Today in Cub History: 4-16 and 4-17

4-16-1957 Traded Ray Jablonski and Ray Katt to the New York Giants. Received Dick Littlefield and Bob Lennon 4-16-1938 Traded Curt Davis, Clyde Shoun, Tuck Stainback and $185,000 cash to the St. Louis Cardinals. Received Dizzy Dean 4-17-1976 The Phillies are down 12-1 in Wrigley after three innings, as Steve Carlton fails to escape from the second. Rich Reuschel, Mike Garman, Darold Knowles and Paul Reuschel can't hold the lead, however, and the Cubs trail 15-13 after the Phillies score 3, 5, and 3 runs in the 7th, 8th and 9th. The Cubs rally to tie the game at 15 in the bottom of the 9th, but the Phillies score three more in the 10th, including Mike Schmidt's fourth home run and 8th RBI of the day. The Cubs rally for one more in the bottom of the 10th, but the Phillies win, 18-16, while the Cubs set a National League record for the largest blown lead to lose a game. 4-17-1974 Newly acquired catcher George Mitterwald hits a double and three home runs, including a first-inning grand slam, with 8 RBI. The Cubs beat the Pirates, 18-9. Mitterwald finishes the season with 7 HR and 28 RBI Wow, did the Cardinals make out like bandits in the Dean deal. Has any player gained a greater historical reputation on the strength of a few good years and a whacky personality? Dean had five good years in him, the last one being 1936, at age 26. He never broke 100 innings in three full years with the Cubs, before serving in WWII. Davis won 100 games for the Cards and Browns after the trade, and Shoun 65 with various teams. Mitterwald was the original Paul Bako, he'd get a third of his year's offensive production out of the way in one game. There are readers that remember him, they can fill in the rest. There are also readers that remember that Philly/Cub classic, and many others, like the 1922 highest scoring game in ML history. (Well, if anybody remembers that particular game, I'll be surprised.)


Hmm..I think that Swisher was first in line, and that Tim Blackwell held the spot for Jody Davis....

What a pathetic group..almost as bad as the parade of middle infielders...Davey Rosello...Mike Tyson...Mick Kelleher...Steve Dillard...


"Wood will be in LA for the series, he suppose to throw off the mound. Don't know what good it does to have him there.
Maybe for Hendry, Rothschild, and Baker to decide if he can go for a minor league game?"

That is exactly how I understood it Jacos.

I love the west coast swing. Scenic Dodger stadium and late night games. I'm looking for a sweep, see ya on parachat tonite.

Go Cubs.

How about the game against the Reds, I think the final was 15-14, when the infamous Davey Rosello drove in The Whale his own self with the winning run? And of course, the 26-22 game.

Mitterwald was the first in a truly brutal stretch of Cub veteran catchers. Barry Foote. Larry Cox. Tim Blackwell. Mr. Wrigley must've had some serious man-love for awful, former Expos catchers. I think we even tried Cliff Johnson briefly, and then turned things over to the famously-bad Steve Swisher, who basically held the fort until Jody Davis came to town.

Mitterwald had a game, I think it was against the Mets, when there was a collision at home plate and he spewed his tobacco wad all over the home plate ump. Good times. And a good, wholesome lesson for the kiddies out there, too (channeling Chipster).

Wood will be in LA for the series, he suppose to throw off the mound. Don't know what good it does to have him there.
Maybe for Hendry, Rothschild, and Baker to decide if he can go for a minor league game?

Is it just me, or are comments getting listed most recent to least recent???

This is so weird. I'm quite sure that what's showing up as posts number 1 and 2 are responses to posts number 3 and 5...

Oh well. Mercurial are the gods of the web.

In addition to setting a record for the blowing the largest lead in MLB history (11 runs) and losing the game on April 17, 1976 (I inject "and losing the game," because the Cubs actually overcame a 12-run deficit in that 23-22 game in 1979 before losing), the Cubs also set an MLB record for blowing the largest extra-inning lead and losing, that being the game at Pittsburgh on April 21, 1991, when the Cubs found a way to blow a 12-7 11th inning lead, after first blowing a five-run 8th inning lead earlier in the game!

Imagine watching this game (I did):

After blowing a 7-2 8th inning lead, the Cubs come back as Andre Dawson hits an 11th inning grand slam and the Cubs take a 12-7 lead into the bottom of the 11th inning. Ah, a sweet victory, all's well that ends well, etc, etc, etc...

Heathcliff Slocumb pitching in a steady drizzle:

Jose Lind walks on four pitches...
(and then?)
Curtis Wilkerson singles, Lind advances to 2nd...
(and then?)
Orlando Merced singles, bases loaded...
(and then?)
Mike Bielecki (one of the Cubs starting pitchers) relieves Slocumb...
(and then?)
Jay Bell doubles down the left-field line, Lind & Wilkerson score, Merced advances to 3rd, Cubs lead 12-9...
(and then?)
Andy Van Slyke hits a sac fly to deep CF, Merced scores, Bell advances to 3rd, Cubs lead 12-10, but at least there is one out!...
(and then?)
Bobby Bonilla walks, one out, runners at 1st & 3rd...
(and then?)
Barry Bonds singles, scoring Bell, Bonilla takes 3rd, Cubs lead 12-11, still only one out...
(and then?)
Gary Redus pinch hits and draws a walk, bases loaded...
(and then?)
Don Slaught smokes a double into left-center, Bonilla and Bonds score, and the Cubs lose 13-12...

And then I think I threw up.

I was the first post, which is now # 3.
I believe that Dusty Baylor and The Dude are the Mr. Peadbody and Sherman of the TCR Board.

Indeed, Phil, I remember that game, and already have it in my database.... It'll be posted for the 21st!

There was also the game, which didn't involve the Cubs, if I recall, where the Pirates scored 8 runs with 2 outs in the ninth, capped by a Brian Giles HR

And my favorite, an Indians/Mariners game on ESPN, where the Indians, I believe it was, came back from 14 down in three innings against the Mariners. If I recall correctly, both teams had pulled most of their starters.

Weird, this is like that Seinfeld episode where everything happened backwards.

Btw, last chance if anyone wants to get in on the Cubs/Dodgers game tonight, a few of us are going. Email me by clicking on my name above..

Also, an interview with Fergie Jenkins where he continues to tell us the Cubs pitchers are wimps...

"Mitterwald had a game, I think it was against the Mets, when there was a collision at home plate and he spewed his tobacco wad all over the home plate ump." Ah, golden memories!

And never forget the time that Champ Summers was in a collision at the plate and swallowed his chaw. It damn near killed him.

AZ Phil, I remember that Pirates game well. I watched it with my father, who came very close to throwing a coffee table through the TV screen. He is now, as Steve Goodman put it, "rooting for the Angels" - no doubt relieved to be free of his Cubs-induced misery.

Don't forget Burt Hooton's no-no on April 16 in 1972. It was very special for this then 7 year old to have a Cub throw a no-hitter on his birthday!

Re: blowing an 11 run lead and losing -- I recall the Oakland A's blowing an 11-0 lead and winning to cap their 20 game win streak a couple years back. I wonder what the record is for that...

Wow, somehow I missed that, TWC. Thanks!

"Also, an interview with Fergie Jenkins where he continues to tell us the Cubs pitchers are wimps..."

I didn't get that from the article at all. Fergie was criticizing the emphasis on throwing 95 mph all the time and trying to strike out every batter with heat. Well that's an organization emphasis as well, but it burns up young arms and leads to high pitch counts.

"ìThe more people you strike out, the more pitches youíve got to throw,î he said. ìThe game isnít all about strikeouts, itís about making the hitter hit the ball. "

Imagine watching this game (I did):

Watching that game (or one like it) should be part of any Cubs fan initiation ritual.

fergie and some of these other old-time pitchers need to start admitting that they were basically cruising through 1/3 of the lineup every single day...

today's pitchers don't have the luxury of dealing with a 2B/SS/C/P as automatic outs at the bottom of every lineup. that's why you see fewer complete games and innings pitched; it's much more taxing to pitch today than it was in 1970 before the DH, and before anyone expected middle infielders and catchers to hit over .250

Fergie was criticizing a lot of things...

Highlights include that Marshall needs "to learn how to pitch"
Prior didn't spend enough time in the minors
Z didn't spend enough time in spring training this year
You need to keep pitch counts low and not try and strike out everybody

He also kept in great shape (cocaine diet)...

It was a fun interview and he makes a lot of interesting points.

Korey being Korey....

If anyone in the greater Los Angeles area is interested in going to the game tonight or tomorrow, my buddy is selling his (2 for tonight and 4 for tomorrow) for face value (I think). He can even email the tickets to you.

Funny thing, they are in the exact same section as the TCRs Rob G. Just email me if you are interested.

oh yeah, anyone happens to be going to tonight's game, I'll be in section 157LG, Row V, Loge Box 3rd base side (basically the outfield). Stop by and say hi to (CA) Phil and myself (I'll be wearing a Prior jersey and Cub hat)

Are CA Phil and AZ Phil related?

That Mitterwald game was the first one I remember attending, the day before my 7th birthday. (I might have been to games before then, but this is the first one I remember vividly.)

Are CA Phil and AZ Phil related?

they are not a-phil-iated at all.

I'll be in section 157LG, Row V, Loge Box

Rob must be using the Peter Gammons seats tonight.

From his seats HOF'er PG was ordering hot dogs for Jon Miller last night against the Giants.

Hold the pickles, hold the relish, special orders don't upset us...

Actually Gammons, Redsox fan that he is, started an interesting rumor during the broadcast last night predicting Cesar Izturis will sign next year with the Redsox. Izzy's still p'd off that the Dodgers essentially dumped him for Furcal. Izturis apparently has refused to play the OF when they asked if he would consider it upon his return...he didn't want to make the different OF throw on his surgically repaired elbow (IF throws he'll make). Apparently he's coming back sooner than the Dodger brass expected, maybe in a month or so. I guess the most similar comp is Tony Womack, when he left the Cubs and was able to start the next season with the Cardinals, although Womack never had a great throwing arm like Izturis and did go to 2B.

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