Game 67 Thread/Padres @ Cubs (#2 of 3)

Game chat Carlos Zambrano v. Chris Young Ten days ago, Z (7-5, 4.89) declared he was starting the season anew. In the two starts since, against Milwaukee and Houston, he has allowed just eight hits and two earned runs over 14 2/3 innings (1.23 ERA) and earned two victories. Also, after clubbing a home run against the Astros Monday night, his second of the year, Carlos is just one short of Fergie Jenkins’ all-time Cub record for career HRs by a pitcher (13). Chris Young (6-3, 2.34) is very good. When he pitched against the Cubs on May 24th in San Diego, he looked very, very good, striking out a season-high 10 batters and allowing just three hits. Young wound up with a no-decision, however, and the Cubs wound up winning the game after scoring twice in the ninth inning against the Padre bullpen.


Guest conductor for the 7th inning stretch...

3 N side Cicada's

I have to put on the radio for the interview, i am sure Ron will have some real probitive questions..

The Orioles reportedly have Ramon Hernandez on the trading block. I have not seen him catch enough to comment on his defensive skills but he had pretty good offensive numbers last year in Baltimore, He hit .275 with 23 home runs. Reportedly the Orioles are looking to dump payroll and are looking for young players with an eye toward rebuilding for the future.

At the game, someone with TV give me some details.

I'm a big DLEE fan, but unless Young used the n-word or said something about his mom, that was boneheaded. Lee will definitely need to sit out some games -- exactly what we don't need now that we're playing well.

I did notice one thing. After the initial flurry of punches, Lee was about to charge again. But then he took a strange pause and step sideways in order to get right behind Lou P. Looks like he realized he'd done enough damage.

Props to Marcus Giles and Barrett (who looked to absolutely smother Lee to prevent him from doing more). Zambrano looked like he was ready to eat a Padre.

Unless you mean suspended and thus sitting the games out, otherwise there is no way if i were Lou that id bench him

Carlos is a freakishly good athlete. I don't know many people that can make the play he made on Bocachica in the 7th.

Where's Rob G? His ground ball Z is back today.

What was Z doing with his belt off?

Fucking Marcus Giles....

I think Z was belting Padre players.

It looked like a Cubs player fell on the ground in the middle of the fray and was just getting cleeted by a slew of Padres did anyone else see that?

You gotta love that Gerald Perry was kicked out as well.

Soriano shouldn't have show boated, there were some "rumblings" from the Dads at the end of yesterday's game about this. Once again, you can bet the Cubs will get screwed on the outcome of this from the FO of MLB. Damn, why can't these guys stay on track?