A.N. Day 1

Hill is 3-2, with a 4.09 ERA since his most recent callup and if you take out that first start versus the Cards his ERA is down to 3.38 in his last 6 starts. I think we'll all take that, let's hope he can keep it up. The Cubs are in (another) death spiral losing six in a row, 10 of their last 11 and 11 of their last 13. The Giants meanwhile are below .500 but very much in the wild card race trailing the frontrunner by a mere 2.5 games. Go Cubs! GAME ONE HUNDRED-THIRTY-FOUR IN-GAME DISCUSSION THREAD [PARACHAT] SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS (66-68 (Div) 3rd - 5.5 GB; (Wild Card) 4th - 2.5 GB) AT CHICAGO CUBS (54-79 (Div) 5th - 17.5 GB; (Wild Card) 12th - 15.0 GB) Wrigley Field, 1:20 pm CDT Weather: Cloudy, 70 degrees, Wind In From CF @ 13mph TV: WGN Radio: WGN, XM 189
Rich Hill, LHP 3-6, 5.81 ERA, 57.1 IP 40 K, 29 BB, 12 HR 263/350//507 againstNoah Lowry, LHP 7-7, 3.75 ERA, 136.2 IP 70 K, 48 BB, 16 HR 261/327/428 against

*Randy Winn, CF #Omar Vizquel, SS Shea Hillenbrand, 1B Moises Alou, RF #Ray Durham, 2B #Todd Linden, LF Pedro Feliz, 3B Todd Greene, C Noah Lowry, P *Juan Pierre, CF Ryan Theriot, 2B Aramis Ramirez, 3B Derrek Lee, 1B Michael Barrett, C *Jacque Jones, RF Matt Murton, LF Ronny Cedeno, SS *Rich Hill, P

Giants vs. Hill: No Giants with more than 10 AB's Cubs vs. Lowry: No active Cubs with more than 10 AB's
Barry "The Creep" Bonds is out of the lineup and it looks like it's a good day to pitch with a brisk 13 mph wind in from CF.


No Freddie Bynum?

Hill is a AAAA pitcher with a lollipop curve and a straight fastball, he's never going to be able to get big league hitters out!

I assume that's some Labor Day sarcasm Neal...

lefty today, that's why Theriot is starting.

Srange because usually Neal only makes arguments on topics that are completely subjective. Now that's a more literal sense of sarcasm!

I'm glad I didn't go today to see Bonds, since he isn't playing. I kept my tickets for tomorrow. I hope he is just taking a day off and will be in the lineup tomorrow. I have never seen him play in a regular season game.

Man, too bad Murton didn't hit like this in May/June.

I wonder if it would be possible to manipulate Hill's start in Wrigley to days the wind is blowing in or at least not blowing out. He'd be really good if the two or three fastballs that get whacked every start got batted down to Murton's glove.

So, with not many games left - what are you all interested in seeing this year from the young players?

Myself, if the rook pitchers could string a few good appearancs in a row, it'd be encouraging.

I wouldn't mind seeing Wade Miller once. He'll be in the mix for next year in some capacity.

A start for Dempster? He can't close - why not 6 innings?

How about another middle infielder to try with Theriot? I'm done with Cedeno.

Aardsma as closer for a game?


Nearly any combination can't hurt at this point for obvious reasons. Actually, I heard on NPR yesterday that the Schaumburg Flyers let the fans vote on player positioning! I had a big laugh. The team went from first to last place!

But the attendance is up 15%.

the only problem with Ryan Theriot is he has no power...BOOM, 1st MLB HR.

Congrats to The - RIOT!!!

The next guy who says Theriot can't hit gets smacked.

Enough already. What does he have to do, go 5 for 4?

I'm gonna do something most TCR posters don't: admit I was wrong. About The Riot. Maybe this guy's got something after all.

theriot with a double AND a homer...rich hill pitching like randy johnson...

hell, cedeno is 1:2 with a rbi.

can the cubs play against SF every day?

Dempster has definitely been more bad than good lately. But to say he can't close isn't really accurate. He proved he could last year and early this year.

Do they have "Run Riot" in the PA booth at Wrigley? I'm nominating that Def Leppard song as the official Theriot theme song.

Run Riot lyrics

And now back to the "Hair Nation" station on Sirius satellite radio...

Which game was it when Dempster was hitting Blanco's glove on every pitch and walked in the winning run? I think that was my favorite game of the week. It made me wonder if Blanco has run up some gambling debts.

first homer for theriot since june of last year in AA...go kid go. solid shot, too...not a cheapie.

how about that cedeno sliding catch/throw, too? damn.

wish i didnt have to leave for class in 20 minutes...this is a hell of a showcase today.

I think theme songs for players are great. It really helps me enjoy the minor league games a lot more.

A.N. Day 1... clever. I'll be at the game tomorrow, very close to the Bartman seats. Here's to hoping this visit to Wrigley isn't as bad as the last two.

crunch: theriot with a double AND a homer...

He heard what you said about him yesterday and he is pissed.

From the comments, it appears that the wind is blowing in, yet both Murton and Theroit go yard -- were they both basket homers?

those statement i made on theriot isnt anything he didnt earn himself.

im all for him doing what he does to the best of his ability, but unlike pagan, he was never even expected to grow into any kind of power. pagan was a dissapointment for the mets, theriot has been a nice suprise for the cubs. now pagan's a nice suprise for the cubs...

hendry really really likes theriot...been bringing him up over and over and over since last year when he was a 25 year old in AA. go figure...

Crunch's friend watched batting practice: the only possible explanation for the homerun is that the wall lost the ball in the sun and misplayed it.

"What does he have to do, go 5 for 4?"

I would like to see more than 60 AB's

awww...poor neil...

having a bad day? gotta make yourself feel better by trying to talk some smack? poor baby.

hey neal...what have i said about theriot that isnt backed up by numerous others?

why you think i got something to do with what theriot does anyway?

Eric S.:
"were they both basket homers?"

Yes they were.

What kind of elementary school starts class at 3:30?

Why is Visquel out?

Theriot is hot now.

From Theriot's minor league stats, I would guess he could hit about .275-.280 with an OBP of .350 in the majors. He looks like he knows what he is doing at the plate and knows his limitations. His slugging percentage would be below .400, with very few homers. If he can play short a little as well as second, I'd think he'd be worth a shot at least as a utility guy. Unless Cedeno improves to the point where he can meet or exceed that with the bat, I'd think that Theriot is better, even though Cedeno may be toolsier.

Hill has been somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde, but has looked good today. Any idea on how many fly ball outs for him?

Is it just me, or is Rich Hill starting to look suspiciously like a major league pitcher?

"I would like to see more than 60 AB's
Posted by: mannytrillo"

ME TOO! But I don't think you meant it that way.

But as someone who stuck his neck out in MARCH and said that Theriot (along with Pagan and Marshall) were impressive in spring training and belonged in Chicago,

I'M GONNA GLOAT right now.


Nevin liked his stay in Chicago, Hendry thinks they'll complete the deal next week. Nevin said he likes Baker and would like to play for him again.

more hilarity from TCR's REAL mental midget Neal. Did you study at the altar of MikeC? Speaking of which, has anyone ever seen MikeC, Neal, and Tito in the same room together? I think we have a match. How many TCR posters are going to have to eat crow when Rich Hill becomes a 15 game winner next season? Quite a few.

On the tinyurl debate, I found this:


It's a cookie that enables you to preview the URL before going to the page if you're worried about content. You have to go to that page and enable it though and you have to have cookies enabled in your browser.

Just a thought...

go drink some beer and enjoy the Labor Day weekend folks and relax with the childish insults.

What the hell was the point of that post "phony neal"?

That's a very strange post. I'll file that under "Whatever"

cwtp: I'M GONNA GLOAT right now.

And what's with Theriot, only going 2-4 today. He sucks. :) Seriously, though, it will be interesting to see if he can adjust as well as Murton did when MLB pitchers start figuring him out.

JimN: Is it just me, or is Rich Hill starting to look suspiciously like a major league pitcher?

Best thing about Hill's game today? 0 Walks. Whatever he had going on today, I hope he doesn't lose it.

Rob G.: It's a cookie that enables you to preview the URL before going to the page if you're worried about content.

Ryno (8/24): Tiny URL should take you to a page that says "this link will redirect you to www.nastygrandmaporn.com..." Do you want to continue?

They should also make this option configurable, it wouldn't be entirely difficult to do using cookies or something. It would cut down the effectiveness of subversive use of the tinyurl.com service.

I'm so cutting edge :)~

the sausage killer is still in baseball, who knew? anyway he got traded to the phils, he was in the rangers minor league system.

and scott mclain won the PCL MVP for no good reason

252/312/464, with 27 HR's and 106 RBI's, both second in the league.

Jon Knott led the league in homers and rbi's and had a better line, odd. He's in the Padres system.

hah Ryno, good call on tinyurl.

sweet...for once i leave a game mid-way and come back to a win. =p

soto up...marshall back...

anyone else in on the sept. callup list?

Wade Miller also got called up.

Rob G.:
"What the hell was the point of that post "phony neal"?"

I think that question can be asked many times on TCR. Get your copy/paste buttons working Rob.

Crunch, Eyre got brought off DL too. 28 players on active roster now. 41 players on 40 man orster (Wood on 60-Day DL)

Nice to see Theriot's shot was to left center, indicating the "gap" power some people were looking for. Those doubles and triples down the line just weren't cutting it.

so 1 homer to left center squares the power issue.


good to see that's a better sign than him taking 14 months and 2 levels of baseball between homers.

when sarcasm meets sarcasm...next on Fox.

Since the fact that nine of his twenty hits have been for extra bases hasn't influenced you, I thought that may help.
There is no power issue to square. He's not a power hitter. But he's not limited to groundball singles as you suggest.
Fox huh? Figures.

hey...he's off to a killer start. i hope he can keep it up.

ive had the people i know and trust and my own eyes tell me one thing...ive had a couple people here mention his work with coaches since AA and giving up switch hitting/etc. as a reason he's gonna be more than what ive seen/heard/read/etc.

the thing about prospects and scouting a player in general is its all based on what you've done mixed with what your given ceiling is. your ceiling can do wierd things to your prospect status, though. your expected ceiling can keep you from even being labeled a prospect from the second you sign your contract...no matter how unwritten your future is. it can also keep you labeled a prospect when your numbers are labeling you a scrub.

its easier to get a break when you're not reaching your ceiling for a few years than it is at any time to actually exceed your expected ceiling.

on a personal level...yeah, im impressed, but im not convinced his present outweighs his past yet.

here's theriot's comment from tonite's game about his homer...

"I'm seeing the ball pretty good, I've had a few drop in to get me going and it's been fun the last couple of days for sure," he said.

"Everybody was shocked. Normally I get in trouble when I hit the ball in the air, even if it does go over the fence," he said. "So I try to keep it out of the air as much as I can and hit the ball on the ground."

what an egomaniac, huh?


Me starting to likey Rich Hill, and Theriot too!
This might be a good Cubs season after all, I'd rather have lost and gotten rid of Dusty and we have seen what we have in Hill, Marhshall, Theriot, Guzman, Mateo, etc.

Crunch I agree with your ceiling theory and that's a big part of this discussion. Theriot's "ceiling" has become a possible utility man on next years roster. My point is, keep running him out there and see if that is his ceiling, or can he be more (or less).
Label him on what he does, not what the reports say he may be.

At the least it would be great if Theriot could be a spark off the bench and play 3 or so differnt positions, but right now I'm hoping he could be our 2b. Does anyone know if he has the tools to be a good 2b?

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    @DannyEcker BREAKING: Guaranteed Rate has purchased naming rights to U.S. Cellular Field. Will be known as Guaranteed Rate Field thru 2030.

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  • that was a very kind 3rd strike to hendricks to end the 3rd.

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