Game 41 Thread / White Sox @ Cubs (2 of 3)



Just heard on ESPN locally - Guzman to the ‘pen.

5th starter not named yet.

Talked about Sean Marshall or Dempster as 5th starter.

Bruce Levine broke the story originally.

Holy crap, I was joking last night when I mentioned to a friend that they should move Dempster to the #5! Honestly!

Let me drop some parachat on you...

Guzman as starter > Dempster as starter

If Dempster does become the 5th starter (which I hope doesn't happen), I suppose Marmol gets a try at closer? I'm not really seeing anyone else fit the bill.

I'd much rather have Marshall as the 5th guy, too many lefties or not.

if they are bringing up Marshall as a 5th starter, that gives us:

1-three of five starters are lefty
2-three lefty's in the pen

I'm a lefty and even I think this is weird. It also means that you have to go back to back leftys. Normally I'd say, how cares, but, I'd avoid Marshall and Hill back to back as both have the big roundhouse curveball.

3-a bullpen of dempster, howry, eyre, marmol, cotts, ohman, guzman and wuertz; until the music stops and there are only 6 or 7 chairs.

but someone has to go if Marshall is brought up...

and the most useless part right now is Scott Eyre, so he's about to need a stint on the DL for medication adjustment. Unless Hendry has a trade on the burner (which I kinda doubt at this point).

oops...who cares

UNless we trade EYer and someone for another closer (Fuentes? Lidge?) I doubt Demp get's removed from the closers spot. After all, he's only blown one save so far this year.

Wood is there and WGN just said he is going to resume throwing monday

Resume throwing in Arizona, scheduled for monday- wednesday and friday or something, will be interviewed on WGN radio pregame show

I would think that Guzman would be the guy closing if Dempster really got moved to the rotation. But I HIGHLY doubt that Dempster is getting moved to the rotation.


The Lancaster Jethawks are one of my favorite minor league franchises. They play in a beautfiul little gem of a ballpark.... of course it's out in Hades, but it's still a gem.

And if you follow crunch's link, you may be surprised to know that Lancaster and Lake Elsinore are in a three-way tie for first place at 22-20. And the game was played in Lancaster.

I am suprised! How can two teams be in a three-way tie?

Moving Guzman out of the rotation would be stupid. The bullpen has been bad, but Lou being in constant panic mode anytime someone gives up a walk probably doesn't help things much. The big thing about last nights game was the bullpen did it's job (for 2 innings, probably should have been for 2.2) and the OFFENSE scored runs after the 6th inning. Why there's no talk about the guys not hitting after the 6th being sent down or benched is baffling to me.





I think Pagan should be in the 2 hole and playing CF, while JJ slides to RF. Pagan's the hot bat and a better OF then Murt.

I think Murton should be allowed to get 500 At bats and not be benched for AAAA fodder like Pagan.

What's the parachat link?

I am suprised! How can two teams be in a three-way tie?

You gotta be kidding.

Neal, I'm a Pagan basher and proud of it, but my beef with him has been that he stands there with the bat on his shoulder looking for ball four, and when he does hit the ball, it's late to the opposite field.

His MO seems to have changed. Now he swings early in the count and pulls the ball, both lefty and righty.

So what's not to like? He'll still get his walks.

Not that he should be taking playing time from Murton. There are two other outfield spots, though.

I'm lovin' these bullpen rumors.

That the Cubs--the Cubs!-- would a) recognize they have a problem, and b) try to fix it-- this is in itself amazing.

Dempster starting could work out pretty well and in any case gets him out of the closer role and over to Iowa for a while.

Guzman and Marmol vying for the closer role could be seen as puzzling but makes sense if you assume that one of Lou's principles is that the closer must throw gas.

By the way, people who think that Dempster has nine saves should know that he has only earned saves three times when he was handed the ball with less than a three -run lead. Two of those were at home against the Nats. He also got a win in that series. He's basically had one good weekend.

Dempster has also gone more than 3 outs a few times as well...

So Lee's pinch-hitting. I guess that means he won't be going on the DL. Not sure this is such a good idea. 8-6 lead in the bottom of the 8th with men on first and third and only one out. Not sure you need to bring an ailing guy into that.

And he hits a grand slam. Maybe he's okay?

Welcome Back Lee.
Nice bullpen effort by the Sox this series.

Andrew, those two posts were hilarious!

The Aardvark/Cotts trade looking a little better today...

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