Barrett Gets 10 Games

The long arm of MLB law reached out Friday and handed Michael Barrett a ten game suspension and an undisclosed fine. The only other player suspended for the fracas was White Sox outfielder Brian Anderson. Barrett rightfully appealed the suspension and will play in today's game versus the Braves. Hopefully MLB won't get around to hearing the appeal until Lee is back and hopefully MLB will reduce the suspension to a more appropriate 7 to 8 games. And if you want to be really annoyed by Andy McPhail, feel free and read this interview with the Trib. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the 3 day weekend, just avoid that link. [UPDATE:] Tony Womack called up, Ryan Theriot sent down. I don't even have a joke here, actually I do, it's the previous sentence.


I am really surprised Mabry did not a suspension or even a fine. Maybe they looked at his .186 batting average and figured he was suffering enough.

Should do a double post: Barrett gets 10 games/Womack the savior is here!

Saves writing another post. We can all vent in the same thread with Barrett, lol.

So can we assume Womack will be hitting second or leadoff today?

MLB should start hearing the appeals of suspensions the day the suspension is announced. I'm tired of these morons appealing and it not being heard for 3 months.

Perhaps there should also be a penalty for losing an appeal - an extra game suspension. That would be a deterrent from wasting everyone's time.

Rob - what's inappropriate about 10 games vs. 8? And "rightfully appealed"? The link I read, at excite, says that Barrett doesn't even know what the basis for his appeal is, he's just going to appeal for the hell of appealing, because everyone knows that MLB will then mitigate it to 8, anyways. Announceing a 10 game suspension is the functional equivalent of actually giving an 8-gamer. So just give the 8-gamer already, and MLB thereby spares the world these mindless appeals....

Regarding Womack: Given that Hairston, Neifi, Bynum, and Theriot are Known "Not Answers" for second-base, what's the harm in trying another one? Seriously, here. Theroit has no part of our future plans, and he's as likely to help the Cubs lose, now, as any of the rest are. Maybe from an organizational perspective, it would be nice to see the Cubs promote/reward from within, but that's about all I see.

Since Womack was not on the 25 man roster, who gets the pink slip? Is this how in McFails words, we are going to do an Astro's kind of turn around. I am so sick of hearing that reference. For every Astro's type turnaround there are 50 examples of teams that continued to flounder, like this one will.

I hear Manny Alexander is still around. That would be a great DP combo.

10 games seems excessive when compared to Tavarez's suspension in spring training. "rightfully appealed" because if he can delay the suspension until Lee comes back, then might as well make the system work for the team. I wasn't trying to open up a discussion on the B.S. that is the suspension/appeal process. It is what it is at the moment and might as well work it to our advantages.

It's Tony Womack, enough said. I dont' care much for Theriot (although I'd like to see him get a chance to flash some of his defensive skills), but I'm beyond tired, sick, annoyed that the Tony Womack's (enrique wilson, neifi perez, etc, etc, etc) of the world keep finding work with the Cubs every year. It's a joke and not a very funny one.

Trans, I'd rather have Theriot get a shot, a guy who is young and unknown, than Tony effing Womack, who is 36, and is known to not get on base.

This is not a team needing 1 guy at a fill-in spot for a week, we need to evaluate for the future.

Er, Sweet Suzy. You and Big Jim certainly think alike.

Also too, Wood will not start on Sun. has 42 players on the 40-man and one of them is someone named Miguel Negron. Who the hell is he?

actually 41, cause Miller is on the 60 day DL. I thought the Cubs were at 39 so moving Womack up shouldn't cost anyone a spot. This Negron fella though is interesting....

Rob - fair enough on the point about Lee's return, but by my estimation of the lenght of time he's still supposed to be out vs. the length of time for an appeal, I think it'll be a moot point - hopefully, I'm wrong.

"Tony Womack" however, is not enough said. It's not Womack, or even the trend of Womack, Wilson, Perez, Harris, Ordonez (etc. etc.,) that I'm sick of, it's having a roster populated by so many marginal to bad players who have no prospect of helping our team in any noticable way. Maybe you guys know something about Theriot that I don't, but from my view, he's as likely to Womack in the most Womackian of ways, as Womack himself is....

well I'm going to assume Negron on the 40-man is a mistake, looks like he was with the Blue Jays organization and has played 3 games for the Jaxx starting on May 21st....


Please kill me.

The only thing wrong with a Theriot is you already have one in CF, one in LF, and one at SS. The Cubs, unbelievably, are looking for RBI's out of second base. He never had a chance.

The idea that the same person who posts as Big Jim is the same person as Sweet Suzy is really really creepy.

Perez at #2? Is Dusty trying to get himself fired?

often they wait until the team makes a trip to New York (or nearby), but the Cubs aren't going that way for awhile. I belive the next preferred option is to hear the appeal on an off-day which is June 1st or June 12th for the Cubs. So it's doubtful it will make a difference, but it can't hurt as far as I can tell.

Negron is on the 40 man roster. And he with his skills he should fit in nicely with our organization.

AT HIS BEST, Miguel Negron homered three times in a row and set Fisher Cats records in a performance against the Binghamton Mets last season.

At his worst, he was picked off first base on consecutive nights this season.

The 23-year-old from Puerto Rico tantalized the Blue Jays with his major-league tools and lack of development. So when Toronto needed to create space on its 40-man roster, the center fielder became expendable.

He has tools but his tools suck. He has shown no improvement or discipline and goes to the Jacque Jones and Moises Alou school of base running.

But hey he is a leadoff hitter.........and he sucks at that.......

Negron, a leadoff hitter who stole a team-high 23 bases last season, never showed much patience at the plate. His on-base percentage was only .266 with New Hampshire. He walked five times compared to 25 strikeouts.

That lineup has to be a misprint. Would the Dusty Defenders please come out from underneath their bagged heads and defend Pierre and Perez at the top of the order....


At this point in the season, every game that a Known Scrub starts in LF over Murton, who may or may not become something more than a Known Scrub, is a game that justifies firing Dusty.

#15 of 19: By Rob G. (May 26, 2006 12:47 PM)
well I'm going to assume Negron on the 40-man is a mistake, looks like he was with the Blue Jays organization and has played 3 games for the Jaxx starting on May 21st....


ROB G: The Cubs claimed Miguel Negron off waivers last week, and he was optioned to AA West Tenn. Negron was a one-time Blue Jays #1 pick in the Rule 4 Draft (2000), back when Cubs Scouting Director Tim Wilken was Scouting Director with the Blue Jays. So that's the connection.

Negron was rated the Blue Jays best defensive outfielder, with the strongest arm, and the fastest runnner, by Baseball America. He would be best-compared to Angel Pagan, but Pagan is a better hitter.

As far as making room on the 40-man roster for Womack, as I posted on a previous thread, the Cubs can just transfer Mark Prior to the 60-day DL. Time Prior has spent on the 15-day DL (exactly 60 days so far, BTW) is considered part of the 60 days, so the Cubs could transfer Prior to the 60-day DL today and reactivate him tomorrow if that was something they wanted to do.

Womack sucked when he was with the Cubs in 2003, then had an astounding, completely out of character 2004 for the Cardinals (who get all of the Cubs good luck quotient) and the Cardinals were wise enough to know the odds on that repeating were slim and none and let him go steal a lot of money from the Yankees. This monomania for speedy contact hitters with no power or patience is evidence that neither Dusty or Jim Hendry or Andy McPhail have any ability to judge what makes a good major league player.

Someone help me here - but wasn't Mabry mauled by WHite Sux outfielder Scott Podsednik? No suspension for Pods?

Hey Dusty!!
Here's an idea, why not bat Murton second, and put Bynum at SECOND BASE?????!!!!!

Dusty Baker is dumber than a sack of hammers!!!

Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second Neifi Perez is batting second


Seems Kerry Wood will be moved to Monday.

433- That is'd be funnier if it wasn't true....

These guys are so flamingly incompetent that they've completely eliminated all the casual fan interest they gained after 2003. I hope everyone who defended these guys each step of the way down is satisfied. It's hard to believe that people who get paid to live baseball, breathe baseball, and win baseball games can be so stubborn regarding what does and does not contribute to that end.

I almost hope Womack tears it up for the remainder of the year and guarantees himself a spot on the 2007 club. (Possibly the 2009 club as well, seeing how Neifi's still cashing in off the best 65 PAs of his career.)

Womack... Neifi... that ought to... oh hell. How can you not laugh? It's high-larious. Since I have Tim Hudson starting for my $ fantasy team today and the Cubs are almost best off losing out at this point ... go Braves?

Someone help me here - but wasn't Mabry mauled by WHite Sux outfielder Scott Podsednik? No suspension for Pods?

I thought it was Anderson and Mabry seemed to be an innocent bystander who got dragged into it by Anderson (or Podsednik).

Perez is batting 2nd!!!!! NEIFI FREAKIN .195 BA PEREZ IS BATTING 2ND!!!!!

Really, I don't think it's much more than throwing darts at this point and seeing what players they hit...and those start. Nothing is working...we lose if Neifi plays, we lose if he doesn't...we lose if Murton is playing, we lose if he isn't.

I agree that considering nothing is working...we should play those who have the best chance at being useful to the Cubs in the future...but in the scheme of things...This lineup gives me no more reason to dislike Dusty more then I did's impossible to put together a good line up with this bunch of underachievers.

Brendly says Jones made the right decision by catching a ball on the warning track, instead of letting it bounce off the wall.

Have things really gotten so bad, that we need to praise people for catching routine flyballs?

don't answer that.

Don't worry Dusty on WGN radio said Womack will be starting at 2nd base a majority of the time and bat #2. Only reason he isnt playing today is because Hudson is tough on righties.

So Womack is our new starting 2nd baseman and #2 hitter.

Theriot didnt even get one chance to start and is cast aside. That is the stupidity of our organization. That is why they are losing in a nutshell. Dumbass decisions like this.

theriot isnt worth the number on the back of his uniform...hell, bynum has more upside and that's a joke in itself.

theriot can play SS/2nd/CF-LF and run...take the occasional walk. his main stregnth, besides resting another fielder, is his above average speed. he's barely auggie ojeda with just a touch of speed. he has absolutely no strength to his stroke and he doesnt even make solid contact. nothing about playing him regularly in a MLB uniform will change that and at this point in his career a minor league uniform probally won't help it either.

any decision involving theriot isnt really worth worrying about at all unless he's your everyday starter.

Did Dusty really say Womack is going to play everyday and bat 2nd?

Kill me now....

womack bats lefty btw

Womack?? Come on, what's this going to solve? I still do not understand why the organization won't give Mike Fontenot a shot? He's hitting .315 at Iowa and he has a lot more pop than Theriot. (.382 OBP and .445 SLG)

The only real enjoyment I've gotten out of this season has been watching Murton, Cedeno and Marshal play. This seaon is going nowhere and the organization might as well try some more youth. Fontenot at second!!

Wanna see something funny?
SI polled baseball players to see who they would want to see beaned most. AJ Pierzinski won the vote by 4% over Barry Bonds (AJ got 18% of the total vote, including 42% of the AL Central).

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  • we can only hope...

    The things you have to do to pay for James Shields contract.

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  • I wonder if they'll have to make use of the Guaranteed Rate logo, which is a giant red arrow pointing downward.

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  • unsurprisingly, the White Sox continue a tradition of stupid stuff....

    @DannyEcker BREAKING: Guaranteed Rate has purchased naming rights to U.S. Cellular Field. Will be known as Guaranteed Rate Field thru 2030.

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  • that was a very kind 3rd strike to hendricks to end the 3rd.

    man on 3rd, 0 outs and got 2 pop-ups and a K...Maddux-lite indeed

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  • how did Fowler not score from 2nd on a double?

    by making bad decisions...

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