Miller Time

The much anticipated, season saving return of Wade Miller is tonight. Thanks for joining the club in such a timely fashion. Be sure to pitch really well so you can show off for your future employeer. Guzman once again pitched poorly last night, falling behind in the count and then laying a meatball right down the middle of the plate to avoid the walk. Sort of the anti-Marmol, but same cruddy result. Since the Cubs are playing for nothing and Guzman probably has the most talent in the Cubs farm system, you stick with him through the rest of the year and hope he can turn a corner sooner rather than later. Go Cubs! GAME ONE HUNDRED-FORTY-TWO IN-GAME DISCUSSION THREAD [PARACHAT] CHICAGO CUBS (56-85, (Draft) 2nd, 3.5 GB) AT ATLANTA BRAVES (67-73, (WC) 6th, 7 GB) Turner Field, 6:05 pm CDT Weather: Partly Cloudy, 80 degrees, Wind from L to R @ 7 mph TV: CSN, DirecTV 737 Radio: WGN, XM 184
Chuck James, LHP 8-3, 3.65 ERA, 88.2 IP 60 K, 34 BB, 14 HR 232/311/423 againstWade Miller, RHP (Guess the Year) 15-4, 3.28 ERA, 164.2 IP 144 K, 62 BB, 14 HR 249/322/387 against

*Juan Pierre, CF Ryan Theriot, 2B Aramis Ramirez, 3B Derrek Lee, 1B Matt Murton, LF *Jacque Jones, RF Henry Blanco, C Ronny Cedeno, SS Wade Miller, P Marcus Giles, 2B Willy Aybar, 3B *Adam LaRoche, 1B Andruw Jones, CF *Brian McCann, C Jeff Francoeur, RF *Ryan Langerhans, LF Tony Pena Jr., SS *Chuck James, P

Cubs vs. James: No Cubs with more than 10 Ab's Braves vs. Miller: Edgar Renteria: 0-22, 000/185/000 Chipper Jones: 7-16, 438/500/813 Andruw Jones: 4-15, 267/333/333
I know Renteria has had his problems with Miller but how long ago did all that happen?


Wade Miller?

Is it June already?

haha #1.

Wow, I am really excited about this game... I might even renew my subscription to the Tribune... Thank you Jim Hendry for making this a memorable year.... Thank you Dusty Bake for proving me right once again that you are not the right man for the job...

And thank you Wade Miller for joining the team in september... I hope this years salary has allowed you to get that highly anticipated anchor for your yacht....

And thank you everyone for joining me on this wondeful night in September to celebrate what being a Cubs fan is all about...

More like, thank you Wade Miller for helping to be an anchor dragging the team down tonight...

Another short start by the Cubs staff....pathetic.

cubs are 30 games under .500




The Tribune is greasing the Brenly for manager angle.

I did like this quote...

At the same time, when things turned bad in Arizona in 2004, Brenly said he went back to the basics.

"We had spring training workouts just about every day," he said. "We would be out on the field at 1 in the afternoon, and one day we'd get all the outfielders out there and play the angles off the walls, the next day we'd come out and work on bunt defense, we'd do cutoffs.

"You have to do that. You can't assume just by being around the ballpark, they're going to figure it out on their own. A lot of these guys reached this level based on their talent alone, more so now than ever in the history of the game. A lot of the time, they don't know how to play the game. They know how to swing a bat, they know how to throw a ball, but they don't know what base to throw to in certain situations or where to hit the ball in certain situations."

I think Brenly is too close to the style of Baker, but if he can carry that kind of attitude over, I don't know. That line of thinking is drastically different from Baker who says he has no time to teach at the ML level, that players need to be ready before they get to him.

Check out the article. There are also some other interesting quotes.

"And thank you Wade Miller for joining the team in september... I hope this years salary has allowed you to get that highly anticipated anchor for your yacht...."

First Miller's not getting paid very much, and has yet to get his first big contract so I doubt he's floating around on a yacht. Besides, he can borrow MacFail's yacht if he needs to. I read somewhere the other day that MacPhail has only shown up to 10-12 Cubs games this season so if there is any doubt his dedication to this team, and his place within the franchise is greatly exaggerated. He may as well join the marketing dept since that's what he's mainly doing anyway.

John Brattain at the Hardball Times assessing LAD's playoff chances: "Toss in an eastern swing through New York and Chicago and finishing the season in Colorado and San Francisco, and youíve got a recipe for a meltdown."

I assume that by referring to the trip through Chicago as a hardship for the Dodgers, he means simply that the rigors of travel might wear them out. Or maybe he envisions Garciaparra stumbling over a flight attendant's rolling suitcase at O'Hare, causing every bone in his body to shatter. Surely, though, he cannot mean that the actual Cubs pose some sort of threat.

Well, I'm being harsh. The Cubs could harm the Dodgers by:

1. putting spoiled meat in the clubhouse deli spread
2. locking Roberto Novoa in the Dodgers' locker room with a sign on his back reading "no takebacks"
3. hiring Grady Little back and...oh, wait, no
4. losing every game, making the Dodgers overconfident

This is proving to be an amazing year:

- The Cubs have to win seven of the 20 remaining games to avoid 100 losses. I strongly doubt that that's going to happen. Think about it: $100 million. 100 losses.

- Unless a Cubs starter goes the distance in the next 20 games, this will be the first time in the modern era - the first time since 1900 - that a team will have gone an entire season without a complete game. Think about it: No complete games. Not even one. Amazing.

Well done, Andy, Jim, Dusty! The towel boys probably could have done a better job than you genuises - but never mind, there's always next year.

You make me so very proud to be a Cubs fan.

We gained a game on EVERYONE last night!
Only 2.5 games behind the Royals now.
Here's our battle cry for the game today: We're #2!
We CAN do this.

KC 54 89 -
CHC 56 86 2.5
TB 57 85 3.5
PIT 58 85 4

The Boise Hawks lost to Salem 2-1 on an 11th inning, two out, two strike wild pitch with men on 2nd and 3rd.

Who's their pitching coach, Ryan Dempster?

The Hawks are down 2-1 in a best of 5 series.
Do or die for them from now on...Jake Renshaw pitches tonight.

In a previous thread, someone asked why Dusty Baker was receiving so much criticism when so much of the blame for this season rests on Jim
Hendry's shoulders. I responded that I agreed that Hendry deserved the lion's share of the blame for this lousy season, but that Dusty was an easy target since he was out in front of the media and the fans every day. While I think this is true, I think there's more to it than that.

Dusty joined the Cubs in 2003 with the attitude "Why not us?" It was refreshing to have a manager who snubbed his nose at the losing history of the franchise and focused instead on winning now. He promptly took the team to the post season and came very close to getting in to the WS.

In 2004 all the good feelings built up in 2003 were lost. With arguably a better team, Dusty allowed personality clashes and off field issues to ruin the season. I know some will disagree about Dusty's culpability, but IMO, it is the managers job to keep the clubhouse on an even keel and to difuse any controversies. Dusty didn't do that and the team imploded down the stretch.

In 2005 and 2006, Hendry didn't give Dusty the most talented teams, but the truth is that Dusty didn't do much with what he was given. He made excuses for the team's bad performance and tried to divert attention by talking about the racist hate mail he gets from Cubs fans. This, coupled with the odd in-game decisions he makes has turned many fans against him.

Truth is, no one could have made a winner out of the 2006 Cubs. They were doomed from the beginning. But Dusty did nothing to make the team better. A good manager can help his team overcome obstacles and can create a winning attitude, even in the midst of adversity. Dusty not only didn't improve the situation, he actually helped to make it worse.

At the moment, Dusty has a 312 - 316 W-L record with the Cubs. Dusty does a fine job when he has his "horses," but he seems befuddled whenever the going gets tough. What I and a lot of Cubs fans thought we were getting in 2003 with Dusty was one of the premiere managers in all of baseball. What we ended up with was a run-of-the-mill manager with an overrated reputation.

It's true that Dusty gets more criticism than he deserves for this season, but I think the frustration is with the body of his work in Chicago, not just with the 2006 season. As fans, we thought Dusty was going to bring something to the table that was going to turn the fortunes of the franchise around and turn the team from lovable losers into winners. Instead, he helped to turn the lovable losers into just losers.

hi friends, wanted to give you all a heads up. a major threshold for the cub organization has just been eclipsed. andy macphail's first full season with the team was 1995. through last night's game, macphail is 915-1001. 1000 losses!!

I'm looking at the box score from yesterday...

Miller 3.0 12.00
Ryu 2.2 10.29
Walrond 0.1 14.29...

Horay for double-digit ERAs... lol

If anyone still cares...


v. Lance Cormier... a ground ball pitcher. He's bounced around between minors & majors this year, has a mediocre fastball, good changeup, curve.

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  • Here's Scully's call on Bryant's 10th-inning homer:

    "And it's a long fly ball, a mean fly ball, and a gone fly ball."

    VirginiaPhil 40 min 6 sec ago view
  • When the Cubs were the old, hundred-year Cubs, one bad hop did not undo their opponents.

    VirginiaPhil 43 min 42 sec ago view
  • If only he was clutcher. More clutcher.

    Jackstraw 2 hours 2 min ago view
  • cubs win...bryant with 7HR in his last 8 games.

    crunch 9 hours 14 min ago view
  • bryant 2nd HR of the night for a 2 run lead in the 10th? sure, why not. awesome.

    crunch 9 hours 42 min ago view
  • gawd...jansen's thrown 5 pitches in the past 5 minutes.

    wild pitch (and a K, boo) with heyward advancing! 1 out, heyward on 3rd.


    crunch 9 hours 57 min ago view
  • leadoff double (heyward!) top of the 9th...RALLY!

    crunch 10 hours 4 min ago view
  • carlos ruiz is still coming up to "in the air tonight" by phil 'are you kidding me' collins in LA.

    many years ago before phil collins it was a soulja boy song.

    dude has odd taste in music. at least it's not yanni...i guess.

    crunch 10 hours 14 min ago view
  • Funniest skybox ever

    jacos 10 hours 54 min ago view
  • that was some joke ass official scoring giving him a double. either way, seager's on 2nd and soler's play in the OF is still sketchy.

    crunch 11 hours 3 min ago view
  • Schwarber is worse right?

    jacos 11 hours 7 min ago view
  • Seager with the two out double *cough* to left field in the bottom of the fourth. If Soler just plays that bunny hop off his nuts, it's a single - certainly no double.

    Eric S 11 hours 24 min ago view
  • rizzo is tired of SD/LA night games...yet another towering one that died on the warning track.

    crunch 12 hours 5 min ago view
  • jacos 12 hours 16 min ago view
  • Monty dropped a two strike curve on AGon

    Holy shit!

    jacos 12 hours 32 min ago view
  • See I told you they were up to no good

    jacos 12 hours 33 min ago view