Z, Now And Then

If Carlos Zambrano can pitch 21 1/3 scoreless, hitless innings tonight--striking out 17 while walking four--he’ll have the same pitching line in ’07 as he did five appearances into 2006: 3.94 ERA, 33 K, 20 BB, 25 Hits Allowed. You remember 2006...when Carlos got off to such an awful start.


This has nothing to do with Carlos...

I am looking for college stats for a Carthage college pitcher in the mid 90's. I tried the baseball cube but they didn't have it. Does anyone know any good sites for old college stats? Thanks.


That's not very sunshiney cubnut :(

I think Z has it in him though...

you can try Boyd's World but I doubt they have anything that old

Beware the HBP -- whenever Carlos is about to melt down, it seems likes he hits a batter.

A good game from Z, HRs by Lee and Soriano, and life is good.

This is a continuation of the last thread. I know the fielding #s of Soriano at 2nd were not great. However he was an intregal part of 2 WS champs while he was at 2nd. Furtermore his speed and range would be more than adequate. He has Todd Walker handles with Eric Young range. He also happens to be a HUGE offensive uptick from your run of the mill 2nd sacker. If I were the cubs I surely wouldnt close the door on the idea.

soriano back to 2nd is about as likely to happen as biggio back to catcher...well, not that extreme, but soriano's days at 2nd seem to be long over.

Soriano's defensive stats, pay attention to range factor






What you need to ask yourself is this: Are we really losing more than we would gain with Soriano at 2nd? I personally dont think so.

However he was an intregal part of 2 WS champs while he was at 2nd.


Being able to run fast does not mean you have great range. Just for clarity.

He also happens to be a HUGE offensive uptick from your run of the mill 2nd sacker.

Same goes for CF...

Soriano WAS an intregal part of 2 WS champs...at the plate.

His fielding #'s are just atrocious!!!
.971 pct...error toatals of 19,23,19,23,21 at 2B are not good by the way.

He is abominable as a second baseman. That would be a desperation move.

Soriano WAS an intregal part of 2 WS champs…at the plate.


Good call Rob....I overlooked that statement, but the Yankees lsot to Arizona and Florida in the Woprld Series those 2 seasons...

Good call Rob....I overlooked that statement, but the Yankees lost to Arizona and Florida in the World Series those 2 seasons...

I'm gonna go get the papers....get the papers...

Billy BUcks, you sure are a cockeyed optimist! BOTH Lee and Soriano hitting a homer in a single game? Given that neither guy has shown any kind of a penchant for hitting homers this year, it would be shocking if either one hits a homer.

and if my memory serves me, him, Jeter and Bernie contributed to some shoddy defensive work against the Angels that helped them lose the 2002 series.

….get the papers…

huh, rolling papers?

my fault, he was no more than a bit player on the last 2 yankee WS winners. However he still was an intregal part of 2 AL pennant winning teams. My point is this. We put up with Todd Walker at 2nd for 3 years. Is Soriano any worse than that?

It's a reference from Goodfellas...Johnny Two-Times....because I double posted...

"My point is this. We put up with Todd Walker at 2nd for 3 years. Is Soriano any worse than that?"

Yes, I think he would be slightly worse in my opinion.

Walker's career FP is .981 at 2B
Soriano's career FP is .971 at 2B

Now, I don't think Soriano would be any worse than Walker at turning the DP. But overall I would take Walker defensively at 2B than Soriano. Now when you include the bat, I would clearly take Soriano playing 2B overall Walker.

"We put up with Todd Walker at 2nd for 3 years. Is Soriano any worse than that? "


But he has the physical talents to be an average or above average center fielder.

Just because we put up with Todd Walker does not mean he was good. Last time I checked, those Todd Walker teams weren't so hot. The logic that Soriano is a good defensive 2B because his team won two pennants is a little flawed, anyway.

Also, just because Soriano is better than Todd Walker also does not necessarily make him good. Being better than awful puts you somewhere north of awful and not necessarily all the way to mediocre.

Thanks Rob G, but no luck at Boyd’s World, they go back to 2002. It looks like they may not be online.


If Carlos Zambrano can pitch 21 1/3 scoreless, hitless innings tonight–striking out 17 while walking four–he’ll have the same pitching line in ’07 as he did five appearances into 2006



I caught the reference.

"make that coffee to go."

you can try emailing the guy who runs Boyd's World too, he knows all about college baseball and might be able to point you in the right direction.

You can try asking Baseball America as well, maybe a back issue would have it or something.

Anyone else worried that the contract talks with Z will supposedly be abandoned if they are not finished within the next week? If Hendry f***s up this deal with Z because he waited too late to start talking with the agents, he should be drawn and quartered. I'm dead serious.

If we can live with JJ "playing" RF, then surely we will be ok with Fonzie in CF or LF. At least he can throw the ball back to the infield.

Idle trade speculation (a bit old too, but I missed it if already posted) from BP about the Cubs off logjam.


Just scored some box seats for tonite.

Hooray for me!

if no GM in baseball is having a soriano at 2nd discussion...especially after all the need and lack of takers for a guy obviously on top of game at the bat last year at the trading deadline...why should we?

well we can, but having a discussion about murton playing RF seems more immediately believable and that's not exactly a good thing relating to a discussion about moving soriano back to 2nd.

i hope he'll move to RF if jones can get comfortable with being the team's CF'r for now. i mean, he's not ichiro or francoeur, but he's not got a dead or totally inaccurate arm....better than murton/floyd anyway.

The BP guys...

Will Carrol doesn't know that you're not allowed to wear armor at the plate unless you have a previous injury you're protecting.

Nate Silver thinks the Cubs bullpen needs help.

crunch, what have you seen in Fonzie's arm that you don't like?

Baseball's worst broadcasters....I know it's Maxim, but still this list is pretty close to dead on. Yes both Santo and Hawk made the list and you might be surprised with #3. The only omission is Joe Morgan who should be #2 behind Chris Berman. Wonder if Baker will make the list next year....


Andrew, why is this Hendry's fault?

If there is truth to the rumor that the Trib sale is what put this extension on hold when it was mere hours from being done, what can Slick Jimmy do? From all the quotes and reports, I get the impression that Jimbo's hands are tied right now.

"If Hendry f***s up this deal with Z because he waited too late to start talking with the agents, he should be drawn and quartered. I’m dead serious. "

Yeah if Marquis got $8 million per for three years with a 6 ERA, what kind of crazy money is Zambrano looking at with his 7+ ERA?

Someone mentioned Pulispher getting signed by his local AAA team in parachat the other day. That made me think about the Mets dream trio, Wilson, Isinringhausen and Pulishpher - they turned out even worse than Prior, Wood, Zambrano.

well if Bob Howry and Eyre keep pitching like it's 20002, we do.

Good news is that Kerry Wood should be ready anytime now....as soon as he actually starts pitching. :(

"what have you seen in Fonzie’s arm that you don’t like? "

Those two guys he listed are generally considered the best in the game, depending on whether you like a little moe strength or a little more accuracy.


more recent Nate Silver Cubs OF news...

thinks Murton is the one to get sent down.

"...ready anytime..." For what exactly?

If there is truth to the rumor that the Trib sale is what put this extension on hold when it was mere hours from being done, what can Slick Jimmy do? From all the quotes and reports, I get the impression that Jimbo’s hands are tied right now.

Nothing now. But he can and should have gotten the ball rolling much earlier on contract extensions than he did. Hendry has a history of waiting till the last minute -- remember the ARam situation and, to a lesser extent, Derrek Lee. Not to mention that Hendry most likely had some idea that the Trib was preparing to be sold, and he should have had the foresight to get the contract done beforehand.

Trib has to okay the deal as is...

If they are going to do it anyway, then there's no worrying about it now.

If they aren't going to do it now, they weren't going to 3 or 4 weeks ago either.

If they are going to do it anyway, then there’s no worrying about it now.

But why the delay? All sources supposedly said the deal was basically done. Then the Trib got sold and everything halted. Now, no one knows what's going on.

"as soon as he actually starts pitching"

You mean throwing.Pitching still weeks away.

Z's ERA vs the Brewers is his worst against any NL Central opponent btw. Pirates are a close second.

vs. Brewers
16 GS, 8-7, 101.1 IP, 4.17 ERA, 8 HR, 51 BB, 98 K

vs. Pirates
14 G, 7-4, 90 IP, 4.10 ERA, 9 HR, 40 BB, 77 K

good news is he should face the Cards on Saturday assuming they skip Miller this week..

vs Cardinals
15 GS, 5-4, 108 IP, 2.50 ERA, 13 HR, 41 BB, 91 K

"crunch, what have you seen in Fonzie’s arm that you don’t like?"

i dont recall saying i didnt like soriano's arm...that's why i wouldnt mind him in RF.

im just saying he's not top tier like ichiro/francoeur...i think he's the best RF option the team has if j.jones isnt gonna play there...and honestly i'd rather have jones in CF and soriano in RF as it is.

best long-term option anyway...derosa could be argued as a better RF'r, but he's more valuable to the team at 2nd/3rd/RF/etc. rather than being "the guy" at RF.

For shits sake can someone please explain to me how moving Soriano to LF will get his bat going, anyways? It's like the time someone told me Soriano has to bat leadoff. Bleh!

soriano to LF is supposed to be a move to get his bat in the lineup while taking the stress off of the ground to cover in CF...

dunno about any other stuff that's come of the move.

Yeah, I heard what everyone else heard, crunch. I just don't get it, all the while it causes other problems.

Maybe he's taking the anxiety of playing CF to the plate. If he's having anxiety that is.

Yes I'm making excuses.


Hey Cubs, thanks for putting this one on WCIU. Awesome, guys. That way all 0 people who get WCIU can watch the game.


Adam Dunn?

Soriano in LF is supposed to make him comfy both mentally and physically, make him recollect on his playind days from his career year in 2006, and take stress off his hamstring even while he gimps into second base on doubles...

that comfy thing works only if he get to have one of those reclining chairs in LF with the built in armrest-drink holder that keeps the suds cold?

well it causes temporary problems while he's block the 2 LF-only (ideally) guys...but a side effect could be that it gives theriot more regular play *if* derosa steals most of the time in RF.

so far derosa has been a hell of a good sport playing some RF/3rd...at least no news about him being upset has leaked, anyway...

i dunno enough about lou-07 and what he thinks his guys can do in the field, though...for all i know we could be seeing cliff floyd in RF tonight...

isn't WCIU freely available in Chicago?

so confused....


Hey Cubs, thanks for putting this one on WCIU. Awesome, guys. That way all 0 people who get WCIU can watch the game.

Total B.S.

Not all Cub fans live in Chicago, Rob G.

DeRosa doesn't generate the offense needed to play RF.

Based on his career year last year (.296 BA, 13HR, 74 RBI, 4/8 SB), he is a decent offensive 2B, but you need more impact out of RF than he can deliver.

If you are going to play someone out of position, there should be a compelling reason. I don't see one for DeRosa in RF.

"It’s like the time someone told me Soriano has to bat leadoff. Bleh!"

well it was a handshake agreement between the Cubs and Soriano's group when negotiations became serious...that Soriano would bat leadoff where he feels most comfortable.

WCIU is called "the fuzzy station" because their signal is so poor. Perhaps that's what he was referring to.

first, there's more than 0 people living in Chicago...

Second, not living in Chicago for the better part of 10 years now, there's lots of games I don't get.

Comcast I suppose reaches a few more people is the problem or something?

WSCR just said Soriano is starting in LF tonight.

I am getting swung back around to my opinion of last year:

Jim Hendry is an idiot who had some lucky situations develop.

How is it that this year, when he had unlimited resources, he managed to make a mess of things?

How was this possible?!

I don't really think that is the case here, E-man. Having too many options is not really a bad thing. Muddling through it by making the right decisions is important, though.

"DeRosa doesn’t generate the offense needed to play RF."

player dependant production possitions are a thing of the past.

we live in the era where SS's can hit 20-30 homers and its nice, but not unusual....CF'rs just arent fast guys with good gloves...1st/3rd can be ob% guys with 15-20hr power rather than someone with a 30+HR stroke.

Know what else is a thing of the past?
Production-dependant player positions!

so is grammEr.



Jones in CF, Floyd in RF, Soriano in LF tonight.
Rocky Cherry got called up...


hurrah for the r.cherry thing...and nice to have soriano back.

source Jace? and who got sent down?

i believe you, but I want to write it up

No word on who got sent down. Sorry
They said they thought Miller was DONE. I don't know if that was supposed to mean that he was released...

I just got off the phone with an Iowa Cubs official who said that, as of this moment, they don't know who's being sent back. He said that Chicago is probably waiting until Rocky has safely arrived and is in hand and available for tonight before they officially announce the corresponding roster move to ensure that they're not caught with a short roster in the event that Rocky had a travel delay or gets lost en route to Wrigley, etc.

He did confirm Cherry's call-up...

Good stuff, Mike W.

Steve Stone is basically saying that they should send down Pie.

WSCR just said that Wade Miller has not dressed for the game, but they have given no reason why.

Lou Piniella doesn't have "a lot of options," he has a lot of ill-fitting parts and a GM in panic mode.

It's starting to look like they are buying themselves more time to resolve this OF questions, by getting rid of Miller, and bringing up Cherry. They won't need a 5th starter again for 9 days. I think they will decide on the OF stuff at that time.

They're my Cherry Pie.

Put a smile on my face ten miles wee-ayd.

While we're talking about two of the guys that were around as starters last year, it makes me wonder what is going on with Sean Marshall. Does anyone have any recent news on him?

let me append #84 by saying unless we trade JJ for a 5th starter...

Also, any word on how Floyd's foot looks? I haven't seen a Cubs game for a while. Is he running better than at the start of the year?

I watched yesterday's game, and all I can say about Floyd is that I didn't notice anything.

haven't seen him in person, but he seems to be moving okay on the basepaths.

Still looks gawd awful in the outfield to me, but a healthy Cliff Floyd looked gawd awful in the outfield as is....

He seems to be combating his lack of movement by setting up on the warning track though, so we have that going for us.

WGN news reporting that Wade Miller is going to the DL with back spasms.

got it form the north side baseball message board...

just heard on 1000 that it is miller going to DL. no reason given.

dated April 17th


Left-handed pitcher Sean Marshall (shoulder injury) is scheduled to make one more start in extended spring training and could make his season debut for Class A Iowa next week

if all went well he could be in Iowa this week sometime I guess...

Yeah, I saw that, then I saw an entry in "Road to Wrigley" from April 19th AZ Phil said that he expected to see Marshall in a day or two, and he would do a writeup on him when that happened. Have you seen him yet, AZ Phil?

Miller goes on the DL to save face and buys his agent more time to negotiate his next contract? We all know you absolutely must put a guy with back spasms on the DL for 15 days when he still has eight more days to sit on his dumb ass and rest his back. Good riddance leech.

I'm a 50+ year Cubs lover and I'll say this: There is not one offensive player on this team that other teams fear. There is not one legitimate clutch hitter on this team. There is no relief pitcher on this team that other teams fear. This team has zero excitement. This team has five starting outfielders,none who can be depended upon. This team has three "bangers" who have provided no bang. Not one player on this team,besides ARam,possibly,has a clue at the plate. Izturis is possibly the worst hitting infielder in baseball. Z has a nerve demanding more money. Any team that would waste time and big bucks on three pitchers who have not a prayer of being the pitchers they once were,or even a facsimile thereof,cannot be counted on to make credible decisions nor contend for anything,never mind a championship of any kind. 300 million for what turns out to be a rebuilding year is ridiculous to the extreme. For 50+ years I've seen this kind of incompetence and puffing to fill seats,only to be brokenhearted yet again. IMO,the only light at the end of this dark tunnel is the fact that Pei will have a year to learn how to hit ML pitching to go along with his speed and superb defense and become a future AS. Then again,he'll probably be traded for another bumbling idiot. And don't tell me it's early,I've seen this kind of incomptence from this club for over 50 years......absolutely heartbreaking.

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  • Dodgers with 3 in the 8th, 5 in the 9th, and they win that game.

    Mornington Crescent 50 min 15 sec ago view
  • Yeah... that was some very athletic stuff from Willson in the 9th. Impressive.

    I think Chapman and Wood both need 2 days off -- rosters expand, bring 'em up!

    Cubs now 41-15 in August in the Maddon era. That'll do. That will effing do.

    billybucks 1 hour 55 min ago view
  • 31 pitches, 2 hits, 1 walk, and 3 wild pitches later...the cubs win by 1.

    contreras snagged some other potential wild pitches in this chapman appearance.

    22 wins in august. woo.

    crunch 2 hours 23 min ago view
  • ...too...much...drama...

    c'mon chapman.

    crunch 2 hours 28 min ago view
  • Down on the farm:

    "Dealin'" Cease with another good outing for Eugene. Last 4 outings: 16IP, 1ER 29K. But, 10BB. Throw strikes, kid.

    Candelario is killing it at Iowa after struggling at AA: .320/.406/.941 in 241AB. At age 22. Where the heck to put him next year?

    UPDATE: Candy goes 3-5 tonight. Now hitting .325. Also, Almora 4-5, which is nice to see.

    billybucks 3 hours 7 min ago view
  • jacos 3 hours 29 min ago view
  • Happ and Jiminez to play in the AFL. Baseball is the best.

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  • You magnificent Bastardo!

    jacos 4 hours 1 min ago view
  • Difference is LaStella sucks, and Chapman doesn't

    /,I need

    jacos 4 hours 55 min ago view
  • My guy Addy

    jacos 5 hours 56 sec ago view
  • \m/

    jacos 5 hours 8 min ago view
  • he's attempting a comeback (or he's just very bored) and playing indie ball in the atlantic league...short-lived-cub brad snyder is also on his team.

    very boring numbers for a guy with his experience in indie ball, though not bad numbers...probably not enough to get him a minor league deal at his age (33)

    crunch 5 hours 9 min ago view
  • there goes heyward's gold glove win. bench him and bring up matt murton.

    crunch 5 hours 13 min ago view
  • felt like 36 for sure....

    Rob G. 5 hours 16 min ago view
  • Didn't LaHair hit 36 before the All Star Break? Then none after.

    John Beasley 5 hours 18 min ago view
  • @CarrieMuskat 41s41 seconds ago Bryant is 1st #Cubs player to top 35 HRs since Aramis Ramirez hit 38 in 2006

    surprised me, thought Soriano may have or Rizzo...maybe LaHair or Schierholtz too :)

    Rob G. 5 hours 26 min ago view