Game 48 Thread / Cubs @ Dodgers (3 of 3)

Game Chat Rich Hill vs. Randy Wolf Lineups:
Soriano LF Furcal SS
Theriot 2B Pierre CF
Lee 1B Martin C
Barrett C Kent 2B
DeRosa 3B Saenz 1B
Murton RF Gonzalez LF
Pagan CF LaRoche 3B
Izturis SS Clark RF
Hill P Wolf P


Iowa's doing it again, heading for double digits in runs. Today it's Pie with 4 RBI.

Mariotti lights into Piniella in this morning's paper. He claims that Lou lacks lucidity--"like a senile grandfather searching for his bedroom slippers"--and feistiness: "He isn't quite the feisty, Rob Dibble-wrestler who won a World Series in 1990." It was predictable that Mariotti and other reporters would resent a maturer Lou who wasn't going to help them sell papers by throwing tantrums (and bases). I was a Piniella skeptic. I remember saying that these loudmouth media darlings come to town, pack up and leave a couple years later, and all we get out of the deal is a new restaurant on the north side. But I have few if any criticisms of Lou. It wasn't his fault that his five top relievers turned out to have perplexing weaknesses. Lou has concluded that we need better arms in the pen, and he's right. So now Marmol and Guzman are out there. Saturday, after the Howry misfire the night before, Lou called the reliever into his office and pointed out that out of eleven pitches, ten were fastballs and most of them to the same spot. That's a constructive meeting. It is good advice to Howry to move the ball around a bit. (A good off-speed pitch would help even more). In the 2-1 loss to San Diego the other night, I was angry for an hour when, with a 1-0 lead and the bases loaded with one out in the seventh, Theriot sat on the bench while Izturis grounded into an easy double play. But the anger dissipated when I realized that, with the pitcher due up next and a lefty (Wells) pitching, Piniella had a choice between Izturis batting and then Theriot, or Theriot and then Blanco. Blanco is an expensive extravagance on this team, because in baseball there is no such thing as a pinch-thrower, whereas a catcher who can pinch-hit would be nice. But Blanco is Dusty's boy, not Piniella's; nor can we exactly blame Dusty for Blanco's presence on the team, since Dusty was already gone when Blanco accepted a three-year contract last fall. The one serious mistake Piniella has made was putting Soriano in center, for a couple of reasons, but chiefly because Soriano's comfort level is high in left field and low anywhere else. But Piniella identified this mistake fairly quickly and rectified it. To me, the ideal manager is Bobby Cox, a manager-for-life type who can take the long view and favor talented youth over guys who have a lot of miles on them. But there may only be one Bobby Cox, I don't know. In the next tier of shorter-term, gun-for-hire managers, Piniella is very good.

Blanco signed for two years. Sometimes I need a fact checker.

man, that izturis guy can really rake.

ummm my never came back from commercial to see ramirez's apparently deep fly ball.....anyone else?

I really wonder if Lou didnt know that was going to happen

does jim hendry still work for the cubs? a real GM might try to do something about his POS relievers.

we are going to give this game away. i just know it.


Boy, I tell ya, I'm not a member of the Blame Barrett Fan Club™, but he's making it awfully hard to stick up for him this afternoon.

yeah, but wes, i'm sure his .300 OBP makes you forget all about his defensive inadequacies.

No kidding. Now bases juiced on three walks, no outs. Best of luck, Marmol.

Lost a game on an HBP. Jeebus.

Oh, it's a wild pitch. What the hell ever.

this series, without the class and veteran leadership of Scotty Eyre and Bobby Howry would've been a sweep for the good guys. but god bless the powers that be - we're gonna keep on trotting them out there, Wins/Losses be damned!

Don't really want to get in an argument with you eli, but I'd take his career line at the plate and settle with his defensive problems every year. He just hasn't done that this year. Today included. Didn't do a darn thing at the plate and made two or three pretty dumb plays in the field. A lot of people think we should trade him/DFA him or whatever. And that's fine.

If this game gets Errorye DFA'd then I'll take the loss, sometimes the only way to win is to lose.

the last 5 games, all on the road, we've had the lead in the 7th inning or later and won 2 games---when is this bad baseball going to stop---

From my "You could have fooled me" file. <i>Eyre hasn't been spending the West Coast trip on the beach. He's been working in the bullpen with pitching coach Larry Rothschild on his mechanics. "We freshened him up," Piniella said.</i>;content_id=1987950&amp;vkey=news_chc&amp;fext=.jsp&amp;c_id=chc He still smells like a stinking mackerel, Lou.

Barrett would be valuable trade bate, much to valuable to DFA him regaurdless of how he is playing now

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