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- A final thanks to "Dying Cub Fan" for his advocacy pieces on Ron Santo's Hall of Fame candidacy. If you do have a moment, at the very least, please go visit and sign their online petition which will be forwarded to the Veterans Committee. - And if you needed a bit more sabermetric convincing, Jay Jaffe, a writer for Baseball Prospectus and the operator of the website Futility Infielder and all-around Hall of Fame know-it-all, wrote back in 2005 about the injustice of Ron Santo not being in the Hall. He's even gone so far as to develop a Hall of Fame metric utlizing BP's Warp3 scores(his system is known as JAWS) and well here's the conclusion:
Santo ought to be a slam dunk, especially at such an underrepresented position. His JAWS score is higher than about three-quarters of the enshrined hitters, and among third basemen, only Boggs (103.0), Mike Schmidt (102.8), Eddie Mathews (90.9), George Brett (90.2), and Paul Molitor (85.3) score higher. His peak score is astronomical; in fact only seven hitters reached more lofty heights: Babe Ruth (70.6), Ted Williams (69.0), Willie Mays (64.7), Rogers Hornsby (63.2), Mickey Mantle (62.6), Joe Morgan (61.9) and Boggs (61.6). You may have heard of them.
- Jim Leyland is my hero. This is a transcription of a radio interview he did in Detroit when asked about Neifi Perez. I believe the question was, "what does Jim Leyland see in Neifi Perez that we as fans and media members don’t?"
Well that’s a good question because he played terrible. And what had happened was we got reports from our scouts, and I had known him from the past. We were kind of in a panic situation. We had lost Polly and we needed someone who could come in and play second, and play shortstop as well because Carlos needed some time off. And up to this point it looks like we made a mistake. So Neifi’s going to have to prove us wrong this spring because has not been a good acquisition up to this point. But that was my fault, and the scouts. And I like said we had to have somebody. And I hope Neifi’ll prove us wrong. I think he’ll be much better than what he showed last year because he showed absolutely nothing when he came over.
- It's Cubs Convention time!!! If you're going, drop a note in the comments if something interesting happens. Readers MannyTrillo and Zeke offered to do write-ups on the weekend which will hopefully be up Sunday and/or Monday (if they're still up for it). - Here's a Winter League update. It looks like Angel Guzman and Ronny Cedeno have found their groove in the playoffs. - What's the fun in the top 100 Cubs, when you can have a look at the Bottom 126 Cubs? Why won't I be surprised if there are a couple of crossovers? Go Bears!!!
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I hate Dayn Perry:

He has yet to see the guy pitch, and he's already calling him a reliever. I swear, Perry sold out when he signed that deal with Fox Sports. He used to be a nice analyst.

Oh and I also hate him because he has a "y" in the middle of his name. Like Jayson Stark. And Jayson Werth.

Semmer down, Carlyos.

I mean Carlos.

For those at home, WGN Radio is broadcasting from the Cubs convention tonight (7-9 CT)

Heres a link for the schedule interviews:

dan perry's just f'n insane now.

he's written articles lately about how bonds wont break aaron's record in 07, why the wsox need to shore up their weak spots (their bats), and how brilliant mets gm omar m. has been this offseason.

...oh, and his jim rice belongs in the HOF piece...

thnx lnl

For all you TCR commenters who love the worthless Cesar Izturis because of his "magic" glove, here's a interesting note for Friday. Using the metric FRAA (Fielding Runs Above Average), here are some totals for the first seven professional seasons of a few prominent glove men.

Ozzie Smith 139
Bill Mazeroski 123
Jackie Robinson 75
Ron Santo 64

Wow, just an incredible total for Ozzie.

And now here's the useless Cesar Izturis's career FRAA after his 7 years in the bigs.


That's right. 6.

This guy is also making $2.5 mil this year. Thanks Jim!!!

Cesar's only been in the league since 2001, that's six seasons. Second, he's only played 150+ games in 2 of those seasons (and one season of 135).

But yeah, BP's metrics sure don't think he's a great glove man.

Video of Kasper singing Folsom Prison Blues

”dan perry’s just f’n insane now.”
And he has a terrible haircut.


Oh and I also hate him because he has a “y” in the middle of his name.


Yo, Rob.

I LOVE the new SNAP! preview feature on your links!

It really makes it unnecessary to preview the tinyurls any longer.

A tip of the hat

Thanks for the heads-up about WGN Radio's coverage of the Cubs Convention, Little Nate Lewis.

yeah, that was fun stuff.

evidently the dumpster not being a fatass anymore really is true...lets see how long he keeps it up.

oh did they install that SNAP feature? I wasn't going to ask for it but if you guys like it, I'll leave it. I don't think it works in the comments in the popup box though.

if you didn't the read the comments of the other thread though, check out comment #37 in the previous thread. Long URL's are automatically shortened now and I believe a preview button will eventually be added.

Perry is right in that $10 million is too much for a low first round draft pick. And as I pointed out at the time of his being drafted, he hasn't been very....what's that word?... good in college.

If Notre Dame is a hitter's park though, 6 HR's over his last 176.1 innings is pretty sick, though.

I wonder how Perry knows that Smardjza is incapable of developing a change-up.

crunch, told you Nixon wouldn't get a big deal.

I remember BA did an article on him, I think it was the year after he was drafted, and in it he said 'I am going to do what it takes to be a legend in the game', I was always impressed by that mentality. Too bad he couldn't stay healthy or hit left handers, he may have put up a few all-star calibre seasons.

not a fan of snap, myself...especially watching snap trying to churn over every link on the page for a preview.

Smardjizia ""I went into this decision with an open mind, not thinking about injuries or longevity," he said.

Boy, did you sign with the right organization!

I think it's a horrible deal from someone who is far from polished and will be likely wasting a 40-man spot for the next 2 seasons at least, if not longer.

From BP:

'Second Base
Eric Patterson, Chicago Cubs (34.9)
Among position players with no big league experience, Patterson has the highest projected VORP heading into 2007. That and $4.50 will not get him a cup of coffee at a Wrigleyville Starbucks.'

VORP, unfortunately in this case, doesn't include fielding. Lets hope that he gets his head straight and can play at least an EYesque 2nd, and force DeRosa to the super-sup spot by July. A VORP of 34.9 would have been 2nd on the Cubs last year, behind AramRam. Hopefully this year it would be 6th or maybe even 7th if a platoon mate can be found for Mr. Jones.

Measuring by VORP TheRiot was a more valuable player offensively than Pierre last year, in 565 fewer at bats! (too lazy to go to a site with PA's sorry) How sad is that? And one for Manny and Rob G, Pierre had the worst walk rate of his career last year. Big suprise, eh?

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