Cubs Trivia

What Hall of Famer, the first catcher to don shin guards, ended his 17-year Major League career with a pair of seasons with the Cubs?
As always, try to answer without a web search.


phil cavaretta?

It's bugging me, because I have heard it before, and it's really suprising to me. Yogi Berra is my bes guess, but that has to be too late...

fwiw, says it was 3 seasons as a Cub

I'm not very good at these, as my knowledge of baseball history, let alone Cubs history, isn't that great.

But I seem to remember reading something once about great hitters in the Deadball Era. Was it Roger Bresnahan?

ernie lombardi?

Roger Bresnahan

pressed send too soon...
the page is not loading today as it has previously,
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Shin guards, end of his career... that's got to place him in the 1910s or early 1920s at the very latest, I would guess. But I couldn't tell ya who was catching then.

Brenahan it is...

which browser/system are using dc60124?

Bresnahan I meant...

Charley Smith?

office computer = internet explorer 6

not sure if this answers the question you asked- i am a computer nitwit

it does, thanks, I'll pass it along although I already mentioned some IE problems from earlier today to our webmaster. I imagine they're all tied together.

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