Game 35 Thread / Cubs @ Phillies (3 of 3)

Game Chat Ted Lilly vs. Jon Lieber Lineups:
Soriano LF Rollins SS
Theriot 2b Werth RF
Lee 1b Rowand CF
Ramirez 3B Utley 2B
Murton RF Burrell LF
Jones CF Helms 1B
Barrett C Nunez 3b
Izturis SS Ruiz C
Lilly P Lieber P
Update: Lee decided he didn't want the day off I guess, so he's back in the lineup and promptly grounded into a double play.
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yeah, Lou said he'd give his regulars some days off, guess today was Derrek's day.

I would have picked another day, Lee is 409/417/500(22 Ab's) for his career vs Lieber.

Floyd is 352/426/481 (54 Ab's) and he's not playing either.

Ward is hitting Lieber pretty well too though 294/36/529 in 15 AB's.

garden claw gold adjusts to gardeners of all sizes.

Depend on Danley......?

hey, its dlee...late addition

hope his neck is okay.

Derrek told Lou he wanted to play, despite soreness from a slide yesterday. Awesome.

should have taken the day off...


Was there an injury to Lee?

Nice RBI single Murt! If Felix Pie "needs to play every day" so does Matt MURTON!

Quade maybe needs to do a little more scouting of the Phillies OF.

Quade seems to have attended the Wendel Kim school of third-base coaching.

Very nice outing by Lilly once again. Hopefully Dempster can close it out and get him another win.

My favorite moment of the game so far: when Aramis uncorked that wild throw, Brenly groaned very audibly. Which is pretty much what I did at the exact same time.

Three more hits for Izzy today. He's suddenly batting .269.

El Pulpo and Castro must want gigs on the cubs' relief corps!

See, this is what I expected from Izzy from the beginning. If we could get .270 out of him, he would be more than sufficient when you add in his defense.

Man, did we need that.

All this talk about the bullpen. It could be much worse. Looking at the Phillies arms out of the pen.

Also, I'm frustrated as any Cub fan would be right now with the hitting and the relief pitching but all this talk about the Cubs not being anything more than a .500 club is as premature as the might as well give the Brewers the pennant now talk.

There's a long season ahead and there have been some positive things to build on - Ted Lilly being one of those today.

Also, 3 hits in 8 innings for Theodore Roosevelt Lilly. Awesome. The Ted Lilly I remember from years past did not have a curveball as good as it has been so far this year. Maybe I just don't remember correctly, but it's just terrific.

The Cubs are 8th in the league in reliever ERA going into today's action (1 inning no runs). 13th in save percentage though.

Izturis is still the worst fielding % SS in the NL, and ranks 13th in RF and 12th in Zone Rating. He needs to hit about .420 to make up for that.

NEAL: From ESPN this AM:

The Cubs bullpen currently is ranked 16th, however they have an OPS of .719 and a save percentage of 54%, making them 3rd worst in all of baseball. Dempster, has 7 saves (now 8), only one blown.

The relievers have a Win-Loss record of freaking 2-9! 46 BB in 105 innings.

Cubs starters are ranked 7th in baseball, right behind the Sox.

Lilly finally gets a win for his strong effort. I worry about those wasted strong starts leading to a letdown.

Izzy offense has picked up, now only if the defense can follow

any aftergame word on DLee's Neck spasms?

Soriano's 4th OF assist, that was fun.

gained that game back on the brewers, about time.

Matchups in NY: Marquis vs Glavine, Z vs Mayne, Hill vs Sosa, Guzman vs (? Vargas, would have been Pelfrey but he was just sent to AAA)

"Had Pelfrey remained in the rotation, he would have started on Thursday against the Cubs. Though Randolph said no decision involving a Thursday starter had been discussed, he identified left-hander Jason Vargas as an option."

So, what does it mean that the Brew lost 2-3 to the Mets, and we lose 2-3 from the Phillies in the first NL East meetings?

So, Ronny Cedeno gets sent down to Iowa and is handed the starting SS job but the manager has him batting ninth.

Fontenot is hitting third and playing third. Still batting in the sixth and Fontenot is 4/5 with 2 RBI and 3 Runs while leading the I-Cubs offense to a 17-6 lead over Sacramento.



How do you really feel about him?

So, what does it mean...

E-Man, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, the answer is blowin' in the wind, especially when it's blowing out to centerfield.

I do like the pitching matchups vs the mets though.

The Hebrew Hammer lays it down against the Muts tomorrow, CUBSTER! In his hometown...

the entire I-Cub team has gone nuts hitting...

Fontenot up to .371

EPat now up to .339 (and a HR) after a slow start with the bat

Pie 2-5, at .455 (and a triple today, and I'd have loved to see him motoring on that one)...reminds me of a Rolling Stones song: Can't Ya Hear Me Knocking

Hoffpaur at .298 with another HR
K. Hill at .329 and a HR
Even Ronnie Cedeno has a hit


Save percentage can be a tricky thing, particularly when talking about non-closers. One bullpen goes 4 innings and give up one run - blown save. Another goes two innings and gives up two, and they get a save.

The Cubs offense ranks 24th in scoring runs 'close and late' - that has more to do with the awful one one record and the bullpen's bad record than the mediocre pen.

'Izturis is still the worst fielding % SS in the NL, and ranks 13th in RF and 12th in Zone Rating."

that does little to give support to taking those stats seriously to gauge a player's worth or in small sizes of sample.

"So, Ronny Cedeno gets sent down to Iowa and is handed the starting SS job but the manager has him batting ninth."

he's just back from a leg/foot injury. right effect, wrong cause.


While certainly the "close and late" BA is miserable - for a bullpen to be 2-9 this early, sucks ass.

It certainly is a combo.

But one would have to think the excellent starters so far, are feeling the pressure to win every game with a shutout or the pen will blow it.

"that does little to give support to taking those stats seriously to gauge a player’s worth or in small sizes of sample."

No, it actually supports what you actually see if you pay attention. He's got an average arm and range, that makes a slightly below average shorstop. Keep in mind he's run up those stats getting platooned in for groundball pitchers. When Cedeno was up, he was the better shortstop. If you don't think so, you weren't paying attention.

"He’s got an average arm and range"

dont agree on either. dont really think its even in grey area, too. i dunno where to go from there on that one.

watch. Or Youtube it when he makes a play on the right hand of second base.

I wonder if the A's would be interested in Fontenot. Ellis, not suprisingly, isn't doing much with the bat.

“So, Ronny Cedeno gets sent down to Iowa and is handed the starting SS job but the manager has him batting ninth.”

he’s just back from a leg/foot injury. right effect, wrong cause

I see, his twisted ankle (the injury I TOLD YOU ABOUT) affects his hitting but not his ability to play shortstop...

uh huh

Murton playing time = Hitting

interesting theory of what i might be talking about, then again i did leave it wide f'n open.

on his iowa team currently he's not gonna be a 1/2 hitter (pie/epat)...he's not gonna be the 3 guy with fontenot as hot as he is and moore/coats as cold as they are...he's not got be middle power...he's in a DH can stick his recently ungimped ass down at the bottom.

he's gonna be a 1/2 (this is AAA, not MLB) hitter or a end-lineup guy as it is. given that he's recently ungimped and been outta action for a little while sticking him down at the end is a pretty ordinary lineup move given where he's at coming from being shut down and what's already here and producing.

that's a little less clear as mud, hopefully...

and no, that's not the official word of what's going on..just adding a * to the convo.

Izturis can certainly catch the ball. The problem (as someone on here has said) is that he still has to throw the ball to a teammate...

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