Game 42 Thread / White Sox @ Cubs (3 of 3)

Game Chat Nick Masset vs. Carlos Zambrano SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!


Go Cubs! Bust out the brooms!

I felt like I owed it to you all after peeing on the parade in the last thread. Sorry.

Z getting 2 nice starts in a row, the sweep, getting to .500, that the opposing pitcher is a nobody, that it's the Sox... There are a lot of things working against this one.

Oh, the pessimism.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Allow me to unzip, Whip.

"that the opposing pitcher is a nobody"

Especially that. Is he a soft-tossing lefthander?

No, he's not a lefty, otherwise there'd be no hope at all.

Also, Marmol closing? Anyone have any thoughts on that. I like the idea that they are trying something new--that is, the notion that closers are made rather than found (see: Jorge Julio experiments)--I'm hoping/guessing someone sees something in this kid.

Dempster starting... meh.

A distinguishing characteristic of our new manager, as has been pointed out many times, is he would rather tinker with things that are failing, rather than "stay pat" and hope they get better somewhere down the line. Perhaps when it is too late.

This was Dusty's way. "Why play someone else when Neifi does the job fine."

Keeping this team (and his previous teams) on their toes, as the players have alluded to, I believe keeps their heads in the game fwiw.

BTW - The guy sitting next to me yesterday said in the first inning, "Man, Daryl Ward can't play Major League level 1B!" after his first error. I said, "Well - he sure can hit. THAT is why Hendry signed him." Sure enough, he went 2-3 and the D improved as the game wore on with some nice scoops.

To this point, my opinion on this guy has been off base. He is doing and admirable job for what was required of him. He SHOULD have had the start in NY instead of DeRosa playing first, imo.

"doing and..." = "doing an..."

Also, Marmol closing? Anyone have any thoughts on that.

He only closed because the lead was comfortable. Dempster was warming up earlier.

how is the weather looking?

Ward is definitely better than John "Crap, he's in the starting lineup?" Mabry and whatever we had at 1B when Lee went down -- Todd Walker, Phil Nevin and the aforementioned punchless Mabry.

Ward should be starting at 1st true, but DeRosa should be at 2nd and Theriot should be at SS.

If it comes to a choice between DeRosa and Izzy, DeRosa wins every time.

except for the fact that derosa can't really swing a bat right now b/c he's hurt...

I am starting to think Zambrano is not going to win the Cy Young this year.

I don't think Zambrano will win the Cy Young any year.

Why is it that the Cubs over time, make rookies and call-ups look like Cy Young against them? what point under .500 games does lou not become a damn saint?

there's more talent here than's been here in years and somehow its lou's great talent that matters even though the team is underperforming.

somehow it's dusty's fault and lou's shining through. the b/s about how dusty never changed anything is about as lame as those that claim dusty ruins pitchers.

you'd think dlee was being held back for todd hollandsworth at 1st rather than battle of scrub A vs. scrub B...somehow the sub of 1 scrub over another was all that was holding the cubs back from 20 wins under dusty or something.

so what the hell is lou doing to keep throwing away games? i guess its "dusty residue".

sure as hell cant be the players...


how much mental midgetry is carlos capable of? infinite...

When Z hits a batter after the 5th inning, he should be pulled immediately. It is a warning sign that he is losing it -- bad things ALWAYS follow.

another example of cubs pitching losing all composure after 2 outs

Wow, billybucks. You called that one.

Z loads the bases, Lou pulls Z, Cotts comes in, AJ hits a grand salami to make it 8-2. Ugh. It sure did go from 3-2 to 8-2 in a hurry.

It HAD to be A.J.

Crappy end to a good weekend.

Like I said, when Z hits a guy, pull him immediately. This would likely still be a one-run game.

Zambrano's struggles have now become a serious issue -- it's May 20th, and he has yet to have a dominating performance. When your "Ace" is your worst starter, something is up.

Funny how Aardsma gave up the slam to Lee and then Cotts gave one up to AJ....this trade couldn't be more even at this point.

Good observation, Rich. Almost scary.

Aardsma didn't give up the slam -- Logan did.

But, your point is well taken -- the Aardsma/Cotts trade is looking good for both teams....both hitting teams when they are pitching.

After his hot start, Cotts is looking pretty poor lately.

I hate watching Jacques hit -- .260 with 1 HR on May 20? Yikes.

All brooms should now be securely put back in their appropriate closets.

Dusty, welcome to the TCR.

Why did you chose the name "crunch"?

Zambrano is NOT an "Ace" -- he just isn't mentally tough (he would be in real trouble over in the American League)...who thinks Zambrano is actually worth close to $12 Million this year...? his agent thinks he deserves Barry Zito money....I am so glad the Tribune company will NOT allow Hendry to make a big financial commitment to Zambrano -- that might be a huge mistake to lock into a new contract with Big Z...Right now Lily and Marquis are so much more reliable (and more cost effective too).

"Dusty, welcome to the TCR.
Why did you chose the name “crunch”? "

yeah...what i said is totally invalid.

what's your counterpoint? bring the logic.

here's your invitation.

I hate watching Jacques hit — .260 with 1 HR on May 20? Yikes.

I hate watching JJ try to throw the ball... sometimes it looks like his arm came off..... like today.

i actually like watching jones's high comedy.

yeah…what i said is totally invalid.

Well, it was more of an emotional rant than a logical argument..

I take it you don't like the fact that people love Lou's style even when the Cubs aren't doing particularly well....

C'mon Cubs, get another 5 after the rain!

How many people thing Zambrano will be pitching for the Cubs in 2008...? It's possible the new owners may want to go in a different direction. I like big Z but he is just not consistent enough any more...Maybe he was over-used during the last few yrs....It could be a HUGE risk to lock Big Z into a $80+ Million contract.

Zambrano is NOT an “Ace” —

I said the same thing a couple weeks ago and nobody agreed with me. But Z was pretty much our ace by default the last couple years.

Right now he's overpriced.

Any predictions for the bullpen shake up?

I'm guessing Guz goes to the pen, Marshall to the rotation, and Eyre starts having back spasms.

"I take it you don’t like the fact that people love Lou’s style even when the Cubs aren’t doing particularly well…."

could care less about lou.

how about the players?

i just dont get the still blaming of a guy who's not here and looking on the bright side of a manager who's not even getting results. at what point do these 3-4m babysitters cease to matter?

i like lou better than dusty, but the level of elevation on him for some is kinda...whatever to me.

"I said the same thing a couple weeks ago and nobody agreed with me."

CWTP: No. I had your back here to a degree. He is OUR ace - based on his track record. This year is really an anamoly imo. But certanly, in comparing him to the other elite pitchers in the NL -he is not AN ace this year. If the Cubs has a sports psychologist that spoke spanish fluently, this would be the place he should go for "rehab".

To see Z melt down consistenly with two outs over the last four years is discouraging to watch as a fan.

More Aardsma, please.

Wow -- Aardvark sure showed the Cubs they made a mistake by trading him...alas, ditto for Cotts and the Sox.

Wow --2 outs, nobody on, then the next 8 reach safely. It's the 7th inning from last Saturday in Philly all over again.

We really need some of the old hands (namely, Z and Howry) to get their stufff together, and quickly, because it looks like the early-season miracle boys (Hill, Marquis, Cotts) have come back to earth a bit.

Cubs have 3 lefties in the pen -- and not one of them can be coutned on to retire a LH batter right now. Big problem.

Yep, E-Man. Agree with your post. Sometimes Z's meltdowns make you wonder if he'll ever get it back.

Beyond that, this year his velocity is still way down and it's pretty late in the season for that.

A note of optimism:

If RF Josh Kroeger and LF-1B-Ca Jake Fox continue hitting like this in AA we may see them for a bit in September:

Fox 2/5 today .359
Kroeger 2/3 today .374

meanwhile back in Iowa, Mike Fontenot played yesterday and picked up 2 hits. Added two more today and he's hitting .374

Felix Pie 3/5 with a triple .415

CRAP. How long until we learn about the REAL stealth injury to Soriano, which (unless he's dogging) seemed to have factored into a couple of his plays and effort today

soriano should have made it to 1st on that last out...wonder how slow he is currently or if he just assumed a hit/out-at-2nd.

They really need to do something about these huge rallys with 2 outs and no one out. They lost all composure and then give up a hit and its a greased slope after that.

Soriano is clearly nowhere near 100%. Watching him run, it becomes obvious. If he is hurt, just sit him for a few weeks and get him healthy. It is better than seeing him labor around and then at the end of the year use the fact that he was banged up as a reason he underperformed.

If he is injured and it seems he is, bring up Pie and put him on the DL. Obviously it's always nice to have a bat like Alfonso's in the lineup everyday but he definetly not 100% and it's hard to produce when you have a hammy problem.

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