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Get a bunch of Cubs together in a hotel and you get some actual Cubs stories. - Lou Piniella is warming up to the Soriano in centerfield talk .
"If Soriano can do it, that would take care of a lot."
Welcome to the party, Lou. - Then of course, Piniella says Ryan Theriot will get a shot as well at centerfield. Theriot is up to the challenge:
''So I ordered me an outfield glove and started messing around and getting after it,'' Theriot said. ''The single-mindedness of guys putting themselves before the team has hurt us in the past. If every player can do that, say, 'You know what, if you got to move, you got to move."
- The same article says that Piniella talked to Jacque Jones for about 20 minutes and let him know that there's room for him on the team and that he Piniella did not get any sense from Jones that he wanted out. - Carlos Zambrano says the deadline for an extension is Opening Day, otherwise he plans to test the free agent waters. Let's not play chicken on this one Jim. - In "This Moments in False Hope" with Mark Prior, he says he's ready to go for Spring Training and that he's already had five to six bullpen sessions and feels good.


‘’The single-mindedness of guys putting themselves before the team has hurt us in the past. If every player can do that, say, ‘You know what, if you got to move, you got to move.”

wow...he's been with the team all of 1/2 of a year split over 2 years...wonder what he's speaking on.

not that i doubt him, but i wonder if its clubhouse word-of-mouth or something he witnessed.

IIRC, when Nevin left he talked about the same thing Theriot mentioned. I guess there were some players last year who weren't willing to cooperate with the team; maybe Todd Walker wasn't happy playing 1B?

what do this site and mark prior have in common?

There is a picture of Piniella throwing out the first pitch of the convention in today's Sun-Times. In the back ground is Mark Prior with a longing look probably because Lou can actually make a pitch.

From Rogers column in the Trib today:

"Unless the Cubs have one more big move in them, the early projections of their 2007 payroll were way too high.

They currently have 21 players signed or offered arbitration at a range of $100.5 million-$105.5 million (including pro-rated signing bonuses), the range representing the low and high end of Carlos Zambrano and Mark Prior's arbitration filings. … "

And if anyone is still keep track of such things, I've had problems with the website all day.

Well what Theriot said is what I have noticed over the last couple years. We played baseball in Dusty's years as a bunch of individuals going after individual goals on a team instead of playing as a team.

There is all sorts of hints, indications and rumors of this over the last couple years. Guys worrying more about what is being said on TV than winning a damn division is the biggest example. That is automatically putting yourself above the team. No one cares what you think of the announcers, just winning games should have been the most important thing on their mind and it wasn't. It never changed after that 2004 season. Always worried about how "THEY" are being represented in the media than actually doing their job.

Theriot probably feels a lot more comfortable speaking his mind now with Dusty gone. His job isn't tied to how well he can kiss Baker's ass anymore.

yeah, you should see the emails going back and forth behind the scenes and I imagine everyone has seen the yellow banner on top.

It seems the web host isn't living up to his bargain....

isn't it funny how the link to the first article about soriano in CF is filed under the pirates website? strange.

sometimes they distribute the same article to all the same mlb sites and that was the first one that showed up on my sportspyder feed.....

"what do this site and mark prior have in common?"

Holy shit, that's eerie.


Nobody is giving da Bearss a chance EXCEPT Las Vegas where they have been installed as 2-3 point favorites:

Stardust Caesars-
Hilton MGM-
Mirage Stations
Jan. 21 New Orleans
12 a.m. at Chicago
Favorite CHI CHI CHI
Point spread -2½ -2½ -3
Total 43o/u 42½o/u 43o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110

1. the cubs win the world series.


2. the cub reporter reaches 72 un-interrupted hours of availibility.

place your bets now.

De Luca from the Sun-Times is saying that Soriano's willingness to move to CF has pretty much sealed the deal on the Floyd signing. It could be completed this week.,...

I know this is a bit off-topic, but has anyone else read about the report where MLB is going to move the Extra Innings package exclusivley to DirectTV (ala the NFL)? I don't know how many of you don't live in the Chicago area (I am in Chandler, AZ), but I am outraged. Seems like MLB is again taking the money up front rather than looking at the overall picture.

Not that Evan will likely listen or troll TCR for suggestions on web hosting, but the absolute best hosting company in the world is HostMySite. They're privately owned out of Delaware and if you used them this would never happen. They're fantastic for shared small plan hsoting and dedicated or managed hosting as well. I used to deal with NTT/Verio at a very high level for managed servers (7 managed web servers, 2 DB servers, a doz. intl cache servers) and the customer support and hosting ability at this little company so far surpasses Verio, it's ridiculous. Their price is about a third of the price of Verio as well.

I don't mean to be a pimp, but it's relevant. Whatever solution MVN is currently using is clearly not working.

Hosting Matters is another decent host, from what I've heard. I know they have experience with high traffic blogs (e.g. Instapundit).

Having read most of the behind-the-scenes emails:

Rob G. has been absolutely heroic in fighting for TCR as MVN makes this transfer.

Also in the article at, Lou mentions that Hendry had told him that Hendry would look for a stop-gap solution in Center Field, if need be.

I'm sure Darren Lewis would pick up if we phoned.

does soriano to centerfield mean pie is now trade bait?
or, soriano to center means jj is here until july 31, and then pie brought in to play rf?
or, no pie until 2008?
i only recall soriano's adamance at not coming here and playing musical outfield spots; once he moves to cf it would sure seem he is there to stay.
perhaps i remember arizona phil believing pie would be just as good if not better in rf vs cf?

So, I take it that if Neifi ever goes blind, AZ Phil and I would get to be his "I"s.

Former Chicago Cubs' farmhand becomes Catfish Hunter.

Greetings friends. Perhaps lost in all of hte news/rumors has been who is being taken off the 40 man roster to make room for Jeff Samardzija? Who would be removed if they sign Floyd like for the millionth time that they are reported close to doing?

It's possible Theriot is speaking in generalities of how "single-mindedness" hurts teams, but he probably is relating it to what he saw with the Cubs. He could be referring to Walker, Neifi's bunt, or Juan Pierre's refusal to take more than 2 pitches per PA. Hell, he could be talking about Dusty's inability to use common sense when making a double-switch (aw snap, now manny's gonna come after me, j/k).

Soriano would make more sense in CF, especially given the intense sun in RF during day games at Wrigley. He definitely has the speed to catch a lot of balls, so if he knows how to/can learn how to take good direct routes, why not?

As for Floyd, I am really not a fan of signing him at all, but it seems like Murton has really impressed LouPa, so hopefully Floyd won't take time away from Murton in LF. I think the Red Menace has a great approach at the plate, he'll hit for average and have a nice OBP, and I think his power is still developing.

yeah, everything I've read from LouPa, regarding MaMu, indicates that MaMu is going to be the regular LFer.

May this only be so....

if this team can keep soriano away from 2nd and keep happy for now.

"does soriano to centerfield mean pie is now trade bait?"

unless a baldelli or crawford (more likely from the cubs stance, crawford) comes about...pie going anywhere is doubtful.

much like l.millage in NYM, pie's future is thought of a lot more highly than his present worth.

speaking of which...r.hill is probally valued in the fantasy and prospecting community a lot more than some cubs fans give him credit.

there's more than a few people that already think of hill as a #2 type starter capable of putting up #1 type number sooner than later.

lotta projections have him as a 200ip 200K low-ERA type...both SABR nerds and scouting nerds...

chase ootlee with a 7/85 extension...3 years of arb + 4 of FA.

go philly.

well first Soriano actually has to show he can play CF, so let's see what happens in the spring. Second, Pie can play any of the OF positions, so no reason to move him.

Wow, on the Utley deal, he's gotta get some serious incentives and bonuses I imagine, but what a steal.

thnx for the host recommendations vorare and Mr. Whipple, I'll pass it along.

Yeah, the Phillies now control Utley through the peak of his career. Second Basemen historically have tended to fade a bit faster than other positions (See Alomar, Roberto) and Utley's contract is up at almost exactly the moment he hits the Alomar Age.

Nice work.

That contract isn't that bad for Utley, when you consider NPV. I am pretty sure he wasn't going to get $6.5 million in arbitration this year.

Catchers have historically aged faster than other positions. Plenty of 2nd basemen have aged fine (see Biggio, Craig or Phillips, Tony or Whitaker, Lou or Kent, Jeff) but the vast majority of players are done with their best seasons by the age of 35.

I didn't realize Utley was so old, so not as great as I originally thought, but he seems like he could hit well enough to move to 1b without much problem. Of course they have that Howard kid...

Howard is pretty old too, as I recall.

Super Hozey — January 21, 2007 @ 10:24 am
Greetings friends. Perhaps lost in all of hte news/rumors has been who is being taken off the 40 man roster to make room for Jeff Samardzija? Who would be removed if they sign Floyd like for the millionth time that they are reported close to doing?


HOZEY: It wasn't lost. I mentioned this subject last Friday in a comment following the Samardzija article:

Arizona Phil — January 19, 2007 @ 3:53 pm
A couple or three minor items of note regarding the Samardzija signing, presuming Samardzija did in fact sign a Major League contract:

1. He will have to be added to the 40-man roster.

2. Someone now on the 40 will have to be dropped (DFA’d or trade)… most-likely Buck Coats (unless a Jacque Jones-for-prospects deal is imminent),

3. Samardzija will get four minor league options instead of three, as long as he uses the four options prior to the 2012 season.


Also, as for who would be removed if the Cubs sign Clifff Floyd, they could sign Floyd to a Minor League contract, promising to add him to the 40-man roster prior to Opening Day. The Cubs did that last year with Wade Miller, and the year before with Scott Williamson.

Glendon Rusch will likely start the season on the 60-day day DL and Floyd could take his slot, but clubs can't place a player on the 60-day DL (which does not count toward the 40-man roster) until March 1st.

The Cubs have not made any announcement yet regarding who will be removed from the 40 to make room for Samardzija, but that's because Samardzija's contract is probably still "pending." Once the contract is filed with the MLB office, the Cubs will need to make a move. And again, I believe it will likely be Buck Coats who gets the DFA.

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  • Oof -- ugly game at the plate and from the pen, which was the hero yesterday.

    Sorry Jake -- you deserved better.

    billybucks 50 sec ago view
  • k.bryant playing SS...because fuck it, that's why.

    crunch 4 min 20 sec ago view
  • g.soto is doing horrible in AAA...unfortunately.

    unless they decide to bring up g.concepcion or make a trade we might have richard around a little longer.

    ...that said, it wouldn't surprise me to see him DFA'd after the game...the "lefty specialist" just let 3 lefties in a row get on base. ugg.

    crunch 14 min 43 sec ago view
  • Ahhh Richard with your 6.00+ ERA as a short reliever...

    You ain't gonna be on no Playoff roster.

    The E-Man 24 min 33 sec ago view
  • I'll give this to Richard: he looks the part of a good pitcher, straight out of central casting. It's a shame he struggles with the getting guys out part of the game.

    Eric S 30 min 45 sec ago view
  • Didn't take Richard long. He is an absolute disaster.

    billybucks 35 min 36 sec ago view
  • Thru seven innings the Cubs have more errors than hits and Zobrist has struck out 3 times. And now Richard is pitching.

    These things do not add up to victory

    Eric S 38 min 18 sec ago view
  • It was from about 15 years ago

    jacos 40 min 32 sec ago view
  • Guess I was on tv

    jacos 41 min 4 sec ago view
  • Vin Scully sang the seventh-inning stretch. Along with all the great things he is known for, he can sing! He sounded like Willie Nelson out there. And he gave a nice shout-out to Harry. What a class guy.

    fullykräusened 44 min 52 sec ago view
  • I'm thinking Kazmir did not get the memo he was supposed to pitch like a tomato can tonight. Jeesh

    Eric S 1 hour 5 min ago view
  • yeah, she's not on this game, though.

    they keep talking about things that aren't this game...a lot...rather than calling this game, doing split screen coverage of other games, doing split screen studio banter, and they just finished cutting away from the game totally (no split screen) to cover another game while missing rizzo's K and the first 2 pitches of zobrist's AB.

    ESPN...because screw you, you weren't really tuning in to watch this.

    crunch 1 hour 32 min ago view
  • Phil, I think I read an earlier take that you don't see much of an ML career for Brooks? I kinda thought when he was acquired it was as depth for this year, but with an eye on the Cahill type swing role next year?

    Then again he did get hit around pretty bad in his big league time last year.

    Koyies Bansaw 1 hour 41 min ago view
  • Is Jessica Mendoza still announcing for ESPN? She is excellent from what I remember and actually talks knowledgeably about baseball.

    johann 1 hour 48 min ago view
  • watching a game on ESPN is one of the worst things a fan of whatever team is on the field can do...this is, once again, turrible.

    crunch 1 hour 59 min ago view
  • I'll put pix on Twitter


    jacos 2 hours 50 min ago view