Marshall Law Returns

Promising lefty Sean Marshall returns to the mound today from his oblique injury. And your welcome back gift? Barry Bonds. Marshall faced the Giants earlier this season in what I believe was our first massive losing streak (So many, too hard to count anymore) and got shelled for nine runs over three and two-thirds innings pitched. Let's hope this one goes better. A fun little note on Marshall for those worrying that the Cubs burn through young arms like their tires at an Indy Car race. Marshall hasn't gone over 105 pitches all season and has topped 90 pitches in 10 of his 19 starts. Another mild interesting note is that the #1 and #2 hitters are hitting .320 and .417 respectively off Marshall, but no one else is hitting above .270. He seems to have more trouble with the table-setters than the power guys for whatever reason. Go Cubs! GAME ONE HUNDRED-THIRTY-FIVE IN-GAME DISCUSSION THREAD [PARACHAT] SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS (66-69 (Div) 3rd - 6.5 GB; (Wild Card) 5th - 2.5 GB) AT CHICAGO CUBS (55-79 (Div) 5th - 17.5 GB; (Wild Card) 12th - 13.0 GB) Wrigley Field, 1:20 pm CDT Weather: Sunny, 71 degrees, Wind In From CF @ 12mph TV: CSN, DirecTV 734 Radio: WGN, XM 189
Sean Marshall, LHP 5-8, 4.98 ERA, 103 IP 67 K, 46 BB, 13 HR 262/348/415 againstMatt Cain, RHP 10-9, 4.32 ERA, 150 IP 70 K, 48 BB, 16 HR 261/327/428 against

*Randy Winn, CF #Omar Vizquel, SS Shea Hillenbrand, 1B Barry Bonds, LF #Ray Durham, 2B Moises Alou, RF Pedro Feliz, 3B Eliezer Alfonzo, C Matt Cain, P *Juan Pierre, CF *Freddie Bynum, 2B Aramis Ramirez, 3B Derrek Lee, 1B Michael Barrett, C *Jacque Jones, RF #Angel Pagan, LF Ronny Cedeno, SS *Sean Marshalll, P

Giants vs. Marshall: No Giants with more than 10 AB's Cubs vs. Cain: No Cubs with more than 10 AB's


Typical Dusty. Hey, Theriot and Murton are on fire. Time to bench them. What an idiot our manager is.

Got to play Pagan and Bynum. Just got to.

I fugure the Cubs want to evaluate Pagan and Bynum just as much as Murton and Theriot. Why not? Pagan, Theriot and Bynum are very similar as far as their career paths go. Murton already had had significantly more opportunity and the results leave him less in doubt.

and finally, what this season has football

go irish.

Just got back from the game...

Firstly let me say WTF was Theriot doing in the 9th. As great as his AB was, he was made an even worse play getting picked off as the tying run on 1st base. What a BONEHEAD stupid play. No excuse. And please nobody, even you Dusty, give me this bullshit that it was a rookie mistake, blah blah blah. I was 12 years old playing in Little League and I knew not to get picked off in that situation (of course you shouldn't get picked off anytime).

But it was great to see Bonds in person for the first time in a regular season game (I saw him at the 1996 ASG in Philly). And he hit a HR to boot. There were very loud boos every time he came to bat and big cheers when he K'd.

Marshall looked good the first time through the lineup, but then they started getting to him. The wind was blowing dead in, so I am shocked he gave up 3 HR's.

Did Barrett get hurt and that is why he left? I saw he got banged up the inning beofre on a foul tip. I am assuming that is what got him out of the game, but he did bat after that.

Good to see Lee getting his stroke back. The DP sucked, but besides that he had a great game with 2-3 great defensive picks.

Bullpen looked good. 3+ innings of scoreless ball.

Oh yeah, it was funny to see Cedeno pull a Neifi and try to bunt for a hit with 2 outs. Of course it worked, so the crowd was cheering, but if it failed, like Neifi's did, the boos would of been coming. But I am sure he has no confidence in getting a hit, so that is why he tried it. I think he is at or under .240 now.

Oh well, Go Cubs!!!

"I fugure the Cubs want to evaluate Pagan and Bynum just as much as Murton and Theriot. Why not?"

I agree, I think the Cubs are just taking a look at everyone. Kind of throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. And if Hendry wanted to see others playing, I am sure he would just tell Dusty, as Hendry has said he would speak up if there were times he wanted to see certain younger players getting playing time. For all we know, Hendry has said he wants to see Pagan and Bynum get more playing time, so he can evaluate them better. Who knows?

The only "look" we should be taking at Bynum is of him walking right out of Gate D to start a productive career in pharmaceutical sales.

I hate Dusty.

It's nice to be able to watch one of the Cubs top prospects play on national TV tonight. Samardzija showed some nice speed and inside-out motion just now.

Oh dang, wrong sport.

"I hate Dusty."

I know what you mean, I hate Hendry, but I guess for the time being there is nothing we can do about it. We can only hope this era ends as fast as possible so the Cubs can finally move forward.

Oh yeah, it was funny to see Cedeno pull a Neifi and try to bunt for a hit with 2 outs. Of course it worked, so the crowd was cheering, but if it failed, like Neifi's did, the boos would of been coming.

Neifi bunted with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth down 2 runs, men on 1st and second.

Cedeno bunted with a man on third and the team down one run.

Can you tell the difference?

Dusty, Saturday, with his trademark "bench-the-hot-player" move. I was at Saturday's game and here are my impressions:

1. I was in 102 2 seats from the OF, so I had a good look at the bullpen. Aardsma's fastball has so much life. The radar shows how hard he throws, but his fastball has so much movement. Marshalls curveball is wicket.

2. Dusty is a tool.

3. Bonds takes a lot of razzing, but he doesn't care, he'll laugh all the way to the bank.

4. The pitch before Theriot got picked off, Stanton pitched the ball and Theriot actually broke for first base. Stanton must be real tricky to a base runner. Here's the part I don't get: on the 0-2 count with Theriot on first, you had to expect a breaking ball out of the zone, especially to Cedeno. Next pitch was in the dirt, no way the catcher would be able to make a play. Why did Dusty not send him? Even after the game Dusty made the comment that "Theriot wasn't going anywhere". WHAT? Dusty is a tool.

5. Visquel is a wiz with the glove.

Iowa is a 1/2 game back with one to play. Nashville still has a game tonight.

Pie went 2 for 3, 2 bb's, 1 HR, 1 3B

Scott Moore played shortstop.

Just when I was waxing about the great development of Wuertz...he gives up Guzman's 2 runs, then puts an 0-2 pitch on a tee in the middle of the plate for a 2-run HR. Guess he was due for a bad day -- bad luck for Guzman, but once again, the Cubs idiot trainers allow a pitcher to become dehydrated and cramp up, as CZ did earlier in the year. Drink some Gatorade, for cryin' out loud.

The last 2 games are fitting as the Dusty era presumably comes to a close -- idiotic baserunning kills rallies and effectly ends any chance to win. Probably not directly Dusty's fault, but I am willing to bet that no other team has lost consective games in such a manner this year.

I saw he got banged up the inning before on a foul tip. I am assuming that is what got him out of the game

MB was complaining about being nauseated before they rushed him to the hospital. He also had the urge to sing "take me out to the ballgame" in soprano...

and so ends the cycle of Michael Barrett's 2006 season...
beginning with a punch to Pierzinski's jaw
and ending with a different kind of punch to the groin.

Decompressing a scrotal that's NOT funny.

Hopefully he will have a new manager by the time he gets his next official plate appearance. Hank White as a first baseman? C'mon that's comedy of the absurd. I would rather have seen Z play first base, at least THAT would have been entertaining!

Who sucked more today, MVN's servers or the Cubs?

With Barrett out for the season, I want to see Geovany Soto catch 2 out of every 3 games the rest of the way. We know what Henry Blanco can and cannot do, and I actually like the idea of Blanco on the 2007 team as the backup at a low price. But Hendry has to find out if Soto can be a legit ML catcher. With Barrett out, and the team 25 games below 500, Soto should get every opportunity to prove he belongs on a major league roster for Opening Day 2007.

"but once again, the Cubs idiot trainers allow a pitcher to become dehydrated and cramp up, as CZ did earlier in the year. Drink some Gatorade, for cryin' out loud."

"I had this problem twice in Triple-A," the rookie (Guzman) said. "I've been drinking water and Gatorade and that kind of stuff."

So he is drinking water and gatorade, but keeps having this problem. And it wasn't even hot today. Man, I can see Guzman is going to be the triplet injury prone pitcher (Wood and Prior). Fun Fun...

"With Barrett out for the season, I want to see Geovany Soto catch 2 out of every 3 games the rest of the way."

Soto may be given some equal time.

"We're all trying to play the kids," Baker said. "Do you play the same kids every day or mix it up to see? You've got to mix it up to see. Murton had a good day the day before, but I don't want [Angel] Pagan to have three days off because then you don't get a true assessment of him. If you're going to get a good shot to everybody, you can't have anybody sit around three, four days," Baker said. "I'm trying to give everybody a shot to play."

with that logic, Freddie Bynum will get the extra catching loaad.

Baker's gotta understand that there's a difference between Murton and Pagan: talent.

Did the Founding Fathers decree that Juan Pierre must play every inning of every game? Maybe I slept through that part of Constitutional Law class... but it sure seems Dusty is hell-bent on giving this "valuable veteran" every opportunity to lead the league in outs-- again.

What would be so horrible about sitting Pierre a few games in favor of Pagan? He might make a nice little stopgap next year until Pie is ready. But it would be nice to know now whether he can play CF.

And does anyone else get the sick feeling that Pie isn't going to get a September callup? The kid has been raking the ball since mid-July. Not saying he needs to play every day. But it would be nice to give him a quick cup of Joe during what's turned into a full month of "garbage time."

I heard on the radio that Barrett has an "intra-scrotal hematoma." I asked my wife if that meant his junk got nailed so hard it was bleeding inside his sack and she said basically yes. Cup, no cup, or steel cup, a 90+ baseball in the stones is not good for business. It should have been Dusty behind the plate...

A very well written piece by Rick Morrissey of teh Chicago Tribune. I agree with much, if not all of it. It seems like Rick might spend lots of time here on TCR. And Jumbo's last comment in post #22 fits pretty well.

Yeah, #21,

I'm with you. Here's to JP wearing some other uniform next year.

Nice article manny, but I think the real news you have here was lost:

The Chicago Tribune writing a sympathy story for the Tribune-Owned Cubs manager Dusty Baker. I wonder if this is a precursor to some sort of Baker extension, attempting to garner sympathy... 1 year? I don't know. A 1yr contract is interesting. If Hendry could some how come up with a rock-solid pitching rotation for next year, I could almost be ok with a 1yr ext.

I don't know where people get this 1 year extension thing. If Baker is to be reupped, why wouldn't it be for 2 years, just like Hendry got? Either bring him all the way back or don't bring him back at all. I mean with a 1 year deal, next year will be again all about Baker's job status instead of the team. Well, thinking about it, maybe Hendry wants it that way again...

I don't know manny, I just said that as an example. The 1 year theory was something they were throwing around on CTL one day. Everyone has a different theory.

from toni ginnetti in the Sun-Times:

There was one more casualty after the inning when right fielder Jacque Jones had to leave, unable to see out of his left eye because of an infected tear duct. His status is day-to-day.

He must have gotten this from excessive crying over the team's disposition, but..."THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL"

Enter stage right...Freddie Bynum and Angel Pagan. Can we request a short centerfielder?

This is an actual Dusty Baker quote from the trib today:

"I try to do what I can to have the best lineup and to win at the same time."

Uh Dusty here is the thing . . . uh forget it, you wouldn't understand.

the trib, rick morrisey too, wouldnt be a shill for the trib.

he can do what he wants. the most damning thing to me seems to be him calling out dumpster contact, a guy who's not a clubhouse distraction who he will have to deal with for the next 2 years.

im not a r.morrisey fan, but he's gonna have to have a convo with the dumpster about that line...the flip is dumpster's the type of guy that probally wouldnt care anyway. =p

"the trib, rick morrisey too, wouldnt be a shill for the trib."

the chicago tribune, r.morrisey too, etc etc blah blah blah...

WHY WE LOVE Carlos Zambrano, add this to the ways.

from the Tribune this am (by Dave Van Dyck:


Several strange circumstances led to backup catcher Henry Blanco playing first base Sunday, his first appearance there since Sept. 28, 1997, with the Dodgers. He said he'd also played there "a couple of times in winter ball."

Regular first baseman Derrek Lee was on his prescribed day off after playing two straight games, and backup John Mabry has continuing back problems that made him available to pinch-hit but unable to play a full game.

Blanco borrowed Lee's first baseman's glove. And pitcher CARLOS ZAMBRANO WAS FIELDING GROUNDERS AT FIRST during batting practice.

"I can play anything," ZAMBRANO SAID. "I just want the chance."

"I don't know. A 1yr contract is interesting."

If by interesting, you mean completely insane, then yes. There's not one good reason to even consider bringing Dusty back.

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  • been like that everytime I've been there too including Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium. Cubs travel well. It was pretty loud for Angels/Cubs this year and decent for Dodgers/Cubs but Dodger fans definitely turn out better than the Padre fans.

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  • I hope the Cubs play three good teams.

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    I think Dodger Dogs are awful. I love hot dogs, but those are crap.

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  • If my math is correct, if the Cubs play .500 baseball for the rest of the season, they will finish with 99 wins. I only just confirmed through Baseball Reference that 97 wins last year (and 2008) were the most Cubs wins in my lifetime. I think that last year while Arrieta was pitching better than Cy F. Young I didn't really get or appreciate what he was doing. I'm trying to try to grasp in the moment just how fucking remarkable this season is.

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