A Little Break In The Clouds

Road to Wrigley recaps the best thing to happen to the Chicago Cubs organization on Thursday.


Good for him.

Of course, if we only played seven in the bigs, Big Z would have three of them.

I was impressed that he hit a home run as well.

We could have used his bat in Arlington.

Well, he must be ready for the Cubs, call him up!

Chad --
quoting John Lennon is weak -- as are your negative takes -- e-i-e-i-o.
face it - this year --- we have a chance to win the NL Central ---somewhat like the Padres have in the last 2 years----but have zero chance beyond that.

Stop worrying about this year and look a year or two out for once......

Trade Zam for an impact prospect or two (preferably a C, RF, P, or SS). Tell Z you are going to go after him in FA w/ new ownership.
Get Milton B - he'll play 80 games but he's worth it in those 80 games.

progress is made by those who recognize their mistakes......


Some teams have prospects like Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera.

Nothing against the guy, but we get guys like Mike Fontentot and (nothing against the guy) Ryan Theriot.

And Cubs fans wet their pants over them.

No wonder we suck.

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