Mad Dog 5-0

CUBS 6 BREWERS 2 W: Greg Maddux (5-0) L: Dave Bush (2-2)">Recap | Box Score | Play-by-play Greg Maddux goes to a MLB-leading 5-0 and wins the 323rd game of his career, leaving him just one win behind Nolan Ryan and Don Sutton for 13th on the all-time win list, as the Cubs (13-8) beat the Brewers (12-11) 6-2 at Wrigley Field Friday afternoon. With Wood, Prior, and Miller out until... whenever, having Greg Maddux get off to what is probably the best start of his career really hits the spot. And I'll have another one, thank you. I guess it wasn't the best Greg Maddux performance you'll ever see, as he struggled with his command at times. But still, Maddux at less than his best is better than Glendon Rusch (who was skipped to allow Maddux to get the start), so it was plenty good enough for me and I'm happy. It was nice to see Jacque Jones do what he does best, and that is crush RHP. An RBI double and a solo HR (his 4th of the season) to left-center plus a single thrown in for good measure equals a 3-4 day for Jonesy. He also got his batting average up to a more respectable .231. Ronny Cedeno had three more hits, including a two-run home run and a bunt single, and Matt Murton contributed an RBI double. Juan Pierre had two hits and scored two runs, and Todd Walker was on base three times. And even Henry Blanco got a hit. Almost lost in the glow of Maddux's 5th victory of the season and career win number 323 were the three no-hit shutout innings (1 HBP, 1 BB, and 6 K) by the Cub bullpen (Howry to Eyre to Williamson), with Eyre striking out the side in the 8th and Williamson striking out the side in the 9th. The Cubs bullpen is pretty good. MLB ALL-TIME WINS: 1. Cy Young - 511 2. Walter Johnson - 417 3T. Grover Cleveland Alexander - 373 3T. Christy Mathewson - 373 5. Warren Spahn - 363 6. Pud Galvin - 361 7. Kid Nichols - 360 8T. Tim Keefe - 341 8T. Roger Clemens - 341 10. Steve Carlton - 329 11. John Clarkson - 327 12. Eddie Plank - 326 13T. Nolan Ryan - 324 13T. Don Sutton - 324 15. Greg Maddux - 323


Uh, I think it is only career win #323.

Jimbo: Right. I'll fix that. Thanks.

It's 323, he came into the year with 318.

Man, the weather looks terrible for the weekend. I live in Lincoln, NE and it's been raining all frieking day and is supposed to continue through the entire weekend. I'm no expert, but it looks to me like this is heading towards Chicago. I guess an off-day is a good thing if it would somehow not be rescheduled until much later in the year.

Rusch was not skipped, he flipped with Maddux and will
start tomorrow. I doubt this will actually result in an extra
Maddux start anytime soon. I plot these are a far out as
I can and the only way this will result in his getting
an extras tart for now is if they skip someone again
and have Maddux pitch against the Nationals and NOT the White Sox which I doubt. However it does "break up" our big two of Maddux and Z. Having your only reliable guys going back to back can cause problems
Anyway Rusch tomorrow like it or not

We've struggled the last two years against both Davis and Capuano, I will be EXTREMELY satisfied with a weekend split. If the Cubs can keep taking 2/3 in these series with five (5!) players on the DL and a sixth (Barrett) banged up, they can stay close enough to StL and Houston until the ASB.

Prediction: Tony Clark is in a Cub uniform by the end of the weekend, Jerome Williams and a low-A prospect should do the trick. It is time for Dusty to Just Say No to Neifi, and Clark would allow Walker to move back over to 2B full-time. At least Cedeno keeps playing great, so there's no chance Dusty sits him for Neifury.

Nice victory for Maddux today. He didn't have his best stuff but still was able to get the victory and only give up two runs. 5-0 in five starts? 5-0 in April? If you had predicted that a month ago I would have said you needed to be piss-tested for hallucinogens.

A part of me is glad we don't have Wood, Prior, and Z winning games in April. Having so many key injuries allows us to fly below the radar for a while. If we can remain within an arm's reach of contention through the all-star break, the second half may come chock full of blazaminated pitching, a healthy DLee, and maybe we go on a serious run without all of the our-fans-are-all-drunk-and-miserable
because-we-fell-apart-at-the-end pressure.

Ah well, "ifs" are like steam; they seems so real only to disappear into thin air. Plus they open the pores and are a good way to cook vegetables without losing all the vitamins.

#6 of 6: By Eric the Great (April 28, 2006 06:06 PM)
Prediction: Tony Clark is in a Cub uniform by the end of the weekend, Jerome Williams and a low-A prospect should do the trick. It is time for Dusty to Just Say No to Neifi, and Clark would allow Walker to move back over to 2B full-time. At least Cedeno keeps playing great, so there's no chance Dusty sits him for Neifury.

ERIC THE GREAT: Tony Clark would be a tremendous addition for the Cubs, especially if such a trade would mean Todd Walker plays 2B. I really don't think the D'backs would trade Clark for Jerome Williams and a low-level prospect, though. They're going to want something like Rich Hill and Will Ohman. And I would make that deal, BTW.

When D-Lee returns, and presuming he is 100%, Clark would provide thunder off the bench. He is an excellent PH. He has a lot more power hitting left-handed, but he's a good right-handed hitter, too.

Pierre, CF
Cedeno, SS
Walker, 2B
Ramirez, 3B
Clark, 1B
Barrett, C
Murton, LF
Jones, RF

would be a pretty good lineup.

And Tony Clark is the ONLY first-baseman (among those likely to be available in a trade) I would consider acquiring in a trade right now. I would consider Craig Wilson, too, except he is no longer available. It's got to be somebody who can hit off the bench after Lee returns. Otherwise, I'd just go with things as they now stand until Lee returns.

Off-topic but for those who think Hendry is a bad GM be glad your not a Texans Fan:

As for the game it was nice to see the team be able to consistintely get hits today. I dont know what all the fuss about Neifi starting today is. It was only his second start since Lee has been out. I dont want Clark he cant play another position expect 1b and since Dusty likes a 5 man bench that is a wasted spot to have a guy who can only play the position your best player does. If Hendry wants a short term 1b he should be looking at Hillenbrand.

This is wierd but 4 OUT OF THE BEST 6 TEAMS IN ALL OF BASEBALL ARE IN OUR DIVISION. WOnder how long that will last and who will be the drop offs? I say Cincy, Houston, and CHi all drop off with us coming storming back when we get healthy.

Tony Clark only being able to play 1B might force dusty to stop doing stupid double-switches and just have him PH instead.

I'm glad Dusty got Williamson back out on the mound quickly after that last outing. No one wants a bad outing to fester for days and days.

NCFAN: I say Cincy, Houston, and CHi all drop off with us coming storming back when we get healthy.

I agree with you 100% on Cincy. The homerun team is nice, but pitching is what carries a team.

Steve Howe dies. What a waste of talent.

I have to admit, I am not sure what you all are on about. There's only one reasonable response to 5 and 0 and a league leading ERA.


Soak it in.

That didn't look quite right. Can someone run Maddux's ERA with Barrett as a catcher and Blanco as a catcher this year? I think it's time that Hank White be re-nicknamed Henry 'Boom Boom' Blanco, as everytime he tries to call a game, 'Boom Boom' go the opposition's bats.

Miguel Baretta for MVP!

If we can remain within an arm's reach of contention

and the punster emeritus mr. whipple strikes again. would that "arm" belong to prior, or wood, or miller, or d lee?

and who'd a thunk ohman, aardsma, and marshall would each have more victories in april than zambrano? yep, me neither.

here's hoping the cubs get at least one of the weekend games played; weatherman is kind of hedging his bets about rain/no rain. maybe it will rain on my lawn, and leave wrigley alone...

Amazing that with just 7 wins he could go from 15th to 10th all time.

Great point DC, we are 13 - 8 and Zambrano still hasn't won a game.

No kidding--how can the Cubs be 5 games over .500 and have Kerry Wood, Mark Prior and Carlos Zambrano 0-for-April? Bodes well for the 2nd half, if the team can just hang in there until everyone returns. At this point, sure looks like Wood will be the first one back. Mid-May, that would be cool. He'd still get 25 starts for the year.

So how many more wins will Maddux rack up in his career? Looking at that list, it seems almost certain he'll pass Lefty and crack the top ten. Passing Clemens is a possibility if he goes another year.

Lots of real estate between 7th and 8th place, though; it would require a 15+ win year this year plus nearly two more on top of that -- unlikely enough that I'll say it ain't gonna happen. But it would be sweet. :-)

Funny article in the Tribune today about Dusty giving Michael Barrett a hard time about being too forthcoming with the media about his finger injury.

"I showed him a couple of books I have about strategy and war and different things. He said, 'Oh, I have that book.' And I said, 'Well, maybe you need to read it.'"

Obviously, these books don't cover the double switch...

It's nutty -- Prior, Wood and CZ haven't won a game yet, and Lee has been out for over a week. Yet somehow we have the 6th best record in baseball with one of the toughest schedules to date.

Oh yeah, and we are on pace to win 100 games.

Funny how the addition of a solid bullpen can completely change a team. The most underrated aspect of it is taking the pressure off the rookie starters -- they know they don't have to go 7 or 8 innings to help the team. They can just pitch and see what happens.

Jeff Weaver vs. Glendon Rusch watch: (Just for fun)

Weaver: 27.2 IP, 5 GS, 5 HR, 7 BB, 20 K, 1.59 WHIP, .314 BAA, 7.48 ERA

Rusch: 19.2 IP, 4 GS, 7 HR, 8 BB, 14 K, 1.32 WHIP, .250 BAA, 6.41 ERA

oh by the way, the Cubs have the best team defensive efficiency in baseball right now, ahead of the Tigers (shocker), Cardinals, Mets and Brewers.

according to the same people who reported the imminent Todd Walker to O's trade:

they claim the Cubs approached the O's about Conine and were shot down by the O's

Korey has had 2 nice games in a row..why did we trade him? WHY???? He does have 6 SB and 0 CS; where the hell was that last year? And don't say anything about being on-base cause his OBP so far is .293.

another note on Korey, he has droppped his pitches seen per plate appearance to an amazing low 2.64 from his career number of 3.39 (3.37 last year)

Obviously, these books don't cover the double switch...

(ironically, there is a forward in this book by Johnny B. Baker)

Oh yeah, Mad Dog will crack the top ten all right. He will do that this year, easily, and at the rate he is going, he will have a chance to crack the top ten by the all star break. As far as Clemens goes, Greg will, without a doubt, pass Clemens if Clemens retires now. Hands down Greg passes Clemens in that situation. If Greg wins 20 this year, he would pass Clemens by early next year and there is no doubt in my mind that Greg is coming back next year, at least somewhere. He did not get himself in shape to bow out right away. He easily could pitch another two years after this one. But my guess is that Clemens is not gonna stay retired. And it would not surprise me at all if Greg's fast start has caught Rocket's eye. I doubt that Rocket wants to see Greg pass him by. So look for Rocket to come back by sometime in June. But, you know, even if Rocket pitches this year, stating in June, and then retires, Greg will still pass him eventually if Greg pitches two more years.

Anyway, Greg is clearly the ace of the Cubs' staff. In the last two years, even before this season, he had more wins that Prior and Wood COMBINED. Those guys are fine and all and we hear lots of talk but Greg is the guy who walks the walk. Same thing goes for Zambrano.

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  • Who is this Arrieta guy? Can I get the old one back please?

    The E-Man 6 min 26 sec ago view
  • Well, this is, once again, the whole season for the Sox.

    billybucks 10 min 33 sec ago view
  • ...and the Bryant RBI jinx continues in the 3rd....crap.

    billybucks 1 hour 42 min ago view
  • bryant's in the dugout filling a police report BECAUSE HE JUST GOT ROBBED.

    f'n cabrerra...

    crunch 2 hours 20 min ago view
  • chapman showing up and available tomorrow night.

    i'm sure he'll be a bit hit. hope he doesn't choke. dude has a rifle for an arm. he'll add a bit of punch to the bullpen.

    crunch 2 hours 21 min ago view
  • the 'crosstown classic' sure has lost it's magic with interleague. the excitement level is barely noticable...maybe it's a bit more hype in the city, itself.

    crunch 2 hours 25 min ago view
  • Well he didn't leave a mark so its not that bad.

    Fuck that.


    He choked her.

    Her brother tackled him to separate him.

    He cooled off by shooting his gun in the garage.

    I don't have to like him on the team I follow.

    And you are others are free to not give a shit about his personal misgivings if you so choose as well.



    Rob G. 2 hours 44 min ago view
  • Sure, no marks and some inconsistencies in the witness's statements. But firing your gun into garage wall immediately after an argument and punching out your car window is still threatening and out of control behavior. There was certainly enough for MLB to think it warranted a 30-game suspension.

    Charlie 3 hours 55 min ago view
  • I'd prefer they be flexible with the closing situation depending on matchups. You're not really adding a lefty reliever if you use him strictly as a closer.

    Charlie 3 hours 56 min ago view
  • Stockpiling young talent isn't only for trading for someone like Chapman though. Even with an elite closer winning the World Series is basically a crap shoot so the key is to get to the playoffs as much as possible and not just mortgage everything on one year. Once you get there an elite bullpen certainly helps but the playoffs can be won by one hitter or starting pitcher getting hot (Murphy, Molina, Baumgardner) and a closer might not be able to stop that.

    johann 4 hours 20 min ago view
  • I'm also not crazy about press convictions. As the police report noted, there were no marks on the lady in question. There's a TMZ link (of course) to her police pictures, as well.

    I think the only way this trade goes real bad is if Cubbery intervenes and Chapman is suddenly bad for some reason.

    Old and Blue 4 hours 23 min ago view
  • I am right there with you closing in on 60.

    I don't care that much about "mortgaging" one player who is not only blocked by two guys, but is not ready to hit the majors for at least a couple years.

    There is no reason why this team, this year, can't have a real shot at something NONE of us have experienced.

    Further, I don't feel that even if they fall short that they have ruined their farm system.

    I have made my opinion clear here, with others, Warren was shit on the Cubs save one spot start.

    The E-Man 5 hours 53 min ago view
  • Trading for Warren, Warren sucking, getting Warren back for Chapman plus 3 prospects, sounds like Revenge of The Yankees on the former Boston executive. Old rivalries never die.

    I pray to the heavens above Chapman doesn't suck for some reason, or he'll be booed out of town faster than a Todd Hundley revival meeting.

    Old and Blue 6 hours 1 min ago view
  • I'm kind of nostalgic for the Schwarber-for-Miller rumors.

    Brick 6 hours 12 min ago view
  • This offseason, after some ridiculous playoff run and Chapman saving every game from here until the end of the postseason striking out 27/9innings, I welcome anyone to quote this thread and call me a dummy: I hate this trade, and my hate is 2 parts Chapman makes this team less likeable and 1 part that's a ridiculous overpay for 30 regular season innings and, at tops, 10 postseason innings. Already hoping they don't extend him.

    Charlie 6 hours 14 min ago view
  • btw...Thanks AZ Phil. I'm really enjoying your take on this trade.

    Cubster 6 hours 36 min ago view