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I told you I'd break these out if something interesting came along. My calendar trivia question today was: "Which Cubs pitcher surrendered Lou Brock's 3,000th career hit, August 13th, 1979?" Please try to answer without a web search.


I guess Dennis Lamp

DCF is right. I remember painting the bedroom of my apartment drinking beer and watching the game and it was Dennis Lamp. (more of the two latter than the painting by the way)

It was Dennis Lamp. His comment afterwards was "I should send my fingers to the Hall of Fame." Brock had slashed a single off Lamp's hand into left field.

crap, that was quick. Dennis Lamp it is...well done.

I was going to guess Glendon Rusch.

I'm gonna have to go with Dennis Lamp.

Did someone already guess Lamp?

What a bright guess.

Eastern Seaboard Programming Network dot com is doing its offseason wrapup series. Today's was Jayson Stark doing story of the offseason - the Cubs' spending spree.

It's a long and interesting article, here's one part I can't pass up posting, about the Lilly signing:

""I didn't find out until 20 minutes later that I had a problem, so it's not quite the heroic act it's been portrayed to be," Hendry laughed. "But on the nutball side of the story, what am I doing with the phone in my hand at a time like that, anyway?"

The answer: What else would he be doing? Jim Hendry spent the entire offseason with that phone surgically attached to his hand. Obviously."

Obviously?!?! HAHAHA! Obviously someone talked to Jim and obviously noticed some sort of pattern.

Here's the whole story:

I was going to guess Bill Bonham.

Those who listened to the game (not on TV) remeber that Lamp was struck on the leg and missed six weeks.

dennis lamp, I think it was line drive of lamp's ass

Ernie Broglio would have been a really bitter response.

I was at that dad was a Cardinals fan....ugh.

That made for some happy fun on the way home....friggin' Brock.....

Dennis Lamp always seemed better pitching elsewhere...just like Mike Krukow, Willie Hernandez, Bill Caudill, Donnie Moore, and a cast of thousands in the late 70's early 80's

I once ironically won 4 nice box tickets to Busch Stadium by being the first caller on KMOX to answer that trivia question many moons ago.

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