Game 65 Thread/Mariners @ Cubs (Finale of 3)

Game chat Jason Marquis vs. Jeff Weaver In the rubber game of the series, Marquis (5-3, 3.01) faces Weaver (0-6, 12.46—do not adjust your monitor; you’re actually seeing the ERA you think you’re seeing). Marquis, who only lasted an inning and two-thirds when he pitched in Atlanta last Saturday and is three starts removed from his last truly decent outing, beat the Mariners in his one game against them, back in 2004 for the Cardinals. In six games (four starts) against the Cubs, the 30-year-old Weaver is 2-0 with a 4.34 ERA. The three starters Seattle will have sent to the Wrigley Field mound this week—Washburn, Batista, and Weaver--had a combined 5.86 ERA coming into the series. It doesn’t seem much to ask for the Cubs to win two out of three.


Maybe Weaver thinks he's like Shaq and only has to perform in the playoffs?

If Marquis craps out in his pitching, keep him in as a pinch hitter (rules, schmules). We need the hitting. Is Joe Giraradi (spelling sucks, sorry) available for catching duties?

For AZ Phil's benefit:

Who needs a shortstop? The Los Angeles Angels reportedly have been trying to pry Miguel Tejada away from Baltimore, but they covet Tejada's bat much more than his defense. Boston, Minnesota and the Chicago Cubs also might be looking.


And where have we seen this before? City collectively moaning over Neifi and a manager defending him...

Criticized by media members and sports radio callers, Tigers shortstop Neifi Perez has taken plenty of abuse during his short stay in this city. But he won some folks over Tuesday with an inning-ending double play of a hard grounder in the eighth against the Brewers, which helped save Justin Verlander's no-hitter. "You see the color on this glove?" said Perez, pointing to a gold Rawlings label on his black fielding glove. "Okay. I'm just saying I can still play a little bit." Manager Jim Leyland echoed those sentiments in a pregame session with the media. Leyland knows Perez has received some abuse, but shakes it off because he's pleased with what the player has done as a Tiger. "Neifi Perez has been a good player for a long time, but he's not as good of a player as he used to be," Leyland said.


I live Marquis.


Soriano 7
Pie 8
Lee 3
Floyd 9
DeRosa 5
Fontenot 4
Hill 2
Izturis 6
Marquis 1

Ichiro 8
Lopez 4
Guillen 9
Ibanez 7
Sexson 3
Betancourt 6
Bloomquist 5
Burke 2
Weaver 1

Please... PLEASE... get Tejada! /manlove

You know your bad when you hit 8th and Koyie Hill hits in front of you.

"Please… PLEASE… get Tejada! /manlove"

Yeah I remember when there was this Prior for Tejada rumor flying around and I was only like one of like five people here who was for it. Well atleast I can take some solence in being right.

Jeesh. Ugly lineup today. DeRosa, Fontenot, Hill and Izturis hitting # 5-8. For those of you who keep insisting that Ryan Theriot really is a viable major league shortstop, then riddle me this. With a "groundball pitcher" like Jason Marquis on the mound, then why in great horny toads is Izturis playing shortstop instead of Theriot?!? Especially on a day when the # 5-8 offensive sequence looks crappy as all get out.

"Yeah I remember when there was this Prior for Tejada rumor flying around and I was only like one of like five people here who was for it. Well atleast I can take some solence in being right."

The Cubs should've ponied up and signed him after the 2003 season, instead of starting the season with A-Gon.

You are right ST... this is a pretty crappy lineup.

Go go, gadget 1-4 hitters.

Soriano 7
Pie 8
Lee 3
Floyd 9
DeRosa 5
Fontenot 4
Hill 2
Marquis 1
Izturis 6

There, Fixed it for LOU

Derosa isn't a bad idea in the 5-spot. He's a decent RBI guy with some pop.

After that, though... yowzers!

I was at the game Tuesday night, and I wonder if that loss could be attributed to the fact that Ohman had been warming up on 3-4 separate occasions throughout that game. I recall seeing him warm up several times before the 9th and being sat down. No wonder he had nothing in the tank coming in the 12th...

Fontenot has like, a fifteen billion OPS. Until he slows down, stop whining.

Miguel Tejada rumors to Chicago are ridiculous. Jim Hendry's ability to make significant moves has been taken away because of the current sale of the ballclub. Besides, Tejada would be classic Cub move...pick up a big name on the clear downside. Tejada isn't a very good shortstop these days. The Angels are interested in him as either a 3rd baseman or maybe even a 1st baseman.

Interesting... looks like LouPa is sick of Barrett. Hill has started 3 of the last 4 games.

Piniella to give Barrett some time off...

Amazing. The silver slugger from two years ago and a stud last year basically gets benched 50 games into the season. Only the Cubs!!


Look at who the Cubs are facing today. If there's ever a day when you think you can get by with Izturis's weak bat and overrated glove, it's today.

That's called analytical skill. They must have started teaching that after you finished your MBA.

Of course, taking one point of data (misguided as it may be) then building an argument beyond reproach is what you're all about.

Soriano doubles. Apparently facing Jeff Weaver is a good way to break out of a slump.

This crap lineup has 2 runs in 4 batters...I guess crap lineups don't mean much when you face a crappy pitcher...

Nothing like Jeff Weaver to cure whatever ails you.


Me Fontenot right now.

I know we aren't the Braves or anything, but Fontenot/Theriot/Pie kind of reminds me of Blauser/Lemke/Grissom up the middle in the old Braves days. I like it.

Nice to hear Hughes get the word "prosperous" into the broadcast when not talking about a player' and his contract...

"Amazing. The silver slugger from two years ago and a stud last year basically gets benched 50 games into the season. Only the Cubs!!"

Maybe, just MAYBE, it's because Barrett's defense and game-calling have been absolutely atrocious this year. He has as many errors (5) to this point as he did all last year, and nearly as many PB (8 2007, 10 2006), and his CS% is at an all-time low.

Something's just plain wrong with Barrett this year. Maybe he's pressing because it's a contract year, or because he was told to improve his defense, or because he's thinking too hard (he appears to be the type that does better when he goes by instinct).

Barrett, this year, has been MLB's worst-fielding catcher at the one position where it's justifiable to go with glove over bat.

Wait, someone explain why we all hate Fontenot. I didn't get the memo and I must be blinded by his 22 game stellar stint so far....

Granted, Hill and Izzy aren't really major league hitters, but DeRosa isn't terrible, and its what we get until ARam gets back. It could be a lot worse with your big hitting 3Ber out on the DL...

I absolutely love Felix Pie and the way he plays the game. He wasn't even looking at the 3B coach and knew he had third all the way on that triple.

Nice tirple by Fontenot too.

Barrett is not playing because everything really IS Barrett's fault.

FWIW, Fontenot now has as many RBI's as Izzy.

If I had a dollar for every time this year Gameday has said "Cesar Izturis grounds out softly..."

You can check out the leaders (best & worst) in win shares by position at THT..and they include rankings by team so even Barrett with backup C's are still the worst in the league. Barrett is actually tied with J.Estrada at -2, but the Cubs as a team come in last at expected. The Cubs also actually rank -3 at SS as well....with Izturis also coming in at -2 (second from the bottom).

Fontenot DP ... trade him to El Paso!

Say, I've got a great idea. Let's all go over to TCR and make fun of Fontenot!



Uh oh... Jekyll-Marquis is rearing his head.

How the hell do you hit the pitcher?

Fuck a duck, Marquis! FUCK


hey sometimes you gotta tip your cap to a stud like Weaver.


Why not Rapada to face Ibanaez???

I for one am shocked that Jason Marquis is reverting back to the form he has shown his ........ ENTIRE F'N CAREER UP TO THIS POINT. I never ever saw that comming.

Shocked, no. Just pissed at another example of the surgical precision of Cubs pitchers. They see how many runs need to be given up to lose, and they deliver that number with laser accuracy.

From previous thread...

why do i get the feeling the cubs will score 2 in the first against weaver then he will shut them out
the next 5 innings.

Wow... just, wow!

Wild Thing:
If I had a dollar for every time this year Gameday has said “Cesar Izturis grounds out softly…”

Reminds me of the good ol' days... "Juan Pierre grounds out softly..."

Outhitting the M's 9-2, losing 4-2... wtf?

Well - in answering my question from last night's thread, "Which Marquis will rear his head?"

I think we got a clear answer.

What the fuck is Rothschild doing with him now?

Runner on third, 1 out... cubs fail to score AGAIN. FOR THE 1209039034304930493 FUCKING TIME THIS YEAR!

Jones is utterly incapable of driving in a runner on third with less than 2 outs. He simply cannot do it.

marmol with 1 walk in 8ip (7 games) in june...damn.

When did Marmol develop into an absolute stud???

Marmol... lookin' sharp.

If, in the future, anyone asks about Cub teams of this era, show them a tape of this game.

3 runs in the first, then tons of men left on base against apitcher with a 10+ ERA.

Cub pitcher cruising into the 6th, then hits the opposing pitcher, then then defense and the pitcher completely collapse.

Did anyone REALLY think Jacque would get the run home? If so, you haven't been paying attention.

Do your self a favor -- stop watching and go for a walk. This will end badly.

If the game ends with the current line of:
4 | 2 | 0
3 | 10 | 0

...then it will serve as the perfect poster child for season, nay, the past 99 years.

Jesus---all jones had to do was hit a sac fly..

Good thing we have vetern bats in there!

This team doesn't know how to win---should have swept the Dodgers, had a lead in the 8th inning in all 3 games------should have swept the Braves, 4 run lead in game 3-----should have swept the Mariners, game 1, 8th bases loaded 0 outs, etc---and then today 4 runs on 1 hit in the 6th wiping out 3 run lead----when will it ever end

Hey's the Cubs.

What did we expect?

Dusty baylor:
"Hey guys…it’s the Cubs.

What did we expect?"

I thought things were all going to change since Lou took over for Dusty.

"If, in the future, anyone asks about Cub teams of this era, show them a tape of this game."

Part of me wants to raise any future children without the knowledge of Cubdom. My dad's choice to pass on his love of all things Cubs has haunted me these past 26 years.

Why not PH with Barrett at some point? I don't get it...

I stand corrected.

That didn't just happen, did it?

Apparently, hell just froze over...


Greatest Cubs SS ever!!!!!


Ata boy!!

Izzy...feel the love!

This buds for you Izturis.

And i was expecting a SQUEEZE PLAY.

Alright Bullpen --- STEP IT UP!

Howry to close this one out? Lou said the Dumpster was going to be shut down today after 4 appearences in a row.

Good question... I think I would've preferred Marmol in the closer role today, but he's already pitched.

Please... anyone but Ohman or Eyre!

it's not the Izzy hit that lead to this inning...he's just the lucky hitter the Baseball Gods had to smile on.

it's the two walks in the beginning of an inning that always bite a team in the butt's the Baseball Gods that decide these things (leadoff walks lead to major chaos), not our emotional responses to veterans or rookies.

Nice AB Soriano!!! Ugh!!!

Howry in the 9th

We should be up by at least 3 by now...

Interesting tidbit...last Tues through yesterday, a 9-game stretch, either Soriano or Lee (or both) went 0-fer, save for Friday vs. Atl when Soriano hit 3 bombs. If those guys can just get in sync...

Howry is a beast!!

7.2ip 3h 1bb 7k...howry's june so far.

If there was ever a picture of winning ugly...

winning a series is a good thing...but it sure is psychologically easier when they win the first game of a series.

For the record. I knew the cubs had it under control the whole time.

I don't know if Marquis reverted back. He was pitching very well until he hit Weaver. For the record, Santo was freaking out immediately when it happened. He--unlike the coaching staff apparently--knew Marquis would fall apart.

I realize it happend fast, but he should've been yanked for Rapada when Ibanez came up like Manny said earlier.

7.2ip 3h 1bb 7k…howry’s june so far.

Apparently, Howry is on the same pitching calendar as Clemens....

ever since howry has been throwing at 94-95, he has had success. earlier in the season it was 90-91

Brian, we were saying the same thing in Parachat

Do yourself a favor — stop watching and go for a walk. This will end badly.

Hey guys, I just got back from my walk. How badly did we lose?

That extra 3 mph is a big difference.

you cant just lie about another 3 inches?

i know its a big difference

Rynox — June 14, 2007 @ 10:56 am
For AZ Phil’s benefit:

Who needs a shortstop? The Los Angeles Angels reportedly have been trying to pry Miguel Tejada away from Baltimore, but they covet Tejada’s bat much more than his defense. Boston, Minnesota and the Chicago Cubs also might be looking.


RYNOX: Why was that for my benefit?

thanx for the shout out

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  • Going from a first place team to a third place team is a painful process.

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  • even if the cubs lose feder, he's easily replaceable with a cash/low-end-ptbnl, taylor davis is wasting time down in AA and he could pop up to AAA to back up w.conteras.

  • Tim Federowicz is out of minor league options, so Outright Assignment Waivers would be needed before he can be sent back to Iowa. He also has the right to elect free-agency if outrighted, but he probably wouldn't elect to be a FA if outrighted unless the Cubs shit on him somehow while he's up with the big club (not likely). 

    But it is possible that another MLB club could claim Federowicz if the Cubs place him on waivers, which would leave Willson Contreras as pretty much the only other option if a catcher goes on the DL again later in the season. 

  • CRAIG: D. J. Wilson is hitting 083/115/167 in six Cactus League EXST games (26 PA), but his K-rate is only 11.5% and he has somehow managed to drive-in five runs along the way (he's tied for second on the team in RBI), so it's not like he's swinging & missing a lot. He does seem to be feeling for the ball a bit, however, which has resulted in too much weak contact and not enough line drives.  

  • Bryant sprained ankle MRI tomorrow

  • Cubs did a lot of that today: 2-for-17 with RISP.

    Man, what an ugly baseball game - Cubs receive 11 walks and Bryant reached twice by HBP, the Brewers pitchers threw almost 200 pitches (199 8 innings!), they even walked Baez (first one of the year), Cubs scored twice when Brewers botched routine DP balls, Cahill walks three guys with a 6-run lead, forcing Maddon to waste Strop, the weather sucked again, etc. Happy with the win, but that was really tough to watch.

  • "Some of the most racist things I've ever heard have come out of people that are on the air at ESPN," Schilling said Wednesday on "Breitbart News Patriot Forum." He was fired by ESPN last week.

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  • Rolled scoring on Rizzo double

  • Re ZOBRIST -

    Today's game is what I was referring to re Zobrist and RISP struggles. He did come through with his patented single to drive in a run - but also left the bases loaded, and two men on, no outs (called 3rd).

    So, I hope he can pick that part of his game up when they start playing the better teams...