going the last out of the 8th and all of the 9th in a very serious mopup relief effort. Indians 11 Twinkies 6: Kyle Lohse sucketh in 4.2 IP giving up 8 ER and 3 walks as the Tribe scored early and often in their home opener. Todd Hollandsworth didn't play but he did beat out Jason DuBois (shuffled off to Buffalo) for their last roster spot...although it appears that Danny Graves making the team would make him the more appropriate 25th guy. Angels 4 Yanks 1 minimal ex-Cub action as Tanyon Sturtze pitched 2 outs worth of 7th inning action in a game Kelvim Escobar won and K-Rod got a save. The only Yank run was on a 5th inning double by ex-caveman Damon. I couldn't find any ex-Cub factors in the Stro's-Nats game or the Mariners-A's.

Hendry 2 yr extension...Andy Sweatervest will be at WF for the press conf...still working on the DLee contract (per ESPN-AM)

...sorry for my typical typos: Antonia Alfonseca is the Rangers relief pitchers sister and we all know Jeromy's last name ends in a Z. Scott Down is the singular version of the Bluejays pitcher...probably others but then spell check won't help me anyway.

#18 of 19: By Cubster (April 8, 2006 12:33 PM) Ex-Cub and almost Cub update from Friday's games: Braves 14 Giants 6: Moises Alou hit a pinch 2 run HR in the 6th to put the Giants up 6-4, only to see it wasted when the Braves responded with an 8 run 7th in San Francisco. Mike Remlinger got the last two outs after Moises HR to get the win. -- CUBSTER: I saw that Braves-Giants game. The Braves scored eight runs in the top of the 7th on six walks, one HBP, and two singles. The performance by the Giants bullpen in the top of the 7th was as bad as any I've seen by Cubs bullpens over the years, and I have seen some BAD ones! Think the Giants might be missing Scott Eyre just a litle bit?

Great work on the Chart, guys. Boy, Joe Simokaitis is off to a fast start for Daytona. After watching him the last 4 years, he is a major-league SS for sure. His bat used to be a bit of a liability, but has really come along the last couple years. Not a bad pick in the 10th round at all.

A nice change of pace in the first 3 games. Our 2 wins have been sparked by our young players Murton and Cedeno. Win or lose, much easier to stomach Cubs games watching them than some tired has been player on his last legs. Sometimes the energy of youth can make your team a little bit better. The fans get more excited, other players on the team stop what they are doing to see what the kids can do and maybe help them adjust. Plus there is the ego factor of, "I don't want to be out done by the kid."

Great work on the chart. I'd wondered where Scott Hode went--a guy who was a freshman in high school when I was a senior at Crystal Lake South--who ended up being drafted by the Cubs in 2005. This morning I finally got around to seeing where he ended up (after not seeing him in Mesa or in the media guide) and came up with this article from last fall. Can't say I'd make the same decision, but interesting nevertheless.

Saturday morning has come and gone and no news of DLEE signing an extension. Supposedly he said that if the deal was not signed by noon today, there would be no more negotiations (with any team) until after the season. So this means we are one step closer to losing DLEE I guess. And ARAM can opt out of his contract after this season. We may have a much, much different look next year. With our luck Prior will finally be healthy next year when we have no DLEE and no ARAM. Sigh.

Arm- Yeah, I said that a few weeks ago. If the Cubs don't make the playoffs, we could/should very likely be without a Hendry, Baker, Lee, Wood, Maddux, ARam, Pierre, Walker. That means, new GM, manager, 1B, 2B, 3B, CF and leadoff man, 2 starting pitchers. Could be a HUGE rebuilding process coming up.

<i>Wade Miller is at about the same stage as Prior now, as he comes back from his shoulder surgery, but isnít progressing as fast.</i> That Will Carroll commentary has been posted more than once. But it still doesn't make any sense. Miller is ahead of Prior. He was throwing off the mound Wednesday and Prior was scheduled to throw off the mound Friday for the first time. Officially, Miller is a week to ten days behind Wood, and Prior is behind Miller so Carroll owes us an explanation.

The Cubs signed Hendry to a 2 year extension today (as I told ya'll they would earlier this week). Do you really think the Cubs will fire him if they don't make the playoffs this year, MannyT?

CWTP: "Do you really think the Cubs will fire him if they don't make the playoffs this year, MannyT?" No, not now that an extenstion has officially been signed. I am glad to see they only signed him to 2 years this time. That should at least send a message that he is on a shorter leash. But that also shows me that it appears Dusty will be returning, which I agree with if Hendry is coming back. It would be very hard to get a manager to come in here this offseason with only a 2 years deal. Most teams like to keep the GM and manager on the same schedule as if they fire the GM, the nexy GM would most likely not want to tkeep teh same manager. Well, Hendry now has his work cut out for him. He AGAIN will have TONS of money opening up (Wood, Maddux) like he did last offseason with Sosa's deal off the table. He has to resign Lee, Pierre and keep ARAM from vioding his deal.

All you need to know: The Trib's Chairman, President and CEO Dennis FitzSimons is a <a href=";ct=/0-0&amp;fp=44378870a3ad58cd&amp;ei=hfg3RJODHpP2oAKojPFh&amp;url=http%3A//;cid=0" rel="nofollow"> Mets fan.</a>

It's almost as though the Cubs are discounting the 2004 and 2005 seasons as bad luck and giving Hendry and most likely Dusty a fresh go at their 4 year plan, MT. The one position player the Cubs need to sign is ARam, especially if he keeps himself in the same condition he's in this spring. We have some nice first basemen with power in our system right now. DLee may be pricing himself off the charts. We will soon know. But I'd really rather see Hendry spend too much money on reliable healthy inning-eating SP's than too much money on a slugger with one outstanding season.

If Aramis Ramirez (3B), Derrek Lee (1B), Todd Walker and Jerry Hairston, Jr (2B), and Kerry Wood and Greg Maddux (SP) leave after the 2006 season, here are the best post-2006 FAs (as of right now) at each of those positions (listed alphabetically): 1B: Sean Casey Darin Erstad Aubrey Huff DERREK LEE J. T. Snow 2B: Craig Biggio Ray Durham JERRY HAIRSTON, JR Jeff Kent Adam Kennedy Mark Loretta Alfonso Soriano TODD WALKER 3B: David Bell Vinny Castilla Pedro Feliz ARAMIS RAMIREZ Joe Randa STARTING PITCHER: Tom Glavine GREG MADDUX Jason Marquis Mark Mulder Andy Pettitte Jason Schmidt Jeff Suppan Kip Wells KERRY WOOD Barry Zito

CWTP, Fitzsimmons has been the Trib frontman since 03 and in that time he has been the most gracious trib CEO in terms of the payroll.

AZ Phil, Mora will also be a free agent at the end of the year.

#34 of 34: By chifan3887 (April 8, 2006 02:15 PM) AZ Phil, Mora will also be a free agent at the end of the year. --- CHIFAN3887: Right. Melvin Mora, too.

Is anyone else having trouble with MLB online radio? They sent me an email saying I would be reregistered automagically. I got the first three games. Now it's not working. I'm getting blocked at the subscription page.

aram is under contract through option for 09

i just dont see aram leaving 11.5-12m behind...the market just isnt there for that kinda loot. mora's looking 10m, 4-5 years, btw.

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  • SF continues their kickass losing streak (6 games). WAS is suddenly back in the WC competition mix via SF's suck. SF 7.0 games back and WAS 7.5 games back is a hell of a distance for either team to climb at this point in the season.
  • Nice stuff tonight... Brewers sweep Pirates, 5-3 Giants losing to Rockies 9-2, 5th Dodgers losing 2-0 to SD, early. Corey Seager strikes out in 1st MLB at-bat.
  • Still taking quite a bit of time
  • I was running something that probably slowed it down. Should be much better now
  • Is it me, or is the site taking fo-r-ev-er to load?
  • Seems to be working. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work with anything other than plain text! Javascript from editor messes up the AJAX posting. Feedback welcome
  • Trying to make comments dynamic such that one displays to everyone in the comments section as well as in the recent comments blocks immediately after it's posted (i.e. no refresh required). Second test
  • It's Magic.
  • "never been a fan of using closers in non-save situations." Tie game at home in the ninth, there can never be a save situation. So you're saying, don't use your best reliever today.
  • Sorry if this was covered in a different thread, but while I overall like this new design, the white type on the dark background is a killer. I may be in the minority on that. But again, nice job.
  • It was almost like Javy was saying, "see, O&B, same old Javy here." Guy's gotta learn you don't need to swing hard to knock a Chapman ball out of the park. Choke up, dude, follow Rizzo's lead.
  • The magic number is now 24.
  • Kershaw uses his 132nd pitch for his 15th K (Marlon Juice Byrd, with the tying run at 2nd), and the Dodgers sweep the Giants. Also, Pirates lose to the Brewers for the 5th straight time. So...with 30 to play, we are 6.5 up on SF (7 in loss column) and 8 up on the Nats, and still in contact (4.5 back) of the Pirates. Man, what a roller coaster the last 2 days -- fantastic stuff.
  • Schlitter still pitching for Iowa? Guess nobody wanted him?
  • JOHN B: Pierce Johnson and Rob Zastryzny were likely 2015 AFL candidates (I mentioned them as likely candidates to get assigned to the AFL in an article about the AFL last month) because they are starting pitchers who missed part of the season due to injuries and they need to accrue more innings.
  • I personally don't think managers use closers enough in tie games in the 9th. The mindset and adrenaline should be just like a save situation. You get the outs, you have a great chance of winning. You don't your team is screwed.