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I'm not sure if I'll have time to put up another edition of TCR Friday Notes, but I do have a double dose of Cubs trivia for you. Reader Jacos sent this one:
Who are (hopefully) the only three players ever to play for the Cubs, White Sox, Yankees and Mets?
And today's calendar questions was:
The Cubs first used a designated hitter on June 16, 1997, as Interleague Play was introduced that season. Who was the Cubs DH in that game?
As always, please attempt to answer without a web search.


lance johnson

Yeah it's Lance Johnson


oh wait sorry, your answering the first one

And that means Jacos gave me the wrong answer

on the second half, I'm torn between the Dave's, Hansen or Clark...I'll guess Dave Clark

there's 2 players then for the first question, I fixed the post

(I hope that's it)

I will guess Trachsel for the first one and Zuleta for the second one.

How about Jay Johnstone and Hoyt Wilhem.

I'm thinking Jose Vizcaino for the second question, but I don't remember if he ever played for the White Sox...

I'll say Jose Hernandez for the 2nd question.

its not hoyt...

i didnt even know he played for the cubs til i looked that up.

cubs/wsox - ny giants

for those like me that didnt know...he played 3 games for 3.7ip (in relief) in 1970 after being snagged off waivers in late sept. (21st) from ATL.

note: hoyt was traded back to ATL just 2 months later (nov. 21) for journeyman lefty 1st hal breeden.

k, just checked out breeden's minor league stats (yes, im that bored)...journeyman is a misnomer...more of a minor league fodder type who was in the braves (MIL and ATL) system for 9 years.

he retired at age 31 in montreal after 75 only playing for them and the cubs in the bigs.

I think there are at least 3 players for the first question, but I won't name them since I had to do a little research on it...

The first names that came to my mind on the first question were Rey Sanchez and Dave "King Kong" Kingman (my first Cubs hero).

Oops on Lance Johnson.

Kingman never played for white sox, right time period though for the second player.

For the second question: Ryne Sandberg

My guess on the DH is Augie Galen.

I was wrong, and somebody already guessed it.

Er, I guess my answer was for the first question, but I checked and see I was wrong.

But Ryno was the DH two days later. Bah!

dick tidrow

Lance Johnson is correct, but no one has named the 2nd player

Bogey was right on the 2nd question...Dave Clark

and just as I type that, km chimes in...

1) Lance Johnson and "Dirty" Dick Tidrow (hopefully that's it, I believe only 157 players have played for both the Cubs and White Sox btw)

2) Dave Clark

Cubs/White Sox player crossovers which I believe Ruz did. Probably a bit old and I know it misses Neil Cotts although I guess he technically hasn't played for us yet...

There definitely is a third player for the first question

"There definitely is a third player for the first question"

Damn you JACOS!!!!

Email me the 3rd player if you don't mind...

transplantedcubsfan AT charter DOT net

Well, I'll give you some hints. He is on your list that you posted of Cubs/White Sox players. He also has a common first name, but he doesn't spell it commonly.

Thanks, figured it out...I'll let others guess and I'll fix the post (once again)

Yeah that's my Cubs-Sox list, but it's a couple years old. Hopefully I'll get around to updating it this winter.

As K says, there is a third player for the first question. actually has a tool that allows you to make lists like this:

No fair going there, running the search, and then posting the name.

damn, that's handy

Got to be Charley Smith.

Cubs/WSox list is up to 161 according to BR

anyone want to guess the additions since 2003?

The website is awesome. I also like the "Oracle of Baseball" feature on there which links players through common teammates. Otherwise I would not know that you can get from Chief Sockalexis to Joe Wallis in six players.

Actually it looks like 3 additions since 2003 and Ruz missed Darren Lewis in the list he had.....

and yes, the 3rd player is Charley Smith

Rob G-

I apologize to you and all the readers out there.

I will make sure to give you a better question, in other words a correct question, in the future.

But hey alot of traffic today.

Who the hell is Charley smith????

I guess the better question would be who did NOT play for the Cubs, Wsox, yank...bleh.

But hey alot of traffic today.

Yeah, a wreck will usually do that :)

cool, my next guess would've been Tyler Houston as the DH.

awesome, I actually got Dave Clark when I read the question. NEVER would have gotten any of the four-teamer guys.

No one's guessing the 3 new Cubs/White Sox crossovers since 2003? 2 of them are pretty simple...

I thought the DH question was going to be a bit of a trick, ie a regular getting a day off (from the field).

I haven't read all the recent posts this week so apologies if this has written, but the Cubs have indeed raised ticket prices again...a shock to no one I'm sure. I don't have the individual $'s handy but I know bleacher tix are going up yet again...supposedly only on "selected dates" which likely means all weekend games and those against Cards, W.Sux, interleague etc...they are now a ridiculous $42 per...I believe they were $35 last season. I guess it could be worse...White Sux are raising ticket prices too despite cutting payroll this year.

Cotts & Eyre are two

Aardsma too

and Howry

Aardsma & Cotts haven't played for the other team quite yet...

Howry/Eyre are right though...

One more...

Kenny Lofton

no that was 2003...never mind

The first thing to pop in my head was Glendon Rusch, but I don't think he ever played on the Sox.

Wsox aren't quite that dumb...

if it helps, said players Cubs career was pre-2004


Umm... probably not. Brainfart.

Josh Paul?

ben grieve?

nope, that was 2003

Man, I remember when Slammin' Sammy hit those 66 HR's for the Yankee. what a year to remembe.

I don't know if I could even come up with 3 guys who played for the White Nothings and the Cubs.... OK, I can do that, but all four of them? No cheating? Jay Johnstone?

2003 was on Paul, Grieve never a WSock

Ross Gload?

*ding, ding, ding

Ross Gload it is....

Cotts/Aardsma shall join them this year....

please detail Gload's Yankee experience...

July 31, 2000: Traded by the Florida Marlins with Dave Noyce (minors) to the Chicago Cubs for Henry Rodriguez.

January 21, 2002: Traded as part of a 3-team trade by the Colorado Rockies with Craig House to the New York Mets.

arch 27, 2003: Traded by the Colorado Rockies to the Chicago White Sox for Wade Parrish (minors).

here are two players on 3 of the 4:

Tom (Flash) Gordon

Rich (Goose) Gossage

...I'm sure we can come up with many more 3 of 4'ers

another 3 of 4'er:

Steve (Rainbow) Trout...I'm getting suspicious that the 3 of 4'ers seem to all have nicknames.

"Man, I remember when Slammin’ Sammy hit those 66 HR’s for the Yankee. what a year to remembe."

Haha, I thought we were only naming WSOX/Cubs connections.

oops on gload being the answer to Question #1...still he's a 3 of 4'er....without a nickname

Lost in translation...

This is what I asked...

No one’s guessing the 3 new Cubs/White Sox crossovers since 2003? 2 of them are pretty simple…

this was based off of Ruz's list of 156 Cubs/WSox players as of 2003 (which I believe actually was 157 as it appears he missed Darren Lewis)

Eyre, Howry, Gload seem to be the only new ones to have played for both the Wsox and Cubs since the beginning of 2004.

Cotts and Aardsma will join them this year

there are 26 players according to who played for the Yanks, Cubs and Wsox

13 who played for the Mets, Cubs and WSox

Has anyone bought MVP NCAA 07 yet? Is it worth it?

Gload's a 2 of 4'er, Cubs, White Sox and Rockies

He never played a major league game for the Mets

I hear David Price kicks ass in it Carlos... or his digital representation with the same number

"I hear David Price kicks ass in it Carlos… or his digital representation with the same number."

Heard that, too. I think there's a patch so you can play with real names and statistics.

"I haven’t read all the recent posts this week so apologies if this has written, but the Cubs have indeed raised ticket prices again…a shock to no one I’m sure. I don’t have the individual $’s handy but I know bleacher tix are going up yet again…supposedly only on “selected dates” which likely means all weekend games and those against Cards, W.Sux, interleague etc…they are now a ridiculous $42 per…I believe they were $35 last season. I guess it could be worse…White Sux are raising ticket prices too despite cutting payroll this year."

Yeah I mentioned this in my Cubs Convention recap. But the Cubs did not raise prices for season ticket holders. So I can't complain...:)

The Transaction Guy:
Has anyone bought MVP NCAA 07 yet? Is it worth it?

Can't buy it for PC. =(

no one wants to make games for the PC anymore unless its something where you play online for a fee or play one of the 10,000 command and conquer clones.

High Heat Baseball 2003 was the last great PC baseball game, imo.

3-level minor leagues and the code wasnt just some CRAP port of the console menus onto was coded *FOR* play on the PC. you could sort through 30-50+ players on a screen when scouting your minors or other teams insted of seeing just 5-10 players on this huge GUI menu screen that's a headache to sort through.

too bad the actual game itself is a bit flawed...a fast left handed guy bunting can get on base way too easily and the pitcher stamina is flakey and tends to overextend.

Anyone see Theriot's recent comments?

Utility man Ryan Theriot has the potential to become the go-to guy for National League beat writers.

During a "Not For Women Only" panel discussion, former Cubs pitcher Mike Bielecki asked several players to invent a baseball catch phrase for Viagra. Theriot's ad campaign: "Viagra -- I always play hard."

Theriot, the former high school prom king, didn't hesitate when asked about his first makeout session ("Sixth grade … Jenny … back of the skating rink."), or his imaginary porn name (the radio hosts emceeing the session said to combine your pet's name with your street name; Theriot's was, "Gauge Classique"), or showing his rear when a 73-year-old woman from Lafayette, Ind., requested that the panel (Bielecki, Theriot, Marshall, Cotts and reliever Scott Eyre) show her their "assets."

I love that crazy little dude. Hehe.

High Heat Baseball was my favorite game ever, PC or PS version (the pc verson was better though). It took very little tweaking to get it to act and play like something reasonbly close to an actual baseball game. Most games are either too easy to hit or too easy pitch or anything hit to the wall is still a single or crap like that. HH you'd lose control of your pitches as you got more tired, the singles wouldn't all land in the same spot, you couldn't just hit a himer by moving your joystick up....

Best baseball game ever.....

The last EA MLB game for PS2 had fireworks at Wrigley, enough said....

I haven't played a good computer baseball game since Micro League baseball on my Commodore 64.

Mike C-

That was from the Wojciechowski article in Espn about Cubs convention-

Interesting tidbit-

"But one of those Cubs pitchers, Kerry Wood, who lost 31 pounds thanks to his offseason workout program"

Did anyone think Wood was overweight? That's got to put him at his weight in 1998 when he was 19.

A short stop would be nice.

"If the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez had any collective sense, he'd be reporting to spring camp with the Angels later this month, if not the Cubs or Dodgers."

Wood's losing weight was mentioned in one of the Trib articles too, I didn't think he was overweight (I think Zambrano and Rusch are though), I am wondering what he looks like, 31lbs is a lot, he must have lost some muscle mass too.

Rosenthal didn't mention the Cubs as one of A-Rod's possible destinations if he declares free agency. It would be interesting to see if they go after him. The Cubs couldn't trade for him, at this point, though, they don't have what the Yankees would want, a 3rd basemen and a solid starter. I don't think they would take prospects for him.

According to yahoo and espn Wood is 6'5 225.

Which would now put him at 195!

He's going to look like Randy Johnson.

The Real Neal — February 10, 2007 @ 9:52 am
Rosenthal didn’t mention the Cubs as one of A-Rod’s possible destinations if he declares free agency. It would be interesting to see if they go after him. The Cubs couldn’t trade for him, at this point, though, they don’t have what the Yankees would want, a 3rd basemen and a solid starter. I don’t think they would take prospects for him.


REAL NEAL: If Carlos Zambrano loses his arbitration case (and I believe he almost certainly will), and gets pissed off and tells Hendry to go f**k himself, and if Hendry comes to believe he can't sign Z long-term, and if a number of Cubs starting pitcher candidates look good in ST, I don't think it is inconceivable that Hendry would consider trading Zambrano to NYY for A-Rod, should A-Rod choose to waive his "no trade."

If the trade can wait until after June 15th, the Cubs could include Mark DeRosa in the deal (as a Type XX FA, he has an automatic "no trade" through June 15th), and he can certainly play 3B. In fact, DeRosa is probably a much better 3B than he is a 2B.

If such a trade were to be made but the trigger had to be pulled prior to June 15th, the Cubs could offer Cesar Izturis to the Yanks as a temporary replacement for A-Rod at 3B. Izturis played 3B for the Dodgers last season before he was traded to the Cubs. Then the Yankees could make other arrangements for 3B at their leisure.

Among FA 3B still unsigned, David Bell is available (and he would be serviceable, at least for what the Yankees would need him for), should it be just Z for A-Rod straight-up.

Cubs giving Marquis Sosa's number for the season...

I think it's better to give #21 up to a pitcher than to an outfielder (for instance) or anyone who would be compared to Sosa. It's like when Bobby Hill wore #17 after Mark Grace left. It kind of "washed" the number clean of it's predecessor, because Hill and Grace weren't comparable .

What is still unclear is what will happen with Ted Lilly. He was told that #31 isn't available (even though it hasn't been officially retired), so he took #30. Then the Cubs signed Cliff Floyd, and (because of seniority) he will probably be able to wear his long-time #30. Which puts Lilly back into limbo again.

I say let Lilly wear #31 as long as he's with the Cubs, then by the time leaves, Mad Dog will (probably) have retired, and the Cubs can retire #31 for good. 

If Z gets bent over his arbitration $, he's a bigger idiot than most peg him to be. The $ that's been tossed around (reportedly $11-12m) will be the largest arbitration awarded to a 5 yr eligible pitcher. I'd have to see the list of past awardees, but I can't imagine he's the best pitcher among that group even considering the salary inflation of this past off-season. What did D.Willis get...something like $6.5. Z's better than Willis but not twice as much.

Levine interviewed Hendry on his show today. A lot of it centered around Prior, Hendry said "I'm optimistic on Mark's progress"...although he dodged whether Prior would be ready to go for the start of the trainer Mark O'Neill was very pleased with Prior's throwing session the other day.

Dempster almost a lock to begin the season as closer even if Wood shows he's healthy and able to go in back to back days.

Cubs are bringing in some defensive catching specialist named Mark De...something work with Barrett.

Levine noted that the proposed Direct TV deal will only net the 30 clubs about $3 m per year in revenue.

and most interesting (to me anyway) is that apparently Mark Prior is double jointed in both his elbows and shoulders. Consequently it's a plus for getting superior extention on his pitches, but on the flipside, it leaves him more susceptible to injury. For whatever reason this is just now coming out and the Cubs and Prior have tried to hide it. It's certainly the first I've ever heard of it. Levine commented that since Prior's MRIs have showed no structural damage he's going to have to suck it up and cut it loose with discomfort regardless if an actual arm injury occurs as a result.

that whole "double jointed" thing was attributed to him when the "shoulder looseness" thing came about last year.

never heard it attributed to his elbow, though...freaky.

it was "blamed" for how his shoulder moves around easily in the socket area, though.

no idea how this effects his motion, his release, or any pain.

"Cubs are bringing in some defensive catching specialist named Mark De…something Italian…to work with Barrett."

It's probably Mark DiFelice.

Or Mike DiFelice, they're brothers.

no it's not DiFelice..he's still playing with the Mets at AAA I believe. It's someone I've never heard of and long removed from his playing days.

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  • The Cubs have released RHRP Scott Frazier (2013 7th round dfraft pick - Pepperdine).

    A Cubs pitching coach told me in Spring Training 2014 that he thought Frazier had the best pure stuff in the organization. Absolutely electric fastball & breaking ball combo. Other pitchers would gather behind the screen just to watch him throw "live" BP. That's how amazing he was. 

    Arizona Phil 4 hours 8 min ago view
  • Got a chance to see Diamondbacks RHSP Zack Greinke (15-day DL - strained oblique) throw a rehab start at Sloan Park Friday night. Four of the first seven AZL Cubs hitters singled and the Cubs did score an unearned run in the bottom of the 1st inning, but then Greinke got serious and struck out five in a row.

    ZACK GREINKE: 3.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R (0 ER), 0 BB, 5 K, 4/0 GO/AO, 49 pitches (34 strikes)

    Arizona Phil 4 hours 22 min ago view
  • Eloy Jimenez grand slam tonight. Hoping Soler power returns and gets hot but future looks bright in the outfield regardless.

    Eric S 8 hours 33 min ago view
  • Have fun - It may be good for Arrieta to be facing a team that doesn't know him as well as the NL teams. A nice shutout would do wonders for his confidence. He is confident in public but baseball is hard and he could use a boost, I'm sure.

    Old and Blue 9 hours 14 min ago view
  • Me too. I'll be at the game tomorrow and would love to see Good Arrieta.

    Brick 9 hours 39 min ago view
  • Last few games have been the April version of the Cubs that disappeared completely the past two months.
    Hope they can sustain it.

    blockhead25 10 hours 5 min ago view
  • Don't sell yourself short, Judge.

    Jackstraw 10 hours 32 min ago view
  • I love this team.

    Looks like Mother Nature is trying to call this fight.

    Rob Richardson 12 hours 1 min ago view
  • Hey! I remember this team!

    billybucks 12 hours 9 min ago view
  • The key for Heyward's offense: get early leads. Heard a stat on Mike & Mike on the way to work that his avg/power much better this year when the Cubs have the lead. And true to form he gets the two run dinger with Cubs winning 3-0 ...

    Eric S 13 hours 35 min ago view
  • I'm sorry - I was probably not looking at the correct line, or spot, or...who knows!

    I could blame it on the weed, but I stopped smoking many years ago.

    Fortunately, I can rely on the rest of you sober and astute folks to bring the correct info forth.

    The E-Man 14 hours 3 min ago view
  • Oh yeah! It just felt like one for some reason.

    Old and Blue 15 hours 9 min ago view
  • Agreed. I was not including Fowler or Heyward.

    I'm just not a fan of 2016 Coghlan.....

    Dusty Baylor 15 hours 15 min ago view
  • @Dusty Contreras if it's a Lester or Arrieta start. TLS is good PH too. You also forgot about Heyward, assume Fowler is CF.

    chitownmvp01 15 hours 17 min ago view
  • I expect Soler to get optioned as well when activated and Cahill to replace Grimm. It wouldn't surprise me if Coghlan and/or Soler is included in a trade.

    Maybe Coghlan is up to see if he can get on track before someone acquires him.

    This move could also be to assure that we have as much OF depth as possible to maximize Joe's ability to rest players in September once we've clinched.

    chitownmvp01 15 hours 19 min ago view
  • Maddon basically said as much...Fowler still kind of sore, they're being proactive, etc.

    Tito 15 hours 21 min ago view