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Here at TCR, we're just like you, we put our pants on one leg at a time. The only difference is once we put our pants on, we read, write and talk about the Cubs 24/7 (okay, I guess that's just like a lot of you actually). But what we do know is a good writer when we read one, so we're happy to add "Cubnut" (you'll have to ask him if the name is inspired by Michael Barrett or not) to our ever expanding author's list. You can find his previous work at "A Hundred Next Years" and we're certain you'll come to enjoy his take on all things Cubs as much as we have. I'm sure he'll be along soon enough to introduce himself, but rest assured we've been putting him through the ringer to make sure he's got the chops for TCR. The other "big news" is that yours truly is being published. Stu Shea, author of Wrigley Field: An Unauthorized Biography" approached me a few months back to contribute a few articles for a 2007 Cubs Annual that Maple Street Press is publishing. Even if I wasn't involved, I'd probably want a copy for myself. Other than my two articles (a very in-depth roster review along with a look at the NL Central), it's got minor league coverage, a Q&A with Jeremy Papelbon, everything you need to know about Lou Piniella, a celebration of Ernie Banks, an evaluation of Jim Hendry's tenure, a discussion on our ever-present OBP problem as well as insight on the media and ticket practices of Tribco and I'm sure much, much more. Now I haven't had the chance to read the Cubs version yet, but I did read last year's Red Sox annual that they published and trust me, it's chock full of stats and info that you'll want at your fingertips. I believe it's shipping sometime this month and for the low cost of $14.95 plus S+H. Now unfortunately, neither TCR or myself get revenue from the sales, but it's still a great way to support the site and I really do think you guys will enjoy this.
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Welcome CubNut... it was nice knowing ya G-Funk.

Actually, Graham Funk, we never knew ye....

Was Graham Funk Railroaded?


Congrats Rob, I look forward to reading your articles in Wrigley ST 2007.

I forgot to mention congrats also to Rob. If I can find some spare change around here, I'll pony it up to buy the mag.

Also, forgot to welcome CubNut. I checked out his writing at "A Hundred Years Next" and it looked like just the fresh voice that TCR needs to spell Rob G., Trans, and AZ Phil. Despite the changeover and the personnel difficulties, this is still the best Cubs blog on the web.

Welcome Nut!

What is it with TCR adding New Writers who disappear before ever adding a meanful post to the website?

I know at least one or two people added to the TCR roster after Alex and Derrick departed for Cubtown vanshed without ever posting.

And that doesn't even count the is the long gradual disappearing act of John Hill...

well it was just Graham Funk really...

There was a fella I shared space with at "Behind The Ivy" named George Kryoudis (sp?) that wrote all of one, maybe two posts but he didn't end up lasting.

Graham never posted since we moved and never returned any emails. And god love all our writers, but I could use some help on a day-to-day basis which Cubnut should provide. Hopefully it'll give me some time to do more research and do more in-depth articles (which I prefer) over my daily ravings (which I'll still do albeit a little less).

To get all baseball metaphorical on you, I think we have a solid lineup with good depth and I think you guys will really enjoy the 2007 season with us. I think it will be a lot better than the last 2 years (particularly last year)...

But yeah, everyone pony up the cash for the annual. Thanks!

Thanks for the welcomes. One correction--my blog is "A Hundred Next Years" (as in, "Just wait til..."). I'm hoping to keep that going while joining the TCR team. My plan is write all of the interesting stuff here, then post all of the dreary, mundane, uninteresting stuff over at AHNY.

"My plan is write all of the interesting stuff here"

my plan is read all of your neifi articles!

welcome, btw...

sorry about the dyslexia cubnut

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