Now Everybody Gets To See What We’ve Been Seeing

...and by "everyone" I mean whatever percentage of the country is getting this game on Fox instead of Mets-Marlins or Dodgers-Nats. It seems like the Cubs are finding new, creative ways to lose just about every day. How will it go down this afternoon? Here are a few possibilities: * Sean Marshall duels with Horacio Ramirez for 9 hitless innings. In the top of the tenth, the Braves score on a walk, a stolen base, a balk, and a sacrifice bunt. Ramirez strikes out pinch-hitters Freddy Bynum, Neifi Perez, and Tony Womack in the bottom of the 10th. Braves win 1-0. * With the wind screaming out to left field at 30 mph, neither starting pitcher makes it out of the first inning, though Horacio Ramirez does hit a home run in the Braves' seven-run first. After one inning, the score is 7-6, but the Braves add ten more runs by the fourth inning. The Cubs battle back to tie the game 22-22 in the 8th behind three home runs by Aramis Ramirez. In the 10th inning, pinch-hitter Tim Hudson hits the 12th home run of the day. Braves win 23-22. * Sean Marshall walks five Braves in four innings, all of whom eventually score. In the 9th inning, down three with none out, two on and the tying run at the plate, pinch-hitter Neifi Perez bunts into a triple play to end the game. Braves win, 5-2. * Tony Womack comes in as a defensive replacement in the ninth inning of a tie game. Chipper Jones hits a ground ball to him, but as Womack goes to throw the ball to first, a meteorite lands on him, knocking him unconscious. As Ronny Cedeno descends into the crater to look for the ball, Jones circles the bases. Braves win, 3-2. * Nothing really spectacular happens -- the Cubs get a bunch of guys on base but can't bring them in, draw no walks, and bunt a lot. The Braves take a number of walks, capitalize on scoring opportunities, and score a few runs. Braves win 4-1. GAME FORTY-EIGHT IN-GAME DISCUSSION THREAD [PARACHAT] ATLANTA BRAVES (25-23, 2nd, 3.5 GB) AT CHICAGO CUBS (18-29, 5th, 12.5 GB) Wrigley Field, 12:20 PM CDT Weather: 73 degrees, partly cloudy, Wind from right to left @ 10 mph TV: Fox Radio: WGN, XM 189
Sean Marshall, LHP 3-2, 5.29 ERA, 47.2 IP 36 K, 24 BB, 4 HR 214/320/324 against Horacio Ramirez, LHP 0-0, 15.00 ERA, 3 IP 3 K, 1 BB, 0 HR 571/556/643 against

Marcus Giles, 2B Edgar Renteria, SS #Chipper Jones, 3B Andruw Jones, CF Jeff Francoeur, RF Matt Diaz, LF Brian Jordan, 1B #Brayan Pena, C *Horacio Ramirez, P*Juan Pierre, CF Jerry Hairston, 2B *Todd Walker, 1B Michael Barrett, C Aramis Ramirez, 3B Matt Murton, LF *Jacque Jones, RF Ronny Cedeno, SS *Sean Marshall, P
Cubs vs. Ramirez: Juan Pierre: 7-22, 318/348/318, 3 K Michael Barrett: 2-15, 133/188/133, 1 BB, 4 K


We can't win without Neif-ee in the lineup.

Why can't the meteorite land of Neifi?

The meterorite can't land on Neifi because he was used in the 6th inning as a pinch-hitter. With a runner on first and one out, he came up in Marshall's place and bunted out to the pitcher.


Remember how fun those days were. If we only knew...

What, no Bynum? He HR'd yesterday. Where's the crying? Where's the wailing?

Neif-ee! Neif-ee! Clap! clap! clap!

Train wreck! Train wreck! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Catching those cutoff throws is really tough!

The game announcers just said what I've been thinking - that when Derrek Lee went down and the club didn't really even try to bring in someone, it sent a message to the team. I've wondered, afetr the lackluster free agent pursuits of last winter, and the lack of activity so far this year, if the intent isn't to simply allow this version of the Cubs to fade away, along with their salaries, and start a near-total rebuild in 2007.

I guess you didn't see the McFail interview. Everything is fine, and a world series is near.

Harry, please consider the possiblity that Hendry is a hack who doesn't know jack about being a General Manager.

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but Hendry says Baker's job is safe on This is such an outrage, it's laughable.

They have the worst AVG in the NL, the worst SUG, the worst OBP, the least walks, the least total bases, Milwaukee has twice has many homers as us as a team (we're last in that, as well), the worst team ERA, the most BB given up, the least.... need I go on? And after all this, our front office's response is to just 'stay the course.' Frankly, we've stayed the course for two months now, and if we're not careful, 'the course' will lead us below the Pirates in the standings.

Everyone see those Brewers fight through adversity and win that tight one last night? Now there is a team to root for!

How many games do you think I should give my Royals fan friend in our "who wins more games" bet? I was thinking of giving him six?

What other management team could lead us from being 5 outs away from a series appearance in 2003, with great young pitching, a productive farm system, and a lot to build around, this this train wreck in only three years? Extend them all!

i vote for the meteroite scenario

See? Hendry just said everything was wonderful! Makes me feel much better about this team.

if the meteorite is big enough, MLB might let the marlins move to Chicago

or better yet, schaumburg

Ah, the great Tony;, bottom of the 8th.

Look SKYWARD fellow Cubfans.

Hendry just signed him up to a three year extension at only $13.5 million!

Ahh, at least here in Des Moines we have guys in a Cubs uniform who still win once in awhile.(2nd place)...they even hit!

"Nothing really spectacular happens ó the Cubs get a bunch of guys on base but canít bring them in, draw no walks, and bunt a lot."

Check, check, and check. Points for Ruz, and bonus points for Grounder Rule #1, the no-out man-on-second sac with the second batter of the game.

In the Bright Side department, I was deeply skeptical of Howry and Eyre, but they've acquitted themselves very nicely so far, especially Howry. Of course, it's never good when the bright side is easily condensed into one sentence.

I was in the LF bleachers geting a nice tan today, and a baseball game broke out!!!

Marshall pitched 6 good innings
Walker had 3 hits
Murton had 3 hits

Cubs can't score, and lose 2-1.

Typical...Why is Jerry Hairshirt hitting 2nd??
Please...PLEASE put Murton there for 10-20 games..he's patient, he'll take pitches, and he gets on base.
Sounds perfect. No wonder it won't be done...

We rock! Wins are so over rated! It's the quality of the loss that makes a great team.

*Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but Hendry says Baker's job is safe on This is such an outrage, it's laughable.*

Actually, it's probably a good sign. Upper management usually always makes some statement like this right before the manager gets shit-canned.

I was at the game and witnessed one of the great acts of Cub futility I've ever seen. After Todd Walker hit a soft liner to end the 7th or 8th he walked over to the dugout and someone brought out his hat and mitt. He took his hat and attempted to slam it down into the ground but the frustrated Cub got under it a little and the hat sailed down toward third base before landing softly in the grass. A Cub can't hit the ground with his hat!

Also interesting to see Cox treat Remlinger as a LOOGY when he brought him in to face Jones. Of course, Jones got a hit. Then Cedeno almost broke his back reaching to get a piece of ball four and was able to tap it back to the 121 year old Remlinger to end the thriller. Yuuuckk.

There was a Cubs game today?
hmmm...seems to have slipped my mind.

It's so nice to be able to enjoy the summer with no distractions

Blockhead25 -
If you're so happy to have no distractions from the Cubs then what are you doing here?

I went for a nice walk this afternoon, ran some errands, came home, saw the score, shrugged my shoulders and realized how nice it felt not to be concerned...and figured this was a good place to share it.

Sorry if that rubbed you the wrong way.

Yeah its better if team is going to be frustrating that it doesn't bother to stay close in the standings either. I don't think we are going to have to worry about getting close enough to have any games matter this year. A dissapointing but stress free year lol

Please listen and sing along:

"Meet Jim Hendry"

"His boy Dusty"

"Daughter Neifi"

"Mark, his wife"

We rock! Wins are so over rated! It's the quality of the loss that makes a great team

According to Jacques Jones the Cubs players actually have been playing fired up...more inspirational baseball since Barrett smacked AJ.

Please tell Mr. Jones that inspirational doesn't always need to be sacraficial.

well, according to todd walker he should be fired =p

players saying lots of things lately.

how's this for a rant...

"Dusty's not out there throwing and catching and hitting," Walker said. "I always am amazed when managers get all the credit in the world when they win the World Series and all the blame in the world when we are in a situation we are in. The reality of it is we're the guys playing.

"Fire the nine guys who have been out there stinking it up for three weeks. Fire me."

wow...seems like everyone found a mic today...i was gonna post some dust gems like:

'That was an awful loss,'' he said, cursing when no other words seemed to fit. ''That was just terrible. I don't know what's going on now.''

and the dumpster gem:

''Guys get hits, but you can't put the winning run on base [with a walk],'' Dempster said.

but there's so so much more on the trib/sun=times

(those quotes from the suntimes, btw)

no wonder there's so much more press...the suntimes quotes were from the day before. doh. =p

After hearing Hendry talk I am beginning to think he is the biggest asshole in sports. Dusty is a buffoon and Dusty is Dusty. But for another person to watch the Cubs every day since 2004 and endorse the manager now is absolutely unf&ckingbelievable. I am at a loss. I frickin live in Detroit now for 15 years . . . why do I still give a crap about the Cubs. Hendry deserves baker. I hope they both make millions of dollars and extend our misery until most of us here on TCR are long gone and dead. the again they are probably doing just fine since it was the biggest crowd in wrigley field in recent decades. I mean why the fuck do they give a crap if they cannot win 2 out of every 10 games against the shit teams in the league. Hendry is an ass, and Baker is a diagnosable incompetent narcicist. F&ck this team.

Upper management usually always makes some statement like this right before the manager gets shit-canned.

They also tend to make statments like that when the manager isn't going anywhere.

I wonder what Triumph the insult comic dog would have to say about this Cubs team.

Post-game quote:

"The execution was terrible, horrible. We didn't lose this game because of a home run, we lost this game because we didn't do what we're supposed to do on the field from the first inning. We didn't bunt the ball when we were supposed to bunt the ball," he said. "If they want to be a bad team, they can continue to do that, I'll play somebody else. I don't care who they are and what they do. My job is to try and win games and that's what I'm going to do. If they don't like what I say, they can leave and do whatever they want to do. We're better than this. We're way better than this. If you want to be in second place, keep playing like that. If you want to win, we have to be better and that starts right now."

Oh, wait. That was Ozzie Guillen.

Guy is a dipshit, but man, i'd love to have anyone with that kind of fire doing something with the stinkin' Cubs.

Don't sweat it. Andy McFail is convinced the Cubs can replicate the turnaround of the Astros in 2004 and 2005. Besids, Andy's bosses at the Tribune Tower are delirious happy just like they always have been. The Cubs set AN ALL TIME ATTENDANCE RECORD TODAY folks. Yepm, that's right. Over 41,000 people to watch the biggest trainwreck in professional sports. Baseball fans in other major league cities laugh their asses off about Cub fans. Can you really blame them?

As Andy likes to say, "that got for the Luvable Loser Society because it is a marketing cash cow.

P.S. I finally washed up all the vomit from my face from hearing the news Tony Womack rejoined the Cubs. How's next Jim Hendry? Enrique Wilson? Jose Macias?

Let's examine the judicious spending pattern of Jim Hendry this past offseason.

1. Rewards Ryan Dempster with a 3 year contract and he proceeds to revert back to Ryan Dumpster form.

2. Rewards Glendon Rusch with a 2 year contract and he proceeds to gain a beer gut and revert back to his former wretched form in New York and Milwaukee.

3. Gives Neifi Perez a 2 year,$6 million contract and he proceeds to keep on being Neifi (Jim, what WE'RE you EVER thinkin' on this one?).

4. Trades three young pitchers to Florida for Juan "the Toy" Pierre who as of latest review of hte stats page has a sub .300 on-base percentage.

5. Signs Jacque Jones to a 3 year, $16 million contract, thereby winning the "bidding war" with Jones' only other suitor, the KANSAS CITY ROYALS. Yep, THOSE Kansas City Royals.

Good solid work Jim. Keep it up and we'll have to make sure Andy gets you a corporate jet and a Bentley to go along with your two year contract extension.

well, its the biggest attendance since 78...largest attendance was 10K more a ladies-get-in-free game in 1930.

anyone know how many people were at the "protest"...

"In 1930, outfielder Hack Wilson puts together one of the greatest hitting seasons in baseball history, pounding 56 homers and driving in 191 runs-a mark has never been bettered in Major League Baseball. On June 27, the largest crowd ever to see a game at Wrigley Field ó 51,556 ó is on hand as the Cubs play the Brooklyn Dodgers. But paid attendance is only 19,748, due to the Ladies Day promotion."

ha...30K ladies in wrigley field...hell yeah.

For a long time I was a big Hendry supporter. He was a large part of the construction of the 2003 team, and over the years he has made some shrewd moves, at times even stunning ones. But after hearing him today I am convinced that he has to go.

I have been as critical of Dusty Baker as anybody. The main reason for my frustration is that he constantly puts players in positions in which they are likely to fail, and refuses to remove them when they have proven they can't succeed. For example, much of the blame for Latroy Hawkins' implosion with the Cubs can be left at the feet of Baker, who took him out of his comfort zone and put him in a position (closer) where he was doomed to fail.

I believe that Hawkins reached a point during his tenure with the Cubs where he was no longer primarily responsible for his poor performance. He was a proven setup guy. He was also a proven failure as a closer before he arrived at the Cubs. Yet Dusty kept running him out there to close games, time after time, when we all knew how the movie would end. After a time I actually began to feel sorry for Hawkins; what was he supposed to do, refuse to try to close games?

I've begun to feel the same way about Dusty. He is a very poor manager. However, he hasn't changed much in the last few years. How long have we been discussing his ineptiude on TCR? Too long. It's no longer his fault that he's hurting the team. Hendry has committed the same sins that Dusty has committed: betting on a guy who is a known quantity for suckage. By committing not to fire Dusty, Hendry has implicitly admitted that he believes Dusty may be the right guy to turn things around despite all the evidence to the contrary.

The firing of Dusty Baker is long overdue, but the firing of Jim Hendry is now just as important. There is too much denial, too much hoping and betting and waiting being done by this team's management. 2006 is a lost cause, but if something isn't done soon we will be risking 2007 and beyond.

hawkins was ruined by pitching him in the 9th rather than the 8th?

Every stat you wanted to know for Ryu, except R/L splits which can be found here.

btw, what i saw out of hawkins in 05 was a guy who couldnt locate his slider and people sat back and waited on that fastball. he gave up some crutial homers over a short period of time and off he went for a nice package of 2 of which showed up in 06 in poor pitching condition (sigh).

he eased up on the homers once he left but he was even worse of a pitcher for SF in the setup role. he's continuing his struggles with control in baltimore.

his control isnt awful, but if you're gonna throw a fastball straight as an arrow you better have a secondary pitch that will at least fool a good hitter.

Crunch shut the f%ck up. If you cannot think about the subtleties of anything then quick bothering people with your insane queries. You cannot seem to understand simple facts. There is pressure in the 9th inning that does not occur in the 8th inning for some pitchers. Are you in kindergarten? Hawking blew 9 of 11 ninth inning one run saves. you do the math. think there is something there? Hmmmmm.

Here are some Crunchisms:

1.) managers don't make a difference in wins.

2.) fans are supid (unlike crunch) because they expect managers to be rated by wins when really a manager is a babysitter.

3.) Steve Stone CHOSE to leave. he was not pressured out in any way.

4.) Pitching in the 8thy inning is no different than pitching in the 9th inning.

5.) The 2006 Cubs have 8 or 9 starting pitchers deep and are not in need of starting pitching.

etc etc.

You are a piece of work. And your arrogance to consistantly troll around here acting superior. What a joke.

Oh I guess what I am saying is Yes Crunch. pitching in the 9th inning was different than the 8th inning for hawkins. Don't believe it. Look at is performance in 2004 and 2005 for the Cubs i that role.


Just saw that rant on Baseball Tonight. It's just amazing when you compare the managers in this town. Ozzie's team won the World Series last year and has the second best record in baseball, yet he has no qualms about calling his players out when they don't execute.

I'm not an Ozzie fan per se, nor do I think a kick in the ass is enough to make bad players all of a sudden good. However, at this point it's just about perception. We perceive Ozzie Guillen as not tolerating subpar play and we perceive Dusty Baker as not only ridiculously tolerant but utterly freaking clueless. But hey, let's extend that contract.

Dusty quoted this gem today about Dempster "I talked to him about not caring so much. Sometimes you can care too much. I've seen it with big-league hitters."

Maybe if SOMEONE, ANYONE cared we would have a chance to win a few games.

Crunch -- yes, I believe Hawkins' downfall was the result of his shattered confidence, which was caused by his misuse by the game manager.

If you believe there is no difference between pitching in the 9th vs. pitching in the 8th, then we have to agree to disagree.

Also Crunch. Someone writes a balenced yet passionate post about something. And you pick on the one irrelevant fact in the whole post. The difference between the 8th and 9th inning. Does it really matter? If your statement is that Hawkins was throwing fat fastballs then doesn't that support 433's theory even more. If Hawkins couldn't pitch well he certainly couldn't pitch well n the 9th inning. So why did he get trotted out there every day??

Someday I'd like to know what your actual solution for improving the Cubs is Crunch. It seems like all you do is sit around disagreeing with everyone and acting superior.

If you are to be believed the Cubs don't make any mistakes in the organization, they just myseteriously suck.

We've already mentioned Ozzie Guillen's kickass management style. How about the team he's chasing, the Tigers.

I got this from the Arizona Republic.

Leyland, 61, and out of baseball since 1999, set the tone for winning two weeks into the season when he closed the clubhouse doors and launched into a profanity-laced tirade. The Tigers responded by winning 13 of the next 19 heading into tonight's meeting with the Orioles in Baltimore.

And most of that streak came without designated hitter Dmitri Young, who went on the disabled list with a strained leg muscle April 14.

The Tigers activated Young on Friday, but Leyland sent another strong message to his team by telling the media that even though Young is a proven veteran who has played more than 100 games eight of the past nine seasons, he still would have to earn his spot in the lineup.

"If he comes back and hits, it'll be great," Leyland said. "If he comes back and doesn't hit, I'll play somebody else. That's what this is all about up here - production.


What be dat?

Chris Deluca

talking about how Gene Clines failed miserably with Corey Patterson and how the Orioles have so far succeeded.

If I'm Sarge Matthews right now, I'm wondering why I got fired from my job as hitting coach and Gene Clines hasn't.

On the ESPN Chicago Jim Pearsall show they just announced that


will be batting 2nd and playing 2nd.

I'm on a collision course with Dustiny.

*The firing of Dusty Baker is long overdue, but the firing of Jim Hendry is now just as important. *

And before someone grouses about the money that would be owed Hendry, let someone point out that we paid Sammy far more to strike out a lot for Baltimore.

I'm just saying...

The Riot was 2-4 last night in Iowa...matching the total AB's he got from Dusty in his time up here over 2+ weeks. Sure would have been nice to see him start one game just for the fun of it, he couldn't have spared Neifi a day off?

Go Meteorite Go!!!

he couldn't have spared Neifi a day off?

No rest for the Cubs hardest working infielder...Neifi's playing SS today and bats 8th

Fire Dusty now.

Reading about how the Blackhawks screw their fans consistently, the "only thing they are good at" according to the Suntimes, and how the Bears lack of upgrades to the 29th ranked offense in the NFL reaks of "arrogance," also according to the Suntimes, made me realize that the Cubs, Hawks, and Bears are all run by the same stupid bastards.

superjimmer whining about me...what a suprise.

"2.) fans are supid (unlike crunch)"

god, you are such a baby. boo hoo. boo hoo.

this past month you got what...3-4 posts that have something to do with anything other than me?

"Someday I'd like to know what your actual solution for improving the Cubs is Crunch. It seems like all you do is sit around disagreeing with everyone and acting superior."

no, its all you think i do. good for i the reason you come here cuz you care a lot about anything i say.

ryu pitching...

J. Pierre cf
T. Womack 2b
T. Walker 1b
M. Barrett c
A. Ramirez 3b
J. Jones rf
M. Murton lf
N. Perez ss

I completely agree with 433, Hendry just needs to go at this point. He simply can't face reality that this team is in a black hole.

However, Just for the sake of accuracy:

1. Rewards Ryan Dempster with a 3 year contract and he proceeds to revert back to Ryan Dumpster form.

He's had a couple of bad outings, after having about 3 save chances in a month. A month ago there was talk of whether Dempster should be considered an elite closer.

I don't think a 3 year deal for Dempster was a great idea, but its way way way too soon to write off Dempster as the next LaTroy.

4. Trades three young pitchers to Florida for Juan "the Toy" Pierre who as of latest review of hte stats page has a sub .300 on-base percentage.

Hindsight is 20/20 on this one, but really even though there were some questions about giving up too much for a 1 year rental, tell me anyone who thought Pierre would have this bad of a season?

5. Signs Jacque Jones to a 3 year, $16 million contract, thereby winning the "bidding war" with Jones' only other suitor, the KANSAS CITY ROYALS. Yep, THOSE Kansas City Royals.

This is simply not an accurate statement. The Cubs were actually bidding against the St. Louis Cardinals. Yep, THOSE St. Louis Cardinals. After Hendry outbid them, they ended up signing Juan Encarnacion to similar money. For all Jones problems, I'll take hime over Encarnacion any day.

Like I said, Hendry needs to go at this point. He simply refuses to face the fact that the team needs serious changes. But with all the things that he can be blasted for, there is no reason to stretch the truth to make the argument for his dismissal.

Cedeno isn't just getting a day off. He's benched for losing the game yesterday by grounding out. In Dusty's mind the youngsters are the reason the team is losing.

Ugh. Air Conditioning went out. I'm getting absolutely robbed in order to have it fixed today.

At least I have the Cubs game to cheer me up. Lee's been on a tear and Prior has been outstanding all season long. I bet today will make him 8-1 on the season. I know it's early to be talking about Cy Young, but man this has been an awesome season.

Sorry, I must be delusional from the heat.

Anyone else paying attention to the subtext on the Tribune and MLB sites? It seems to me that while these reporters don't necessarily have Hendry's hand operating their mouths, their tone reflects the general tone of management.

Phil Rogers lays into Barrett. He says this about Soto replacing him:

On the other hand, at least the Cubs will have somebody other than Barrett doing the thinking for them behind the plate. That's probably a good idea.

Mike Downey says:

June had better be better. Or heads will roll.

Carrie Muskat says:
What's really depressing is the ineptness the Cubs seem to be displaying. (which for this incessant suck-up is like leaving a flaming bag of poo on the clubhouse door)

Mike Bauman says:
But the Cubs' situation has been exacerbated because they have not received what they could reasonably expect from other alleged mainstays of the lineup

Are these hoofbeats or just the independent voices of journalists expressing their own opinions?

They're all company yesmen(women) toeing the company line.

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  • What a loss to baseball, which I'm sure pales in comparison to the personal loss to his loved ones.

    Charlie 7 min 8 sec ago view
  • Somehow I am sensing alcohol was involved. The highest number of boating accidents by a wide margin...

    The E-Man 50 min 47 sec ago view
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  • Reports this morning that Marlins' pitching ace Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident - just horrible news.

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  • soler + hammel for mike trout is pretty much a sure thing. *nods*

    crunch 23 hours 57 min ago view
  • Not an inspired outing by Rondon. Seemingly got ahead of every hitter but had no swing and miss pitch today, slider had no bite.

    Somebody give Soler some smelling salts - yeesh

    Eric S 23 hours 58 min ago view
  • that runner scores on a single...

    The E-Man 1 day 9 min ago view
  • So where do you think Soler will be traded to this off season?

    jacos 1 day 11 min ago view
  • And right on cue he throws to third with no chance to get runner on 2nd so the batter takes 2nd easily. How long has he been playing baseball??

    The E-Man 1 day 11 min ago view
  • Man you cannot put Soler out there late in games for Playoffs. Yuch...

    The E-Man 1 day 18 min ago view
  • Such is the life of a fatted calf...

    JoePepitone 1 day 32 min ago view
  • fowler with a triple in the 4th...he's a HR away from a "natural" cycle

    crunch 1 day 1 hour ago view
  • ...and contreras takes one off the hand and he's in obvious pain. sigh.

    he's staying in the game, though he's wringing his hand out during breaks in the action. aside from that he seems to have no issue giving signs or tossing back to the pitcher.

    ...and he's batting in the cubs half of the following inning. sweet.

    crunch 1 day 1 hour ago view
  • his collapse started on august 21st this it's a slight improvement.

    but wow, what a collapse since then...only 2 out of 7 can be considered good/decent.

    crunch 1 day 1 hour ago view
  • I'm really going to enjoy watching Hammel watch the playoffs.

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