Game 47 Thread / Cubs @ Dodgers (2 of 3)

Game Chat Carlos Zambrano vs. Mark Hendrickson Lineups:
Soriano LF Pierre CF
Pagan CF Abreu 2b
Lee 1B Garciaparra 1B
Ramirez 3B Martin C
DeRosa 2B Gonzalez LF
r> Murton RF Betemit 3B Blanco C Ethier RF Izturis SS Martinez SS Zambrano P Hendrickson P


Hey, if Pagan wants to hit .313, I'm ok with him hitting second.

Pinella should play Pagan more, right now he is hitting, someone Jones isint


Can Z hit 5th?

Izzy again!!! WOOO!!!!!!!

Man, how nice would it be to have Furcal at SS?

And yes, I know he "supposedly" makes more money than he he is worth, but Soriano is making more money than he is worth too.

Furcal (2006):.300/.369/.445 (37 SB)
Furcal (2007):.302/.369/.370 (6 SB)

Dodgers had a lineup change from what SI originally posted, no Furcal today, Abreu moves to the 2 spot and Ramon Martinez at SS instead in the 8 spot.

need more day games in LA....

Ramirez and Derosa's are both outs last night....

Anyone have a score for me? Am stuck at a wedding in London.

4-0 cubs in the 4th

Subete a mi moto!

W: Zambrano (5-4), with 125 pitches
L: Hendrickson (2-2), who’s a lefty, if you can believe it; he’s also tall
S: Dempster (11), who can’t help but make it interesting

1. Who is this man on the mound?
Z returns to form, and FOX blacks it out. Meh.
Ex-ten-sion! Ex-ten-sion!

2. The offense comes through. Well enough.
ARam and DeRosa go back to back in the 2nd. Sori and Blanco (?!) also with RBIs.

3. The bullpen doesn’ blow it.
Ohman for a big out, and Dumpster gets the SV. And it didn’t take till 2am!

*Parachat Recap (a lame day-after-night-game-blowout version, with a bit more baseball than what you’re used to).

PRE-GAME. Biz, the TCR-Walmart greeter. Pirates 3 is way too long not to have nudity. Cesar Izturis, formerly of Menudo.

1st INNING: Bobby Abreu Disease. Echoes. Alyssa Milano (still/again). Marriage as celibacy. The weather in LA. Pierre, the clown. Echoes. The Dick’s Cardinals fan.

2nd INNING: Too far, too deep. Back-to-back jacks. Top dogs. Subete a mi moto. Fox blackouts. Z v. Izzy power. Callow. New torture techniques for the involuntary tourists at Guantanamo. It’s not easy being green. Z is back.

3rd INNING: Fat Elvis on the turlet. Clue. Lee’s neck. Grace. Fire in the graphic. You hockypuck. Euthanizing Scooter. Chipper collisions. Percival back from the dead. Broken bat HRs.

4th INNING: Geoffrey Rush. The Cubs, brought to you by Chevy, v. Toyota and Honda. Homosexual dirigibles, aka flaming blimps. Iggy’s pop v. Izzy no pop. Bobby Cox: e-jected! Lou seems drunk. Grace’s “humility.” The sun-field fly rule. Royals @ Brewers.

5th INNING: Benching Lee. Grace’s razor. The Tigers are good. Detroit sucks. Ethier, Either. 10,000 gay Maniacs. The Village People. “My name is Prince.”

6th INNING: Red pepper bisque. Chat gone soft. Murton’s splits. Smoking oil. Missing the Goat. Pierre as a pink unicorn. The FA class of 2007.

7th INNING: Ichiromania. Cans of corn. The Stretch. John Sterling. MVP Baseball.

8th INNING: Harvey Haddix. Lindsay Lohan. Z’s marketability. Trading for A-Rod. Clownholes. The life expectancy of a Cubs fan. Ohman!

9th INNING: Fantasy pickups. Shituris. Ward’s booty. Cubs win! Cubs win!

Never in doubt.

First time I've actually been able to watch a Z start in a couple of weeks. A few of my mechanics-related thoughts below:

Looks like he wants to stick with the 3/4 for good, I guess. Today he finally got a handle on the movement that the different arm slot puts on his two seamer. He certainly didn't have problems throwing it or anything else for strikes.

Everybody's concerned about his velocity. However, for most guys, a drop in arm angle = drop in velocity. I was certainly that way. I know several other guys who are that way. They're throwing more sidearm or 3/4 than they used to. They've lost some velocity but have imparted more movement.

A very good sign is that he was still blowing the fastball by guys at 90. He's getting a little more movement on it and guys are still swinging through it.

First time I've seen him really lights out with his new mechanics. Sure does look repeatable, if nothing else.

Nice recap, CT!

At the game in L.A. today.

at LEAST 50% Cub fans.

I am not kidding you that people in front of us (Dodgers fans), and next to us did not GET THERE until the 7th inning!

MAny LA fans left in the 8th...

Exciting game - it is astounding how deep the Dodgers are. Jeff Kent coming off the bench?! Billingsley was superb for them - I am completely jealous.

Perhaps next year, when the entire bullpen is scrapped, the new GM will be able to put some effective long and set=up guys in the pen.

It is interesting to see what Colletti has put together there and has stacked the deck with good pitching per usual Dodgers standards.

Beautiful, sunny day and the park looked nice. I am now 3-0 at Dodger Stadium in three straight years. One week, in the next couple of months, I hope that the Cubs could get a couple games over .500. - sigh -

So many WASTED opportunities to have closed the gap. What an utterly disappointing fucking bullpen. And team.

Iowa just got done sending 14 men to the plate in the sixth inning and scored 9 runs to wipe out a 1-0 deficit. (2 triples, 2 doubles, 5 singles, a walk and a Geovany Soto HR)

WADE MILLER (remember him?) started. 5 IP, 5 Hits, 4 Ks, 3 BBs, 1 Earned run.

The Cubs said they were going to wait until he pitched tonight before deciding "what to do with him."

Any guesses?

Oh, and this is a bit of a deja vu experience, but the I-Cubs are playing Eric Patterson in Center Field, leading off. Two triples already tonight for EPatt.

Pie is not playing.

How about they sacrifice Wade Miller to the Gods which hate the Cubs? He would not be missed.

I think they'll DL Howry and have Miller as the long man in the pen to showcase that he can hopefully get MLB hitters out and hopefully get a solid pen arm for him like maybe an Ambroix Burgos from the Mets once that June 16 or 17th deadline has passed.

"Pie is not playing."

hopefully he is on a southwest jet LAX bound, BTW Nolasco is going to be pitching for the Marlins on Monday.

rotoworld blurb said nolasco is out until the all-star break and hasn't even started throwing yet.

yahoo has kim vs marshall for monday

Cubs win!!

Whoo hoo

ESPN fantasy had Nolasco as the starter, I thought it was odd when I saw it. Should have doubled sourced it before I posted. SD just defated MIL 6-3.

Cub minor-league box scores usually interesting, tonight no exception.

CWTP noted E-Pat's two triples. He finished with 4 RBI. Rocky Cherry was dreadful, though, in the 9th inning of a game that was 13-1 when he came in and ended 13-8. He faced 5 batters, all of them reaching, 4 with walks.

Donny Veal gives up 7 runs in 4 innings. Then the fabled relief crew takes over--tonight it's Henderson, Blevins and Petrick--and no more runs. Tennessee comes from 7-2 down to win 9-7.

Samardjiya had a decent line tonight in a 2-1 loss: 5 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 earned, 1 walk, 2 Ks.

Meh, Veal.

Great game by Z! Let's say this is the outing he needed to jumpstart the rest of his great season (and let's forget how he started off. ugh!)

Piniella in his postgame said that ARam's getting sunday off just because; DeRosa starting at 3rd, Riot at 2nd

quote of the week...

"We threw 162 pitches before we recorded an out in the sixth inning. Tough to win games like that."

Iowa Cubs manager Buddy Bailey, after a friday night 13-3 loss to Oklahoma.

Nice to win one after that heartbreaker (and sleep cycle-wrecker) Friday. Let's pick up the rubber match today and get out of town with the series!

Rocky Cherry threw something like 32 pitches and didn't record an out last night..

But hey, Mitre looks really good.

mitre has been good, shame all you guys got him traded. :)

I think he was the 3rd guy the Cubs had to add-in to make the deal.

While I'm not upset about giving up players because well you generally have to give up something to get something. Pull a bunch a deals leaving the other GM with nothing and they stop dealing with you, but I was always upset that we gave those players for Juan Freaking Pierre.

from the Sun-Times:

There was a rumor that free-agent-to-be Carlos Zambrano was going to reunite with agent Scott Boras, a notoriously tough negotiator. Zambrano shot it down, saying he has remained friendly with Boras over the years and just likes talking to him.

Boras--that's just what we need.

What's the feeling about Zambrano now? Are the Cubs better off trying to re-sign him or would it be smarter to trade him and address some of the team's weaknesses? A few weeks ago, I felt strongly that the Cubs needed to re-sign Z, but I'm starting to think that he is worth more as trade bait.

And what do you think the Cubs' weaknesses are?

And how would we address siad weaknessed by not signing Z?


siad = said

Thanks again, Steve!

Dave -- It's a good question. Initially, my thinking was that Z was the Cubs ace and they needed to re-sign him come hell or high water. But with his performance this year, I'm wondering if the Cubs wouldn't be better off trading him and getting two or three players in return.

As for the weaknesses, the bullpen is obvious. Perhaps the Cubs could get a closer. I would also like to see the team get a long-term solution for SS and CF (I see Pie as a RF). At this point, I don't have any names in mind. I'm still trying to come to grips with the possibility of trading Z.

Sure... we would all love to upgrade at SS and RF/CF, along with the bullpen, but who would be available that would be worth giving Z away for?

And I am not sure why you see Pie as a RF - Pie has the potential to be one of the best defensive CF in all of baseball for a long time.

Pie is a de facto center fielder - the guy not only takes away the power alleys with his speed, he also runs correct routes to flyballs, and has a gun for an arm. Other OF positions would be a waste of talent.

Covering ground well and having a good throwing arm does not negate him playing any other position.

You could make a better case for the above statement if the Cubs, you know, actually had a centerfielder instead of the Jones/Pagan platoon.

If the Cubs feel like getting in the Andruw/Ichiro/Hunter centerfielder market this winter, I could forsee a situation where Pie could move. I think that's very unlikely, however.

I keep hearing people saying he has lost velocity, what 2 -3 mph? Ive seen on the gun at Wrigley and yesterday he is getting up to 93-94 mph.

Trading Pie would be a huge mistake IMO. Yes he couldnt hit when he first got here but he is cheap and we have him for a long time. Not to mention he takes huge chunks of the gaps away.

Cards blurb featuring a former cub:

Anthony Reyes was sent down to Triple-A after starting the season 0-8, and his spot in the rotation will be filled by Todd Wellemeyer. Yes, the Todd Wellemeyer that the Royals DFA'd.

Wasn't talking about trading him. Was talking about playing him in right.

Wellemeyer. Haha.

So let me get this straight.....

Alex Gonzalez (yes, that Alex) hit his 10th bomb today for the Redlegs...

and Soriano Lee and Floyd have 9 combined...

I hate billy goats....


Its not the Alex Gonzales that blew the double play ball in 2003

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  • I don't think they're any kind of lock, though I do expect they'll make the playoffs.

    It's not like I'm glad they've gone 4-8. I just don't think it's time to be all that worried -- just like I didn't think they were going to keep playing .730 ball.

    Tito 8 min 37 sec ago view
  • vegas isn't a fan of the game because of how erratic and unpredictable it is.

    SF has recently won 3 world series many thought they weren't supposed to win...BOS won a world series recently that they weren't even supposed to be in the playoffs for...favored teams with huge wins have seen 1st round times.

    crunch 16 min 15 sec ago view
  • I think they'll be ok too. But having watched this team since the mid-60s, I never think it's time to conclude, well, thank god the drought is over. I've seen/heard way too many people who follow the Cubs say glad we're finally going to win the Series this year. Please. Weren't the National considered a near lock last year?

    BobbyD 28 min 16 sec ago view
  • Best record in baseball and largest division lead.

    I'm jumping right now!

    Tito 44 min 39 sec ago view
  • Can we please stop pointing out how ridiculous it is to panic and start panicking in earnest?

    Brick 2 hours 8 min ago view
  • ,571 winning percentage in May.

    I think they're gonna be OK.

    Tito 3 hours 30 min ago view
  • RAISIN: All I know is that Oscar de la Cruz is still shut down, and I don't know what his prognosis is, or what the plan is going forward.   

    Arizona Phil 5 hours 49 min ago view
  • Remember just two weeks ago, when "all" they had to do was play .500 ball the rest of the season and coast into the playoffs?

    BobbyD 5 hours 52 min ago view
  • Well I guess if pitchers can keep working the edges of the plate to perfection it will be a long season. But that doesn't seem likely. Rizzo finally, fully, snapping out of it would help.

    Old and Blue 7 hours 58 min ago view
  • If I didn't believe in coincidences (or science), I would apologize to Gordon Downie--one of my favorites. Sad news about a great talent.

    CTSteve 8 hours 5 min ago view
  • Hi Arizona Phil,

    Has there been any news on Oscar de la Cruz' health?

    Raisin101 14 hours 36 min ago view
  • bruh...

    crunch 15 hours 51 min ago view
  • O&B: Cease was apparently working on his off-speed pitches in his first & thrd innings, because in his second inning of work he just blew the D'backs away with high-velocity gas (that's when he hit 99-100 and struck out the side). 

    Arizona Phil 16 hours 9 min ago view
  • Wow, Lyin' CTSteve? He was just BEGGING for my endorsement last year!  Lame!

    Transmission 16 hours 15 min ago view
  • 1. I did not say the thing I insisted that Trans write down and attribute to me, or it was taken out of context.

    2. Trans and his "roast" (aka, a Salisbury steak TV dinner by Swanson) are very low energy.

    3. Make TCR great again.


    CTSteve 16 hours 21 min ago view
  • Yeah, I'm fine if I don't hear another one, furlong time.

    Transmission 16 hours 23 min ago view