The Week Ahead: Week Three

I have to admit, I'm feeling the pull of unrealistic hopes and dreams that Trans talked about last night. Maybe that's why I'm on my way toward three posts in one day. Of course, it could also be because The Lovely Wife and (Not So) Tiny Baby are out of town. Whatever the reason, my increased output is your theoretical gain -- before I post the lineups for tonight's game, here's a look at the next seven days. First up, a trip to Chavez Ravine, home of the mellifluous Vin Scully. One of the nice things about the Extra Innings package is getting to hear Vin call some game throughout the summer -- I'm hoping tonight is one of those nights. Maybe I'll watch the game on the tiny TV in the bedroom so I can drift off to Vin's dulcet tones. I'll keep my eye out for Rob G. in the stands -- I imagine he'll be the guy who's still there in the 8th inning. Know Your Enemy: Dodger Thoughts, 6-4-2 Monday: Greg Maddux vs. Brett Tomko Tuesday: Carlos Zambrano vs. Derek Lowe Wednesday: Sean Marshall vs. Brad Penny The Dodgers will be without Jeff Kent tonight and possibly longer. They're already without Nomar Garciaparra (shocking, I know) and Eric Gagne, but still have plenty of weapons, like Cub Nation's winter mancrush Rafael Furcal, the currently-uninjured D.J. "J.D." Drew, and Bill Mueller, who just keeps hitting. By the way, Tueday's matchup ought to be interesting, as two of the biggest grounball pitchers in the game (Derek Lowe was 33 in the majors last year, Zambrano #14) face off. Could be a nice tight game, as long as Z keeps his emotions in check and Lowe lays off the sauce. After L.A., it's on to St. Louis, and our first look at new Busch stadium. Know Your Enemy: Get Up Baby, Cardnilly Friday: Glendon Rusch vs. Sidney Ponson Saturday: Greg Maddux vs. Mark Mulder Sunday: Carlos Zambrano vs. Jason Marquis has Jerome Williams scheduled for Friday, but I'd say it's more likely Williams will be skipped so that the rest of the starters can stay on normal. By Friday Albert Pujols' consecutive at-bats-with-a-homer streak could be up to about 15, and Izzy's blown save streak should be just about as high. Jim Edmonds is sitting out the current Pirates series after getting cortisone injections, but he'll be kind enough to return in time for the Cubs series.


7-2 going home might be nice. We got some tough matchups but we just have to keep hitting.

I haven't read the other threads yet but if it hasn't been mentioned yet has an article on Dusty about the '81 WS. It's a very interesting read about our fearless skipper. He's being honored by the Dodgers pre-game tonight.

And yes, I will be using my GameDay Audio to listen to Vin Scully instead of Ron Santo. Go imagine. Vin almost always only goes three innings anymore but it's worth it. He's STILL the best!

PS: Lineup construction by Ozzie Guillen...

Podsednik .119
Iguchi .326
Thome .342
Konerko .375
Dye .323
Pierzynski .300
Crede .342
Uribe .160
Anderson .129

Any question where the heart of the order is? LOL

I don't think there's a game on Thursday, and shows Williams v Ponson on Friday.

Yeah, If Marshall is pitching against the Dodgers on Wednesday and against the Cards on Thursday, we are in serious trouble.

And more importantly, we'd have to suffer through another debate on Dusty's overuse of young pitchers.

To clear things up, Thurs. is an off day on the schedule. Rusch/Williams pitches Friday vs. Cards, Maddux on Saturday, & Z on Sunday.

Through seven innings Marquis has allowed an infield single to Chris Duffy, a walk to Jason Bay and nothing else. Cards 2-0 with two to go.

i remember, about 15 years ago, driving across the utah desert, listening to the dulcet tones of vin scully calling a cubs dodgers game. it remains one of the best moments of my life. it was perfect.

There are few words I enjoy as much as "Mellifluous," and few voices I enjoy as much as Vin's.

See, this is the problem with high output - it usually correlates to low quality.

I've fixed the probables for the week.

Izzy in the process of blowing another save.

Izzy in the process of blowing another save.

Alas, he didn't blow it, you did.

J. Pierre cf
T. Walker 2b
D. Lee 1b
A. Ramirez 3b
M. Barrett c
J. Jones rf
M. Murton lf
R. Cedeno ss


R. Furcal ss
K. Lofton cf
J. Cruz Jr. lf
J.D. Drew rf
O. Saenz 1b
B. Mueller 3b
O. Robles 2b
D. Navarro c




i'll take this matchup every day.

damn you even have punctuation and positions on yours...

i'm a 4th degree copy and paster with 10 international competition wins.

From the radio pregame show --

Prior threw 50+ total pitches today in three separate sessions and looked good according to Rothschild. He's going to face hitters on Friday.

Wood is going to throw BP on Thursday and Larry sounded optimistic about his progress.

More pregame fun -- Dusty mentioned how some of Pierre's early problems are due to his "working the count too much." Dusty said he's better when he just hits the ball.


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