Game 21 Thread / Brewers @ Cubs (3 of 3)

Game Chat Ben Sheets vs. Ted Lilly Lineups:
Weeks 2b Theriot SS
Hardy SS Floyd LF
Fielder 1B Lee 1B
Hall CF Ramirez 3B
Estrada C Barrett C
td>Mench LF Jones RF Hart RF Derosa 2B Graffanino 3B Pie CF Sheets P Lilly P We've got a RUMORED radio report from reader WPZ that he heard Bruce Levine on ESPN 1000 saying that Mark Prior will announce that's he's going to be out 12-18 months following yesterday's surgery. UPDATE: Len just read a Cubs press statement on Prior, but my decided to freak out just as he read it. So here's what I heard...
Prior underwent.........debridement of the labrum.....also a capsular...lab????....won't pitch this year.
Thanks to for that thorough update. UPDATE #2: has the press statement up now and some readers heard a clearer version if you want to trudge through the comments.
During the arthroscopy, Dr. Andrews performed a debridement of Mark's right rotator cuff as well as repair of labral and capsular injuries in his right shoulder.
The tarp is off and game time has been set at 2:30 pm CST.


And to reiterate what Manny said in the last thread: Cut him already. Goodbye.

Maybe it's time to take the W & P out of WPZ. ZHL?

gee, I never even noticed that....ZHL works though.

Seems like there might be some union grievances and such if they just cut him, I don't know. Since they have to pay him as is, might as well wait until they have to decide on arbitration in December and see how he's progressing.

I know, I know....he's done, blah, blah, blah.

Glad to see Theriot in the line up, glad to see him leading off, and GLAD to see him a SS.

Cliff Floyd. Yippee.

Everyday I tell myself I'm not watching, and everyday I find myself yelling at the TV. Sigh.

I can't even think about Mark Prior. I want his job. He hasn't had to really work now for what seems like forever!

Doug Rau, 1979 tore his rotator cuff and was then released by the Dodgers.

Picked up by the Angels, then cut in 198.

That's about the only instance I can think of.

If Prior cannot play next season, and is not under a long term deal, why should the Cubs have to pay him to rehab? If they do, it should be for a very, very low base salary, and then bonuses.

I know this isn't an everyday lineup w/Alfonzo out, but we are so close to something reasonable...

1. Soriano
2. Floyd
3. Lee
4. Ramirez
5. Barrett
7. DeRosa
8. Pie

We're almost there...let's hope that the Cubs can get on the trolley.

I am not sure if this has been discussed but i need to ask. Has anyone seen Theriot play SS? I know that he played that postion at LSU and some (little) in teh minors but I am curious.

I still say they need to move Alfonso down to 5th or so. That is the only change I would make, SJS. I would also probably try an have someone batting 6th...

Rory - I think he played there once or twice in ST, and I know that he played SS in the minors.

Can I assume that Soriano is out of the line up because of the wet grass.

I say trade Prior to Minnesota for blown-up arm for another.

Rob said it. All you accomplish by cutting Prior right now is pissing off a lot of people. You still have to pay him for the rest of this season, and if he's stashed on the 60 day he isn't eating roster space.

Sit him on the DL, let him get paid and rack up some pension/benefit time, and then let him go with a pat on the back when it comes time to tender a new contract.

The Cubs and Mark Prior have gone together like
oil and vinegar.....

Dusty, I think you mean oil and water. Oil and vinegar goes very well together and I enjoy it on italian bread or salad.

Or perhaps vinegar and water. That's probably more apropos.

I am waiting for an apology from mark prior. Its bad enough the that he has been on the DL longer than Bush has been president but he had the balls to whine when the Cubs left him off the opening day roster. Suddenly he can't pitch and he opts for exploritary surgery. He had no problem signing that one year contrcat for $3.5M, he had no problem collecting all that money in his previous stints on the DL or rehabing.

Rob G.:
"seems like there might be some union grievances and such if they just cut him, I don’t know."

You might be right, but they did cut Rusch after they knew about the blood clot. Worse case scenario they need to activate him and then out him on the 60 Day DL, then not offer him arbitration.

I've never liked the 6th spot Jace :) Soriano is out due to the wet grass....we don't want him ending up getting hurt on a play like Mench's from last night.

End O subject

Just cause I like to say it. cheese and, I mean beer and pizza...wait...I got it...

Like The Cubs and winning!!!

well, they waited until the offseason when they realized he wasn't going to pitch this year and he was wasting a 40-man spot.

I will be curious if they do put him on the 60 day DL though. If they do so before Aug. 20th if I read AZ Phil's comment correctly they lose a year of his service time that they gained by sending him to Iowa.

Since they'll probably non-tender him as is, it's probably a moot point.

I can confirm the radio report from Levine regarding Prior. They said they are hoping that Prior will be back next year at this time.

AaronB-That is funny!!

pat just said the start would delayed due to rain

what's the game report? Are they starting on time? Rain Delay? Status?

DB, I put that in there for your benefit earlier. You correctly took me to the mat over it. It was for humor purposes. Now,

End O' Subject!

Or perhaps vinegar and water. That’s probably more apropos.

Funniest thing I've read in a while.

It's double jeopardy to cut a guy the day after a surgeon cuts him.

Rain Delay. Bummer

"Its bad enough the that he has been on the DL longer than Bush has been president but he had the balls to whine when the Cubs left him off the opening day roster."

That little hissy fit he threw was the final straw for Prior from my perspective. What a little sissy. Like he was in any position to carry on or make any demands. All of his "just an employee" crap. I also thought it was really cool how he took the maximum amount of time allowable to report back to camp.

thnx dave

well, at least lou wants to see how theriot does at SS. barring disaster in the field from the riot, on days when it's not wet, i think we'll see this against righties:

theriot SS
jones RF
derosa 2B

not necessarily what i would do, but i won't complain. i know lou said the lineup yesterday would be his "permanent" one but things change if you can get theriot in instead of cedturis.

Chad says:

April 25th, 2007 at 11:58 am

Dusty, I think you mean oil and water. Oil and vinegar goes very well together and I enjoy it on italian bread or salad.

Or perhaps vinegar and water. That’s probably more apropos.


Comedy Gold Jerry!!!!!

The Cubs can't lose when they're not playing. Yay.

Wrigley is wet. End o' subject.

I know this is probably an unpopular opinion but I don't see the point in non-tendering Prior. The Cubs have the option of cutting his salary by 70% next season which is $2.3 million. Considering.......

-Zambrano's future is in doubt
-Donnie Veal getting rocked in AA and most likely going to go back down to A ball.
-Samardzija being a 2 pitch pitcher

With the exception of Guzman (who might be better suited for relief work) there doesn't seem to be anyone ready to make that jump. I think it would be pretty stupid to just throw Prior away without seeing how he recovers from this.

that's definitely the unpopular opinion....


With a new owner on the horizon, I can't imagine them seeing value in spending the money on Mark Prior.

The Joe: That's certainly a Chicago-esque line...I remember years back that the line on the Bears bye weeks were

Chi +3 1/2

Bruce Miles doing a rain delay interview at the moment

Rob G, while we are on rain delay, it seems like a good time for me to do something about my damn password for the chat room. How do I change it again? I am looking for it, and I don't see anything that would let me change it.

"With a new owner on the horizon, I can’t imagine them seeing value in spending the money on Mark Prior."

If we have the same GM, sadly, I can see him seeing the value in it.

go find the posts with the link to register your username and to the lower right should be a link saying "log-in to change your settings" then look for something like edit your password or profile or something like that...

Yeah, my optimism when south pretty quickly this year. I'm not exactly pessimistic so far, but I've been a bit apathetic in the early goings here. I love the Cubs, but they've been emotionally draining to watch thus far.

Bruce pretty fired up about the suck....

I can't see them finding value in the GM either....

Okay, got it... Thanks Rob G


if the selling timetable stays the course, a new owner and a mountain of bills probably won't be too interested in paying 2 GM's. My guess is Hendry rides out his contract no matter what happens this year.

I'm a little puzzled by all of the venom aimed toward Mark Prior. True, the guy is constantly hurt, but I have a hard time blaming him for that. When he was healthy (2003), he was a horse.

As for the "I'm just an employee" comment, I thought that was said as a joke. At least that's how I read it.

The one thing that did bother me was when Prior requested a raise after the abysmal year he had last year. I know that is the way things are done now, but I thought it showed a lack of character.

Prior confirmation on WGN by Len....out for the year....labia surgery ysterday to clean out his...ready for this.....canal.....I'm here all week folks.

Rotator Cuff, Labral and capsular injuries.
WSCR reports... Will not pitch this year..

SMACK TO HEAD...LABRAL.....Labral.....gotta remember that one.

He's dead to me. Prior is gone. The next Wade Miller

We need cubster to weigh in on this, but how could this stuff not be detectable with all the other tests they've done on him? I don't understand how this has gone on like this for two years.

Can we get a reading on this Cubster?

I WISH we were talking about labia... REALLY!

The hatred toward Prior baffles me as well. We're all frustrated to varying degrees about how hurt/ineffective he's been since '03, but the nasty comments are just wrong. As if he'd rather not pitch and just sit around. And it's not like he hasn't been trying to get back.

Having said that, I'm all for saying goodbye. I was ready before this year, and he was without a doubt my favorite Cub since he was brought up.

Brenly kind of throwing Prior under the Labia bus...saying " if you look at any MLB pitcher's shoulder you'll find debris in Mark's...but he knows his body better than anyone."

Game time = 2:30pm Central

Tito...I'm not very smart...nor well read....I just think SOME if not MOST of Prior's stuff in his head....not in his arm.

If I'm wrong...I'll be the first one on his bandwagon....

Besides....saying Labia is a lot more fun than saying Labrum.

End O' story.


There are worse places to be than under the labia bus, I would guess. It doesn't sound so bad to me...

well shit Bob Brenly, obviously he was throwing 88mph because everything was fine. He should have willed himself to 93-95 mph.

You forgot to say labia, RobG... We've got a theme going here.

The labia doesn't exist, it's a myth....oh that's a different body part.

All this labia talk has me as distracted from work as i am when there is actually a ballgame going on...

GOOD GAWWDD--is that Len Kaspar singing FOLSOM PRISON???

That's bloody awful.

I think you're talking about the little man under the hood...

ROB G....funny stuff right there.....The Labia is the part(s).....ahem......Cubster, wanna weigh on on this?????

If we have the same GM, sadly, I can see him seeing the value in it.

Manny, do you find it just a little bit funny that you are now bashing Hendry for holding onto Prior when just over a year ago you were bashing Hendry allowing a rumor to exist that Prior might be traded for Tejada?

BTW, can the Cubs give Prior the "Todd Walker" treatment? Offer him arbitration again next year, and then cut him just before the season starts. No real reason to do it other than to jerk him around, not that he has done that to Cub fans at all during his career.

I can't vouch for whether Prior's a head case or not...but wouldn't the fact that they just had to repair his shoulder indicate that he was hurt to some degree?

RIP: Mark "The Bird" Prior.

Thanks for the memories...

Since when is Bobby an expert on Prior's debris? Besides, Brenly looks kinda greasy, so he can't be that credible. I don't take any sort of advice from greasy guys.

How can this be in his head? What, does he have munchausen syndrome? It's not debris in his's debris all over his body. It sucks for him and it sucks for the Cubs, but it certainly not his fault. Teams capitalize on players who work out for them and suffer when playes don't, but that's how the game works.
debridement of the right rotator cuff...

Christ, a debridement plus repairing labral and capsular injuries? I hope Dr. Andrews didn't have an afternoon tee time.

Tito...sure you can argue that. I can also argue that a lot of pitchers throw with just as serious of injuries and adjust......who's the guy from Minnesota that threw very effectively the past two years but just retired...Oh crap...what's his name????

We'll never know for sure....but I would guess we'll never see Prior pitch again for the Cubs.

Rob G.:
"if the selling timetable stays the course, a new owner and a mountain of bills probably won’t be too interested in paying 2 GM’s. My guess is Hendry rides out his contract no matter what happens this year."

I am hoping the new GM isn't that stupid. He should clean house and get his own guy in there. Also if he is willing to spend almost $1 billion on the Cubs (which is about what it is going to take), I don't think eating the minuscule fraction that is Hendry's contract would be an issue.

Labia is latin for 'lips'. Why are we getting all bent out of shape over lips? Is Prior going to kiss someone? What, I don't get it...
Tightened shoulder capsules, and repaired right Labrum...

ask your gynecologist as to where the labia is

especially the majora...puts new meaning into mlb.

I assume you meant owners there manny...


Oh wow...the comedic value is too great.

I debrided my wife 23 years ago, and she can still throw a wicked right cross.

RIP: Mark “The Bird” Prior.

This put me in mind of the newish character on 30 Rock - the woman with brittle bird bones.

"Hello, I'm Mark Prior. We've met - I don't know if you remember me."

I am not bent out of shape over labia, and I am fully aware of what labia are. They are not necessarily what we should be talking about, but I don't mind.

what do they mean the surgery was "successful"? why, because the patient didn't die on the table? WE'LL be the judges, eventually, as to whether or not the surgery was successful...

Radke was also older and was nearing the end of his career. Don't see that as a fair comparison. The guy DID try to pitch and he ended up pitching terribly last year. Maybe he should've gotten this done sooner, but it wouldn't have mattered to the people who think he was jaking it.

Ah cubster, there you are... Can you describe the surgery in words we can understand? Please?

preferably just pass an article on to me there cubster....

Fair enough, Tito....just the first example I could come up with....And thanks for the name. I even watched him pitch in the gymnasium called the Metrodome.

Cripes, I haven't heard stuff like this since living in a frat house...that being said, still laughing...

For real, let Prior go and do his rehab, non-tender him after this season then re-sign him with incentives. As long as the current leadership of this organization is able to function without ever expecting Prior back (thus making any comeback a pleasant surprise, rather than a return loaded with expectations), then why shouldn't we hold onto him and reap any benefits from a possible comeback? It doesn't make sense to completely let him go if we still think he could win the Cy Young for the Yankees in 2010.

Radke kind of sucked last year for the most part and didn't see the point in surgery when he just was planning on calling it quits.

Please name an effective starter who's lost 6-8 mph off their fastball who didn't find a knuckleball.

the game should be starting in about 10 minutes

I can't imagine that anyone who had the talent to play major league baseball would decide to fake an injury to collect their money instead of actually playing the game. Joey, you might be right. Prior might be a head case. But I saw him get hurt when he collided with Marcus Giles and I saw him get hurt when the line drive hit him in the arm. The reports from his surgery leads me to believe that he has been injured for some time, but for whatever reason, the medical tests weren't finding the damage.

I completely understand the frustration with Prior for being so injury prone. But to be angry with him and to question his toughness (or even his manhood) seems completely misplaced.

Regarding Labrum tears:

This is what Angel Guzman, Kerry Wood and Wade Miller had fixed.

It's the fibrous ring of tissue that surrounds and anchors the joint capsule to the glenoid (socket). It can tear or detach.

The glenoid labrum is often difficult to see on a plain MRI. it is possible to see a tear on the arthrogram-MRI but even with the contrast it's difficult or often inconclusive. The issue in my mind is that MP never was told to have his shoulder scoped for his chronic symptoms, which last year qualified him as having chronic shoulder pain. Having an arthroscopy is the best way to see the actual anatomy (as opposed to MRI when the imaging doesn't show anything definitive). Of course there are big and small labral tears and they occur at different locations in relation to the glenoid (socket), described from 6 to 12 o'clock positions typically.

Next up...capsular tightening

That is the biggest question to me, is how it is possible to undergo the number of doctor visits that he has in the past two years, and not have these injuries detected.

When I think about Prior I can only put myself in his shoes and think about how shitty I'd feel.

I'm a heralded monster coming out of college, told by everyone that I was the next Sandy Koufax. I know that if I just go out every day and pitch, especially like I did in my first season in the majors, I'll make untold amounts of money. I'd be able to buy castles on the Seine, an island or two in the pacific, a minor league baseball team or three, the Kansas City Royals, and fund the public portion of the 49rs' new stadium in Santa Clara County.

Instead, I'm ruined by injury, very possibly by Dusty's criminal overuse (which I never complained about) during a season where I hit the 120 pitch range more than a few times while helping Cubs' fans get closer to the world series than any of them had ever been before and, apparently, will be in awhile. I didn't bother reminding Dusty that it was essentially my first full year in the pros at any level. I just did my job, and I was frickin' good at it.

Yeah, I got some money out of the deal. If I'm careful with it, and invest intelligently, I'll be in pretty good financial shape.

But I'll never be known as the next Sandy Koufax, or the first Mark Prior, which is what I wanted to be, which is what anyone normal would want, too.

And instead of appreciating my contributions to that one year that almost was, I'm reviled?

Thank you, Philadelphia .... er, I mean, Chicago, for the support.

This is what Angel Guzman, Kerry Wood and Wade Miller had fixed.

Oh, I feel much better.

Sweet Lou--There has been discussion about this before on here. Honestly, my intent is not so much seriously to question Prior's manhood as it is to pas the time to see this game live...I faked sick today...and I'm bored.

I've also told the story of my own shoulder problems taking me out of the game...not at the MLB level. It's nothing to fart around with..but honestly...2 years is plenty to figure this out!!!!

With that said...I do wonder about Prior and his mentality at this point.

Rob G.....Greg Maddux????

Joey--I was going to say Maddux, but I don't think he ever started out with a 96-MPH fastball (that would have declined Rob's 8-10 MPH to his current top velocity of, I believe, about 88...?).

My capsular just tightened.

Oh wait......that's just the Mexican food I had for lunch.

Okay...I'm done...the game is on...and I have to read about current liabilities so's I can learn my students good tonight in class....Later.

well... guzman is back to 100%, so our odds are about 1 out of three, right?

When Dr. Andrews last offseason said MP had a "loose" shoulder, it indicated his shoulder capsule was stretched more than what might be considered normal for a pitcher. This meant the shoulder had some instability issues where the humeral head and glenoid (ball and socket parts of the joint) shift on each to the point where the shoulder is starting to dislocate but not quite. Medically this is called subluxation of the joint, opposed to a full dislocation.

The capsular tightening is done by using a thermal probe that shrinks the joint capsule in several locations thus helping the excessive laxity. The trick is not to make the shoulder too tight for a pitcher who needs alot of external rotation in the pitching motion...just not too much or instability can become a problem.

So this part matches what was reported previously regarding his shoulder, just most of the time capsular laxity is typical in a pitcher and can be addressed with muscle strengthening.

maddux throws 88 now? that would be a bit generous i think.

Guzman is pitching in........let's see..>Des Moines...right down the street from me. When he;s in the bigs and dominating, then we can say he's BACK.

Really..I'm out..Later.

yeah, well Maddux is about a league average pitcher these days and is a pitching genius. And his velocity loss didn't happen at age 25-26.

Maddux threw 92 MPH when he started....Rob G said name someone who lost 6-8 MPH and is still pitching without a knuckleball.

Maddux fits the profile.

He could pitch until he's 90 if he he learns the knuckleball.....he may already have it in his arsenal.

Losing 6-8 mph over the course of a 20 year career is quite a bit different than a 26 year old losing it suddenly. Also, its Greg f'ing Maddux.

Rob G...actually Maddux' velocity loss did happen in his late 20's.....I THINK..without research.

How old was he when he was traded to the Braves?

Cubster -- With the work that was done on Prior, is being out 12-18 months normal?

well I did say "effective", but if Greg Maddux is your only example I think we can cleanse Prior of all his sins. :)

Last topic is the rotator cuff debridement.

Debridement means to cut out/shave out abnormal/damaged tissue. This means they cleaned up shaggy worn tissue near the rotator cuff attachment either inside the joint or on the bursal side (outside near the AC joint or acromion, which often impinges on the cuff aka supraspinatus tendon). Apparently the cuff didn't have a full thickness tear or they would have done a formal repair to it with sutures and anchors that put the cuff tendon back where it attaches to bone. It's not clear as to if they shaved to acromion (acromionplasty) which can be the cause of impingement and cuff damage, but that is fairly standard if the work on the cuff was done on the bursal side of the cuff

Ok Cubster...debridement?

well the fact that you think he was traded to the Braves makes me think your memory isn't very reliable on this one...

never mind...
Debridement is a medical term referring to the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. Often this removal is surgical, but other methods exist: mechanical, chemical, autolytic (self-digestion), and even maggot therapy, where certain species of live maggots selectively eat only necrotic tissue. This treatment is usually done in gangrene cases and other serious bacterial infections, as well as frostbite.

What...they were too cheap to use maggots?

Rob G...good point on"effective", at least lately. I'll stop arguing Maddux. If I pop a quiz on the kiddies tonight I may have time to take a glance at some history to see if I can come up a name or two.

Joey out

Dusty Baylor = Grossing me out.

With the work that was done on Prior, is being out 12-18 months normal?

Yes. Probably closer to 12 months, but there are three areas worked on (labral tear, capsular tightening and cuff debridement) so comparing them to someone with just a labral tear alone is difficult to be sure on the time frame. Remember it has taken Angel Guzman over 2-3 years to get this far (wherever he is at this point).

...and it starts. This only seems to happen to us...

What…they were too cheap to use maggots?

I've seen maggots in wounds...don't get me started on that one. TCR readers will need emesis basins handy first.

Cubster--can a guy use that whatsis basin for a Mexican food malady as well??? We have flooding in Central Iowa today...I'm a little nervy to be flushing water.

Rob G.....what'd I miss... did Maddux not join the Braves the first time he left the Cubs????? I was stoned most of the 80's and 90's.....okay I lied about that.

I love medieval medecine. Brings out the best in humanity.

ESPN 1000 Chicago update guy said Cubs plan on Prior pitching "competively" a year from now.



jacos, does the lakeshore softball league count as "competitive"????

Rob G…..what’d I miss… did Maddux not join the Braves the first time he left the Cubs????? I was stoned most of the 80’s and 90’s…..okay I lied about that.

you said traded to the Braves, pretty much altering the entire course of Cubs history from that point going forward.

is there a team more adept at the multi-hit, zero-run inning than the beloved?

I'm guessing Prior is not going to do well with the pitching with discomfort thing which will plague him for the rest of his career

When can we start hiring players who are smart, fundamentally, non injury prone players?

Another boneheaded baserunning error by the Cubs, Theriot again...

If they really said "competively," that would be funny.

When can we start hiring players who are smart, fundamentally, non injury prone players?
We do/have--they just turn into another inept Cubs player/manager...

Speaking of--check this comic out:

what's it called when you have more runs than the other team?

what's it called when that is the case after the other team bats 9 times?

a little surprised ramirez could score on that one.....for that matter he was flying around second and would have been at third.....if he hadn't fallen down.

Anyone know why Sheets was pulled?

Sheets was removed due to a pulled groin. His own, I think.

Ben Sheets Hurt?


If I were Kerry Wood I wouldn't get out of bed today.


That was a nice runhome. My favorite part is that he puts his head down immediately and starts running.

I guess all that speculation about Lee's wrist still being bad was wrong.

JUSTIN BERG got roughed up in his start today for Tennessee. Couldn't get anyone out in the 2nd.

1.0 IP, 6 H, 4 BB, 1 K, 10 R, 6 ER

The Smokies were down 16-0 at one point.This game also featured JAKE FOX at 1B where he proved he can make errors just like behind the plate. However, he did hit a 3 run home run.

Repeat prediction from two days ago - Cubs go to 8-13 and then go on to have great season. The offense is just starting to pick up, and the pitching will be solid all year.

Btw, isn't Theriot at SS kind of like our version of Eckstein?

Was there a person on the PLANET shocked that Prior won't pitch til at least next year? Sigh.

This is the first day all week that I haven't been tempted to throw things at the TV. Much.


theriot for SS.....izturis's D is overrated anyway, theriot looks at least competent, and the offense diff is huge. please theriot there 5-6 days a week....

pie is a little fast, don't you think?

I, and others have said this too.

HOW has he looked today in the field guys?

Throws to first?

DP combos?

I heard he had made another baserunning gaffe - any details there?


Uh, could someone watching explain Pie's hit? How did he get a double on a groundball to Weeks?

It slipped away from Fielder.

Is Π earning a job with the big club?

Pie hit the ball down the RF line where it rattled around in the bullpen, picked up by Weeks.

Lilly got enough to go 8 innings?

honestly haven't seen theriot handle one defensive play

baserunning gaffe he was on 1b after a bad sac bunt which should have been a DP. Floyd singled to RF but ball got away in the infield sort of up the LF line actually and the third basemen went to get it.
Theriot ran to what he thought would be an empty 3b but apparently didn't notice that Sheets was backing up the play who covered 3b and he was out by a mile.

it did knock Sheets of the game though, so we can give him that.

Okay. They need to stop the 7th inning stretch thing already...

Did you hear the calls of "You suck Batman!"?

I don't mind the's lame, but whatever...I'm just tired of them bringing in guys who aren't Cub fans.

Who sang the 7th?

Michael Keaton.

I like Keaton, but he didn't know the words and he's a Pirates fan. So, um, what's the point?

I was just about to write that he didn't even know the words--that's what I don't get.


Did anyone notice whent the Bear players were singing last week they were reading the words?

Robbie Gould has his chin in his chest the whole time.

When they interviewed him after, Len asked being from PA who was his favorite baseball team.

Robbie said "I really didn't follow baseball..."

No sh!t.

Exactly. It's just marketing. Bring in any celebrity they can think of. I'd rather see Murray and Belushi than some jackass like Jeff Gordon or Ozzie Osbourne.

why don't they just let ron santo sing if (when he comes back). most of the fans love the guy, and it would make the most sense.

the celebrities are getting old - and marketing? who the hell watches the cubs for the 7th inning stretch?

Damn. That should have been the last hit of the cycle.

Let the worrying about D-Lee stop. (As if it should've started.)

If there weren't people clogging up the bases, he probably would have gotten that triple.

They should just play a tape of Harry singing.
I know he's dead, but so is Sinatra, I think the Ynakees still play "New York, New York".

Hey! Offense! Cool!

Also, good to see Wuertz get his cherry popped when it didn't matter.

2 - 2b

Great game DLee. But one home run does not a season. I say he owes us a Sammy Sosa like May by hitting 15 -20 homers. Deal?

Best thing about today's game? The Cubs getting a break (E6 in the 4th) and capitalizing on it to the tune of 4 runs.

Not something we've seen much of this year.

5 runs, excuse me.

Yeah. They took advantage of a few breaks today. Sheets getting hurt was a break. They jumped on Dessens pretty well...

If you didn't hear Lou Piniella after the game, he indicatated that Theriot was HIS SS, implying that Izzy iz Hendry's shortstop. And that he's been trying to find a way to play Theriot....apparently over Hendry's dead body.

So, it looks like Lou wants PIE in center and Theriot at short and me in HEAVEN.

In the post game comments, Lou P said that Theriot is his new SS and will be batting the 2 hole behind Soriano.

Meh. Thanks for 2003, Prior.

Let's move on.

Okay, so it appears that we finally have Theriot in the lineup... Now if only we can get Soriano moved out of the leadoff spot, I would be pretty much happy. At least he does seem to be going in the right direction...

If you didn’t hear Lou Piniella after the game, he indicatated that Theriot was HIS SS, implying that Izzy iz Hendry’s shortstop. And that he’s been trying to find a way to play Theriot….apparently over Hendry’s dead body.

someone a little less bias care to confirm that interpretation?

I imagine Hendry sneaking into Lou's office and erasing Theriot's name each day on the lineup card and penciling in Izturis. Lou wanders back in and wonders who's messin' with him? Finds a tape on his desk marked" Izturis' Greatest Moments: 2004".

Since Hendry has been championing Theriot for 2 years now, that theory makes absolutely no freaking sense.

Soriano LF, Theriot SS, Lee 1b, Ramirez 3b, Jones RF, Barrett C, Derosa 2b, Pie CF

bench of Floyd, Murton, Jones, Ward, suck, suck and suck (I mean Blanco, Izturis and Cedeno)

and someone goes when Guzman gets called up May 1st.

nice bench to have, hope Lou can make this work and keep everyone happy.

Floyd and Murton are going to really have a hard time with that. I am starting to think that they might need to trade Murton... This OF situation is a mess because of Jones and Floyds' contracts. If you have to trade someone to ease the tension, it seems like Murton would be the one to go.

Trading Murton would be a shame, too, because of the three players (Jones, Murton and Floyd), I like him the most.

Since Hendry has been championing Theriot for 2 years now, that theory makes absolutely no freaking sense.

LOFL! Do you really believe that??!!

How did you miss the story this winter about how Hendry and his staff didn't think Theriot would be able to come anywhere near his 2006 MLB numbers and that's why they promised Derosa the starting second base job.

IF Theriot is going to start everyday then having Ronnie and Izzy on the bench is redundant. Chadstrodomus says:

Guz up the the big club and Ronnie to AAA.

Wow... the offense doesn't try to pull-yank outside pitches out for HRs, the pitchers don't walk 20 batters, the defense doesn't suck, Izzy the GIDP specialist is out and look what happens. An f*ing win.

That is a good point, Chad. Putting Ronnie in AAA would be a goo d move.

Do you think he'll come close to his 2006 numbers?


Theriot's been getting called up just about everytime we needed someone called up the last 2 years. How did you miss 2006 when he got called up a few times but Dusty would never play him?

anyway, glad it's happening, can't handle the Izturis suck much more. Hope Theriot goes back to taking pitches though and getting on-base. Everything's been singles to RF so far for him this year and a lot of first pitch swinging. Eventually the defense and pitching will adjust to that. The #2 spot though should be good for him as he'll take more pitches if Soriano is on-base. Hope Lou doesn't get to sac bunty with him though.

I'm not sure what moving Murton will solve. Floyd and Jones are going to be the ones bitching about not getting playing time and you can't platoon two lefties. Even splitting time 50/50 between them will probably cause problems. Moving Murton also means our righty bench bats are Izturis, Cedeno and Blanco.

yeah Cedeno seems like the most likely AAA fodder at the moment.

Poor Murton.

With DeRosa and Theriot, why do you need Izzy and Ronnie? If there is any injury and Aram has to sit, Izzy goes to short and Rosa or Riot to 3rd. Seems like an easy move to me.

I dont think Murton gets traded - he is still too valuable to the Cubs. Jones, on the other hand, makes the most sense to be traded. He has a very affordable contract for the production that he provides. He would fit in well in left field for a lot of teams, or as a DH in the American League.

I say Ronnie down to AAA, Guzman up, Jones traded for either prospects, a fifth starter, or a left handed relief pitcher who isn't named Error or Oh Man.

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the... park...?

Bob should have said his name 3 times really fast. Maybe he'd have disappeared.


In the post game comments, Lou P said that Theriot is his new SS and will be batting the 2 hole behind Soriano.

So I take it Lou didn't like the rally killing Izturis did early in the game yesterday. lol, I didn't like it either, Lou. Theriot's bat is impressive. He has that natural line-drive swing and will go with the pitch inside & out.


I dont think Murton gets traded - he is still too valuable to the Cubs. Jones, on the other hand, makes the most sense to be traded.

I respectfully disagree. The lineup is severely right-handed and compared to the other RH batters in the lineup, Murt doesn't stand a chance. Jones is the *only* regular LH power threat in the lineup.

Murt, I like him, but he's the guy that just doesn't fit.

lol...nice Beetlejuice reference BJS.

New Forbes club rankings in...Cubs come in at #5 at $592m.

If Prior had genetic looseness, did he have his genetics removed too? Would that have been through the scrotum? Was there anything left to remove?

Interesting post from Old Blue, feeling sorry for the Mark-Prior-that-could-have-been, but abusing millions of fans (and taking millions of bucks) for four years has been a little bit much to expect any sympathy remaining, IMHO. good luck in your next career, MOVE ON.

With Swisher out, I wonder if the A's are interested in some LF depth.

Murt, I like him, but he’s the guy that just doesn’t fit.

Then who are your right hand bats off of the bench?

Dave in Pittsburgh -- Care to elaborate on how Prior abused millions of fans for four years? The guy was hurt. How does that translate into fan abuse? Your quip questioning his manhood is witty, but can you actually point to anything he did during his six year MLB career that was emasculating?

Nate Silver at Baseball Prospectus proposed a Matt Murton for Joe Blanton trade. Would the A's go for something like that? I like Murton, but I'm afraid he does seem like the odd man out at the moment.

I thought Swisher was only d2d....

and do tell who's suppose to pinch-hit for Pie, Floyd or Jones when a lefty comes to the mound or who starts in there place when a lefty starts?

What the hell... I thought Swisher was injured.

The concern over a right-handed bat off the bench is a good one, but Murton doesn't seem to do well in that role.

and why trade Murton? he's got options.

Really think it's a guarantee that Floyd stays healthy and Pie hits well enough? I hope both happen, but no reason to screw up all your depth in one fell swoop by trading Murton.

Swisher hurt his hamstring, but rotoworld blurb said he'd avoid the DL. Bradley's on the DL and Kotsay's on the 60-day DL.

The concern over a right-handed bat off the bench is a good one, but Murton doesn’t seem to do well in that role.

I think Soriano won't hit any homers this year either. :)

I believe Dave's comment was a metaphor. The idea of the Cubs wasting someone's time or crushing their hope doesn't involve someone from the team actually locking them in a cage and jabbing them with a hot poker.

Unless Dave had a run-in with Prior.

"I respectfully disagree. The lineup is severely right-handed and compared to the other RH batters in the lineup, Murt doesn’t stand a chance. Jones is the *only* regular LH power threat in the lineup."

Normally at this point, these problems would've worked themselves out with an injury or two. The season when the Cubs actually have depth will be the year when they don't need it. DeRosa takes a pitch off the wrist today and carries on... if Cedeno/Neifi/Womack are the backup, he's out for 8 weeks.

My bad, Rob. Geesh at the time it was all doom-and-gloom about Swisher. That's what I get for getting my information from ESPN. :(

and why trade Murton? he’s got options.

Because, now that Soriano is parking his ass in LF, the Cub's have 3 left fielders. And LF'ers start dropping then there's always Hoff.

Sweet Lou:

Nate Silver at Baseball Prospectus proposed a Matt Murton for Joe Blanton trade. Would the A’s go for something like that?

Maybe, teams with multiple injuries like that get desperate.

So why pick on Prior? It's not like he's been single-handedly keeping the Cubs out of the WS. If that's what Dave meant, he could also point to the 98 years of fan abuse the Cubs have provided their fans, most of those years without Mark Prior.

I guess the larger point I'm trying to make is that it seems somewhat fashionable at the moment to call into question Prior's manhood, but I just don't see how the guy deserves it. When he was healthy, the Cubs rode him hard and he responded. Unfortunately, he has been hurt for the better part of the past four years. I know that's frustrating, but I have a hard time blaming Prior for it.

oh yeah hoffpauir, another lefty...brilliant.

seriously what don't people get about jones, floyd and pie having to hit against lefties?

Most lineups have a mixture of lefties and righties. The *entire* infield is righties, btw.


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  • You lollygag the ball around the infield. You lollygag your way down to first. You lollygag in and out of the dugout. You know what that makes you? Larry!

    Jackstraw 16 min 18 sec ago view
  • Its too bad Warren didnt get to pitch. He would have saved us.

    The E-Man 33 min 37 sec ago view
  • Whoa -- that Contreras play in the 8th looked too much like a "Schwarber" -- nearly crashed into the wall going full speed, with Heyward doing the same.

    New rule: if you are a catcher playing LF, and find yourself sprinting after a fly ball in the gap -- stop, let the CF go after it and get ready to play it off the wall.

    billybucks 44 min 50 sec ago view
  • Cubs have no spark and no life. Pretty boring to watch these days.

    billybucks 2 hours 17 min ago view
  • I thought trips to Miami were supposed to be fun. This one sucked.

    The bottom half of the bullpen now turns close games into blowout losses. Not good.

    Once Fowler went to the DL, the team went into the tank. Wonder if he'll get any love this offseason? Probably not.

    billybucks 2 hours 21 min ago view
  • 6IP, 2ER. The last one scored because of another botched Zobrist DP turn.

    And now, a bad throw by KB. Sloppy.

    billybucks 3 hours 4 min ago view
  • What is it with Hammel always starting well and sucking after a couple months?

    The E-Man 4 hours 37 min ago view
  • Ahhh...sad. Lke a few of you here, I saw him play during the '69-'71 seasons. He was the "hot Zobrist" for the club in August/September of '69 while everyone else was fizzling out...

    The E-Man 5 hours 16 min ago view
  • I predict: "They will play hard and if they give the same effort every day, they'll win a lot of games."

    The E-Man 5 hours 20 min ago view
  • OK, boys -- find a way to win today.

    billybucks 6 hours 13 min ago view
  • There's some BA is missing too, here's all signing bonus BA doesn't have some:

    -6 Hockin $241,000 (slot price), 7 Cruz $75,000 (saved $110,00), 8 Ridlings $120,000 (saved $53,800), 9 Robinson $30,000 (saved $132,300), so far the Cubs have saved an extra $297,100

    cubbies.4ever 8 hours 4 min ago view
  • per Muscat...
    Zobrist (2B), Hayward (CF), Bryant (3B), Rizzo, Contreras (LF), Montero, Russell, Coghlan (RF), Hammel

    Cubster 8 hours 12 min ago view
  • Also -- despite losing 6 of their last 10, the Cubs picked up a game on both STL and PIT during that period. Weird, given that they swept PIT and were swept by STL.

    billybucks 8 hours 12 min ago view
  • Also, I'd like to know if there are numbers to back up my suspicion that there are a lot more fast starts than late June romps. This seems like a time where everybody not named Willson Contreras is looking a little tired and/or banged up a bit.

    For once, the Cubs got off to a fast start. Seems like I've been waiting for that for 50 years.Everybody is really gunning for this team, too. It's their playoffs.

    Old and Blue 9 hours 37 min ago view
  • He reminds me of a little of a young guy currently on the Cubs' DL, who is also tank-like in appearance.

    Old and Blue 9 hours 53 min ago view
  • draft signings are trickling in...rounds 6-9 are signed + a random slew of others.

    filter by team.

    crunch 18 hours 40 min ago view