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As I get ready to do some editing on the end-of-year roundtable (and those of you who haven't gotten your answers in yet, you know who you are), I thought I'd take a look back at what we thought about this team at the beginning of the season. Obviously no one foresaw Derrek Lee's injury, but plenty of people foresaw Wood & Prior's struggles. Just about everyone thought Matt Murton would have a decent-to-good year if he got to play, and opinion was decidedly mixed on whether or not the Juan Pierre trade would turn out to be a good one. Opinion was also mixed on Rafael Furcal, with lots of people wishing the Cubs had done what it took to sign him, and others suggesting that what it took was too much. I thought I'd pull out a few predictions, ones that look smart in retrospect and ones that don't, so we can all cast our minds back to six months ago, when anything seemed possible. I mean no disrespect to those people who show up on the bad side of the ledger, all of whom had some prescient things to say as well. If you want to read full responses, you can go back and see what TCR writers, TCR readers, and other Cubs bloggers had to say. The end-of-year roundtable will be posted early next week. THE GOOD MikeC: "A possible disappointment could be Ryan Dempster, he still hasn't got his control problems fixed. Very lucky pitcher last year and baseball has a tendency to even out that luck." ruz: "Jones, meanwhile, will be an albatross by 2008, but this year I expect him to contribute." Rob G.: "Iím glad they stayed away from A.J. Burnett, big upside but just as injury prone as any of our big guys." John Hill: "The short-term results, especially in Cedenoís case, may be ugly, no better than what Neifi Perez might achieve." Rob G.: "I think the biggest surprise will actually be Jacque Jones." ruz: "Sean Marshall looks like he's going to get a chance to prove some things in April, but I think before the end of the year it'll be a different tall lefty, Rich Hill, we'll be talking about." MannyTrillo: "[Hendry] did not properly prepare for the very likely injuries to Wood and Prior." THE BAD Shawngoldman: "Cedeno I think will do well and will be an upgrade over Neifi offensively." Bleeding Blue: "The biggest surprise will be Kerry Wood. Despite being written off as a waste of 12 million dollars, he will come back by early May and win 10-15 games this season." Rob G.: "I envision Baker getting fired if this team is at or below .500 on June 1st." ruz: "I think Scott Williamson is going to be a difference-maker in the bullpen." Al Yellon: "One of the distinct improvements will come from a pitcher who was on the club last year, but didn't contribute much: Scott Williamson. Just as Ryan Dempster took a year to come back from his surgery, so will Williamson." ruz: "[Hendry and Baker] will get extensions early in the season." Joe Aiello: "Juan Pierre's stolen base numbers will be a disappointment. There is no way he breaks 50 like he did in Florida." THE UGLY The Real Neal: "92 wins." Joe Aiello: "The Cubs will win 91 games." Crunch: "I'm gonna go with 87-90 wins." John Hill: "87 wins." Andrew: "The Cubs go 87-75." Al Yellon: "I think the Cubs can win between 85 and 90 games." ruz: "85 wins." Scott Lange: "84-78." Nickelnights: "83 wins." Derek Smart: "I'd peg them at the moment as an 82-win squad." Rob G.: "80-82 wins would be a safe bet." Chuck Gitles: "I've got them between 78 and 83 wins." Will Carroll: "72-90."


Is there any way we can go back and edit our pre-season comments?

Although reading the bad predictions is rather amusing--almost as amusing as adding Dusty to the list of managers clogging up the unemployment line will be.

Are there games this weekend..?

I predict for the 2007 Cubs:

funny thing - most of those Win-Loss predicitons, as mediocre as they sound, would have won the division!

I made the prediction that eyre and howry were terrific additions, but Dusty would overuse them so much, that he might either reinjure them or hurt them in the future. Eyre's era is over 5 for the second half. Howry set a personal record for appearance. Dusty even uses them in sure losses. It is beyond anything...why hurt them?

Chris deLuca in the suntimes today says something like if they are still any good next year.

This is all on that man's head.

Do you guys think Eyre's era is because of overuse? Will these guys hold up or be ruined because of the soon to be fired (he is worse than Jim Essian)manager?


Sandberg rips Cubs and takes shots at (yes he's talikng about him Manny) Dusty

I've already moved past this season and am looking forward to next season. I am a relatively new Cub Fan and in order to get my Cub fix between October and April I am thinking of going to the Cub Convention in January. Can anyone give me some insight. I am not (yet) a DIE-HARD, BlEEDING BLUE, cub fan but I am somewhat getting there...is it worth the trip...

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  • PHIL: Thanks for your updates.

    One thing that we are seeing come to bear is that Theo's obvious strategy has been to stockpile young, power arms in the lower levels while owning bats that are much nearer to MLB ready - then, buying the arms the org needs in order to be highly competitive.

  • It's fun to watch the cards shit the bed anytime of the year

  • I really thought he would be the one getting the call-up. This must be a favor to the player from Theo.

  • I'm already scoreboard watching and it's only the start of May. How pathetic is that?

  • Glad to see Hudson having another good outing. He is so impressive for an 18/yo. Surprised to see Shane V. still there. I thought he would be gone this week. I can picture today. Thanks Phil!

  • stats don't lie. *nods*

  • 2016 Cubs are 0-1 on day after Trans recaps, 20-5 in other games. I enjoy his recaps, but there is a price to pay.

  • He's the Albert Pujols of recaps and has gotten a huge contract based on past performance. He doesn't need to do anything the rest of his days and he'll still get love.

  • I thought he was one-and-done on recaps?

    Didn't he get Optioned?

  • Link?

    /I keed

  • Thank you very much for such a robust response. So hard to get anything on these guys that it's nice to hear from someone who has actually seen them. Great to hear about Paredes, I have pretty high hopes for this group of IFAs.

    How impressed are you with these guys and size? I know they're pretty large prospects, especially for their ages. I consider size a plus at this stage - IIRC Amaya is the only one below 6'2"? IIRC Kwon had some baby fat on him it, Sierra's traditionally considered projectable as he's all arms and legs, Paredes has that Peralta build at SS....

  • Godzilla won in the Japanese version, Kong swam off in the American one. At least I think that's how it went....Rematch in 2020, possibly!

  • He has a community everywhere and he can go into any bathroom he damn well chooses.. His recaps are that good.

  • Trans has a community in NC?

  • i do hold strong feelings for which bathroom lester should use...mostly because i think he'd make a huge mess at a stand up urinal.

  • Phil, any news on Oscar de la Cruz? Is he actively rehabbing?