Game 49 Thread / Marlins @ Cubs (1 of 3)

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Byung-Hyun Kim vs. Sean Marshall


Abercrombie CF Soriano LF
Uggla 2b Floyd RF
Ramirez SS Lee 1B
Cabrera 3B Ramirez 3B
Willingham LF Barrett C
Hermida RF Jones CF
Wood 1B DeRosa 2B
Treanor C Theriot SS
Kim P Marshall P


Has anyone heard what might be wrong with Lilly?

Since when did mvn's logo become a mu?


we have Cy Young facing us today.

Iowa with 6 runs in first four innings. Ho-hum. Big day for Pie, including another peek at .400.

I hope after the trading season, Iowa is a little weaker and the Cubs a little stronger.

It's amazing how good this team makes opposing pitchers look.

No righthanded hitter has a hit off Kim today after five innings, only Jones and Floyd, plus Floyd with two walks.

If you don't think the Iowa Cubs would be pounding Kim, you haven't been paying attention.

Sorry to be a bore, but I really thinks this is good for the Cubs, just maybe not today. Pie is 4 for 4 with a home run and a triple. His avg stands at .406. (There's a number to conjure with.)

I am completely baffled. I just don't understand.

For a team that folks thought would come up on 200 home runs this season, it's just flabbergasting that this team is so horribly inept offensively.

Blame the bullpen and blame Barrett for yesterday if you want, but it wouldn't have mattered if this group could score runs.

every day that Jones plays CF is a day stolen from the cubs future.

i understand putting a theoretically important part of your team, when he falls off the horse and getting him back on the horse...

but do we have to keep watching Eyre fall off the horse day after day?

Perhaps today would have been a good one to give D-Lee a breather, like Aram got yesterday. Saying that w/out knowing Dlee's career #s against Kim, but he is tuff against righties. Probably would'nt have mattered today, but at lease give him a day coming off a long road trip yada yada yada ...

barrett and jones in a great battle for worst OBP among regulars.

In Eyre's defense, it was only with the last two batters that the ump gave him anything on the corners.

I wasn't listening to the audio, but I imagine there were boos when Eyre was announced. The ump hears this, and doesn't call any strikes.

The 2-1 pitch was the one for Rammy to hit. Gregg was nice enough to serve up a fastball at the belt and he just didn't get it.

Stupid Cubs making me care again in the 9th inning. Just let me slide into apathy.

Gotta wonder how this game wouldve turned out if Lou didnt leave Eyre in to give up what turned out to be 2 huge runs.

probably a 12th inning loss 4-3 loss....

Never are going to get an edit button, are we? I'd even settle for a preview button.

aint that the truth

at least Milwaukee is really trying hard to keep us in this

Cubs now 2-6 since DLee's slam vs. the Sox. Way to grab the momentum, boys.

I fear Lou is as brain dead as all the other old-school managers. To wit, on Sunday:

- Replaces his best reliever with his worst in a one-run game, simply because Eyre throws with his left hand. The unsurprising result: a hanging 0-2 pitch that I could have hit. Tie ballgame. Then, ballgame.

- Has Barrett bunt with 2 on and no out. Barrett never bunts, and the situation calls for a very good bunt. The unsurprising result: a medicore bunt that results in a wasted out. The Cubs don't score.

Also -- why rest A-Ram in LA against a lefty pitcher, but play him the day game after a long flight against a submarine righty? It would have made more sense to play him Sunday, then rest him Monday.

Pulling Hill under 70 pitches was the decision I still don't understand.

I was actually in favor of pulling Hill yesterday. If Hill goes 115 pitches and pitches a 9 inning shutout, that doesn't do you any good if don't score a run. You're going to extras anyway.

The way that afternoon had been going, I did not forsee the Cubs getting many more scoring chances. Especially against the very reliable Dodger pen. Brenly said it yesterday, and I agree. If you get a shot in a scoreless game, you have to take it. Rich wasn't throwing a no-no, so you have to try to score a run there.

hill was pulled after 70 yesterday...what situation came up where that made a shred of sense. i was in the middle of the damn woods where radio is hard to pick up, much less internet/tv.

runner on 3rd, 2 out after only pitching 6 innings?

that's a hell of a risk for a pitcher who looks like he was cruising (on paper). was he shakey? numbers look better than the performance?

He was pretty good, crunch. Not great, but pretty good. The fastball was live. The curve wasn't as sharp as normal. Threw the change better than he has in a couple of starts.

But the offense had absolutely NOTHING going against Wolf. Horribly inept. It was the best chance we'd had to score since Barrett got CS at third to end the second.

The problem was, Lou made that move, and then brought Wuertz in, who pitched a great seventh.

He then followed with Eyre in the eighth who served up the Ethier tater after we'd finally taken a 1-0 lead.

Even with offensive woes, taking Hill out in that situation was pretty dumb.

Even if Ward gets a hit, its only one run and then you need your bullpen to pitch 3 shutout innings, which as we know, and as we saw, is just not a smart gamble.

Eyre's 0-2 pitch on Sunday may have been, considering the circumstances, the worst pitch I have ever seen.

One run game, two strikes on a lefty hitter, no runners on base (thus, balls in the dirt are irrelevant), and he places it on a tee, belt high, in the middle of the plate.

I still can't believe Lou brought him in for that situation. Right now, I would take Wuertz over Eyre against any hitter. Again, I fear Lou is just another "old schoool" retread, who thinks it makes more sense to have a terrible lefty face a LH hitter than a good righty. It's just plain stupid.

per Ken Rosenthal...Craig Wilson signs minor league deal with WSux;

Rob just might start following the Sox :D

Lou has a pretty long reputation for misusing his bullpen, so it's not like this is a surprise. But he was supposed to have a better reputation for getting his players energized to play. It seems like even Theriot isn't playing with much of the energy he had to begin with.

i think the theriot is still playing with a lot of energy, he made some great players today but as with all young players, they are going to slump

Even more humorous billybucks, which I noted in the game recap thread: Ethier hits lefties better than righties. I'll go lefty/lefty more often than not if it makes sense, but that did not make sense.

Eyre just hung one. It happens to every pitcher. First he couldn't throw strikes, then he made a mistake. Ethier made him pay. Gregg hung at least 4 sliders in the 9th today, 1 to Lee and 1 to Rammy (belt high, one Rammy usually hits across the street) and they didn't do anything about it.

I did think Eyre pitched much better today. The slider was crisp and he was much more confident throwing the fastball inside to hitters.

Abercrombie ran wild on Barrett, which allowed him to score. Fonzie got a horrible break on the ball he dove for. Most LF'ers catch that ball. That caused a run to score. My personal opinion is that poor defense caused 2 runs as opposed to poor pitching by Scotty (double excluded).

I just didn't see the crisp pitching from Eyre. He threw 52 pitches in two innings and had two walks. He had a full count on multiple batters and his mechanics still looked messed up. It looked like he was falling off the mound to his right every time he pitched.

Also, Kevin, I agree with you about Theriot and I think he's a wonderful addition to this team. He looked great on defense and should never be taken out for Izzy. I'm just saying I'm not seeing the same excitement level from him I saw at the beginning of the season.

Didn't say the pitching was crisp, said the slider was crisp.

He did throw too many pitches, but he kept people in the yard and could have gotten out of it unscathed except for poor defense. He was better today than in his last couple of outings. That's a start.

Abercrombie ran wild on Barrett, which allowed him to score.

No... this is absolutely not true. He did not run wild on Barrett - he ran wild on Eyre. He clearly stole those bases off of the pitcher - Barrett didn't even have a play on them.

So, is the team that wins the Central going to have a losing record this season?

hell, a losing record could win the central with the way things are going lately for MIL and business as usual for the rest of the central. heh

amazing that the cubs are in 2nd...makes the central look pathetic.


losing does that to a person, especially losing in the ways the cubs have

Barrett had no chance on Abercrombie at second, but he would have gotten him at third without the double clutch.

Am I the only one who is really beginning to get irritated by Soriano? This is what the Cubs are paying 18 million a season for? I'd rather have Juan Pierre.

"Rather have Juan Pierre"?

Whoa. Watch some tapes from last year...particuallry throws form CF.

Soriano is not yet playng to superstar level, but it's not like he's hitting .200.

Johan -- Theriot had a lot more energy when he was hitting .320 and getting on base several times a game. So do most players....