Another Starting Pitcher

I'm running out of ways to complain about this team. I actually have the time to watch the game today, which is pretty rare on the weekends, I'm just not sure I want to waste the 3 hours. Although with a Smoltz/Ryu matchup the game could be done very early. Good luck Cubbies, even the worse teams win once in awhile. GAME FORTY-NINE IN-GAME DISCUSSION THREAD [PARACHAT] ATLANTA BRAVES (26-23, 2nd, 3.5 GB) AT CHICAGO CUBS (18-30, 5th, 13.5 GB) Wrigley Field, 1:20 PM CDT Weather: 83 degrees, sunny, Wind out to CF @ 10 mph TV: WGN Radio: WGN, XM 189
Jae-kuk Ryu, RHP 0-0, 9.00 ERA, 1.0 IP 2 K, 2 BB, 0 HR John Smoltz, RHP 4-2, 3.12 ERA, 69.1 IP 57 K, 16 BB, 6 HR

Marcus Giles, 2B Edgar Renteria, SS #Chipper Jones, 3B Andruw Jones, CF *Adam LaRoche, 1B Jeff Francoeur, RF *Ryan Langerhans Todd Pratt, C John Smoltz, P*Juan Pierre, CF *Tony Womack, 2B *Todd Walker, 1B Michael Barrett, C Aramis Ramirez, 3B *Jacque Jones, RF Matt Murton, LF #Neifi Perez, SS Jae-kuk Ryu, P


Jae Kuk Ryu got cooked. Already gone (2nd inning). *sigh* 4 HRs

A Serious Question: As a student of economics and a cubs fan I have everyday evidence of the fallacy of assuming rationality in the consumption of goods and services. Why do we put up with a defective product?

wonder what it takes to get the field filled with trash these days?

btw, anyone know how many people showed up for the "protest" yesterday?

Why do we put up with a defective product?

The clear implication is that the team is not the "product" being purchased "Cub fans" are consuming atmosphere and nostalgia, and because summers will continue to be sunny, ivy green, and beer cold those consumers will be satisfied - ergo rational consumer behavior.

6. Six. Seis. Sechs. sheis. sitta. zurgaa. alti. ลŸase.

One less than seven people showed up to the protest.

I'm gonna be sicks.

advertising works...tradition and comfort work...a city with way more population and toursim than seats to put them works.

coke and pepsi are FAR from the best sodas out there but they control like 90% of the market.

@#4: Ok, that sounds reasonable. I go to semi-pro games sometimes for the atmosphere and the purity of the games. But we're talking about the consumption of a particular brand. To me, it'd be like holding on to a poorly performin financial instrument because you love the company. This sort of thing happens all the time. The cubs are still setting attendance records. There's more too it than rational decision making, I think it's clear. Perhaps folks can post why they love the cubs in spite of their current performance. For me, it was that my grandma took me to my first baseball game @ Wrigley and they were my father's team (RIP).

I don't understand why the current attendance levels are irrational at all. First, the entire season (or at least the portion we're entering now) sold out within a couple days of going on sale, a time when no one expected the Cubs to face an uphill battle to notch 80 wins.

Also, baseball at Wrigley, baseball at Comiskey, and semi-pro/minors games are not really substitues. If you want to spend a couple lazy summer hours somewhere in the city and have drinks with your buddies afterwards, Wrigley is by far one of the better options in the city, and the only one that revolves around professional sports. Tourists and people seeking fun are always going to fill Wrigley during the summer, and if it's 80 degrees and sunny, walk-up sales will be brisk. None of this has anything to do with what kind of team the Cubs run out there. In econ-class terms, the quality/wins elasticity of demand is probably the lowest in MLB.

Your "consuming a particular brand" scenario applies much more to television, where people are clearly consuming interesting baseball. I've never watched so little of the Cubs in my admittedly not-all-that-long life, and it looks as though others are behaving similarly. I don't know the specifics of ad-buying, but one figures the large drop in ratings has to impact the ad revenues and thereby get the Tribune's attention.

garden claw gold.

makes a great gift.

What's with the double switch, taking out Murton?
3 hits yesterday, 1 hit and a walk today...Christ...gotta get him out of the lineup!!! Right?


@#8: ron galt, well, they aren't perfect substitutes.

interesting assertion about the price elasticities of demand (in which mlb's monopoly status may have an effect we aren't considering). are you aware of any study examining elasticities of these particular markets?

one possible postgame interview:

Reporter: Aramis, what happened on that popup in the 11th?

ARam: The moons of Saturn got in my eyes.

Reporter: Wow, that is a good excuse!

(modified from a classic Peanuts cartoon)

I don't mean to make claims regarding price elasticity, but rather the impact of moving from, say, 82 to 92 wins. The White Sox, for example, couldn't draw flies when they didn't have a good club, although that may change after their championship. I'd suspect that's not true of the Cubs, although we won't really know until on-sale day in nine months.

In some important respects, the parks aren't substitutable. There's nothing to do after a game at Comiskey, and it doesn't really have a party feel. It's also more of an NBA-type baseball, with flashing stuff and noises. It's good if you want to keep kids from being bored or (these days) watch baseball where "What are the moral implications of booing?" isn't an issue. It's not as good if you're a tourist or looking to get hammered with attractive young people.

Tough game to lose, although they didn't have much business being in a game with an 8-0 homer deficit. Womack's also off to a great start, which doesn't bode well for 2007, assuming the Cubs don't by an introductory statistics textbook between now and then.

Bright Side Watch: Once "we get all our guys back", it'll only take a 72-42 stretch to miss the playoffs by 2 games instead of 20.

Nice job Aram. Nice job.

Creative way to loose #23.

Bouncing an easy popfly off the top of your head.


Just when you thought you had seen just about every stupid way to lose a game, these 2006 Cubbies come up with another one. Well, they got 113 more chances to be creative...

I've got as many home runs as your leading RBI guy!

Based on the paragraph below, answer the following question:

A) This player showed good baserunning instincts.
B) This baserunner followed instructions from his 3B coach.
C) Scoring the winning run is a good thing
D) As a Cub, this player would have stumbled over 2nd base and pulled up lame and made the 3rd out of the inning.
E) All of the above.

Corey Patterson started the winning rally with a single and moved to THIRD on a check-swing roller from Kevin Millar. One out later, Roberts drilled a run-scoring single, and Mora put Baltimore ahead for good with a two-run double up the right-field line.

Hendry in Dusty's support section

Jim Hendry you're doing a Heckeva job...The only thing you could do right now that would please me is resign.

{...I'm hearing every time we lose a ballgame, that Dusty is going to get fired," Hendry said. "People were reporting the other day that Dusty was going to get fired after we lost the last Marlins game [on Wednesday]. That's not going to happen.

"Dusty is going to get every opportunity to manage the club and get us out of this hole, and he'll get the opportunity to manage the club when we get healthy the next couple weeks. I'd like to put that speculation that every time we lose a ballgame [Baker will be fired] and we stop putting that for public discussion every single day."..}

I went to Fenway on Thursday, it was a nice wake up call for me to realize how shitty the Cubs actually are. There were teenage girls sitting behind me talking about hit and run, sac flys, and such. Very few cell phones being used during the game. Red Sox fans cheered when their #9 hitter Alex Gonzalez came up for the first time....he was hitting .210 at that point in time. Oh, and they also have a good team. My girlfriend even commented on how hard the Red Sox hustle as compared to the Cubs. If she can understand that, why can't hendry/baker/co.?

The Cubs have a good team......FOR ME TO POOP ON!

See ya in 2007

5-20 in may so far...


The Cubs have a good team......FOR ME TO POOP ON!

Triumph. It's what the Cubs don't do.

Too bad Ryu's aim and velocity suck when he's not aiming at an osprey.

Mike Bauman can kiss my ass.

ryu down, aardvark up

dumpster's looked kinda off his last 2 outtings...since a bad outting 5 days ago williamson hasnt pitched. not using williamson really weirded me out yesterday. is he hurt?


Glad you had such a wonderful time with the beautiful Red Sox fans. Maybe I could introduce you to the wonderful folks at Fenway who spent the whole game spewing the most racist venom I've ever heard - some of it at their own players. Or maybe you'd like to meet the Bosox jersey wearing genius who decided to hit my friend in the face with a beer bottle outside the Fenway bleachers. No reason, no warning, just opened a thirty stitch cut across my buddy's nose and forehead. Of course I've also been to Fenway twice without incident so I guess I'm batting .500. But I must say, I'd take a couple of assholes on cell phones over the racists and criminally insane.


Having been to Wrigley countless times and Fenway twice, I can say that the racist venom knows noballpark boundaries. I've heard cubs fans spew racial epithets without fail, same goes for BoSox fans. There's really no defending one fan over the other. It happens wherever you go. And don't forget the venom that was spewed at Jacques Jones a couple weeks ago. Not only does some moron chuck a ball at the guy, friends of mine were sitting in the rf area and said they'd never heard such racist crap in their entire lives.

I love the headline:

"Cubs never quit, drop heartbreaker in 11"

HA. Never quit, my ass.

Dusty is quoted in taht Bauman article saying:

"All in all, they've been very supportive," Baker said Sunday of Cubs fans. "I don't blame them for being upset and disgruntled, because I probably would be if I was a fan, too. We really appreciate their belief and support.

It's nice that Dusty is clear about the fact that he's not a fan of the Cubs. That's probably the biggest difference between Ozzie and Dusty. Ozzie loves the team he works for. He's a fan of the White Sox. Dusty is a passionless hired hand who has made it terribly evident that he could give a crap about the Cubs. I don't necessarily need the fire, but it doesn't seem to me that he really cares about the team.

Look on the bright side, guys:

Juan Pierre increased his season's rbi production by 50%, and Error-amis made an absolutely brilliant heads-up play.


Absolutely amazing how that quote could be taken that way. He's talking about if he were a paying customer. I swear, everything this guy says is twisted beyond belief. Next time, he'll say, "My son's name is Darren," and people will somehow twist that into, "I hate my son."

I was reading over at Bleed Cubbie Blue and his thoughts on the Braves bullpen imploding. He made a good suggestion in trading Howry, Eyre, or Williamson for Wilson Betemit.

Yes, yes he is another middle infielder. But he is actually a pretty good one. He is a very patient hitter seeing 4.19 pitches per AB. That is compared to Neifi who see's about 3.02 pitches or Todd Walker 3.74.

In a perfect world he would make Womack, and Neifi expendable and placed on waivers because he can play SS, 3rd, and 2nd base while also being able to hit. He could play 2nd base for now and if the Cubs are looking to dump Ramirez's huge contract he becomes our 3rd baseman instead of Neifi.

Also in an extremly long shot I would be asking the Reds if they would want to swap some bullpen arms for Ryan Freel. They have bullpen problems and some rotation problems. Don't know if we could help with the rotation, but we could with the bullpen.

Again he would be a nice plug in if we dealt Ramirez or somehow got rid of Jones, or hell if we get rid of Pierre and still dont think Pie is ready.

At this point I am thinking of players we can get that will help this team and not embarrass it if we start selling off parts.

I think the most important thing is getting some hitters with some talent. Cleaning up this bench from hell that produces jack squat and treats AB's like a lightning round on a game show.

Mabry - DFA
Neifi - DFA
Womack - DFA
Bynum - DFA

My thinking, at worst you get Freel and Betemit starting, which actually isnt that bad. At best you got them as your #1 and #2 guys off the bench and help ease the impact of injuries.

-shrug- I don't know.

Along the lines of Mike C's posts there is an article about a Cubs fire sale. Man does that idiot give Hendry too much credit thinking he can get Brian Anderson and Jason Botts for Pierre and Wood.

Since DLee's injury the Cubs are 9-26. Kansas City is 10-25 during that period, including a 13 game losing streak.

Pete:Absolutely amazing how that quote could be taken that way. He's talking about if he were a paying customer. I swear, everything this guy says is twisted beyond belief.

Riiiight. Apologism aside, his words denotatively mean:

1) He's not a fan
2) He's not upset and disgruntled.

To read it any other way is to read intention, eotion, or subtext beyond its simple meaning.

But hey, looking from your perspective, I could see how Dusty really meant was that he loves this team and is really upset at the way they're performing. That perspective of course being that you're really Neifi Perez, his secret lover.

There's nothing secret about Dusty's man-crush on Neifi.

How are they doing so far?

Furcal .264 .682 OPS/ 2 HR 16 RBI/ .951 F%, 11 errors

Cedeno .283 .682 OPS/ 1 HR 14 RBI/ .959 F% 8 errors

(Cedeno's success should have made Neifi Perez expendable by now.)

there would be no better time to get Ryan Freel then right now. He's been struggling and looks to be without a position with the Reds. Always tough to make an inter-division trade, but there may be a small window right now as I'm sure the Reds are going to try and make a run at the playoffs this year.

Mr. Whipple, you're an idiot if you read that quote that way. Has nothing to do with whether Dusty said or your mom.

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    The things you have to do to pay for James Shields contract.

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  • unsurprisingly, the White Sox continue a tradition of stupid stuff....

    @DannyEcker BREAKING: Guaranteed Rate has purchased naming rights to U.S. Cellular Field. Will be known as Guaranteed Rate Field thru 2030.

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  • that was a very kind 3rd strike to hendricks to end the 3rd.

    man on 3rd, 0 outs and got 2 pop-ups and a K...Maddux-lite indeed

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