Gallagher Down, Ramirez Activated

The Cubs have optioned Sean Gallagher to AAA to make room for Aramis Ramirez being activated off the DL. This will put the Cubs down to 11 pitchers in the meantime and don’t be surprised by another roster move come Monday to get the team back up to 12 pitchers when National League play starts again.


Welcome back... are you back now?

And where the heck is everyone today?

for the time being....

Anyone else having Firefox problems today? A few different sites and on a PC and Mac and it seems to have problems letting me type in forms like usernames and passwords. It's very odd.

and whatever nonsense has been going on in the comments with a bunch of childish namecalling is going to get your comments deleted. Sorry I wasn't around to stop it sooner.

hmmm... i haven't had any firefox problems today.

I mentioned this in the other post, hopefully DLee drops appeal after the game and start his suspension.

That's a guaranteed 14 innings today...

Ha... So Dusty Baker AND Don Baylor are supposed to be in the running for the Orioles managing gig.

I now throw my hat into the ring!!

Ha... I love how the article talks about SL's league worst 5.63 era, and how Maroth will help out, and then say Maroth has a 5.03 era.

Sure... 5.03 is better than 5.63, but that is like saying Barrett will be a defensive improvement over Piazza. It may be true, but it sure aint saying much.

sadly the Cards have a better record than a generally healthy Cubs team this year. This is pathetic.

Astute observation Rob - I dont understand how the Cardinals do it. Their pitching sucks they have some key regulars injured and they just seem to be able to stay in it. The Cubs given the team they have on paper should be smoking them.

Welcome to the big leagues Gallagher. Hope you enjoyed your 6 innings.

One thing that's different about the Cardinals is that their fans believe in them.

(I have lived in St. Louis for 7 years, so I'm not just making this up. And it didn't just start since their improbable World Series win, either.)

Cubs haven't had Soriano, Lee and Ramirez healthy and productive at the same time. If they can get a month of that, they can still get back in it. If not, well, they will still be the core of the lineup for years to come -- at some point, they will put it together at the same time.

It looks like Soriano is performing about as expected now, Lee is hitting .350 and hopefully Ramirez can pick up where he left off.

so calling up Gallagher worked well?

why in holy hell would you burn an option year on a 21 yr old in AA to be a long reliever who wasn't even on your 40-man roster?

Well the Cubs are missing Prior and Wood this year.

~ducks thrown garbage~


Don't look now but there are now two 300 plus posts up.

Back to back days even!

just my opinion, but i think the cardinals do it because that is what they do. by this tautology i mean that their culture is that they know how to win.remember when atlanta had all of those injuries a few years ago and brought up all those rookies? same situation, i mean atlanta did not miss a beat, they just kept winning. and i believe that is what lou is trying to establish at wrigley. it's a damn near impossible job, but he is trying. he just needs more guy who hit the damn and know how to run the damn bases.

do any of you all think that d lee's lack of power is because of his wrist?

No, henry. He pees on his wrist every day. That thing is well-armored now...

"The Cubs given the team they have on paper should be smoking them."

Well, I, and others have stated the obvious that the Cubs as a team just have not learned the confidence to be "winners". The thought of "what's gonna go wrong next." and "the tight squeeze." has affected this team for most every close game where they are put in the POSITION to win, but just can't close the door.

The Cards, on the other hand, have a winning "system", winning players, and have a TRACK RECORD of success - which has not been a part of the North Side.

jace, well maybe he should start whizzing on his bat too

It's about organizational culture, imo. The Cards and most other teams with long winning traditions stress fundamental skills -- good baserunning, execution of plays, focus, team play, etc. The ebb and flow of talent is something every team has to deal with, but teams that stress doing the little things right seem to come out better during those low talent periods.

Look back over the season -- how many more games would we have won if we were getting runners home from third? Not getting tossed out on the basepaths? Not botching rundowns? If our pitchers always covered first base? If we focused on winning ballgames rather than winning Cy Youngs? We'd certainly be doing a lot better than the Cards are.

imho, any team that is 5 games under .500 (or worse) isn't successful...gotta get over .500 to be mediocre, so don't go throwing bouquets in the cardinals direction quite yet everyone in this division except the Brewski's stink.

Would the baseball fly farther if it was a pee ball? Think about the possibilities... Coors Field has a humedor... Wrigley has a pee vat...

Theriot benched
Izzy at short
Pie at center
Fontenot at 2nd

IMO, the Cards win more consistently because they have a better understanding of what actually contributes the most to winning, control of the strike zone.

2004 StL 344 (4th), Cubs 328 (11th)
2005 StL 339 (3rd), Cubs 324 (11th)
2006 StL 337 (5th), Cubs 319 (16th)
2007 StL 325 (10th), Cubs 329 (7th)

Walks allowed
2004 StL 440 (2nd), Cubs 545 (9th)
2005 StL 443 (2nd), Cubs 576 (13th)
2006 StL 504 (12th), Cubs 687 (16th)
2007 StL 224 (7th), Cubs 232 (9th)

Rory and Henry,

I hear what you're saying about the Cards, but they're not exactly "doing" anything this year except losing . They stink. That's not at all surprising. What IS surprising is that the Cubs seem to stink just as bad. And the Cubs did that all by themselves.

Thanks, Jace.

And DeRosa? What's he gonna do?

As much as people like to speak in generalities, here's a very concrete example why the Cardinals have a better record then us. The Cardinals are hitting .277 with bases loaded and we're hitting .197.

The broken down and flawed St. Louis Cardinals have a better record than the Chicago Cubs. That speaks volumes. The Cubs have dealt with only a modest level of injuries to date. Jim Hendry built this pile a crap. But at least Sweet Lou is trying his darndest to mold a roster the right way. It's going to take time.

Also, I love how everybody keeps saying the NL Central stinks. Tell that to the young and mightily gifted Milwaukee Brewers. They successfully weathered a very bad patch, which is the mark of a good team. And don't look now, but they are getting their mojo back. That pitching is legit, Ben Sheets is getting better by the week, and so too are the young talents in Fielder, Weeks, Hardy, Hart and Braun.

I believe Derosa is deep in a corner of the locker room, attempting to pee on some baseballs... No word has been offered on where he may have gotten such a ridiculous idea...

The Cubs need a shortstop, period. Cesar Izturis has been a big disappointment and Ryan Theriot has no business playing the position at all. The solution is NOT to give Ronny Cedeno his 253rd major league trial. Hendry should go out and find a classic stop-gap for the remainder of the season. A Royce Clayton type who comes with a good glove. Or a Ricky Guitterez type.

The Cardinals are hitting .277 with bases loaded and we’re hitting .197.

Come on Johann... you know better. That is in 65 and 66 at-bats, respectively.

It is only a difference of five hits.

That is way too small of a sample size to prove anything.

For example, with RISP, here are the #'s:
Cubs: .273 (656 at-bats)
Cards: .272 (647 at-bats)

A difference of five hits with the bases loaded tells us very little.

ST - I agree that the Cubs need a shortstop. However, Cedeno IS a stop-gap. Izzy IS a stop-gap. There is absolutely no need to go anywhere to get a stop-gap. They need to go get a GOOD shortstop.

Uh.. .Royce Clayton's season line: .236/.291/.326
Field %: .973 ZR: 4.37 RF: .889

Izzy's season line: .250/.305/.311
Field %: .971 ZR: 3.82 RF: .818

Not really sure how Clayton (or a "Clayton type") is any better than Izzy.

Semi-controversial comment: Pie will never be a decent major league baseball player.


yeah, hendry should go to SS's-R-Us. just like all the people with catcher injuries been going to C's-R-Us.

everyone's dealing them and there's a few dozen on the FA wire just waiting for a phone call.

i was checking my fantasy baseball and hell, there's SS's all over the FA wire there. what gives?

oh yeah, there's always the "there's GOTTA be something better in the minors" talents that just need a chance.

btw, for all the talk about bobby cox giving the kids a chance should probably take a look at the GM rather than the manager. take a look at what's around when bobby plays the kids and who's left by the time cox is playing the kids full time. its more of a matter of the GM taking away through cuts/demotions rather than cox choosing the kids in a lot of cases. ryan klesko had a lot to say about it years ago...

Agreed, Jace.

We have stop-gaps to spare. What we need is talent.

Another one: Peeing on baseballs may actually cause them to harden, meaning that they may fly further when hit... Discuss!

cubs to trade for alou?

pee-ball to get the cubs back on track?

julio zueleta and a fruit basket to the cubs for a case of levi jeans and a box of beetles cassettes?

Come on Johann… you know better. That is in 65 and 66 at-bats, respectively.

I'm not saying that stat means the Cardinals are a better team overall. I'm saying if you want to look why they've won one more game then us, then that might be a good stat to look at. They have 5 extra RBIs with bases loaded over us.

While 5 RBIs is a pretty miniscule number, we've lost several one run games when we couldn't score with bases loaded that I remember. With our lousy record in one run games, I'm just saying a pitiful job with bases loaded has probably contributed more then bad defense.

Aw, come on! I just need someone to acknowledge this ridiculous tangent I am on. Then I will move on. Anyone???

Jace, your argument on Felix Pie is worth debating. I look at Pie and see a poor man's Juan Encarncion in the making unless he really works on that batting approach. There are way to many ways to get him out with that swing. It might work great against Triple A pitchers, but once National League pitchers get a book on him he's in big trouble. Unless he can shorten up the swing. I also don't like how he stands in the batter's box. Sweet Lou and Gerald Perry have some work to do in helping this young man develop as a hitter.

ST - I think you should be talking to Horatio. My discussion point was about soaking baseballs in pee, and the potential enhancement in hardness...

Again, I don't actually think the Cardinals are a good team, just explaining one reason why they are one game above us (which is nothing really).

Jace, I think it's more you that gets hard when you get soaked in pee.

Hey Johann???


Umm... no comment on my twisted personal life...
If pee toughens human skin (thanks Moises), it probably has the same effect on leather, right?

Yeah, but most of the ball isn't leather - it's string. Once that string gets wet, the ball is going to be quite a bit heavier and thus less likely to carry. That's my theory, anyway.

***wearing Jace disguise***

The ball would be given the opportunity to dry out, leaving only the hardened pee residue behind... I mean, Moises wasn't going to the plate with his hands dripping in pee, either. he let it soak in...

DeRosa can play SS. He has to play somewhere, he has a three-year contract.

Any time Izturis plays short he's being showcased. Number one priority right now is to trade Izzy and Jones. It won't be easy but it has to be done. That will get Murton back on the team and someone else, maybe Cedeno (but not as a starter).

enough with the pee, Jace.

this convo is getting into parachat territory of "what to talk about when the team is down 3 runs in the 7th/8th"...

OKay, thanks for playing along for just a little bit.

Cardinals in 9th inning
.263 .345 .407 .752
.230 .324 .295 .619

Cardinals in Xtra Innings
.370 .434 .674 1.108
.195 .225 .234 .459

The Cubs' offense essentially disappears after the 8th inning.

I'll be sure to bring it up again in a couple of hours when that is staring us in the face.

Here Here! If we can trot a damn goat into Wrigley, we shouldn't have any problem pissing on some baseballs.

i'd like to know what's up with derosa and SS, myself.

yeah, he's a better 2nd, but his issue is far from his arm and i find it very hard to believe he'd be worse than theriot (who's not horrible, but not very flashy and a bit too dramatic on normal plays for my taste).

dunno why he's the odd man out there cuz lou seemingly has no issue with moving derosa everywhere else on the field. fontenot/theriot are better 2nd than SS...i wonder what derosa's got going on that makes him a low/no-use SS option.

Right, but all that string will trap the moisture and take a loooong time to dry. Maybe if you soaked it in pee and then kiln-dried it the way they do with some hardwood for furniture?

Really the only established skill Hendry has shown us is his ability to turn seemingly untradeable crap into decent returns. Fortunately for us, that's exactly what we need out of our GM right now. After he does that, he should be summarily fired as an incompetent. Won't happen though. Why? This is the Cubs.

yeah, I'm thinking Monday we may be seeing DeRosa at SS experiment start.

Unless Fontenot has a horrible series or this migraine thing is serious which it doesn't sound like.

Lineup possibility:
Soriano, Fontenot, Lee, Ramirez, Floyd, Bowen, DeRosa, Pie

when Koyie unfortunately plays, probably move DeRosa, Pie up and drop Hill to the 8th spot.

Sure, vorare. Whatever it takes. I think I've got a winner here. Too bad it is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever thought of... Maybe if the string were pee-soaked prior to wrapping into a baseball. We're talking going all the way back to the ball factory. Need some insiders there to start this thing going...

I love the idea of getting rid of that out machine Izturis and bringing in Royce Clayton. That's pure genius!!! That will make all the difference. Unless we get a shortstop that hits like Tejada (broken wrist) it's not going to make any difference.

You guys just don't understand that there is no reason to get rid of Izturis, just for the sake of getting rid of Izturis. Unless we get a quality upgrade (which now doesn't seem very likely) we need to find a upgrade in right field.

there's all kinds of reasons to get rid of Izturis, mostly so we never have to play him again.

Yeah, Chad. I think most of us are in agreement with each other, and in disagreement with ST... I'm not sure that has EVER happened before...

It would also bring an extra degree of novelty to catching a HR ball at Wrigley...

If the Cubs do trade Z, the positions I would target are:

SS, C, Starting Pitching

hopefully someone with at least 3 years of service time left, hopefully more.

the real issue get rid of izturis...for who? cedeno? what's the point? gonna pay for izturis...he's mostly working bench...theriot, for all the hugs and love, isnt the defender izturis is and well, he's hitting like izturis for more than just a couple weeks now. its a low/no impact move on the surface to me.

Yeah, Rob, assuming that the RF situation is taken care of in some other way...

Soriano to RF, give Murton his fucking job back in LF.

always can find a OF'er in the FA market on the cheap, you know like JJ. oh wait...

it's not like trading Izturis will get us much and all, but we're also not going to get any kind of draft pick for him so take your shot at minor league fodder and let the kids play.


Cubs I'm sure will re-assess everything at the All-Star Break and go from there. Z probably won't get traded (if at all) until right at the deadline.

I think Dempster would be our second most valuable trading chip at this point for teams not willing to pay for Gagne.

I'd move him in a hearbeat if we can get something resembling what the Pirates and Nationals did for bullpen arms the last few years.

"Too bad it is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever thought of… Maybe if the string were pee-soaked prior to wrapping into a baseball.

Dude, will you knock it off with the pee thing already?!

Let it go!!!


hell, i have no issue with trading away izturis. i just dont see a gain to the team worth getting even remotely stoked about.

very much welcome derosa to SS, though...compared to the market if he's remotely as slick there as he is at 2nd he'd be an even better deal.

Darwin Barney in the news.
Go to, Cubs Update, "Barney helps lead Beavers . . ."

Rich Hill for Stephen Drew, straight up. Yay or nay?

Nay eric.

Rob G. — June 22, 2007 @ 12:44 pm
so calling up Gallagher worked well?

why in holy hell would you burn an option year on a 21 yr old in AA to be a long reliever who wasn’t even on your 40-man roster?


ROB G: Exactly.

It wouldn't have been necessary for the Cubs to add Gallagher to the 40-man roster until after the 2008 season, so unless they were calling him up to stay, why start using up his options now?


You must have loved Rotoworld's comment on Holliman then, Phil. They said after his no-hitter, the surprising thing is that the Cubs didn't call him up to bury him in middle relief. Ouch.

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