Free Agent Frenzy Update

Right before the free agency period began, I let you guys chime in on your free agent picks. Unfortunately I can't link up to it at the moment as they haven't imported all of our archives quite yet, so you're going to have to trust me on this for now. Each free agent has signed that was on the list sans Zito, so I added up the totals so far and here are the current results: Chifan3887 64 Junior 59 WPZ 59 Jackie T 58 Z 56 TWCoffee 56 Carmenfanzone 54 Sweet Lou 54 Vorare 54 Jessica 54 IM Slacker 53 Green Lantern 52 Dallas Green 52 Aaron B 51 Bogey 51 Karl H. 49 Rob G. 46 433 43 BobbyMac 41 The E-Man 41 Real Neal 41 Bleeding Blue 39 Cubster 31 Champsummers 31 Jacos 31 Tom C 26 Nohit 23 MannyTrillo 22 There's also a fella named Ernie who entered but he had three guys at a 12 confidence level and another two at a 10 confidence level, so I didn't feel his picks should count nor was he that close anyway. Manny picked the Cubs for every free agent as a joke, so don't rag on him too much. Chifan3887 successfully chose Bonds to the Giants at 11, Lee to the Astros at 13, Lugo to the Red Sox at 12, Matsuzaka to the Red Sox at 15 and made his big push with Matthews Jr. to the Angels at 3 and being the only one to correctly guess Maddux to the Padres at 10. With only Zito left, I believe here are the possibilities. - If he signs with the Yanks, Vorare will tie with Chifan3887. - If the Padres surprise everyone, then Junior will win. - If he signs with the Rangers, WPZ wins. - If he signs with the Mets or any other team, Chifan3887 is the winner. And the winner will get a $15 gift certificate at (although you could probably talk me into a gift certificate somewhere else baseball related) OR a $15 donation to a Cubs charity. I'll also give you a free post, preferably Cub related but at the very least baseball related.


Go Texas!

I don't know what would be more exciting, $15 off my Cubs No. 33 jersey I'm going to buy for Glendon's breakout 2007 campaign or my very own "Fire Lou and Trade Alfonso" post at TCR on April 3!

The bad news is, I don't think the Rangers are bidding against themselves this time.

neat prize.

Good job Chifan...

You get my props.

Hate to be that guy who changes the subject, but did I miss the memo about the Diamond Jaxx switching affliations to the Mariners?

I was not aware the Cubs AA affiliate was now the Tennessee Smokies, formerly D-Backs AA.

Neat, I was expecting my score to be quite a bit lower. Safe to say the Yankees won't be signing Zito, so congrats to Chifan, WPZ, or Junior.


Yep, that was announced quite awhile ago. It was actually the Cubs that ditched the Jaxx; they reportedly wanted their AAers to play in front of bigger crowds and the Jaxx were in the cellar attendance-wise.

You missed my score. It's so high, it's above your top menu bar in your browser. It's so clear that it's transparent.

Needless to say I'm better than you.

Manny may have lost this contest, but he' s still a whinner to me. I keed! I keed!

Seeing the Cubs charity reference, I'm wondering if my fellow TCRers would be up for some sort of holiday group charity gift. It's pretty fun and amazing to see what a little chipping in by a lot of visitors to a website can do.

For example, what if we all match the $15 free agent prize with our own $15 donations to one charity we all agree on? Maybe Derrek Lee's daughter's foundation? I am sure we could easily get to a $1000 group gift.

Just a nutty holiday idea while I'm in a giving mood. Who's in?

How did I have Zito signing with the Indiana Pacers?

Boy, am I dumb.

This doesn't exactly fit in this thread, but whatever... We Cub fans might find it amusing to see what this dude was wearing at the time of his arrest for indecent exposure.

Check out the link:

433: I'm in. As long as we can do it through paypal cause I don't do checks.

News on Floyd...

While playing in his native Chicago would be preferable, the Cubs' willingness to sign him may be contingent upon trading another corner outfielder

There are a couple articles saying the hold up in the Floyd signing is Jones status with the team. It makes it sound like if the Cubs can't deal Jones then they don't need Floyd (which makes sense). But if they can he would likely be our RFer and Soriano would be the only person capable of playing CF at that point.

no one would sign floyd to play RF...he really is one of the worst LF'rs out there even when healthy.

Sosa begins training (injecting?) for return to majors

Sosa hit the ball out of the park 15 times while training at a field in San Pedro de Macoris that is operated by the Japanese Central League's Hiroshima Carp. The 38-year-old slugger said he had received calls from teams interested in signing him but declined to reveal their names.

..."I want the chance and I believe one is going to appear. This time I will accept an offer like the one with the Nationals because I want to get back to the majors," he said.

Somehow the Hiroshima Carp remind me of this Simpsons episode from season two:

Two Cars In Every Garage And Three Eyes On Every Fish

Rob G.:
Chifan3887 successfully chose Bonds to the Giants at 11, Lee to the Astros at 13, Lugo to the Red Sox at 12, Matsuzaka to the Red Sox at 15 and made his big push with Matthews Jr. to the Angels at 3 and being the only one to correctly guess Maddux to the Padres at 10.


…�?I want the chance and I believe one is going to appear. This time I will accept an offer like the one with the Nationals because I want to get back to the majors,�? he said.

Sure, the Cub's should sign him. RF, $400k, Iowa Cub's.

Dontrell boozing it up gets busted for drunken driving:

So much for that Roberto Clemente Award nomination the past two years.

I read somewhere recently about a possible 3-way trade that involved the Dodgers giving up Brad Penny. I seem to recall mention that L.A. would get an OF if the deal happened. How about Murton or Jones for Penny, sign Floyd for a one-year deal with incentives to play LF, and plug Penny in at #2 starter, Lilly to #3, Marquis to #4, Hill to #5 (most things I'm reading aren't optimistic about Prior, and I just don't know about Wade Miller at this point}. Honestly, I don't even know if Dodgers have need for another OF at this point, bit it was fairly recent and I definitely feel we could use another starter.

*Sosa hit the ball out of the park 15 times while training at a field in San Pedro de Macoris that is operated by the Japanese Central League’s Hiroshima Carp. The 38-year-old slugger said he had received calls from teams interested in signing him but declined to reveal their names.*

He should find out where Rickey Henderson hangs out, apparently that place is very friendly to delusional ex-Major Leaguers who like to sit by the phone sweating with anticipation.

*How about Murton or Jones for Penny, sign Floyd for a one-year deal with incentives to play LF*

How about 'no'? What part of "Floyd is done" did you miss?

Maybe Helton can play left for the Angels-

You know going through Murton's splits yesterday and today, I was shocked to see the HUGE difference in his home/away and day/night splits from last year:

Home - .330/.404/.514/.918 (246 PA's)
Away - .266/.328/.380/.708 (262 PA's)

Day - .274/.336./402/.738 (259 PA's)
Night - .321/.395/.489/.884 (249 PA's)

Man, if Murton plays only night home games, he would be a HOFer.

Some Cubs winter league stats, the GOOD, BAD and the UGLY...

Casey McGehee: batting .299, 7 HR's and 35 RBI's in 59 games
Les Walrond: 5-2, 3.38 ERA, 40 K's and 19 BB's in 8 starts (45.1 IP)
Angel Guzman: 0-0, 3.46 ERA, 11 K's, and 2 BB's in 4 starts (13.0 IP)


Henry Blanco: batting .208 in 47 games
Ronny Cedeno: batting .232, 2 HR and 11 RBI in 32 games
Buck Coats: batting .211, 3 HR and 18 RBI's
Felix Pie: batting .216, 1 HR and 16 RBI's in 38 games

Congrats Chifan!

And- for you SABR devotees, if you haven't read this from new Asst. GM Randy Bush, I'm curious what you think of his quote:

""To think that it's a black-or-white issue, that was really oversimplified in the book," Bush said, referring to "Moneyball," Michael Lewis' best-seller on the Oakland A's front office. "Actually, it's a combination of all the different ways you gather information. Certainly, you go by what you see, but you also have to look at a player's track record, his history, statistical analysis. …"

From Chi Trib/Chicago

Guzman has marvelous control everyplace except the majors. It's just a matter of time. I'm still a big believer.

my take on Angel Guzman...

He missed so much pitching because of his shoulder surgery and it seems that he is healthy now and has gotten the innings needed to consider him mlb ready. I think the shoulder problem set him back at least 2-3 yrs. If so (healthy and now enough arm strength based on innings), his experience last year should put him in "light bulb going on mode" ala Rich Hill was upon his last return to the majors last yr (although Hill's success/failure had nothing to do with recovery from injury). The only problem with these situations are that windows of opportunities are limited, so every time you blow a chance to succeed at the mlb level it often leads to your next opportunity with another organization especially when options remaining become an issue. All I can say is Guzman's upside is what mlb dreams are made of...and nobody understands that better than a Cub fan.

Cubs release 8 no-name pitchers from the minors.

RHP's, Ryan Bicondoa, Steve Bronder, Jose Caridad, Roger Evenson, Kyle Holden, Robert Ransom and LHP's Isaac Pavlik and Jesus Yepez.

Evenson and Holden were former draft picks (mid-rounds), the rest were free agent signings.

Ken Griffey Jr. has broken his hand:

May or may not be ready for spring training.

The guy just needs to live in a plastic bubble.

Yeah and Mark Prior is wondering if there is room for him, too, in the Griffey's plastic bubble.

Can we please stop posting old news that has been posted on here before? Thanks!!!! (just joking as I don't care but some people constantly post that so I just figured I would save them the time)

what old news are you talking about manny? but thanks for the cheap shot....

Mannytrillo, regarding your surprise at MM's home/away splits, I guess The Towel picked the wrong twelve games at Wrigley to watch Matt Murton. Somehow he got the impression that (.330/.404/.514/.918 (246 PA’s) = mediocre.

Or maybe he just couldn't see. I haven't been to a game at Wrigley recently. Do some of the field boxes have obstructed views?

Rob, AZ Phil posted that information yesterday morning on the other thread.

Maybe he was blinded by Murton's red hair..:)

got you, my bad, thanks once again for the cheap shot.

Hey, are the archives gone now? Are we only able to access threads from late NOV and on?

for now, eventually they'll all be back.

Rob G.-
What "cheap shot"? You and others have been posting that a lot lately, right? And been pretty fervent about it to at times, right?

cheap shot because it was directed towards me and maybe a few others without actually mentioning us by name cause your gutless. As for posting it a lot lately, it was mostly during the Winter Meetings live blogging that I was "fervent" about it for reasons that I already stated. I've backed off of it since then and it's really only annoying when the news is posted 2-3 times within 20-30 comments of each other or so old that we've obviously all moved on.

anyway, go internet!

Rob G.:
"cheap shot because it was directed towards me and maybe a few others without actually mentioning us by name cause your gutless."

HA HA Gutless? Whatever DUDE...

I didn't remember exactly everyone who did it, so I wasn't going to call out people without being sure. Not a big deal, but obviously to you it is, sorry then.

Yes, go internet, where anyone can act like a tough guy.

Griffey does live in a bubble, but the card said Moops! Moops!

-sigh- Yes, I admit it. He broke his hand attacking me after he lost at Trivial Pursuit.

"Yes, go internet, where anyone can act like a tough guy."

Like me!

what's with the imposter posters lately? Please knock it off. Talk about gutless.

By the way, I don't know how many of you have ESPN Insider, but I thought it was funny how Rob Neyer mentions the Cubs in both 2 of the best bargain signings (DeRosa and A-Ram) as well as 2 of the worst bargain signings (Soriano and Marquis). Although he also seems to think the Cubs will eventually realize DeRosa isn't an everyday starter.

"Mark DeRosa got exactly the same money as Catalanotto, $13 million for three seasons, and it's easy to think of them as similar players. They're not, though. While Catalanotto once was a versatile defender, he hasn't played more than five games in the infield since 2002. DeRosa isn't the hitter that Catalanotto is, but he brings a great deal of versatility to the table, able to play just about anywhere but center field and behind the plate. He's not really good enough to play every day -- the Cubs have him slotted at second base -- but once they figure that out, he'll be one of the better utility men in the majors." -Rob Neyer

The TCR semi-meaningless stat of the day

The list of leaders in balls hit over 380 feet last season

1. G.Atkins – 64
2. D.Ortiz – 61
3. R.Howard – 60
T4. Pujols – 57
T4. Sexson – 57

I do miss Rob Neyer articles, damn you ESPN and your Insider access.


Re: your post #7, I'm in too.

Happy Holidays to all-

I know--I've had Insider for about 3 years but I'm letting my subscription expire (sometime around January 3, I think) because it's just too damn expensive for not enough real content. I used to like it because they would compile a list of all the headlines from every newspaper for the teams that you selected, which was nice as I'd be able to read articles about the Cubs from New York, San Francisco, Florida, etc., papers as well as Chicago. But that feature has long been eliminated.

For the last 8 months I've used it only for reading Rob Neyer....

Yes, go internet, where anyone can act like a tough guy.
hey don't forget about me!

Hey does anyone here subscribe to Baseball Prospectus? If so, I was wondering if there was anything Cub-related worth metioning in this article:

It's about rating baserunners in 2006 (best and worst). The Brewers blog here at MVN did a little blurb about it, though they were focused on Bill Hall and how he was the 9th worst baserunner of 2006, mostly due to SB's. Chone Figgins, by the way, was ranked as the best baserunner in MLB according to them.

Why would anyone get so upset if someone posted something that had been posted before? Why would anyone take the time to respond to someone who posted something a 2nd time? Does he have time to waste? Why would said person respond in a assholish sort of way as to provoke further responses, which, when you think about it, any time someone is saying something was posted before is being an asshole and most people add something to make it quite clear they're being a prick about it. So why waste all this time and comments forcing others to read about something that was posted twice? Now we've had to read 2 dozen retarded comments about the same thing when we could have just read the two. I don't get people who talk on the internet on these things. They make little sense to me and little sense to the rest of the world.

I apologize for wasting your time having to read this, but you can skip over it if you wish and responding to it will only make someone else waste their time even further.


I just mentioned that article in the new post, TCR Friday Notes, but no mention of any Cubs. Good article though.


linking to the same article twice isn't a big deal and I'm not sure how angry people really get, more just annoyed. When people keep mentioning Schmidt getting an offer for 3/44 about 20 times in the same thread, than yeah it gets real annoying. More than anything though, if you want your comments read, I think it's just a courtesy to read other people's comments as well as see if news has already been posted. Yes, stuff will get missed and there's no reason to get angry when it happens once in awhile. But when it becomes an epidemic, like it was for awhile, it just needed to be pointed out that people should pay attention to what's going on.

Anyway, no big deal and sorry for wasting more time with this response. :)

It would be nice if there was any Cubs news. cubs mentioned (except for Barrett mentioned at the lowest percentiles with Jermaine Dye and Bernie Williams). Note even a Juan Pierre listing.

Top baserunner in 2006 for Total Baserunning was Chone Figgins, the worst was Benjie Molina.

Post #47 is not me.

It is pretty lame to impersonate someones name and post under it, thinking your cute and funny.

Oh yeah I forgot.....trace post #47's IP address to some of the other posters on this site and you probably got a match.

It is good to expose name impersonators and run them off this site forever.

one of the lovely new tools I have is a more robust IP search, so yeah it's been done. They've been warned privately (strike one), I haven't come up with strike two yet but it'll be something similar to your idea in #53 Mike, strike three is banishment.

Cool, thanks

someone give the google ads a whack, it seems out of order. They have an add for an "albert pujols" clock rght now on the left. Talk about the wrong audience.

Thanks Mike and Rob G re imposters.

I have to admit I "retaliated" against an imposter poster, as I felt violated there. But if you are saying there is something in place regarding this, I will not stoop to this behavior in the future.

I just didn't know what to do...


Rob - where did I have ZITO going?

How many points is he worth?


click on the link in the post with the google spreadsheet, everyone's picks are there.

Could you check that score again? You have me down
as picking Lilly for the Cubs with a 4 but not scoring it
I don't remember who I picked to be honest ( except that
I was sure Maddux would stay with the Dodgers before
the Colletti/Boras blowout) but if I did pick Lilly I get to move
up a few spots. Not like I am going to win but always fun to
beat the "experts"

Why not call out those imposters?? I don't think much more besides exposing them would a deterrent, except maybe banishment, which will most likely never happen.

I have been an advocate of registering your handle for a long time. Does this new format give that capability?

I gave them a private warning, next one will be more public and the third will be banning their IP address (of course that's pretty easy to get around).

As for registering your handle, I'm not sure it can handle it quite yet.

thanks for the catch Jessica, as you noticed I highlighted all the correct picks, but I missed your Lilly pick which is why I didn't count it. It should be fixed now.

I usually suck at these things so it is nice
to be slightly above average.


no bracket test

hell, it does it without the brackets...seems to be a problem reforming the comments section in permalink in realtime.

there's some lag rebuilding it.

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  • J-Hey not finishing with an offensive onslaught.

    If Geoff Blum could be a Playoff hero, there is hope still...

    The E-Man 2 hours 38 min ago view
  • Giants scare me. I think you're wrong about Bumgarner, he would pitch on short rest for Game 2 and then full rest for Game 5. Cueto would go Game 1, then short rest in game 4. Add in some really tough outs in that lineup and I want nothing to do with them. With that rotation they can easily steal a series.

    Cards are a tough matchup. The rivalry evens out their comparable lack of talent. And like someone said, they love HRs, which is how to beat the Cubs. The upside is that I would feel really good about Lester twice against STL.

    John Beasley 3 hours 24 min ago view
  • j.buchanan with a nice start...5ip 2h 1bb 3k, 0r/er

    zobrist with 2HR and a double through 8

    heyward 0-4 :(

    crunch 15 hours 24 min ago view
  • Mark Gonzales @MDGonzales

    Soler likely to return Sunday, Maddon says

    crunch 18 hours 2 min ago view
  • Right now, I'd like to see the Mets first, Giants 2nd.

    I believe that since most of the team from last years' NLCS is on the squad this year, they will really amp their game up even more to kick their ass in payback for 2015.

    The Giants just do not have the depth in years past, and I think all things equal - and at Wrigley - they could handle them.

    I do not want to see the Cards, period. Or their fans, media, or Joe Buck.

    The E-Man 18 hours 21 min ago view
  • I don't want to play Braves in the first round. Any friggin team in the league can win 3 of 5..I hate the first round. Furthermore, I wanted to play the Marlins in 2003 and the Mets over Dodgers last year.

    With that said in reverse order:
    3. Cardinals: It will be devastating to lose in the first round, but even worse to their main rival. It is increased incentive for the Cardinals, especially after last year. Cards would have nothing to lose, Cubs have everything to lose.

    2. Giants: Rotation in the playoffs scare me a bit, but what a lousy team.

    blockhead25 19 hours 4 min ago view
  • 1. Mets--because of the losses in the rotation
    2. Giants--because they're not the team they were BUT they maybe have bullshit even-year magic?
    3. Cardinals--because rivalry and not making the playoffs hurts them more than losing in the NLDS plus getting eliminated by them in the playoffs would make for horrible sports commentary next throughout next season.

    Charlie 20 hours 48 min ago view
  • Who's asking?

    jacos 20 hours 49 min ago view
  • #TeamEntropy

    CLE/DET rained out last night already, possible rain-outs in New York (vs. Baltimore), Boston(vs. Toronto) and Philly(vs. Mets) this weekend too.

    Not only games involving playoff spots that would need to be played, but any that involve home field advantage.

    Rob G. 20 hours 58 min ago view
  • I got the first one! Second one I'm not even sure what even/odd betting is.

    johann 21 hours 45 min ago view
  • any opponent preference for NLDS?

    Mets are down to 1 great pitcher instead of 4. Syndegaard may pitch Sunday which means if Mets win the WC game, he'd be set up for Game 1. There's a chance they clinch a spot by Sunday so he'd pitch the WC and then we'd probably get Colon for Game 1. They've certainly had the hottest bats over the last week and month out of the WC options.

    Rob G. 22 hours 7 min ago view
  • Rob Richardson 1 day 3 hours ago view
  • Can't teach height and thinness

    jacos 1 day 5 hours ago view
  • Hopefully Pirates don't call up A. Lincoln.

    jacos 1 day 14 hours ago view
  • j.buchanan going friday...should something like it.

    crunch 1 day 14 hours ago view
  • Wow. I didn't know they could do that.

    Nice for Willson, not so much for Addy.

    billybucks 1 day 15 hours ago view