Gameday Open Thread / Angels @ Cubs

Angels visit the Cubs today, Ted Lilly takes the mound against Ervin Santana. The game is on WGN I believe. Man I wish the season started tomorrow.
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Anybody know who else is scheduled to go today?

jock jonez!

Nice grab Jones.

Lily looked decent: Walk to Matthews, GO 5-3 Cabrera, P4 with nice play in bright sun by Cedeno for Guerrero, then F9 with JJones showing ice cream cone on GAnderson.

Kerry Wood supposed to go later, not sure who else

Anyone on chat?

Lots of pitches up from Lilly. Angels making a lot of good solid contact. For now, they're right at fielders, though.

where's the chat link?

I believe it's this:

...but if it is, it seems to be empty at the moment.

Towering Floyd HR. 1-0 Cubs


derosa has a hell of an arm.

Lily's 6 shutout innings, so back to back starting performances with no runs, must be making LouPa happy

Tough inning for Woody.

Scioscia pretty much managed himself into those 3 runs. Hit & ran to stay out of the inning-ending DP, and then some rook went yard on an eye high heater.

Scoscia is a terrific manager with a KILLER staff. I am glad we do not have to face them in the reg sea. They are truly a "cut above". I believe we have not beat them once in ST?

derosa is putting on a clinic at 3rd...not bad for a 2nd baseman, i mean SS, i mean RF'r...

fun with base on balls...

look to the right under authors for the chat link cubster..always on.

New rule: Daryle Ward not allowed to come up with less than 2 outs and a man on first, could he be any slower?

fun game...cant wait...1 more week :)

Why Daryl Ward is on a major league roster is beyond me. He's utterly useless. A big fat tub of goo who is on the roster to pinch hit, and that's it?!? And since when did Ward become the world's most dangerous hitter anyway?!? The guy has sucked everywhere he's been. And now we're supposed to believe this big fat tub of goo can come off the bench cold and catch up to a 95 MPH fastball?!? I don't think so.

Do us all a favor Jim Hendry. Eat your pride and swallow the 1 million dollars you wasted on Ward.

I would point to a .492 slugging percentage against right-handers the last three years, but it seems you've already made up your mind.

I'm no Ward fan either ST, but to be fair to him, he has produced in the PH role bigtime, and with genuine SLG unlike a zero such as Dusty's boy, Lenny F. Harris. For a million bucks, a guy that can give you an 850 OPS as a PH is probably not overpaid.

how'd we score 4 ?

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