Sorry about the lack of writing, been busy with the paying gig. A little bit of food for thought though... - The Cubs are currently on a five-game win streak, already surpassing last year's high-water mark of four. In 2005, they twice reached the five-game mark getting up to as high as seven during a streak that started at the end of May and ended in early June. - The game notes fron Len and Bob's blog is chocked full of optimism about our streak. - Ryne Sandberg got ejected Monday night for arguing balls and strikes. I'd pay to see that video. - Jon Heyman of with a ridiculous piece about Zambrano possibly reaching the trading block this year. It does paint a ominous picture about Z resigning before he reaches free agency though. Thank you Tribune, thank you Jim Hendry. - Cubs are 5-4 in games with the wind blowing in at Wrigley, 0-2 with the wind blowing out and 2-3 when there's a cross-wind. Bet you would have never guessed that.


It's hard to imagine Ryno being ejected. Not sure I ever saw him argue let alone be tossed.

Rob G.:
Jon Heyman of with a ridiculous piece about Zambrano possibly reaching the trading block this year. It does paint a ominous picture about Z resigning before he reaches free agency though. Thank you Tribune, thank you Jim Hendry.

Why would the Cub's try to trade for Z? They already have him. Stoooo-piiiid!

just need to point out how absurd that article was (emphasis added)...

If a trade involving Zambrano -- known to friends as simply "Z'' -- does happen, it may not have anything to do with Zambrano and Piniella butting heads in mid April. Yet, it was no surprise that two of the more competitive, temperamental people in the game would have a rough moment or two.

The first one came early. After a tough 6-5 defeat to the Reds on April 13, Piniella snapped over a question regarding what wasn't working. "What the hell do you think isn't working? You see the damn game," Piniella said. "This guy's your ace. You have a 5-0 lead with the eighth and ninth hitters coming up. You feel pretty good about that, and all of a sudden it turns into a six-run inning. What do I do? I pitch him when it's his turn again. What else can I do?''

Not much was said about Zambrano's reaction at the time. But you can hardly blame Zambrano, who'd been used to Dusty Baker's soft selling, if he was thrown for a loop by those remarks. In any case, one person close to them insisted of Zambrano and Piniella: "They're fine.''

Actually, Zambrano has responded well to Piniella's outburst. He's found his game lately; he's 3-2 and hasn't lost one since Piniella's tirade.

so I have no sources saying there's any riff, I actually have a source saying everything is fine but I'm going to write a big speculation piece about how Z and Piniella are butting heads and Z wants to go. Yeah journalism....

you mean you can't believe everything you read in the newspapers?? (as scarcasitic as you can make it sound)

ROB: You have wind blowing out, in and cross-wind. Do you have a "no-wind-at-all" stat?


SIGNINGS/TRADES - if the Cubs are lucky enough to be in the race around the break, do any of you feel, with the "lame duck" ownership, that Hendry will make ANY moves at all?

What did he do?? Call the ump a penis with a little hat on? LOL!

...about how Z and Piniella are butting heads
Just tell Z and Lou both to wear helmets, we don't want either injured. What, a figure of speech? Doesn't Heyman claim to have it on video?

ROB: You have wind blowing out, in and cross-wind. Do you have a “no-wind-at-all” stat?

Are you being serious?

Stats in the post add up to 7-9, our home record. Shall I make up some games?

"Are you being serious?"

C'mon, Rob.

Not having read Al's interview yet, I am wondering if he asked anything asking Michael if he feels he can set the record for passed-balls in a season?

...wondering if he asked Michael...

Um, no. Al doesn't roll like that.

Barrett is a terrific person, I'll agree. Truly unique in a self-serving professional sports world.

As a defensive backstop - geesh!

He said Soriano did a good job in center....


I heard Steve Stone speculate on WSCR that despite statements to the contrary, that the Cubs have NO room to take on significant salary at the deadline without moving some.

Bear in mind this was part of one of Steve's frequent (frequent!) rants about how the team should have not signed DeRosa and Soriano and instead used the money for Zambrano, Barrett and mid-season moves.

He said Soriano did a good job in center….

What do you want him to say? That he sucked? Of course he is going to say Soriano did a good job.

I heard Steve Stone speculate on WSCR that despite statements to the contrary

How would Stone know?

aren't Stone and McDonough best buddies?

since Trib doesn't seem willing to sign Z, I doubt they'll take any multi-year contracts. Maybe an expiring contract though....

well... maybe I am the only one, but I take whatever Stone has to say about the Cubs with a grain of salt.

he is just a bit bitter about his experience with the Cubs and is obviously biased against Cubs management.

padres @ braves tonight:

Justin Germano vs Anthony Lerew

really sucked if you ended up with the Tuesday ticket instead of Wednesday...

tomorrow's matchup is Maddux vs. Smoltz

yeah, I don't buy anything beyond the actual game between the lines from Stone, but it's possible he has some info.

Appropo of nothing, I just noticed that somebody yanked my handle in the previous thread and mocked MikeC. Not that I'm wary of conflict, but I'd like to take credit for it if that's my goal. And I'd like not to receive blame for any unnecessary trash talking.

My point: any chance of MVN registering users any time in our near future? Or do I need to get a more creative name or just post more often to stake a claim?

Thanks, as always, for a great place to de-lurk once in a while.

Ryno must have said "gosh" or "heck"

That's like Ned Flanders getting arrested for public indecency.

I'm not sure how that happened, it was a different email address that happened to have Stevens in it, maybe it was just a case of similar names crossing paths. Not sure he was trying to rip-off your name but I'm not positive.

i blame yosh.

lol, I wonder how desperate the Yanks are? Rivera for Dempster straight up?

ESPN talking about "What's wrong with Mariano Rivera" again... as if this is the first year ESPN has watched baseball.

Nate Silver's top 50 players in MLB... The only Cub listed is Z, at 28... D. Lee is an honorable mention... are you kidding me?
Nate Silver's Top 50 player in MLB...
Only Cub is Z at 28. D.Lee is honorable mention...
Are you kidding me?
POO HOLES is #1...


i blame yosh.

i blame barrett.

anyone have a lineup for tonight?

Anybody see that article on about the top 50 players in baseball? Lee and Ramirez weren't on it. Z was 28, or something.

Soriano 7
Theriot 4
Lee 3
Ramirez 5
Floyd 9
Barrett 2
Jones 8
Izzy 6
Lilly 1

Duffy 8
Jack Wilson 6
Sanchez 4
Bay 7
Nady 9
LaRoche 3
Paulino 2
Jose Bautista 5
Snell 1

Soriano 7
Theriot 4
Lee 3
Ramirez 5
Floyd 9
Barrett 2
Jones 8
Izzy 6
Lilly 1

Meh, Izturis again. What's wrong with DeRosa?

Um, my comments are not appearing on the site. Weird.

Steve Stone is very annoying. I liked him when he worked with Harry. Since then? Not so much. Go away, "Stoney."

Two lefties the next 2 days so Derosa will certainly play.

But yeah, beyond the glove, maybe Lou feels Izturis is ready to break out of his career slump. Afterall he is three for his last 12.


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  • "Like the Chapman deal for Cubs from on-field POV, wish I didn't now have to feel lousy following an otherwise likable Cubs team." @jonahkeri

    pretty much sums up my feelings

    Rob G. 4 hours 19 min ago view
  • You mean Yankees?

    QuietMan 4 hours 23 min ago view
  • Cards lose!

    billybucks 4 hours 30 min ago view
  • You do have a point. The TheoJed certainly would need to address this in a transparent way. Milton Bradley was no help to the team.

    The E-Man 4 hours 43 min ago view
  • FWIW, the Cubs would get a compensation draft pick between the 1st & 2nd rounds (around #35) if they extend a Qualifying Offer to Chapman post-2016 (probably about $17M), Chapman declines, and then he signs with another MLB club before next year's draft. 

    Arizona Phil 4 hours 49 min ago view
  • This all assumes Chapman doesn't want to be a free agent and possibly sign a $20MM+/year deal. We all know free agents get overpaid, sometimes dramatically (Hello, JayHey!). Not sure why Chapman would agree to the extension. If i'm is agent, I would tell him I could get I'm a $100M deal as a FA.

    billybucks 4 hours 56 min ago view
  • I'll root for the uniform and imagine it's left-handed Rod Beck or Randy Myers out there I suppose.

    Rob G. 5 hours 20 min ago view
  • Amen to this. I guess it's gonna happen and I'm gonna have to suck it up but I really despise domestic abusers with every bone in my body and cannot stand them on any team I root for.

    johann 5 hours 28 min ago view
  • I just prefer they don't  acquire players that choke their wives/girlfriends.

    Rob G. 5 hours 32 min ago view
  • So you'd rather go with Blown Save guy, when you can trade a prospect who is blocked for one piece that could get you over the top to the Big Dance? That is pretty old thinking. This is not a move that they cannot recover from if it goes south. But the upside is potentially historic.

    The E-Man 5 hours 41 min ago view
  • I'd prefer it not happen too.

    Rob G. 6 hours 8 min ago view
  • it's a hell of a blockbuster, but it's for a guy who pitches 1/3rd of a season at an extreme premium considering the guy being traded and if the early extension $$$ rumors are true.

    it's one of those things that is bringing a guy at the top his game, but something is nagging me that this trade piece could have been put to better use.

    a huge part of me is all "hell yeah, top of the line producer"...another part of me is "hmm, that for that?"

    crunch 6 hours 11 min ago view
  • Still don't want. Kinda hope they can't work out the extension.

    Charlie 6 hours 23 min ago view
  • obviously not, and I'm sure they did their homework...just hope they have some better answers than the Yankees

    Rob G. 6 hours 23 min ago view
  • Chapman 12+ Career WAR. Currently 4.7:1 k-BB. With Rondon/Chapman/Strop/Nathan/Montgomery/Wood...Its the best pen I can recall other than Sutter or Lee Smith handling things themselves.

    Its gonna suck if he gets injured, and it appears he's not the greatest of characters.

    But, he'll have another Cuban to hang out with on the team.

    The E-Man 6 hours 45 min ago view
  • I agree with the names you mention but there are lots of names being tossed around still and there's that small matter of Chapman agreeing to the extension.

    Old and Blue 6 hours 51 min ago view