Game 34 Thread / Cubs @ Phillies (2 of 3)

Game Chat Angel Guzman vs. Freddy Garcia Lineups:
Soriano LF Rollins SS
Floyd RF Victorino RF
Lee 1b Rowand CF
Ramirez 3B Utley 2B
Barrett C Burrell LF
td>Jones CF Dobbs 1B DeRosa 2B Nunez 3b Izturis SS Ruiz C Guzman P Garcia P


We need this one. Freddy has owned us in his career and hopefully Guzman can follow up his last performance with more of the same. Minus the walk with the bases loaded.

Pretty good take on Z's mechanical issues....

Man, what a bizz kill.

Win 8 of 9, then lose 3 of 4 (2 to PITT).

We need these next 2 victories, because we got NYM, CHW, SD and LAD all coming up and that will be a tought road.

This team is hot or cold, we don't even stumble into a losing streak, we run and fall into it.

Man, what a bizz kill.

I ain't dead yet, bitches!:)

In other news, Legendary Cubs Icon Phil Nevin has called it a career. Godspeed, Kemosabe!

Man, first Beernitz and then Nevin. What a shame.

Call me the eternal optimist but I still believe this club can finish near .500.

This team reminds me of the 2005 team. If you guys remember, we all agreed that that the 05 team could have competed if they could just get hot. I feel the same way about this team.

I think they could have competed if Wood pitched about 3 times more innings and Prior didn't get hit by a liner.

I'll be at the game today, wishing Guzman some luck!

Guzman's best start last year was vs the Phils fwiw.

6 IP, 8 K, 3 BB, 1 ER on a Ryan Howard homer

Cubs lost 2-1 though

Great! More playing time for Izturis. Lou's really giving that young fella an opportunity!

Mutts coming back on Brew crew...David Newhan 2 run HR to make it 4-3 in the bottom 5th agains Sheets

Theriot should be in every game, why isnt he playing? Well, FG has a chance at 12+ K's today. Hope I am wrong.

Cornelius Clifford Floyd,

Welcome back. Don't screw up.

Soriano, Floyd, Lee, ARam, Barrett, JJones, DeRosa, Izzy & Guzman


Rollins, Victorino, Rowand, Utley, Burrell, Dobbs, Nunez, Ruiz & Freddie

SS Dylan Johnston of the Cubs low A Peoria showing some perseverance last night.

Kid has 4 errors last night (3 throwing, 1 missed catch) to add to his .174 BA and now 11 errors on the season. Ends up hitting a game tying 3 run HR in the top of the 9th -- Peoria tacked on another run in the inning and won 10-9. Peoria was down 8-3 going into the 8th inning.

and the Brewers blew the game open in the 8th

Wow, I don't generally listen to Santo pregame, but LouPa is pregame solid gold today, touching on a LOT of chatboard issue, taking all the questions right out of Ron's mouth. Not ranting, just giving us the same lockerroom exhortation he is giving the troops. Wonder if this will be part of the archived broadcast material?

Lou in his pregame interview with Santo says the offense isn't functioning because they haven't been pitch selective with men on base and scouting reports have opposing teams utilizing this to get them to chase pitches.

It's refreshing to see the manager recognize the teams if he only can get them to fix it...seems as if it's as slow a process as turning an oil tanker around

Pitch selectivity is for losers.

Neifi Perez

PITT DAVE: I heard it too! Really, telling. Actually, Lou was very specific in the team's failures in going deep in counts, inability to drive in the run from third ("They were GIVING us a run with the infield back. All you have to do there is make contact. You might get a double"), he doesn't "even want to look at our BA with RISP", he LOVED being up with men on, etc.

I really like Lou. These guys who are getting paid a mint, that look "great" on paper - are gonna have to get their shit together NOW.

BREW up 9-3 in the 8th. As I said earlier, if they open up a 10 game lead, the Division is over, imo.

Todd Walker designated for assignment...

CUBSTER: As we have discussed, to overcome several years of losing mentality, it may take a whole season to get the thing on-track again.

Cubs are batting .274 with RISP, 3rd best in the NL

8th best OBP with RISP
6th best SLG with RISP

"Cubs are batting .274 with RISP, 3rd best in the NL"

ROB: I'm just the messenger. Lou isn't happy. Perhaps he's referring to RISP/2outs.

anyone out there know if the pregame lou piece will be available as archive on the gameday audio site?

Izturis and DeRosa should never be in the lineup together, especially when Jones is still in a slump. That pretty much makes the bottom of our lineup an automatic out.

It's also nice to see that Murton is never going to get a consistent chance to play and get in a groove.

I swear I can drive that head-high fastball. Why should I wait for something in the strike zone?

Corey Patterson

at least I'm consistent

2007: 12 Games--19 AB's (.211)
2006: 12 Games--29 AB's (.206)

of course I got into 12 games last year by April 24th. This year it took until the 2nd week in May. I miss my last manager.

phillies third base coach respecting JJ's arm in center, so much for scouting reports

DeRosa has an OBP 100 pts higher than his BA and is 3rd or 4th in P/PA in the NL.

He's hardly an automatic out and if he gets his batting average into the 270 range, you're going to have one heckuva middle infielder.

But even 242/339/453 for a 2b is at least average and I expect him to be better than a 240 hitter.

This team can't hit right now....its almost embarrassing. And they won't take pitches. Garcia with 67 pitches in the top of the 6th. They're BEGGING him to throw a CG shutout....Ugh.

I never saw a pitch I didn't think I could drive out of the yard...


Alf Soriano

Fonzie thrown out trying to jog home from second on a single -- un-be-freakin'-leeeevable. Bob Dernier has clearly got this team's baserunning woes solved. Wow.

Jacques looks terrible at the plate -- those were 2 of the worst swings I have seen a lefty take against a RHP - they were more like stabs than swings.


Yup. This game is over.

Man, I hope I get to eat my words. For all the Izzy hating, he's three for three today.

Aw, they tie the game and the rain starts to fall, delaying the game for the time being.


Hey, look at it this way: If the rain had come an inning earlier it could have cost us the game.

Quite true, Rishi.

Hey, Matt Murton has a higher slugging and OPBB than Floyd and Jones. Who ever would have guessed that?

no stat referring to the current suckitude of JJones should surprise anyone.

3 run Cub homers are a blessing. Before Murton's today, when was the last 3 run dinger?

It was on April 16th vs Padres in a 12-4 win, by Floyd. No wonder this offense has struggled.

1) Anyone know how long the rain is anticipated to last?
2) thank heavens for Murton's HR.

Who ever would have guessed that?

I would have! Maybe because he has shown himself to be a better hitter than Floyd or Jones?

jeanie velasco (sp?) just said they would be back playing around 7:30 ET.

Looking at the radar online, the rain seems to be about gone, so 7:30 ET makes sense once they get the field cleaned up. However, there's another huge patch of rain about a half-hour behind the current one.

Sweet, FOX switched to the Cubs game on the west coast now that the Angels/Rangers game is done.

Nice shot by Barrett...but unlucky. Nice play by Nunez.

Woo Jacque.

now we need to show some relief pitching, whoa boy...

great send by Quade - WTF?

he holds soriano...sends jones?

guess they roll the dice with a lead. im still trying to make sense of what projects a call at 3rd to run or not and how arbitrary it is, personally. not finding too much rhyme/reason so far, but im not paying huge attention.


Man, this really sucks.

that's strong stuff from your expensive set-up guys and #2 LHR. wow...just wow.

What a fucking joke. All that with 2 outs.


Eyre and Howry sure look like two worn out arms this year.

"I was sort of told: 'Play the youngs, "try not to overpitch [Scott] Eyre and [Bob] Howry and don't worry yourself to death over wins and losses.' I had never been told anything like that at any level." ~~ Dusty Baker

Well, I just got back from the park. Left after the rain delay -- it didn't look like it was going to let up for long, and it's still coming down hard. Guess I'm glad I didn't stay.

yeah, this is dusty's fault still.

lets reach waaaaaay back and find a way to still blame him.

god knows it cant be anyone currently connected with the team...much less the players. and if it is, its cuz dusty's made them stupid and forget how to play their craft and lou just needs more more more time to make them gods amongst men again...

Go team....

somewhere in time, LaTroy Hawkins is throwing toward first base and the ball is bouncing off the runners helmet into the stands...

howry pre-allstar....43.1ip
howry post-allstar..33.1ip

eyre pre-allstar....41.2ip
eyre post-allstar..19.2ip

fwiw...which is not much if you're looking to blame something on anything but the players.

didn't howry have a 2.60ish ERA before today?

must be dusty's fault...

howry was 12th in the NL in IP for relievers
Eyre not even in the top 40, 5th most on the team

this is a frustrating start.

you know the tallent is least a lotta us feel that least better than its shown itself.

getting old seeing it not combine in the right way only being saved by a nice winning streak so far.

Two outs, nobody on, 2-run lead in the 7th, Philly crowd booing -- and OH-NO! -man and the increasingly crappy Howry allow 6 runs to score?

The false hope of the 6-3 runs agianst the Pirates and Nats has vanished. Buckle in for an 0-7 roadtrip, followed by a Sox sweep.


So what??

It was HENDRY who implied that Howry and Eyre were getting worn out last year, not me.


when you're wrong you're wrong...unless you change the meaning of what you're talking about mid-conversation.

Eyre had physical problems in the 2nd half of last year, as I recall. That would probably have something to do with him pitching less - just a shot in the dark.

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