Game 43 Recap: Cubs 1, Padres 5

I stayed up for this?

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W - Peavy (6-1) L - Hill (4-4) S - Hoffman (12) Things to take from this game 1. Lee returns to the Lineup With Lee hitting third, we also get Soriano hitting first, and Theriot dropped to second. He looked better than his 0 for 5. Maybe that's not saying much. 2. Flattened Hill Rich Hill looked shaky from the very start. The curve wasn't breaking and the contol wasn't there, and as a result he gave up four HR, two to Cameron. That said, he still struck out 8. In any case, we got in a quick hole against Peavy, which is never a good thing. 3. Missed opportunities Cubs had several modest two out rallies ended without any results. Most of which I missed, due to a bad connection 4. No Payoff Overall, a very disappointing game to watch. Got to see Hill give up lots of home runs, the offense sputter, and not even a late-inning rally to keep things interesting as it approaches midnight.
  • Floyd with the 1st and 3rd, two out single back up the middle against Peavy, 1-0 Cubs, with Peavy having to throw thirty pitches in the first!
  • Hill with 8 straight balls to start the game. Doesn't look like he has it, at all, early on. Escapes the first with only one run scored on an Adrian Gonzalez single.
  • Kouzmanoff with an opposite-field HR, 2-1 Padres, in the second.
  • Hill hung a curve to Cameron, a real roller, and he hit it a mile into what I think is the upper deck (mezzanine?) in left. 3-1 in the third.
  • and Adrian Gonzalez makes it back to back, on another high, flat curve ball.
  • Khalil Greene with a pretty fantastic play to end the top of the fifth. Theriot grounds one up the middle, which Greene picks, does a jumping 360 spin and fires to first. The announcers then made it sound as if he had defied the laws of physics, claiming the best baseball fiction writers couldn't have dreamed up such a play. Meh. It was a great play.
  • And Cameron with another HR.
  • Hill actually has 8 Ks through 6. It's the HR on mistakes that are killing him.
  • Peavy out after 6. Had an easy time of it, after the first inning
  • Cubs get a 2 out rally going on Heath Bell in the sixth, but ends on a Theriot ground out.
  • and again, we rally against Meredith in the 8th. Again, nothing comes of it. Jones grounds out
  • I haven't seen most of it, due to mlb's horrible service outages, but Guzman seems to be pitching very well out of relief
Parachat Recap Inning 1: Getting settled, appreciation for the Padres' broadcasters, and the camera angle on Floyd. Parachat sounds. Gay child-rearing Flamingo couples. The Giles brothers. (what a nice juxtaposition of topics....) India Pale Ales. Hill's lack of control. Staying up late. Inning 2 Debating the artistic merit of Cypress Hill. California real-estate market. Winter. Zambrano. Socially acceptable fonts. Fantasy trades. Inning 3 Vista. Thinking out loud. Unsanitary acts. Puritan sex. Checking people out. The NBA Draft Lottery results. Inning 4 Search querries leading to TCR. Cubs trivia. Ignoring people. Inning 5 Why we come to TCR. (The explicit pictures, evidently.) Politics. Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos. Inning 6 More politics. Scuffing baseballs. Mitch Hedberg. More TCR search querries. The Nasty Boys. Inning 7 At what point do we do something else with our evenings?  Chatting with Angel Guzman. Drinking with Oscar Robles. Inning 8 What happened to Cla Meredith's "Y"? Countries visiting TCR. Garden Claws. Reading TCR from your mother's basement. Who is loaded, and why? Inning 9 Moaning that we stayed awake for this.


One of the few Cub games I've missed this year. Watched the Cubs score in the first inning and promptly fell asleep happy. I do believe this is the best way to enjoy Cub baseball. Go Cubs.

The Jacque Jones apologetics usually go something like this:

"Is a 20-25 HR guy worth $4 million/year? You bet he is."

Okay, let me know as soon as he starts getting clutch hits and home runs when it actually matters. He looked absolutely lost at the plate last night.

Tonight on WGN:

"The Rich HIll Era: Fun while It lasted!"

Those fly balls go a lot farther when the wind isn't blowing in 20mph. Another mirage vanishes.

In spring training, for fun, I speculated that Hoffpauir, Pie and Coats would hit more home runs Floyd, Jones and Ward.

It's been a disappointing power year for Pie (3 HR) and Coats (2) and I expected more bang from Hoffpauir (8), who may be due to go on a tear.

But I'm still ahead 13-3.

To expand on #4 a little bit, it's obvious that what's wrong with the Cubs offense is lack of lefthanded power, which could possibly help against a guy like Peavy. Add in Fontenot and Patterson with their 6 HRs each, plus Koyie Hill with his ten doubles, and you see why Iowa is winning high-scoring games and Chicago is not.

I hate these West Coast trips. The Cubs might as well be playing in Japan for all it matters to me - they start after I go beddy-bye.

Is there something wrong with me that I miss Parachat more than the game itself, especially with this result?

Anyone who stayed up --- why did Lou bring in Dempster to replace Guzman with 2 outs in the 8th? It looks like Guzman retired all 5 hitters he faced, and the Cubs were losing 5-1.

Looks like a very odd move, unless he just wanted Dempster to get into a game, and not have another 5-6 day layoff(?).

Hill struggled with his control last night, and when the big curve isn't breaking, he'll have games like this. He'll be ok...let's give him some time before the gnashing of teeth begins. Of course, the offense looked like utter shit last night, but Jake Peavy can do that to teams.

*To expand on #4 a little bit, it’s obvious that what’s wrong with the Cubs offense is lack of lefthanded power, which could possibly help against a guy like Peavy. Add in Fontenot and Patterson with their 6 HRs each, plus Koyie Hill with his ten doubles, and you see why Iowa is winning high-scoring games and Chicago is not. *

Can all the guys you listed hit MLB pitching just as well as Felix Pee-yay?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Hill looked like he was showing his stubborn streak again last night - he seemed to be shaking off Barrett frequently. In fact, I think he shook him on the pitch that Cameron jacked for his second home run. On the offense, Peavy is tough, although I grew tired of Brenly and Kasper gushing over him all game. If they showed Maddux one more time in the dugout when comparing Peavy to him I was going to scream. Jones often gets a raw deal with criticism, but he looks awful right now. When he's not hitting, his open stance and swinging off of his front foot look fundamentally flawed.

Some will say that "it is early" but the writing is on the wall. This team, for whatever reason, just does not have what it takes to be a winner. The bright spots are Theriot, Ramirez, Lee, Marquis and Lilly. Barrett also is doing a decent job. Hill's luster is fading. Beyond that, the word that comes to mind is "blah."

Some folks here are saying that Soriano really has not been doing that badly and point to 15 or so doubles and say that it is not his fault that no one is on base when he hits those doubles. But to my eye, when runners ARE on base, he does not hit. That is why I have said he is not a clutch hitter for us. He has had many chances to hit with runners on base and usually does not come through. The last ten days or so he was not hitting leadoff and his batting average was a paltry .220 or so. He seems like a good guy, a nice guy, and he seems likeable. But he has been a huge disappointment so far, at least to me.

Well, a lot of the Maddux thing is he's been crediting for working with Peavy.

In terms of the game, to me what it showed is how little patience we have at the plate and how a good pitcher can always take advantage of that.

Agreed on the patience, although they have more patience than in past years. Of course, all that shows is just how little patience Dusty's Cubs had. It will be interesting to see how they do against Wells tonight. He's a guy that requires discipline to hit him - take pitches and go the other way with all the junk he serves up.

Well, it's a good thing that Maddux has been working with Peavy. Peavy has sucked so far in his career without him!!


He hasn't sucked, but he had a bad year last year and gave credit to Maddux for helping him bounce back and be as good as he's been this year.

"no" asked: Can all the guys you listed hit MLB pitching just as well as Felix Pee-yay?

All the other guys I mentioned are better hitters right now than Felix Pie.

The practical question is, can Fontenot/Patterson hit better than DeRosa, and can Hill hit better than Blanco. We could definitely use a lefty-hitting infielder. And the reason Blanco never plays is that Lou doesn't want to trade Barrett's stick for Blanco's. If Hill was the backup, Barrett could get some time off, which would help him.

DeRosa's a pretty good guy for the bench but he gets starter money, so he starts. In 563 games, his minor-league numbers were 274/346/374, with 24 home runs. That's a half-dozen or so home runs a season. Patterson and Fontenot have that many on May 23rd. DeRosa's major-league numbers are very similar to his earlier ones. I guess that means he's proven, an experienced mediocrity.

I think Soriano will bounce back and show us his power stroke. I'm not so sure about Floyd and Jones.

My questions are not really practical, though, because when Hendry signs a contract, he doesn't consider whether it makes a guy untradeable. Jones is signed through '08, Blanco and DeRosa through '09. Neifi was signed through '07. By the grace of God, Detroit took him off our hands.

An earlier thread asked 'What about Eyre to the DL'. Steve Stone on Monday's WSCR shoe said they 'tried to get Eyre to sit in the Mike Remlinger Laz-Boy chair' but he wouldn't do it. Hence, Cotts was optioned to AAA. That Eyre must be some team player.

Looks like the only reason Cedeno is starting at SS is the I-Cubs have been ordered to do it.

Last night these defensive moves were made in the ninth after Iowa took a one run lead:

Walker replaced Patterson in Left.
Patterson replaced Fontenot at 2B.

iowa cubs were ordered to play cedeno at SS by who? he's probably there cuz he's a better SS. you dont field with your bat (though ratings would better if you did). all 3 of the "main" middle infielders should get their time. fontenot might even get some OF time if they're brave.

about hill...he was throwing 65-70mph curves last night at times. now, he's not a guy who's gonna bring a 80mph curve or anything, but he was throwing it mid-low 70s regularly in the past. i saw a lotta 60s last night.

this was according to the comcast chicago tv feed gun, btw.

George Altman — May 23, 2007 @ 11:52 am
An earlier thread asked ‘What about Eyre to the DL’. Steve Stone on Monday’s WSCR shoe said they ‘tried to get Eyre to sit in the Mike Remlinger Laz-Boy chair’ but he wouldn’t do it. Hence, Cotts was optioned to AAA. That Eyre must be some team player.


GEORGE: FWIW, if Neal Cotts spends at least 28 days on optional assignment to the minors, he can't be a FA until after 2010. (At present he's on target to be a FA after the 2009 season). Not that this was an over-riding factor, but it could be at least one of the reasons the Cubs made this particular move when they did.

More FWIW:

For those of you who might have missed my EXST report over at Road to Wrigley, Kerry Wood threw a 15-20 pitch bullpen session at Fitch Park yesterday morning prior to the EXST Cubs intrasquad game. He looked OK and seemed to be throwing with decent velocity, but he was bouncing his breaking ball. And it was just a bullpen session.

Okay, to generate discussion again, here is my predicted lineup for tonight. I am not going to be hurt if some of you disagree. This is just where I think Lou is gonna go:

with a lefty on the mound it seems to be the best lineup...putting aside the whole soriano/theriot who should bat 1st/2nd.

iowa cubs were ordered to play cedeno at SS by who? he’s probably there cuz he’s a better SS. you dont field with your bat (though ratings would better if you did). all 3 of the “main” middle infielders should get their time. fontenot might even get some OF time if they’re brave

Oh I see, Cedeno is playing because he's better than Fontenot.. That explains why Fontenot played the whole game and replaced Cedeno at SS in the ninth to protect a 1 run lead....


Who would order the I-Cubs to start Cedeno at SS even though he sucks? Answer: the same people who ordered them to give Wade Miller a start on May 21.

"Oh I see, Cedeno is playing because he’s better than Fontenot."

at SS...yes. wont find many that think otherwise.

your view of fontenot is guided by his bat.

for some reason you're not happy fontenot played the whole game...if you think fontenot at SS is the better glove you're missing out.

just because you 1- assume something 2- want it to be true...well, that dont make it true.

you cant just pick a conspiracy and make it fact cuz it makes sense to you.

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  • BRADSBEARD: I haven't noticed any new rule or a change in the interpretation of an existing rule happening in Advanced Instructs, I don't know what rules will be tested in the AFL, although almost all recent rule changes and new interpretations of existing rules (the home plate collision rule, replay, time clock between innings, et al) do get their start in the AFL.  

  • Yep

  • AZ Phil: I've heard that the AFL will be testing out a new force out rule that would affect break-up plays (like the Utley play). Have you heard anything about this new rule and any details about it? Are they testing it out at the advanced instructs as well?

  • Pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but since I will be in NYC next week I want to confirm... If the Cubs were to advance to the NLCS, the winner of LAD/NYM would have home field based on being a division winner (as opposed to Cubs by virtue of better record), correct?

  • CUBSTER: This "hammy" is on the other leg I heard last night. See you at the ballyard today young man!

  • Lulz

  • Oh what do you know, Cubster? Go back to your day job.

    --- Ducks, puts on Cardinals cap, runs.

  • Russell had a severe hamstring last year while with the A's system, forcing him to miss the first half of 2014. I've even wondered if his injury last year was a component of Billy Beane putting him on the trade market. He was quoted saying that last year's injury was a 10 out of 10 when it happened. Last night he said his hamstring soreness was a 1/1.5 out of 10. Hamstring injuries are tricky though, so I'd expect the medical team to be overly cautious here.

  • ...I want to reinforce the observation that there was no sea of red in the crowd. The usual Cardinal fans roaming the stadium were few and far between.

    Also, almost every 2 strike pitch brought the fans to their feet. Good for those in knee rehab.

  • "1st team hit hit 6HR in a game in the postseason." rises above obvious...i checked it with the official fact-finding commission of Douche, Douche, and Douchestein. they agreed with you, but they're a bunch of f'n douches so who cares?

    btw, the cubs are 2-1 in the post-season series.

  • I should be able to watch the game on the NFL replay app, whatever that thing is called. I've got it on my iPad. This is the first year I haven't forced myself to somehow watch every game - no I take that back, last year was - in quite some time. Last year was so unbearable, no pun intended.

    You make some good points about Cutler, and I was a holdout defender of Cutler for a long time. I gave up on him a bit after one too many dumb interceptions, but last year doesn't count. Trestman was the worst coach in Bears history.

  • Nice little reportage there!. I think you're older than me. Considerably older. Maybe several generations. Working out is so essential, especially as age kicks in, isn't it? I still lift weights, and so I'm confident that when I get to be at the hip breaking age, mine won't be a statistic. But I have a ways to go for that to be a concern.

  • What was impressive to me is that the Cubs won despite poor base running, several defensive miscues, Russell leaving due to injury, Arrieta having an off game and getting knocked out early, and Rondon giving up 2 runs in the 9th. If they can win a game like that... 

  • I was there too. The crowd was absolutely electric. People were standing for every big and semi-big moment, from the first inning on. It felt incredibly strange and exhilarating to see the Cubs (the Chicago bleepin' Cubs!) score playoff insurance runs on the Cardinals. What a game. One to remember.

  • 14 in attendance. What's the record for attendance in the fall? I guess I should ask what the record attendance listed is in one of your recaps.

  • I was there too, with my grown son. This is my miracle year-- I rose to the top of the season ticket list after eight years, completely unexpectedly, and my wonderful wife agreed to put the ticket fee on the emergency credit card. The whole point of course was that the Cubs were going to be good this year, and then for a while, so to get season tickets with the guaranteed shot at the postseason was incredible timing. We got to the remote lot at 4:10 after stopping at Nhu Lan for our usual banh mi sandwiches, only to find the lot full, way earlier than normal.