A Little Break In The Clouds

Road to Wrigley recaps the best thing to happen to the Chicago Cubs organization on Thursday.


Good for him.

Of course, if we only played seven in the bigs, Big Z would have three of them.

I was impressed that he hit a home run as well.

We could have used his bat in Arlington.

Well, he must be ready for the Cubs, call him up!

Chad --
quoting John Lennon is weak -- as are your negative takes -- e-i-e-i-o.
face it - this year --- we have a chance to win the NL Central ---somewhat like the Padres have in the last 2 years----but have zero chance beyond that.

Stop worrying about this year and look a year or two out for once......

Trade Zam for an impact prospect or two (preferably a C, RF, P, or SS). Tell Z you are going to go after him in FA w/ new ownership.
Get Milton B - he'll play 80 games but he's worth it in those 80 games.

progress is made by those who recognize their mistakes......


Some teams have prospects like Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera.

Nothing against the guy, but we get guys like Mike Fontentot and (nothing against the guy) Ryan Theriot.

And Cubs fans wet their pants over them.

No wonder we suck.

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  • Rick Renteria was a great idea! Seriously! I feel bad for the guy, although it happened the way it had to.

  • Hey, whatta bout me?

    -Ian Stewart

  • ....and Theo thought EJax, Sveum and Ricky were good ideas. Win some, lose some.

  • I thought he was better than Archer?

    /f u Hendry

  • The Padres signed RHP Trey McNutt to a minor league contract...

  • Yeah, she's a good egg. The whole superdelegate thing is shady as fuck though.

  • the perks of being a big fundraiser model representative citizen.

    honestly, though...the dnc could do worse and she's involved in all kinds of dem party stuff.

  • I didn't realize Laura Ricketts is a superdelegate.

  • pretty much...also agree that it wouldn't surprise me to see him land with the cubs, too.

    the trade to free up room for him would be interesting.

    it would help if he didn't play such a mixed-bag CF. he's anything but sure out there with his wacky routes.

    the O's are favored because of links for weeks and they're about to land y.gallardo (giving up that draft pick).

  • holy crap...j.mejia got busted AGAIN for PEDs.

    3rd time...lifetime ban.

    at one point he was the "closer of the future" (and the actual closer) for the mets. 26 years old. unreal.

  • I agree with what you said, but isn't it so weird that the White Sox are not linked to Fowler? They seem like an ideal fit.

  • oddly...or not...fowler's been strongly linked to the O's lately.

  • Olmos takes another 40 man roster Roulette bullet. The new lefty will be gone when Fowler comes back.

  • seen him in the minors...rather boring lefty. really slow secondary stuff (very slow slider) and a fastball that barely hits 90 on a good day.

  • The Cubs have claimed C.J. Riefenhauser LHP on waivers from the Orioles. Edgar Olmos was again DFA.

  • They should have someone standing behind him to take the ball out of his glove when he's looking for a sign from the catcher, and throw to first. I vote for Baez. That way he can cover the rest of the infield, too.