Game 30 / Pirates @ Cubs (1 of 3)

Game Chat Ian Snell vs. Ted Lilly Lineups:
Duffy CF Soriano LF
Wilson SS Theriot 2B
Sanchez 2B Lee 1B
Bay LF Ramirez 3B
Nady RF Floyd RF
td>LaRoche 1B Barrett C Paulino C Jones CF Bautista 3B Izturis SS Snell P Lilly P



Okay, working.

What's wrong with DeRosa?

Yet another game for Pie to sit. Snell would be a good test for him. I know we're trying to win but what's the point of having him here if he gets an AB a night?

Get use to it until JJ gets dealt.

Yeah, I know. I'm not sure dealing JJ is such a great move either though. Arrgh. Maybe the ideal situation is if Floyd gets hurt?

that'll work too....


JJones is not going anywhere!

He has had some terrific AB's in the last 2 wks and is playing fine in CF.

Let your savior wait Andrew. He's 21 freaking years old and is overmatched in the batter's box. Do you think Lou is stupid? Do you think he was given the starter's job right away when there were as competent or more competent vets in front of him that were playing well?

Don't worry Andrew - he will be the D replacement. If - and a very big IF considering other than Cliff Floyd there is no other LH bat with power - JJones gets traded, Pie will get the playing time. OR thru an injury, imo.

my fantasy bench is having a great day...meh!!!

felipe lopez solo homer means the brewers are losing.....seems like the first time in weeks (not rickie)

He's not my savior, E-Man. Back off. I don't even really have a problem with him being in the bigs. He's a good guy in the clubhouse apparently (per the Barrett interview) and he's making Soriano happy. Fine.

It would be nice if he got a start every once in a while.

been a lot of days off, Lou said he'd start resting the regulars so I'm sure Pie will get some starts.

Two guys collide in the outfield on what should have been a sure out and that's called a hit?

Something tells me Pie would have had that ball in center.

How long is this "test" going to be for Izturis????

I think he has failed miserably, can we FINALLY move Theriot over to SS for good...PLEASE!!!

Prince Fielder HR #10...MIL up 4-1...UGH

Very poor situational hitting.


raise your hand if you think tonight's jacque jones is the real jacque jones...

Ron, I appreciate your dedication to JDRF, but there's no need to be giving shout-outs to people who help the cause with one out in the ninth in a one-run ballgame. Do it in the third inning for pete's sake.

good night for dempster to revert to form....

some insurance runs would have helped though...

Dumpster is baaaacccckkkkkkkk...

Woo Izzy!!! 0-4 and back under .200 leading off the 9th...UGH!!!

hi michael wuertz, i'm earth - welcome back

I'm sorry. The god awful eighth inning with DLEE @ 3rd and 0 outs was the game. Marte was lights out. I wish we had him instead of our lefties like Oh-Man! and Eyre.

Agreed, E-Man.

How the hell do you pop out with runners on 2nd & 3rd with no outs?!

Hmm, the Cubs have 11 hits tonight, but only one XBH...

Theriot is fucking money.

Wild Thing,
I think you talked a bit too soon. A stupid base running error by Theriot.

too many F-ing walks from this relief corps. waaaay too many for a supposedly elite club.

ANDREW: IMO, the guy that would get traded before JJones: Murton.

can soriano be RF yet?

maybe move murton-floyd back to LF?


Helluva way to start out a 13-consecutive-game stretch.

nice work, jonsey!

Michael Barrett caught stealing?

Thennnnn Izzy gets his hit.

Tough night for Murton -- gags in the 8th vs. a LH, can't throw out the tying run in the 9th, then crushes a line drive in the 10th that's caught and turned into a DP. Not his night.

It looks like April all over again.

Eyre is awesome.... We would be 30 - 0 if Ohman and Eyre pitched every inning.

if there was ever a close game they deserve to lose, it's this one.

Wow -- what the hell has happened to Scott Eyre?

Looks like the Cubs blew too many chances to win this -- the 8th was particularly brutal, although not surprising.


what a break cause I think Castillo was safe at 1st.

This game is hard to judge...

on one hand it can be argued that pinella was way too aggressive tonight (e.g. using pie as a pure defensive replacement and then replacing him for murton... now, in the 12th inning we could use his bat)

Then on the other hand it could be argued that pinella's aggressiveness set the Cubs up to win and they blew their chance several times...!?!?

Though, with that said... the Cubs D has bailed them out tonight



I was just thinking that Tracy has got to be going on wild in the clubhouse... Pirates deff. aren't getting in favors tonight by the first base ump

are the cubs allowed to hit HRs anymore?

DLee sure isn't looking like a .400 hitter tonight.

Eyre has to have the record tonight for the highest WHIP in a game without giving up a run.

That Barrett throw might have been worse than the Rollins rundown in 05.

pls explain for those on gamecast only

chifan... what are you talking about?

the runner was stealing, and barrett was throwing to izzy who was covering 3b - a-ram shouldn't have tried to field the ball

Runners were on 1st and 2nd and Duke was on to pinch hit to move them over. Ramirez was in to field the bunt. The runner on 2nd goes to steal 3rd and Barrett throws over to Izturis who is covering on 3rd on the play. Barrett throws and it hits rameriez's glove.

either way - that's a well-earned loss. plenty of blame to go around....and yet another strong start from Lilly wasted.

What a kick in the pants.

Completely and utterly inept at the plate. Got nothing done after a 3-2 lead.

It's a head-scratcher that this team can go almost 8 innings without scoring a single run against the PIRATES BULLPEN.

that's a well-earned loss. plenty of blame to go around....and yet another strong start from Lilly wasted.

MLB.COM says Lilly has made 7 starts on the season, 7 of which have been 'quality starts'.

2 wins to show for it.

Hit and run was awful. Managers should just resist the urge to interfere.

The Cubs have hit like 4 HRs all season. What the heck is going on here.

Overall, sure there is a lot of blame to go around but once again, Lou Pinella should be called Lou Pinheada. I am counting down the days til he's fired. (don't wrorry, I'm realistic, it's probably @1300)

Nice use of Felix Pie. Comes in as a 'defensive replacement' in the 8th inning of a 1 run game. You just have to get Floyd out of that game right there, right? NO! It was a move that didn't need to be made at all. Complete over-managing.

Nice job with the failed hit and run to fuck up the 12th. Afraid of a double play? I wonder why? Cause Jacque Jones BLOWS!

FU Lou!

And GODDAMMIT! Sometimes a team needs to pick each other up. And if you're not going to score runs then the DAMNED CLOSER NEEDS TO COME THROUGH. This bullpen if F*#!ED. Sure overall the numbers look good but just as I was saying in the chat room, numbers can lie!!!!! THEY CAN FUCKING LIE!!!! And 1 win from the bullpen is pathetic.

This was a disgusting loss. The entire Cub team should be ashamed of themselves.


My first impression of the play is that Barrett hit Ramirez more than Ramriez trying to catch it.


I know you like your managers to eat fruit and not do anything, but every employed manager in MLB makes the Pie for Floyd move and use all their guys to win a game like on Sunday.

chifan, not a fucking chance in hell. I looked it up, and in the last week only one time did a manager use that many players in a 10 inning game. The next highest number was 17 or 18. And no one makes that Pie for Floyd move with Floyd due up in the bottom of the inning. One run lead in the 8th is not enough of a pad to make a defensive move. You do that in the ninth.

MLB.COM says Lilly has made 7 starts on the season, 7 of which have been ‘quality starts’.

I think is wrong...

he threw 5.1 IP and gave up 4 ER in his previous start @ Pitt.

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  • been like that everytime I've been there too including Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium. Cubs travel well. It was pretty loud for Angels/Cubs this year and decent for Dodgers/Cubs but Dodger fans definitely turn out better than the Padre fans.

    Rob G. 3 hours 25 min ago view
  • When I went in the 2007-2008 range, it was at least 75% Cubs fans.

    blockhead25 3 hours 38 min ago view
  • Jeff Sullivan on Kris Bryant's lack of clutch hitting in 2016. Very good stuff, unsatisfying conclusion (it's probably random).

    John Beasley 3 hours 39 min ago view
  • I was at Tuesday's game in San Diego. It looked like half of Chicago was at Petco. We were much louder than Padres fans.

    BobbyD 3 hours 40 min ago view
  • We may have a chance to catch one in October. Although hell, I couldn't deal with my co-workers if we lose to them.

    blockhead25 3 hours 59 min ago view
  • think I have to miss this series too (also was at the Arrieta game last year). But in my case, just had a busy weekend with work and kids have a bunch of activities and we made it to Opening Day in Anaheim and a couple of games in Wrigley this year which we normally don't get not feeling like I'm missing out this year.

    Rob G. 4 hours 13 min ago view
  • they're awful

    Rob G. 4 hours 14 min ago view
  • I hope the Cubs play three good teams.

    Jackstraw 4 hours 17 min ago view
  • First year I'm not going to a Cubs/Dodgers game in a long time. 4 month old baby kinda changes plans around. But the no-hitter I was at last year can last in the memory banks for awhile.

    I think Dodger Dogs are awful. I love hot dogs, but those are crap.

    blockhead25 4 hours 52 min ago view
  • ayyyy...get a doyer dog, then.

    crunch 5 hours 11 min ago view
  • I'm going to be at this one! Am told a Dodger Dog is just a long hot dog. Disappointing.

    Charlie 5 hours 14 min ago view
  • If my math is correct, if the Cubs play .500 baseball for the rest of the season, they will finish with 99 wins. I only just confirmed through Baseball Reference that 97 wins last year (and 2008) were the most Cubs wins in my lifetime. I think that last year while Arrieta was pitching better than Cy F. Young I didn't really get or appreciate what he was doing. I'm trying to try to grasp in the moment just how fucking remarkable this season is.

    Jackstraw 6 hours 6 min ago view
  • This is awesome.

    (CSN Chicago will air Vin Scully's call of the Sunday Cubs vs. Dodgers game...well for an inning at least)


    Rob G. 7 hours 5 min ago view
  • I figured this was going to be the most meaningless regular season in Cubs history...and it is pretty much on point, although I certainly didn't think we'd have close to a 14 game lead.

    But, one bad hop in game 1 in October could change absolutely everything we will remember about this year.

    blockhead25 7 hours 42 min ago view
  • oh he's great, there's like 10 great pitchers in the NL right now that can flat out dominate though. Picking #2 (behind Kershaw) doesn't matter much to me right now. Much like whom the Cubs will play in the playoffs won't matter much, they're gonna be good teams.

    Rob G. 7 hours 55 min ago view
  • The Cubs great pitching has a lot more to do with their great defense this year and plenty of good luck  (#1 in ERA, #4 in FIP behind Nats, Mets and Dodgers with a rather ridiculous .258 BABIP against Cubs' pitchers).

    Cubs pitchers do strike out more hitters than Giants pitchers and do walk more hitters than Giants pitchers so that's a few more balls in play. Cubs' pitchers actually have a higher groundball rate though. Crawford is just really good and baseball happens.

    Rob G. 7 hours 58 min ago view