Game 43 Thread / Cubs @ Padres (1 of 3)


dlee, playing batting 3rd...

A. Soriano lf
R. Theriot 2b
D. Lee 1b
A. Ramirez 3b
C. Floyd rf
M. Barrett c
J. Jones cf
C. Izturis ss

Whatever happened to all the buzz about Theriot leading off and Soriano in the 2-hole...?

Eric Patterson with his sixth home run tonight.

Fontenot at second, Cedeno short, Patterson left field.

Good thing Hill regrouped. He almost lost the game in the first inning.

Peavy has 48 pitches through two innings. I hope we continue to wait him and drive up the count.

Soriano didn't take that advice, struck out swinging at two pitches way out of the strike zone.

recent cub teams would now bail out peavy with a 5 pitch inning. let's see...

rich hill - welcome back to earth! yikes.

"rich hill - welcome back to earth! yikes."

We all knew it was coming I guess. Marquis and Lilly are soon to follow. We couldn't even be a .500 team with those 3 starting pitchers pitching way above their heads. Not a good sign.

if soriano can't catch up with fastballs now, i can't wait to see how he handles them in 5 years!

I feel sick.

I just ready the articles on about all the new changes. I really don't understand most of them. They reak of desperation and not knowing your own players. What was Lou doing during ST??

This team looks like a puzzle that has pieces that just don't fit or are being jammed in trying to fit or the person putting the puzzle together doesn't understand the pieces.

What a clusterf***!!!

anotehr nice effort thus far from Jones. thank god we have his stabilizing veteran presence in the clubhouse.

its almost hard to believe that Jones is hitting .375 with RISP with 2 outs 9/24 with 3 walks and 12 RBI

any idea what the close and late breakout is for jones and RISP 2-outs?


square pegs trying to fit into round holes

in games close and late he is hitting .269 with a OBP of .296 with 2 RBI

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