If Wade Miller doesn't work out as our #5 starter, maybe he can be our #1. The stakes really are higher this year. I don't normally feel this demoralized until May.


Right now we have more losses than we have wins. The
fuckin' changes that have happened in the Cub organization are
multifold. Alright, they don't show because we're 3 and 6... and
unfortunately, that's the criteria of them dumb 15 motherfuckin'
percent that come out to day baseball. The other 85 percent are
earning a living. I tell you, it'll take more than a 3-5 or 3-6 to
destroy the makeup of this club. I guarantee you that. There's some fuckin' pros out there that wanna fuckin' play this game. But you're stuck in a fuckin' stigma of the fuckin' Yankees and the Red Sox and the Cardinals and all that cheap shit. It's unbelievable. It really is. It's a disheartening fuckin' situation that we're in right now. All these mutherfuckin' editorials about LaRussa and fuckin aaahh...the DiceK-itis and all that shit, it's sickening. It's unbelievable, it really is. It's a disheartening fucking situation we're in right now. 3 and 6 doesn't negate all that work. We got 153 fuckin' games left.

Damn you Michael Barrett!!!!

Trade Murton

Yeah, I was hoping for Cliff Flloyd to be the hometown hero today. But to your point jackie t, FUCKIN A!

cubs season is doomed-- hopefully after the season is over hendry will be fired (please new owner) and we'll get a gm that makes good offseason moves like the braves and the tribe and also one that knows the importance of developing the farm system.

Big Z spits the bit again in a game where his team only needed him to be decent. Once things began to go wrong, they fell of of a cliff, and he was unable to stop the bleeding. This happens way, way too much.

He's fun, a good hitter and energetic -- but can he win when the games still matter? Three starts, and not an impressive one in the bunch, with 2 disasters. Simiilar to last year. Ugh.

And we have a Lou Pinella sighting! I think I could see his brain boiling in the press conference. Some idiot asked what wasn't working out there. He's lucky he was within reach of Lou. Lou got a deadly look in his eye and yelled "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK'S NOT WORKING OUT THERE? YOU WATCHED THE DAMN GAME. WHAT THE DO YOU THINK ISN'T WORKING? Then there was about ten seconds of dead silence as Lou looked around daring somebody else to say something stupid. Good times!

This kind of day leaves you with an itch... An itch that can only be scrtched with.....

Should say "wasn't in reach" above and "What the hell" again in the Lou quote.

Oh yeah, he also said he's starting to see why this club's been losing games in the past and was basically speechless when someone asked about Ohman.

Maybe Lou needs to watch that link I posted.... I'm telling you, I feel a LOT better.

This already feelsl like a long season.

If this offense can regularly be shut down by the Reds bullpen -- aye carumba!

I believe we are roughly at the historical karmic centroid of our collective long experience, for we are sifting through lamentable losses for those few glimmers of hope, the exceptional play here or there, the isolated hit or extra base, the reason to give a shit at all about any of these games. [Today's gem: Wuertz 3K on 11 pitches.]

Oh well, too bad about the rest of all that: the LOB, CS, Z's BB's, K's at bat, lack of clutch anything.

Remind me why this isn't the 98-year pattern all over again? SMELLS LIKE TEAM SPIRIT

Fuck it. going out for more beer.
How many will it take to forget this one? Let's go see!

Indiana JJ,

I hope those are actual quotes from Lou's presser. This team needs a little Uncle Lou fire right now.

yelling = wins.

Yes, everything should be fine now that Piniella yelled at the media over a legitimate question that was a follow-up to what Piniella had said.

It's no big deal that the "ace" can't get an out in the 5th inning, and that this team can't hit or catch.

But all that will be corrected now that Piniella has shown some "fire"

That was a pretty stupid question, if that really was the question........not that yelling is going to change anything

What did today's game teach us? Big Z isn't reliable under 50 degrees. Our #3 bullpen lefty needs some work.

I liked the early offense with 2 people hurt. I loved the dominance of our bullpen towards the end.

The roster will look completely different on August 1st. We're just finding out what parts need to be replaced.

According to espn 1000- Negative x-rays on Aram.


Day to day.

....and more cowbell.

Nice hits by Jones and Barrett in the ninth, but Jones needed to stretch his into a double. I guess he was afraid to make another of his baserunning gaffes. His speed isn't an asset if he won't run when it counts.

Needing three hits to score a run in the ninth--for that we needed a celebrity manager?

jones would have been gunned down and then everyone would have been on him for him being a bad baserunner. It wasn't Adam Dunn out there, Hamilton got to it quick....

It's games like this that make it easier to be a Cubs fan...when this stuff happens in April, it makes it much easier not to care when the same stuff happens in July and August.

I really have been able to seperate myself a lot from the up and down emotions of a 162 game season...I feel much more relaxed because of it. Of course, come mid-summer if the Cubs are in the hunt, I'll be right back hanging on every pitch again.

"It wasn’t Adam Dunn out there, Hamilton got to it quick…."

I wouldn't run on Dunn either, he's got a great arm.

Our number one looks like number two.

Nuff said.

OK - Get this - on Comcast Sportscenter just now - Barrett says, "Well, to be fair...we didn't get breaks to go our way either...seeing eye hits...but we need to do our jobs and Lou does his job."

I think its Barrett's fault!

I'm puzzled that everybody loved Carlos Zambrano in 2006 when he allowed 5 or more runs 8 times, including three times in the month of April.

Also, two of those occured in his first three starts. BOTH of those came against the Reds.

Sound familiar?

Yet when the exact set of circumstances unfold in 2007, everybody thinks he sucks. Someone have an explanation for that?

"jones would have been gunned down . . . "

Look at that hit again, Rob. Last year, Pierre hit a dozen balls in that same spot, and every one was a double.

Did you notice that when Barrett slapped a single to right, there were two outs and Jones still didn't go to third?

He just wasn't going to run, anywhere.

Look at that hit again, Rob. Last year, Pierre hit a dozen balls in that same spot, and every one was a double.

Juan Pierre's speed vs Jacque Jones' speed? you're kidding, right?

Did you notice that when Barrett slapped a single to right, there were two outs and Jones still didn’t go to third?

Why would you risk getting thrown out at third with 2 outs? Not to mention that's the 3b coaches call by that point. Wacky logic you're trying to use...

Wuertz's 3 K, bases loaded Houdini act was a rare feat

only done 27 times since 1960, four times rarer than a no-hitter.

of course Aardvark did the same as well for the WSux...

Postgame question:

"What wasn't working in the game today?"

"What the HELL do you think wasn't working. You saw the DAMN game."

The game may have sucked but I love our manager.

"Why would you risk getting thrown out at third with 2 outs?"

Unwritten rule of baseball:

You don't make the 1st or 3rd out at 3rd base.

Why take third anyway? Sure a passed ball gets you home but if you're out, game over.

not even going to talk about today.....i just can't stand Z's walks, and yet i know he wouldn't be nearly as successful if he could control his pitches. they have sooo much movement it's almost like a knuckler. i wonder if patient teams have done significantly better against him over his career.....(puts finger on nose, waits for someone to research....)

also, i bought the premium package, and i'm trying to figure out how to load i need to have software? is it supposed to load automatically? so far i'm just seeing a regular one-game-at-a-time thing and i don't see how to change it.....anyone?

I saw a longer portion of the interview on Sports Center. The question was a particularly dumb one because Lou had just given a very detailed analysis, holding both Zambrano and Ohman ("our ace has a 5-0 lead with the 8th and 9th hitters coming up you have to feel pretty good about our chances but he does not put people away (implied Zambrano just lost his concentration) and our left handed reliever comes in with the bases full and starts throwing throwing 40 foot curve balls. I can see why this team has not been able to win. But we are going to start correcting that." He said this very very warmly, and then came the question that that sent the steam out is his ears.

I know its the Cubs, but really, it is to early to award any team the pennant or condemn any team to last place. If this team had started out 6-3, I would certainly be enjoying it more, but I would know that there would be a losing streak coming up. There is to much talent on this team for 96 losses this year. There's not enough for much more than 85 wins, but will be a .500 team or better unless a good part of the line-up and rotation go down with injuries. I think at least Lou recognizes the team's problems and players will have to start executing better or he will find someone else to play and pitch. Or at least get roasted in the press (if Barrett is to sensitive for this, great, I kind of think trading him would be a good idea and would bring a lot of value since the team has enough offense at other positions we could carry a defense oriented catcher.

Mark Prior is finally getting his shoulder examined. I fully expect to hear the words "partially torn rotator cuff" in the near future, and the words "probably occurred in 2005" in the same paragraph.

It's too early for this!!! (isn't 4-19 the date of Cub season ruination by injury?)

Regarding ARam's wrist...

CMuskrat reported that he had a wrist arthrogram at Northwestern today. Their hand ortho surgeon there is Dr. Dan Neagle.

The arthrogram is an XRay injection test with iodine based dye put in the wrist joint followed by XRays. It's used to look for either torn ligaments between some of the small wrist bones (there are 8 carpal bones) or a tear in the cartilage on the little finger side of the wrist (called the ulnar triangular fibrocartilage complex or TFCC). A TFCC tear will be tender on the outside (little finger side) of the wrist.

Sometimes they do an arthrogram+MRI which uses a different contrast material (gadolinium) which shows up on the MRI images, enhancing the information. It will look for similar info but the MRI images the soft tissues/cartilage whereas the XRay only images the bones involved.

The largest bone at the wrist is the radius, which is one of the forearm bones and the other is the ulna which is larger at the elbow but smaller at the wrist. Last year DLee broke both the radius and ulna. In sports, the smaller carpal bones most commonly injured are the navicular (aka scaphoid) and the hamate which can be fractured. These happen with falls on the wrist or in the case of a hamate fracture, a direct blow like getting hit by a pitch. Both of these fractures can be subtle (meaning they can't be seen on initial XRays) and need additional testing with specific/nonstandard angles for XRays to see a fracture or other studies like MRI or bone scans to get different imaging of those areas. The arthrogram isn't the usual study to identify these fractures, so I don't think they were worried about them. Where the local tenderness is located helps with the decision as to what study is indicated. A navicular fracture is tender at the base of the thumb and a hamate fracture is tender on the outer part of the palm. The arthrogram is used for ligament tears or TFCC tears.

If the study is normal he'll be back soon. Unless you see they are doing additional studies (MRI or Bonescan).

If the Arthrogram isn't normal all hell is going to break loose.

Here is a link to the wrist anatomy:

Jacos...did they say anything about an arthrogram on the ESPN 1000 report?

XRays being negative would go along with them being worried about a ligament or TFCC injury and hence the arthrogram (or an MRI+Arthrogram) often follows when initial XRays are negative.

Maybe I'm just being a worry wart considering 4/19 disasters past.

i just figured out mosaic.....answered my own questions.

it's ok.....unfortunately i'm stuck on the lowest quality level......i'm not blown away yet though.

Why would you risk getting thrown out at third with 2 outs?

Not much risk for a fast man running at the crack of the bat with two outs.

It's the right fielder who probably won't risk throwing to third, not wanting the winning run to advance to second.

Juan Pierre’s speed vs Jacque Jones’ speed? you’re kidding, right?

I used Pierre as a comparison because, as in Jones's case, the left fielder shaded him toward the line.

Last year, Pagan and Bynum were noticeably faster than Pierre. Then came either Cedeno or Pierre, then Izturis, then Jones, right?

I'm not the Jones fan here, remember, but he's pretty fast, pretty frisky for an over-thirty guy. Play back the first inning, when he stole second with two outs and came around to score on Lee's double. That was a different Jones than the one we saw cautiously moving station to station in the ninth. That was my point. Do these guys want to win games, or not?

At 5:30 pm update they said Xray was negative and it was tendinitis and he would be day to day.

Nothing else.

Any video link to the Lou press conference?

Welcome to the Windy City, Lou, the place where it's never too early to wait til next year.

this is just a link to Lou's rant, but I could listen to it a zillion times.

geez...lou, this your first day on the job?

seriously, crap. i prefer the dusty "i could f'n care less" media approach...mostly because for the next few days all im gonna hear about is lou being a jackass to a guy trying to get a soundbite outta him. everyone in that room has a job to do...

from Dick Van Dyke in the Trib online at 7:43pm...

Ramirez missed Friday's 6-5 loss to the Reds and might miss more games because of swelling on his right hand between the thumb and wrist.

X-rays were negative, but results of an arthrogram will not be known until Saturday. The injury officially is diagnosed as tendinitis, and his status is listed as day-to-day.
So with X-Rays negative the diagnosis of "tendonitis" is very preliminary and nonspecific. The swelling on the thumb side is useful information though and probably indicates the TFCC isn't a concern (it's on the other side) so I guess they are looking at some of the intracarpal ligaments or maybe the navicular with the arthrogram.

A common cause of swelling at the base of the thumb that is a specific tendonitis is called DeQuervains, which is inflammation of the extensor tendons of the thumb. They can get irritated from repetitive activity as the tendons pass through a pulley on the distal radius (larger wrist bone). I doubt they would have done an arthrogram for that diagnosis though. DeQuervains usually it treated with anti-inflammatory meds, some therapy or a cortisone injection.

The arthrogram better be normal...

I just watched the replay of the Reds' fifth inning and I saw something I wasn't expecting. Lou implied that Zambrano should have been able to handle the #8 and #9 hitters with a five-run lead; but let the record show that the second guy in the inning, a pinch hitter for the pitcher, hit a pop fly to center that Soriano misjudged. There was no wind. He took a couple steps backward, then ran in for the ball but did not call for it. He got tangled up with Cedeno and the ball hit his glove and then the ground.

There should have been one out, one on in the inning. It's not all on Zambrano--or Soriano either, for that matter. It wasn't his idea to play centerfield.

There should have been one out, one on in the inning. It’s not all on Zambrano–or Soriano either, for that matter. It wasn’t his idea to play centerfield.


Pie (.444) was 1/2 tonight with a RS, an RBI, two walks and no strikeouts. He has struck out twice in 27 at bats. So far he has scored 14 runs on 12 hits.

no, that's not a typo

pie solves nothing without moving players. there's no room for angel pagan as it is and the team has 2 guys who can pretty much only play LF.

since its unlikely both floyd and murton would go...and ditto for would take j.jones being traded to find room for him. given how cheap he is in this market there's very little reason to give him up for little to nothing. im sure someone would want jones, but who wants him at this point in the season to take over as a starter?

of course, there's always injury...or letting him be a bench player and trading away either floyd/murton/jones...blah blah blah...

a lotta things could happen, but the most likely opportunity for pie to come up and see significant time is if j.jones goes or soriano/jones gets injured. "both floyd and murton" i mean, both of them getting traded. doubt they'd trade one away without letting the other get significant time covering the spot.

Floyd also can't be traded until June(?).

Who gives a shit Virgina Phil.....who the hell was on the mound giving up hit after hit?

single, single, walk, single, single, double, hit batter.

No one to blame for that line of garbage but Z himself. You don't just throw in the towel in pout about it, you get back on your horse and you finish out the inning. Instead Z went into self destruct mode and ended it by hitting a batter. He needs to grow up a little and Lou is going to try and help him along in that process.

But then again this is how Z always seems to start the season. He gets pouty and bitchy and clearly throws some games away but after the first month he is usually money. I don't know, maybe his PMS only kicks in during the month of April.

Draft Update:

Matt Wieters
.331 .459 .574 with 7 HR's and a 31/23 BB/K ratio in 136 at bats.
On the mound 10.2 innings 6.75 ERA 2 HR's and 4/15 BB/K ratio

David Price
6-0 25 ER 74.1 innings, 1 HR 21/108 BB/K ratio

Andrew Brackman
6-2 3.31 ERA 54.1 Innings 4 HR's 21/48 BB/K ratio

I couldn't find any stats for Josh VItters.

Z is a head case. He has all the talent in his arm that he will ever need, but I see his meltdowns and his infantile behavior, his boastful cockyness with the media, and I dont see him ever reaching his potential until he grows up.

And he isnt likely to grow up without something major happening. And I dont mean giving him a huge contract. I think the prudent thing to do is to let him pitch out the season and either earn a huge contract or have reality slap him in the face when he doesnt live up to expectations. Put Glavine's or Smoltz's head on his body and you have a HOF pitcher. Put Z's head on either of those two and you get...

Andy Richter.

Ohman for Cy Young? Don't count him out!

another division team loses starting pitcher:

righthander Jason Jennings will miss his next start on Saturday.

Jennings has been diagnosed with tendinitis in the flexor muscle of his right elbow. He will have an MRI tomorrow in Houston and be evaluated at a later time.

Ohman with 0 ER... horrayyyyy stats.


righthander Jason Jennings will miss his next start on Saturday.

Gee... umm... this would be good time for the Cub's to make a move, playing division rivals.

lmao... from

"What the [heck] do you think isn't working? You see the [darn] game," he said.

The Real Neal — April 13, 2007 @ 11:59 pm
Floyd also can’t be traded until June(?).


NEAL: Cliff Floyd has an automatic "no trade" through June 15th, but he can waive it. But if he does waive the right, the Cubs can only get back cash and/or aggregate player contracts not in excess of $50,000 (total).

In other words, the Cubs could probably get back one minor league player who is on a 40-man roster for the first time (first-time players on the 40 who are optioned to the minors get a $30K split minimum, and all other optioned-out auto-renewals on the 40 get a $60K minimum), or a couple of minor league players not on the 40-man roster (minor leaguers with less than six years of pro experience usually make between $10-30K).

Besides Floyd, other Cubs players who have an automatic "no trade" through June 15th are:

Henry Blanco
Mark DeRosa
Ted Lilly
Jason Marquis
Aramis Ramirez
Alfonso Soriano
Daryle Ward
Kerry Wood

Ramirez and Soriano have "no trade" clauses in their contracts that extend beyond June 15th.

Scott Eyre (limited), Jacque Jones (limited), Derrek Lee, and Jeff Samardzija also have "no trade" clauses in their contracts.

Because Wade Miller signed prior to the conclusion of the free-agency filing period, he does NOT have automatic "no trade" rights through June 15th.

Saying he thought former Cubs manager Dusty Baker was "mistreated," Dick Pole has moved on from the nightmare of their last season in Wrigley Field. Pole was Baker's bench coach with the Cubs and is now the Reds' pitching coach.


I think Zambrano needs a staff leader. No Wood, no Maddux, and he becomes a bit unhinged. He hasn't been so good since Maddux was traded last year.

He hasn’t been so good since Maddux was traded last year.

Hmm, I guess that wasn't you who said I was stupid for wanting to keep Maddux on our staff.

8-4 with a 3.64 after the All-Star Break last year with 86 K in 89 innings.

If that's "hasn't been so good", there are 2 "good" pitchers in baseball and the rest suck.

Talk about reverting to form, 9 games into the season and one of the lessons of spring training has already been forgotten. The Cubs hitters are last in the NL in walks.

4th in BA/ 8th OPS/ 12th HR's/ last in BB's

As for the Cub pitchers, they have allowed the second fewest hits but still have the third highest ERA.

I read a blurb that Brackman hasn't overly impressed so far and has already dropped a bit. Probably still a top 10 pick but not quite the top 3 slam dunk he was before the year.

Oregon pitcher Blake Beaven and Miss St. Ross Detwiler have been rising though..

ESPN 1000 said Theriot/Cedeno again in the lineup for ARam/DeRosa is day to day, tomorrow is out for the series, monday could be... the dl stint will be retroactive to April 11th. After that it's Kram Roirp disease finally diagnosed.


by the way, Lou's tirade was after the question asked by writer/author George Castle who writes for the NW Indiana Times
(3/11/07 interview with GC, not sure if this is a subscription link)

Cubster, that link is dated 3/11/05 but still a good read.

Well George Castle seems like a stand-up guy and all, but maybe he should pay attention in the press conferences? He asked a question that Lou had just basically given the answer to.....

its not about paying attention as much as it is getting the interviewee to say the right thing to put into print. its fishing for soundbites...something that can be printed that doesnt look like:

"Well he (Ohman) was trying to throw strikes," Pinella stated, "and he couldn't (get it done)...with the game on the line,"

this isnt his first press conference and if a few stupid losses this early are gonna bug him that much the media is gonna turn him into a circus act its gonna be a long season for him.

anyone ever see a non-sit-down garciappara interview?

the guy had to have taken coaching classes or soemthing...he almost exclusively speaks in printable soundbites. helps him end his interviews really for him. cant trust a thing outta his mouth, though, cuz of what he feeds out to the media.

well he fished for the wrong soundbite then, I'm sure George and Lou can learn from this experience and can move forward.

And I'm fairly certain Lou will take every loss this bad.

Not that I really care, Lou makes Sportscenter, George learns not to ask stupid questions hopefully, doesn't change anything.

and if you really preferred Dusty's way with the media which was to say stupid shit that made everyone question if you knew anything about baseball and why is this man managing a major league ballclub, I'm worried about you crunch.

i could care less about the media crap anyway...i just hope the story dies out with a cubs win.

lot of more important crap going down...wood, prior, aram, derosa...

theriot playing 3rd again today...cedeno 2nd...

all the screaming and hugging and ass grabbing in the world means nothing to me while those issues are on the table.

"and if you really preferred Dusty’s way with the media which was to say stupid shit that made everyone question if you knew anything about baseball and why is this man managing a major league ballclub, I’m worried about you crunch."

well, i did. cuz i dont care about dusty.

i dont care about media crap. how many YEARS have we all been mislead (not just by the cubs) by managers/players downplaying stuff in the media?

when i want an injury report i dont care to hear from the person injured OR his manager in most cases cuz the real stuff comes from the front office in press releases or its "leaked" by the team in various forms of protectionism.

when i wanna know how the game went...well, hell...i could care less. i know how the game went. i watched the same game. if a manager wants to share blah blah had a bad back and that's why he didnt play or blah blah started cuz he hits .300 off him...whatever.

i do not need a manager or player to energize me with words...get on the field, play. they can all lie through their teeth to the media for all i care, it all comes clean in the end.

well we can agree on that...

Wood tendonitis

Prior is dead to me

Derosa is going to be a season long problem

Ramirez just hope it's not serious, but will probably linger all year.

Will Carroll thinks they should scope out Prior's shoulder, many times they'll find something that MRI's and tests will never find, fwiw.

well we can agree on that…

in regards to comment #76, not #77

re: 79...yeah.

i dont expect the world to not give a crap with me. i, personally, just dont care about the press conferences.

its a window into the club that fans and news enjoy. i enjoy it occasionally, but 162 post-game conferences a year along with the beat writing and travel posts can really drag on after a while.

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  • I don't think his issue(s) will have anything to do with it. He hasn't hit since he's been back. Coghlan has the hot hand.

    Tito 1 hour 26 min ago view
  • I'm not a denier but definitely a skeptic on Strop and Grimm, who struggle with fastball control. Strop doesn't go near the ninth inning, and note how Grimm couldn't close the deal even with a 5-run lead. So Felix Pena comes in and gets the 3-pitch game-ending strikeout like it was nothing.

    And how about Almora missing that very catchable ball? That was unexpected after all the hype about his glove.

    When Trea Turner misses balls like that--which he does--I draw conclusions from it. It seems to be the one chink in his armor. But I'll give Almora another chance.

    VirginiaPhil 1 hour 30 min ago view
  • Assuming Soler is good to go, I think it comes down to 3 of the following 4: Coghlan, TLS, Sczcur, Almora. Of the 4, TLS seems to be the hardest to justify, particularly given his behavioral issues.

    billybucks 1 hour 35 min ago view
  • I'm wondering if both Coghlan and LaStella make it. With Javy being able to play all the infield spots and Joe maybe wanting late-inning D when Soler plays (assuming he plays), hence either Szczur or Almora, I think LaStella might be the odd guy out.

    Tito 1 hour 38 min ago view
  • Hendricks needs the win, anyway, plus a couple more.

    My hunch is that Hendricks wins the Cy Young . . . for Lester. That is, without Hendricks tipping the scale toward the Cubs, Scherzer tops Lester.

    VirginiaPhil 1 hour 51 min ago view
  • Old Cub fans remember when Ken Hubbs died at 22 in the crash of a small plane he was piloting in a storm in Utah in 1964. But Hubbs was not an elite power pitcher like Score and Fernandez. Score lived a long time after the accident but it was (effectively) career-ending.

    VirginiaPhil 1 hour 55 min ago view
  • HAGSAG: Since I've only seen them throw in one game and in one "live" BP session, all I can do is provide initial first impressions.

    Brailyn Marquez is listed at 6'4 but is probably more like 6'5 or 6'6. I would describe him as a younger version of Bryan Hudson, throwing a ton of ground balls but not getting a lot of swings & misses (yet). Because of his size he could eventually grow into more velocity, but right now he's mostly a pitch-to-contact guy. He generally throws strikes.

    Arizona Phil 2 hours 46 sec ago view
  • Phil, do Marquez and Ocampo look like prospects?

    Hagsag 5 hours 45 min ago view
  • It helps when your defense has declared war against the H in WHIP.

    Still impressive.

    John Beasley 5 hours 47 min ago view
  • Lackey finishes with a 3.35 ERA. Currently good for 13th in the NL. Not bad for a guy signed to be a #3 starter in a 15-team league.

    He is also 6th in WHIP. Pretty amazing: Cubs have the #2, #3, #5 and #6 starters in WHIP.

    billybucks 12 hours 41 min ago view
  • Completely meaningless game, but Pena striking out Sean the Turd to with the bases loaded was very fun.

    Other than one bad game in SD, Pena has been very good. Even with that game, 9.0 IP, 13 K, 0.89 WHIP.

    billybucks 12 hours 46 min ago view
  • 101 wins...most since 1910 (104).

    neat. ...or sad. pick one. pick both. 'murica.

    crunch 13 hours 1 min ago view
  • Just looked up Grimm's stats -- after a great run, he gave up 2 runs vs. MIL then didn't pitch for 10 days. Don't remember why?

    billybucks 13 hours 4 min ago view
  • Sean Rodriguez's helmet looks like it's taking a dump

    jacos 13 hours 8 min ago view
  • Grimm not doing himself any favors lately re: making the playoff squad. Seems to have lost the feel for his curveball.

    billybucks 13 hours 13 min ago view
  • j.grimm is literally worse than hitler.

    felix pena, your turn.

    crunch 13 hours 14 min ago view