Peoria Chiefs Name Manager

A few days ago, right here at TCR, I dared Ryne Sandberg to take the open Peoria manager's job. Well, guess what happened?


dateline: peoria, june 2007:

ryne sandberg retires from his managerial gig after being found confused and crying in the corner of the clubhouse after ever-expanding practical jokes upon him by kids 1/2+ his age he's still trying to figure out "exactly what was funny about that."

absolutely no harm/no foul/etc. in this, but sandberg the leader of men? that should be interesting for a guy who's usually the "last person to get the memo" about what's going on around him that doesnt involve a double play.

C'mon Crunch! I can see it now...

Just imagine Ryno up close & personal spitting tobacco-laden loogies into some 22-year old umpire's face after the kid ump reverses a Peoria home run, or throwing bases all over the ball park after a runner gets called out on an attempted steal of second, or upending the post-game spread after his team blows a 6-1 9th inning lead, or smashing the water-cooler after Mark Pawelek walks-in three runs in the first inning. This is going to be FUN!

Time will tell but give the guy a chance. One of the greatest players in Cubs' history. Does that mean he will be a great manager? Again, time will tell. Were the only great managers who were players guys who were leaders as players? Was LaRussa a leader as a player? I don't know, you just might find that Sandberg rises to the occasion.

His track-record with the Cubs organization and baseball in general should give him the right to get a shot at managing if he wants one.

Hopefully it works out, for both him and us.

my only concern with ryno is how either clueless he is to his peer's activities (yes, beyond the whole sleeping with his wife thing) or how much he cant comprehend what he's seeing.

he always kinda reminded me of a wide-eyed guy who stuff "happens to" as a kind of surprise even though he's around to see what's unfolding right in front of his face.

of course almost all of this is based on stuff from a decade ago and time changes a lot of things, including focus and humility.

he's no cal ripken in the observation department.

As someone who has talked to Ryno a few times since his retirement, I think Cubs fans will be pleasantly surprised.

The quiet, shy "kid" we remember in his playing prime has matured into a thoughtful, surprisingly articulate middle-ager.

I think there were some personal issues earlier in his life that led to his retiscence. He now seems much more comfortable in his own skin.

Good for Ryno. He may never be a Piniella-like screamer, but I think he has a good shot to be a leader-by-example type who clearly knows a great deal about the small things that make players complete.

Ryno now != playing days Ryno, but I'm still not sure he's got the right makeup to be a manager. I certainly wish him the best, though.

"Momma always said playing baseball was like a box of chocolates..."

Come on guys, give him a shot before you write him off as dumber than Devin Hester.

my assessment of ryno is based on his playing days clear that up a bit.

i have no idea what the man's makeup has been applying itself to the game on whole aside from his semi-ballsy calling out of some of the primadona players in his HOF speech.

no harm/no foul, but i do think it'll be more interesting of an experience to observe even if he was just a chump nobody instead of a HOF'r.

AP Reports that Bill Wirtz has offered $780 Mil for the Cubs.

If Wirtz rumor is true then yes, there is something worse than the Tribune owning the team.

and people thought the Trib were bad owners....

Hey Steve Stone,

You're kidding right? If not, do you have a link?

Cool! I'll get to see Ryno & the Chiefs roll through town this summer for their games with the Silverhawks.

in response to comment #1: Sandberg was a notorious practical joker in his playing days and will probably be re-energized by young hungry ball players, as well as delight in their jokes. Also, Let's not forget that during Sandberg's HOF speech he called out many of today's superstars on their unwillingness to do the little things that make ball players great..bunt, turn a doubleplay, etc. Something many inductees had failed to address or notice. I look for this to be a positive for the organization in general. Sandberg will deffinetly have a lot to offer the youth of our minor league system.

"#10 of 15: By Steve Stone (December 5, 2006 01:19 PM)
AP Reports that Bill Wirtz has offered $780 Mil for the Cubs."

Without any link, I doubt this to be true. But if that ever happens, I quit being a Cub fan.

My sentiments exactly Chad...

Re Ryno:
The "strong, silent type" can be a successful manager. Walter Alston, for one. Often underestimated, yet had front office support (a key) and won a hell of a lot of ballgames, with different styles of teams, on 24 one-year consecutive contracts. Just a thought, not to suggest there's a substantive similarity in the two men.

nothing comes up on a google news search on this wirtz offer so I assume it's bogus.

I would like to know more about this alleged racism. Within any large group (fans of the Cubs) there are going to people from all walks of like, and unfortunately, some of them will be whackos and some will be racists. Its ugly and wrong, but you will find it everywhere. If he was getting multiple racist epithets thrown at him from many people then I will be as shocked as I will be sickened, but something tells me that its a couple of isolated jerkoffs who would do something like that.

Chad, I'd have to agree with you about that, but keep in mind, even if it's 4 or 5 jerkoffs, if you get these 2 or 3 guys out there once every 10 games, those are the guys that will stand out in his memory no matter how the rest of the fans were.

After all, if you're walking down the street and pass 500 people, maybe 150 people say hello to you, 340 don't say anything, and 10 people say "Hey fuckbag get off of my sidewalk", who are you most likely to remember? The 490 people who either greeted or ignored you or the 10 people that went out of their way to insult you? If you're like most people, you'll remember the 10.

I would guess (and hope) it was just some isolated incidents, but when he experienced that on top of the general booing and such he received at first it probably snowballed...

I think Sandberg will do just fine. It's not like he wasn't liked in the clubhouse, or that he didn't know baseball. Sure there have been very few successful managers who were HoF players, but you can't take a trend and attribute it to one player.

Because the last 6 people who walked into Wrigley were men, the next person must be a man. That 'logic' makes no sense.

During the mid-later part of his career, it was often said that he and Dawson had the clubhouse well in control. I guess Ryno contributed to that by being 'a wide-eyed guy who stuff "happens to" as a kind of surprise even though he's around to see what's unfolding right in front of his face.'

They had a lot of bad teams, but I don't remember the lack of general baseball acumen that the last three Cubs teams have displayed. When players do stupid things, it is the Coach's job to point them out, but without the knowing nods from the other players as he does so, the player will just ignore advice, and contine getting picked off 2nd with two outs.

Oh yeah, wasn't Frank Chance a HoF'r and a manager? Didn't see him in the Sandberg article.

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