Gameday Open Thread / Cubs @ Angels

The Angels once again, lefty Joe Saunders goes for them, the Cubs with Jason Marquis on the mound.


Soriano, CF
Jones, RF
Lee, 1B
Ramirez, 3B
Murton, LF
Floyd, DH
Cedeno, SS
Blanco, C
Theriot, 2B

btw, game is on ESPN radio here in L.A., but not on XM radio even though the home team is carrying it. Does that sound fair?

Joe "Cy" Saunders so far...2 IP, 5 Ground Outs...1 K

Marquis with a homer to Vlad

Jorge Julio to Marlins for Yusmeiro Petit...

Ronny Cedeno....sparkplug.

8 GB - 3 FO for Marquis through 4.

Vlad and Garrett owning him today though...

Nice running by Lee to score from 1st

Nice little 2 out rally by Lee, ARam and Murton

Hey... this Lee guy is pretty good, eh? Now hitting .500.

Ugh... more wordpress errors and comments not updating in the permalink.

How bad is Neil Cotts at holding runners on? 2 SB's in one inning with Blanco behind the plate and he's a lefty.

okay one was third base by GM Jr...but still. This being an AL team that knows him, that doesn't bode well.

Cherry not quite ready to hand the gig to Guzman quite yet...

1.1 IP, 3 H, 3 K, 0 BB, 1 unearned run

Rough day for Theriot at 2B today. Timely hitting by the Cubs for the most part today.

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  • bored...looking at stats for the hell of it...

    felix pena (26yo) moving to the pen in AAA is looking like an insanely good fit so far in a smallish sample size

    13ip 4h 3bb 20K

    remembering back to spring training he was regularly hitting mid-90s (though he didn't have a good spring stats-wise). as a starter in the minors he usually worked low-90s.

    this could be an arm worth keeping an eye on even if he's only a 1-inning guy who was "demoted" to the pen to start the year.

  • Phil, historically this front office has been patient with their prep pitchers keeping their IP low and moving them one level at a time. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, and you may not be able to formulate an opinion on this, but you've seen a lot of pitchers over the years, so...

  • nice.

    also, after tonight's loss, STL is 13-14.

    also also, the wsox are 19-8.

  • Win tomorrow, and the Cubs would have a 6-game lead. On May 4.

  • Fully agree on Addy -- hope he is our SS for a long time. I'm just surprised he has 4 errors already -- the last 2 on routine plays.

  • Guess how many Carlos Correa has?


    I would still rather have Russell, right now, than any shortstop the team has had in many years. The future is bright enough to wear shades.

    EDIT: Gonzo WOULD have been my favorite, 'cepting a certain error of a double-play ball...

  • Hi Phil, made it home tonight safely. Looks like Cease is getting better each outing. I see Crow did ok today too. I will be reading your write_ups everyday. Great seeing you while there!

  • tomorrow's game is a 12:35pm EST game for some ungodly stupid reason...then it's back to wrigley field for a night game on the 5th.

  • The best part of tonight's game was 6 different players with RBIs. Truly a lineup that doesn't give up top to bottom.

  • excubs [email protected]_NEWS

    Jake Arrieta first Cub to go 6-0 in first six starts since Three Finger Brown in 1908.

  • Russell now with 4 errors -- that's a big (unpleasant) surprise.

  • Thanks Phil!

  • Throwing error to 2nd on a possible double play ball.

  • 19-6...unf.

  • Can someone tell me what happened on Russell's error?

  • BILLY BUCKS: As things stand right now, Dylan Cease will be in the Eugene starting rotation when the NWL season begins play in June, and if he peforms well there he could perhaps move up to South Bend toward the end of the minor league season or for the MWL playoffs (if South Bend qualifies).