A Little Break In The Clouds

Road to Wrigley recaps the best thing to happen to the Chicago Cubs organization on Thursday.


Good for him.

Of course, if we only played seven in the bigs, Big Z would have three of them.

I was impressed that he hit a home run as well.

We could have used his bat in Arlington.

Well, he must be ready for the Cubs, call him up!

Chad --
quoting John Lennon is weak -- as are your negative takes -- e-i-e-i-o.
face it - this year --- we have a chance to win the NL Central ---somewhat like the Padres have in the last 2 years----but have zero chance beyond that.

Stop worrying about this year and look a year or two out for once......

Trade Zam for an impact prospect or two (preferably a C, RF, P, or SS). Tell Z you are going to go after him in FA w/ new ownership.
Get Milton B - he'll play 80 games but he's worth it in those 80 games.

progress is made by those who recognize their mistakes......


Some teams have prospects like Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera.

Nothing against the guy, but we get guys like Mike Fontentot and (nothing against the guy) Ryan Theriot.

And Cubs fans wet their pants over them.

No wonder we suck.

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  • I was just wondering the same thing. I'd rather not see it at all. If it's inaccurate, it's a bad viewer experience. If it's accurate, it shows some shitty calling by the umpire.

  • TBS' K Zone seems to be more harsh than the others.

    I wonder if MLB will ask the networks to stop using them. They just make the umps, and the game, look bad, and it only pisses off the fans.

  • ...joe.

  • "Strop vs. Cardinals." Seen the movie. Hated it.

    Not all that disappointed -- I didn't think they would beat Lackey in Game 1. Need to get the bats going against the guys with less experience -- and they hit Wacha pretty good.

  • Rizzo has been slumping the last couple weeks of the season. Very disappointed it has continued during his penultimate moment of his career to date.

  • Really doesn't matter, but I was surprised to see Lester pulled and Strop pulled in. Should of left Lester in. oy.

  • Sweet merciful fuck, I hate the Cardinals.

  • *flips table*


  • Really doesn't matter, but I was surprised to see Lester out for the 8th. Down 1-0, at 100 pitches, seemed better to give a very fresh bullpen a little work.

    Oh well...Throw away game, although in a 5 game series there is no luxury afforded to do that.

  • This game is not on Lester - he did his job

  • Had a lot of hope hanging on that deep Fowler fly in the sixth.

    Really despise the Cards

  • aside from one swing, this 1-0 game feels like a blow out. Still nice to know one swing can change everything.

    We need Rizzo and Bryant to show up.

  • schwarb leadoff bunt single...lulz.

  • thanks. it was odd. supposedly the dodgers had him signed earlier in the year, then a lot of nothing, then the giants thing a few days ago, then the cubs get him for a bargain. i'll take it.

  • Umps strikezone is awful. Giving Lackey a good 6 inches off the plate.

  • Apparently it was greedy agents who kept pushing the envelope and teams backed away. He then fired his agents and by that time the landscape had changed. The July push had passed and teams were willing to be patient.

    As far as what happened to the Giants' deal, I don't know. But perhaps he looked at the two rosters and realized the Cubs had the better chance of winning going forward. Maybe the Cubs swooped in and gave him $500,000 more and he bit. I don't know. What I do know is he signed the day after the Cubs won the wildcard game rather impressively...