The Inevitable

Mark Prior is going under the knife for exploratory arthroscopic surgery on his pitching shoulder tomorrow in Birmingham. The procedure will be done by Dr. James Andrews and IF he finds any damage, he's expected to repair it on the spot. Hopefully our resident doctor will be along to let us know what Prior can expect tomorrow.



Maybe Wood and Miller could go too, and we could get a group discount.

Maybe Ohman and Dumpster want to join in.

yeah Levine said they are concentrating on the labrum area and at the very least will get a "clean up" of the labrum.

Soon we will know if the damage is in his shoulder or between his ears.

"at the very least will get a “clean up” of the labrum."

That's about the most inconsistent thing I've ever read about Prior's condition. When was Prior diagnosed with labrum damage?

I don't think there really is a diagnosis, hence the exploratory nature of the surgery. Sometimes they just have to open you up to find out what's wrong.

how is it "inconsistent" when nothing structural has ever been officially diagnosed?

wind blowing in currently...

My guess is every pitcher has some slight fraying of the labrum.

i always thought going under the knife and arthroscopic surgery were mutually exclusive?

no matter.

all i can say is "about friggin time". and ditto to #4.

Rob G.:

Mark Prior... under the knife... arthroscopic... IF he finds any damage... repair it on the spot...


True Q, but there's a big difference between fraying and a tear although both can be pitched through. Radke had a severe tear in his labrum and pitched through it and lost very little velocity but his command fell off quite a bit. That could explain Prior's lack of command but not so sure it necessarily explains the drastic drop of velocity.


Can I call Prior injury prone yet, or is John Hill going to come back from the dead and write a 3,000 word essay blasting me??? :)

I wonder how Miller took the fake injury DL news? So much for his "hand shake agreement" with Hendry. I hope we have seen the last of Miller in a Cubs uniform, but Hendry has shown in the past he doesn't like to admit his mistakes.

Rotoworld says Guzman will be called up to start against the Pirates on May 1. Don't see a source link.

Diagnostic arthroscopic surgery just means looking at the anatomy and identifying any abnormalities. That's the diagnostic portion of the case. It still means using a scalpel to make portals to insert the scope as will as any basic arthroscopic tools such as shavers and probes.

The intraarticular shoulder joint anatomy (from the arthroscopic point of view) lets one identify the following structures from inside the joint:
humeral head (ball of the shoulder with articular cartilage)
glenoid (socket with articular cartilage and lined by labrum)
biceps tendon
rotator cuff (supraspinatus tendon)
glenoid labrum
joint capsule
glenohumeral ligaments
subscapularis tendon (front muscle of the rotator cuff)
subscapularis recess
inferior/posterior recesses
synovium (joint lining tissue)

then the bursal side of the joint, actually outside the shoulder joint is examined including:
rotator cuff (bursal side)
acromion (bone overhanging the cuff that the deltoid muscle attaches to as well as the AC joint)
acromionclavicular joint
coracoclavicular ligament

They should find something abnormal in that above checklist. It sure would be nice to have a diagnosis (I've said that time and time again). There are alot of things they can fix but you can't fix normal anatomy.

I'll comment more when we hear what they say about the surgical findings.

Meh...get back to me when Prior gets re-called to the big club and actually makes an appearance. Ditto Wood. Until then, don't want to hear a single thing about them. I'd much rather worry about players who actually WILL make an impact on how this club performs in 2007. when do the docs actually rip holes in Prior's*tor.....aaahheeemm.

Ahhhh never mind..Prior is done.


Well, Mark, thanks for the memories. Good luck to you in the future in your life outside of baseball, which began over this past off season.

I am just glad that Prior waited until the season to get this surgery. He was awfully busy last year to fit this into his schedule.

Good thing Mark finished his degree at USC.

If I'm not mistaken Pedro Martinez also pitched through a labrum tear injury (possibly for years), but finally got his surgery done this last off-season.

I predict:

Prior 18-6 in 2009, with the Dodgers

Cubs acquire Schmidt for the 2009 season from the Dodgers for 3/44

After Prior's exploratory surgery today he will likely regain some freakish tendon strength a la Rookie of the Year and become the best pitcher in baseball (in about a week or two). This is probably what will happen based on empirical evidence and his track record.

There's something incredibly cruel in our tendency to punish those who raised our expectations and fell more than we punish those who never raised our expectations at all. Watching Prior pitch before he took the liner off his elbow will remain a fond memory of mine as a vision of athleticism and the craft practiced at it's highest level.

Maybe Prior became a head case. Maybe Prior was juiced and the juice caught up with him. Maybe Prior -- like his team -- fell victim to a remarkable string of bad luck. Don't vilify the guy for being great and falling from that height. For a couple years there, he, like Kerry Wood, was a reason to dream. It's not his fault we dreamed. I wish him the best of luck and hope his name might, like Tommy John's, become synonymous with a successful surgical procedure that rehabilitates once hopeless injuries and foreshortened pitching careers.






ignore above.

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