Game 75 Recap: Cubs 10, Rockies 9


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W- Howry (4-4) Wrigley security workers. Former LSU tigers. Soriano. Derosa. Pagan. Saving potential scapegoats from scapegoatdom. Fans who stayed for the bottom of the ninth. Darn near everyone.

L- Fuentes (0-2 ) Doom and Gloom. Loser fanatics who think being famous and tough is all about trying to blindside a pro athlete in the middle of game.

Things to take from this game Where to start..... 1. The 9th inning. (part 1) 8 runs crossed the plate in the ninth. Six of there were for Colorado, but the final two to cross were the ones that mattered most. In a questionable effort to relieve a strained bullpen, Eyre came out to start the ninth, up 8-3, after pitching an effective 1.1 innings. The first three batters reached,Howry came in, three more batters reached, capped by a go-ahead home run by Troy Tulowitzki. Six batters, six runs, without an out registered. 2. The Ninth Inning (part 2) Some jackass got within a couple feet of blind-siding Howry with a full head-on sprint, after the home run. Some member of the Wrigley security crew earned his paycheck, spearing the clown at just about the last possible moment. Len reminds us it's a felony charge, not to mention, I presume, permanent banishment from Wrigley. 3. The Ninth Inning (part 3) They weren't rockets, but Derosa and Koyie Hill singled. By the time we exchanged pinch runners and runners forced, you have Jacques Jones standing on second, Hill on first, with two outs. Theriot hits the game-ending grounder to second, which Kaz Matsui boots into a game-continuing error. Bases loaded for Soriano, who delivers the come-from-behind, game-winning, two-run single. 4. That Scrappy LSU Middle Infield and other Heroes. Fontenot went 5 for 5 and now has hits in seven consecutive at bats. Theriort, entering the game on a double-switch, went 2 for 3, with the one "out" being the Matsui boot. They also turned a nice double-play. They scored 4 runs, total, while Derosa scratched out the ugliest 3 RBI you could hope to get, and Angel Pagan smoked a three run HR, back when this looked like it would be an easy victory.... 5. The Response The fans booed Eyre as he was pulled in the ninth, unfortunate given that he'd had a solid outing, until being left in for another inning. By the time Howry was done giving up the lead after that, the mood was predictably glum. But wow, the reaction when Soriano hit that single.... The comedy-free details, below!
  • A Matsui infield single, stolen base, and Holliday single, and Cubs are down 1-0 in the first
  • Fontenot singles, and promptly is picked off first by Francis in the Cubs half of the first inning. Lee and Ramirez then single, making the pickoff quite unfortunate.
  • Brenley reports that the wind is howling out...
  • Derosa comes through on a 3-2, 2 out count, with a single, and the game's tied at 1. Nice job by Derosa in a clutch AB
  • Better clutch hitting by Pagan, who then hits a 3-run HR to left. Looked like a fastball, flat and over the outer half of the plate. 4-1, all runs with two outs.
  • with one out in the second, Izturis boots a ball hit just a bit to his right. Sort of a weird ball - definitely an error, but the ball seemed to skid a bit.
  • Marquis pitches out of it, with a bouncer to third that Ramirez hobbles after, and steps on the bag for a force. Ramirez looked very ginger on his feet, there.
  • Fontenot and Lee with infield singles to start out the third.
  • The marketing genius who came up with the notion of returning the 7th innning stretch to the fans, in light of the Kellie Pickler Incident, is an insufferable jackass. Going on about how the executive suits decided that the fans should be part of it. Makes it sound as if there was a vote somewhere about whether or not we were worthy and deserving of participating. Very paternalistic, condescending tone. Jay Blunt, I guess he is. We're not worthy! I'm already annoyed by the transparent cynicism and tokenism of the latest gimmick....
  • Meanwhile, a couple of groundouts score another run. Derosa with the RBI, 5-1 through three!
  • Aramis looks a LOT more nimble ranging to his left to throw out Atkins, in the fourth.
  • Marquis sticks out the bare hand to try to grab a bouncer back up the middle in the fourth. Deflecting it, Izturis is able to get the out at first, but lose a potential DP chance.
  • Very nice to see Glenallen Hill back in a major league uniform, with the Rockies.
  • Marquis again escapes a bit of trouble in the fourth, with another ground-out. Not a great game, but effective enough at keeping the ball down, so far.
  • Marquis with a nice job fielding a leadoff bunt attempt by Tavares in the fifth
  • Fontenot bloops a double down the left field line, and now is 3-3 on the night, bottom of the fifth.
  • Lee singles through the hole, just past Tulowitzki. Fontenot broke for third on the bal, and is fortunate (or a very good ball-reader) that it got past Tulo. Lee and Fontenot are now 6 for 6 combined, batting 2nd and 3rd today. Runners on 1 and 3.
  • and again, Derosa gets an rbi via groundout. Beats out a potential double-play ball, letting Fontenot score from third. 6-1
  • Francis walks Pagan and Bowen back to back, with two outs, and now the bases are loaded, two outs, Izturis up to hit, still in the fifth.
  • and Izturis bounces out to end the threat.
  • Soriano's little leap-hop style of catching fly balls almost causes him trouble, as a fly ball by Helton takes off on him, at the last second, as he's hopping. Has to stretch and extend himself to keep the ball from dropping in behind his head.
  • Marquis in trouble again in the sixth. Rockies, interestingly, respect Soriano's arm and don't send the runner from second, when Torrealba singles to left. Instead, bases loaded and two outs. Spilborghs in to hit for Francis
  • Spilborghs singles down the line in right. Two runs score, but Derosa did a decent job getting to the ball so that it couldn't roll into the corner. 6-3 and Marquis out of the game in the sixth. Not a great performance by Jason, but effective at pitching around potential trouble, until now.
  • Wuertz comes in, and gets the ground ball to get out of the jam.
  • Bottom of the sixth, Theriot gets an infield single, is balked over to second, and goes to third on a Soriano ground out.
  • And guess who singles for his fourth hit, and an RBI? Fontenot making a case for a permanent home as the 2 hitter. 7-3.
  • Aramis the gimp-legged makes a fine leaping catch to start the Rockies' half of the seventh. Maybe he's healthier than we thought?
  • Eyre gets brought in, in the tightest situation he's faced in awhile: to get Hawpe, with two outs and two on in a7-3 game. K's him on a 3-2 count. May this be a sign of things to come.
  • Scott Eyre batting for himself with a runner on second, two outs, 7-3 game in the seventh. Interesting.... Grounds out, 3 unassisted, to end the inning.
  • Pagan with sort of an odd missed play in the top of the eighth. Tulowitzki hits a drive almost to the warning track in center. Pagan goes back for it, probably should have been running a bit harder to try to get in position, leaps, misjudges the ball, and it hits him on the wrist of the glove hand. Called a double, as it was a leaping catch for a ball over his head, but Pagan probably should have had it.
  • A walk, and now there are runners on 1 and 2, no outs, a four run lead, late, and Eyre pitching. Happily, he gets Spilborghs to GIDP, with a nice turn by Theriot and Fontenot. Almost as if these guys are used to turning the double-play, together....
  • and Eyre strikes out Jeff Baker on a slider in the dirt, to end the inning. Isn't looking dominant, by any means, but it's still a lot better than what we've seen, to date.
  • Theriot smokes a high Jorge Julio heater into the left-center gap for a double, leading off our half of the eighth. Great, great game, for theLSU duo.
  • Speaking of.... Fontenot, with a chance to go 5-5 and 7 of last 7, fights one off for a double down the left field line. Theriot scores, 8-3
  • And Eyre comes out for the ninth!
  • Matsui single, Holliday walk, Helton double just inside the left-field line, and Eyre is chased before getting an out in the 9th. Have to wonder about this. He had a fineperformace in 1.1 innings, before returning for the ninth, and now is leaving to boos.
  • Howry forced to come in at a tight spot, and Atkins promptly singles in a run. 8-6 When Hawpe singles, the tying runs are on base
  • And Tulowitzki homers into the second row of the bleachers, just left of center. In the blink of the eye, it's 9-8. "I can't believe how quickly this has happened" - Len.
  • Ugly incident on the field. Someone comes sprinting out of the stands and gets within a couple feet of Howry, before Howry even sees him. A dugout security guy makes a saving tackle, in a knick of time. Len reminds us that going on field is a felony.
  • And after the mayhem, Howry settles down to get out of the inning.
  • Wow.
  • So bottom of the ninth begins with Derosa dropping a fly ball into center for a hit. Centerfielder was defending the double, allowing it to get in. Pie comes in to pinch-run.
  • Pagan strikes out.
  • Bowen bounces one to first, Pie forced at second, but Bowen makes it to first. We go from our fastest runner to a catcher, and lose an out. 2 outs, Bowen on,Koyie Hill to pinch hit. (With Fuentes a left-hander, our right-handed options off the bench aren't looking too good, tonight)
  • Hill down 1-2 on a very, very borderline called strike. Comes through, however, on the next pitch with a base hit to left. Outfielders all playing very deep, again. Tying run now on second.Theriot up. Much maligned Jacques Jones in to pinch-run for Bowen.
  • Maybe Rod Beck is looking out for us? Theriot hits a grounder towards Matsui, up the middle, and Matsui botches the hop. Can't get the force at second or first, looks to see if he can catch Jones over-running third, nope. Error keeps the game alive, bases loaded forSoriano.
  • In the sort of ending that is reminiscent of the 03, 98, or 89 cubs, Soriano hits a Fuentes fastball into right-center, scoring Jones and Hill. Cubs Win. Crowd goes absolutely bonkers. Len is yelling like a man possessed.Parachat reports are that Santo died and ascended directly into heaven. Soriano comes out for a curtain call. Fans are acting like they just won a playoff series. Goosebump-worthy.
What are those idiots in Parachat talking about? Inning 1 Chris Benoit's death, pro wrestling. Lots of pro-wrestling. So many muscle-bound men in spandex.... Fantasy trade negotiating. FreeTheriot. Free Brownlie. Free Zuletta. Free everyone. Inning 2 More fantasy trade negotiations, more pro wrestling. IRC. Facebook friending. Biggio's Mr. 3000 imitation. The Cubs' new7th inning stretch fan-promotion: a response to an angry Cubs blogosphere? Inning 3 Skinny Puppy rules. What did people write in your yearbook? More on pro-wrestling's ugly underbelly. (Literally, and figuratively) Remixes. Inning 4 Len and Bob's CD/DVD discussion. Dying Young. Yakov Smirnov jokes and something about field hockey players that I still don't follow. Why everybody's blog sucks. Don Baylor, former Manager of the Year. Wow. My REAL alterior motives behind everything I say at TCR. Iowans. Inning 5 More Fontenot love. Where to bat Soriano. Ponies. We miss the Power-hitting Lee. Philology: what the hell is it? More fantasy trade negotiations. Inning 6 Nomar going back to third base. More on Benoit. Andy Kaufman. 1980s sitcoms. 1980s TV sex symbols. Recent supreme court rulings and their implications on free speech issues. Political persecution complexes Inning 7 More debating meaningless cultural hot-button non-issues. More Benoit. Great anagrams for Michael Wuertz (rectal emu whiz), Scott Eyre (Erect Toys), and others. More misery in the 7th inning stretch. Dress codes for daughters. Bowls and Bowels. Even More Anagrams. More Benoit. Michael Barrett!? = Cerebral Mitt? Ha! Inning 8 80s cartoon shows. Daryle Ward = Ye Lard Wad (forgive me for not being able to credit everyone, on these. take credit yourself, as you see fit.) Puke-swallowing.Brenley's admiration for Eyre's performance. Inning 9 Giving birth to a newspaper column. Futurama. Cartoon sex symbols. The unfolding disasters on the field. Hunting for scapegoats. Autopsy on the inning. Welcoming late arrivals toparachat : great place to watch a sinking ship. Correction, great place to celebrate a ridiculous comeback. The explosion of all-capital exclamations, and then "sent-sounds" was pretty cool.

You've read it... You can't UN-read it!


Your Parachat recap is unacceptable. Humor on a Cubs blog is lame. I'm heading over to BCB!

p.s. Al Yellon doesn't have a bowl scraper.

Kaz probably feels pretty crunchy right now for that error.

It was me with the Ye Lard Wad! IT WAS ALL ME BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Jesus I needed this win with the Benoit crap going on.

I wonder, how exactly is one banned for life from Wrigley? Do they embed an RFID chip in your arm so that sirens blare when you enter the turnstile? Or do beefy bouncers spend long nights studying mug shots of the banned, then watch the entrance gates for their chance to tackle the offending fan?

I'm glad I was in parachat for that 9th inning; otherwise it would have seemed like a colossal waste of energy. Instead it was a rewarding rally cap solidarity party.


no mas pelota!!!

i know there was no big homer in the rally but i'm just ecstatic still.

i'm going to the games in DC next week with 7 other cubs fans.....very excited. although the cubs task got tougher now that cristian guzman is out for the year.

Large, frustrating, completely satisfying win. This win may have "legs."

The last time I enjoyed an ending to a regular season game this much was a 2001 game -- the Cubs were very much in the race -- that involved multiple rundowns and mad scrambles on the basepaths in the bottom of the 9th after a Girardi single. Does anyone else remember that one? Ricky Gutierrez finally made a mad dash for home and barely slid in safely to win it.

Good times.

433 - yeah, that game is an all-time classic. Just wish I had a better memory of it!

10 years from now, Peter Gammons will talk of the trade with the Orioles, in which the Cubs obtained an All-Star 2b for Sammy and pretty much dicked them over...

I'm not sure, Waveland; maybe if we hold a seance we'll be able to hear him say that.

"Your Parachat recap is unacceptable. Humor on a Cubs blog is lame. I’m heading over to BCB!

p.s. Al Yellon doesn’t have a bowl scraper."

Hahahaha! Oh man, what a great night. Thanks to the Cubs, the Parachatters, Parachatter "Cubs", et al. Oh and thanks for the recap, Trans.

Night all.

posted in other thread:

Just got back to my puter. Some of you may know what i’ve been up to since the game ended. I’m tired and i”m going to bed!

Anyway, Jack plus midlevel prospect for Gagne. NEEDED NOW!

lol, thanks for the shoutout carlos. such a great end to a horrible evening

The best Cubs win since Game 5 of the NLDS. Tommrrow should be interesting. Dempster is suppose to have a side session to test his side. Jacque is going to be off the roster tommrrow.

I remember that game 433! That was vs the Rockies at Wrigley as well if I remember correctly!

Gagne isn't really needed. Dempster will come back and hopefully pitch as well as he has so far. If he doesn't, we have Marmol who been pitching lights out and should be mixed into far more high pressure situations to test him.

If we didn't bring struggling relievers out for multiple innings and if we didn't make a reliever pitch multiple days in a row, things might be better.

I can sort of see getting another reliever if Cotts doesn't work out (and he was still pitching decently when he was up with the Cubs), I just don't think we need a closer.

God, I can't go to bed with all the Benoit stuff messing with my emotions.


And a product of the Colorado education system has been heard from.

The backers of the presidential candidate Dewey in 1948 were known as "Dewshes".

I believe I would have been a "Trumainac."

Any ways...


Somewhere there is a very bad band naming itself the Kellie Pickler Incident.

Hooray for this very 1998-style win. Another tribute to the Shooter?

Man... looks like I chose a bad night to miss parachat.

But the Indigo Girls were amazing!!! :)

Certainly not the best game in Cubs history, but one of with as many ups and downs as any.

Now if the Cubs can rid themselves of the black hole known as Joke Jones. Right now I expect nothing in return.

I was relieved when Pie was forced out at second (you could almost smell the pick-off coming). And how fitting would it have been for Jones to have been nailed by Matsui, right after the error, when it appeared Jones had made a big turn at third and then had to scramble on his stomach to get back to the bag.

Eyre's speed and movement looked okay last night. It was just the location that killed him and nearly killed the Cubs.

Maybe he'll have better luck with his next team.

After the Cubs fell behind, a tiny, tiny, tiny part of me was hoping the final score would hold so we could see one of those Mount Vesuvius press conferences. In light of the great win, we got the other kind of Piniella press briefing, wherein he does a quick, seven- or eight-sentence recap of the game before saying anything of substance. I like those, too. If I've missed the game or been away from TCR, I can watch one of those and get the nuts and bolts. I bet the wire service reporters can just quote Lou verbatim to get their story leads.

A wonderful win.

Eyre’s speed and movement looked okay last night. It was just the location that killed him and nearly killed the Cubs.

That's a good assessment. Eyre threw some 94 MPH heaters in the zone that hitters couldn't touch. If he could have at least stayed around the zone he might have been alright.

Also, it's fun to watch Helton at work. The guy knows his strike zone and can hit the ball with authority in any count if you don't make a good pitch.

Was Marmol unavailable last night? After Howry pitched the last two games, you would think somebody else should have been used. I suppose if you use Marmol and with Dempster on the shelf, that would only leave Ohman for just-in-case.

After Howry pitched the last two games, you would think somebody else should have been used.

Howry has always been pretty durable and capable of multiple outings in a row. On top of that, LouPa probably wanted to test Howry a bit, trying to see what he could do in closing out 3 games in a row.

Or maybe LouPa is not comfortable bringing in Marmol in very high pressure situations yet.

Michael Barrett was asked if he was upset with some of the things said about him in the Chicago media after he was traded to the Padres last week. "Not overall," he said. "I consider the sources. I know how the Chicago media works these things. They wrote some stories because editors wanted stories that would sell papers. But I didn't expect it to turn so fast. The most important thing was my relationship with the players around me."

After the game on Sunday, even with the sweep and Brenly and Kaspar opining about how well the Cubs had played lately, I was nagged by the baserunning hilarity. Pagan in particular seems to be out of the Moises Alou school of stream-of-consciousness baserunning. Then I remembered that I root for the Cubs--no bad situation they can't make worse, and no good opportunity they can't blow or, at best, barely survive.

Monday night when I left work, where I was following our heroes on the computer, it was 6-3 Cubs. By the time I got home and saw the crawl on ESPN, they were down 9-8. My first thought was, OK, they're the Cubs. They need to shake this off and go out Tues and Weds and win the series. Sucking for one day (or even one inning)happens, just don't make a habit of it.

Having won the game, they need to continue building momentum. They need Lilly (and Marmol) to pitch well tonight, and get another ace performance out of Zambrano on Weds. Greet the Brewers for the weekend on a 6-0, or at worst 5-1 roll.

I expect Lou didn't use Marmol last night because he was looking forward to tonight--although Lilly has pitched deep a few times lately, that's not his standard. After 6 innings of left-handed curves tonight, Lou's thinking is that 94 from a righty (Marmol) for the last 3 will look pretty fast. Just my guess.

But (apparently) rushing in a not-yet warmed up Howry last night, and pitching him for the third day in a row was a bad move on Lou's part. When Howry is laser-beam straight, he's pretty hittable. He wasn't Sunday, but seemed to be last night.

To quote Crash Davis, "the moment is over". Nice win last night, now go roll these guys twice more.

Transmission said: They weren’t rockets, but Derosa and Koyie Hill singled.

DeRosa's was a blooper but Hill hit a shot down the line that would have been a double if Bowen had not been in station-to-station mode.

Hill also got to second quickly on Matsui's boot, and got home quickly on Sori's hit.

In his previous game, Hill fielded that tough-hop throw from Soriano cleanly and tagged the runner.

In his game before that, he hit a home run.

(K. Hill gets no respect around here.)

Also, the guy who rushed the mound to yell at Howry should ask for a jury trial.

WP eating my comment again. Must be the link. Here's the quote... no link provided since WP won't let me.

Michael Barrett was asked if he was upset with some of the things said about him in the Chicago media after he was traded to the Padres last week. "Not overall," he said. "I consider the sources. I know how the Chicago media works these things. They wrote some stories because editors wanted stories that would sell papers. But I didn't expect it to turn so fast. The most important thing was my relationship with the players around me."

...and it converts it to a link for me.

*rolls eyes*

Chifan said: Jacque is going to be off the roster tomorrow.

If only. But Izturis is more tradeable.

ESPN's quote of the night:

"Just when you think you've seen about everything, you haven't seen everything."
-- Rockies manager Clint Hurdle

Further evidence that not everyone can be Yogi Bera.

Dewey in 2007!

"stream-of-consciousness baserunning"

I can't think of a better description than this. It's awesome. I love it.

And Dave, I have an Indigo Girls joke waiting to come out somewhere, I just can't find it. Something to do with Melissa Etheridge and Bonnie Rait driving a Subaru to Northampton, MA.

Dave, I have an Indigo Girls joke waiting to come out somewhere

Joke all you want... I wear my Indigo Girls fandom with pride.

What bothers me about the fan rushing the field is that it's part of this Cubs fans self-pitying b.s. thing, as if Cubs fans are entitled to charge our own pitcher or trash the warning track if Lou gets ejected or reach out and catch a fly ball that Cliff Floyd might have had.

Obviously, this brings back the situation in 1995 when a fan came out of the stands and attacked Randy Myers and got his ass kicked. Myers had the gall to give up a home run that put the Cubs behind (in a game they went on to win).

Some Cubs fans don't think the guys in uniform understand how much they've suffered and are so self-absorbed in their own misery, as if that was the first blown lead in the history of baseball. Does everybody go home and listen to Morrissey albums when the game is over, wallowing in their own crapulence?

All I know is that anybody who thought that what the fan did last night was justified or funny has no right to criticize Soriano or Ramirez for admiring a home run because the fans are drawing attention to themselves just like this tool of a fan did.

The Rockies' floodgate opened in the ninth when Dave broke the dike.

Who the hell thinks it was justified?

But sorry, it's just a little funny. Like Alex Gonzalez funny.

Joke all you want… I wear my Indigo Girls fandom with pride.

So does Rosie O'Donnell

No. 13: The best Cubs win since Game 5 of the NLDS.

It almost turned out to be their worst loss since Game 6. Whew! What a roller coaster range of emotions last night! Still tired.

Question, since I'm kinda new here. What does "parachat" mean?


What does “parachat” mean?

Parachat is the chat room that many of us use during Cubs games.

Or as some would say, a place for single, date-less frat boys. Unless you are married. 'Cause then you can come. I think.

Sorry if this is old news.

"Kerry Wood will throw his first bullpen session since spring training Tuesday at Wrigley Field [ ] If everything goes smoothly and Wood's arm strength returns, chances are he could begin a rehab stint soon after the All-Star break and be back by late July or early August."

Thanks, Robr, for the update. What a pleasant addition to the bullpen Kerry would be. I'd love to have him on the squad again.

I have not heard one approving comment about said idiot fan's behavior last night - if anything, many of us were hoping he'd get his security - guard necktie adjusted a litte more tightly. One moron does not exemplify an entire fandom's attitudes and predilictions - try to be more selective in the future.

Johan Keri at on the Barrett Trade:

Catcher defense is overrated. Barrett's critics pointed to Carlos Zambrano turning it around when Koyie Hill replaced Barrett as his personal catcher. But Zambrano is a good pitcher who was going to turn it around sooner or later. To focus on just three starts and draw a sweeping conclusion from that small a data sample isn't convincing. Barrett got into tiffs with more than one pitcher, and he's regarded as a poor defensive catcher and game-caller. All of that doesn't make a big difference. If you want to see a comprehensive study on catchers and their (surprisingly) limited impact on pitchers' performance, check out Keith Woolner's landmark study.

• The Padres are paying next to nothing for Barrett's services. The Cubs will cover $1.5 million of Barrett's 2007 salary, with the Pads on the hook for only $700,000.

Yeah, the only funny thing about the fan charging the mound was the pounding he got from security. It's stupid douchebag fans like that guy that give Cubs fans in general a bad name.

Sounds to me like the Pirates have a good ol' fashioned junkballer... from Japan:

What was that?


That would be Japanese for rainbow, as in rainbow curve.

Whatever it is called, the pitch in question, the one Kuwata throws at a tantalizingly slow 66-68 mph, has been the buzz of an otherwise moribund road trip so far for the Pirates. And that is mostly because it is as difficult to describe as it is to hit.

"I think it's a curveball," left fielder Jason Bay said.

"Looks like a changeup to me," first baseman Adam LaRoche said.

Even Heberto Andrade, the team's bullpen catcher who sees more of it than anyone, does not have a definitive answer.

"I know it moves a lot," he said.

And the man himself?

"Maybe it's a slider," Kuwata said, grinning. "No, really, it's just a curveball. I use many pitches, and that is the one that goes the slowest."

How, then, to explain the way it dives into the dirt, as if to corkscrew a subway tunnel? Or how it can have a similar corkscrew effect on the batter?

"Maybe it's the deception," Kuwata said. "Maybe they can't see it."

More likely, observers say, the batter simply cannot adjust.

Vorare, the correct spelling is Deweshbag

I have already said it, and I will say it again.

Barrett will be missed.

And Barrett will probably be playing in the playoffs this year.

Kuwata's been awesome.

I said the same thing dave. People forget that Vince Coleman retired 15 years ago. In todays game you absolutely have to score runs to win. Michael Barrett helps you accomplish that much moreso than Koyie Hill or Rob Bowen.

I'm waiting with bated breath for a trade involving Jones or Izzy that lands somethign decent.....please....

Trans, If I wanted factual baseball content, I'd go to Where are the jokes and the Transian sense of humor? (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

Barrett will be missed in the lineup, but not on the field. The whole "catcher's defense doesn't matter that much" is bullshit. Tweak the #'s anyway you want, if a team's deefnse is poor at catcher, it will lead to giving up more runs than usual, and a lack of confidence in that catcher by the pitchers. It's not like Barrett had one defensive problem, it's that he had all of them! Bad pitch calling? Check...
So-So at best blocking pitches in the dirt? Check....
Poor at throwing out basestealers? Check...
Poor decision making? Check....

I wish Barrett well, but I will lose no sleep over his departure.

Catcher defense may not be critical, but what about catcher judgement -- throwing to the wrong base late in the game doesn't go down as an error. Last year's play when MB threw behind the trapped runner which allowed the winning run to score (literally laughing) was a mental mistake of T-Ball proportions. The sad thing is that he made basically the exact same mistake this year.

We will miss his power at the plate, but not his lousy OBP, inane baserunning (slow runner trying to steal 3rd?), inability to throw out runners and very poor baseball judgement.

Here is a video of Kuwata for this who are interested.

DECENT "for Joke Jones" You would have to throw in something decent to get anything back. Jones has no value. The best the Cubs can hope for is some relief from next years salary. We probably will end up with a player someone else is trying to dump.

Jones is just some of the residue left from the Andy MacFailure reign of incompetance.

Also, catching the ball and tagging the runner on plays a the plate -- like K. Hill did on Fonzie's short-hop throw Sunday -- was not a Barrett strength -- again, that doesn't show up in catcher defense stats.

Barrett was also unable or unwilling to properly frame close pitches to assist umpires and pitchers on close calls. He just lacked basic fundamentals that even a good amateur catcher should have been taught

catching the ball and tagging the runner on plays a the plate — like K. Hill did on Fonzie’s short-hop throw Sunday — was not a Barrett strength

Right... because Barrett didn't catch any of Fonzie's other assists. I see...

We will miss his power at the plate, but not his lousy OBP

I know facts can be inconvenient at times, but I like to give them anyway. You can talk about how the Cubs won't miss his "lousy obp," but that conveniently ignores the fact that from 2004-2006 he had a .349 obp, which is quite good fro a catcher. And sure, it wasn't anywhere close to that this year, but I don't think any of us expected it to stay where it was.

Michael Barrett sucked, period. Too many unknowledgeable Cub fans fell in love with the guy because he could hit reasonably well. Defense matters behind the plate, as does an ability to work effectively with a pitching staff. Barrett utterly sucked on both accounts. And now we are learning that he was a clubhouse lawyer (ala Todd Walker) to boot. Good riddance.

Easy ST....not everyone shares your venom.
Let's see how the Cubs replace Barrett before getting all excited. Bowen looks ok in the field, but hasn't impressed me at the plate. A little more patient than advertised maybe. Koyie Hill is a nice backup type, but not a starter..yet.

If the Cubs can get a solid catcher to replace Barrett, and put up .260/.320/.400 I'd take that.

Defense matters behind the plate, as does an ability to work effectively with a pitching staff.

So does that mean that when the Padres make the playoffs, with the the best pitching in baseball, that Barrett does work effectively with a pitching staff?

The entire Barrett saga over the past several seasons points out, yet again, how dim witted our General Manager really is. Hendry is not objective, in addition to not being very smart. It took Sweet Lou to raise his voice and say enough is enough with this horseshit of a catcher. Hopefully Piniella forces Hendry's hand in a few more circumstances. And soon.

AaronB liked Michael Barrett as a player. Therefore I am unknowledgeable. Got it.

Dusty and Dave, until you stop obsessing about the offensive contributions of whoever is behind the plate, I'm done arguing why Michael Barrett is/was wretched. Rob Bowen and Koye Hill are probably not the answer long-term behind the plate. Ditto Geovany Soto in my opinion. But the POINT is that Barrett killed this team for too long behind the plate and it was clearly a situation where his manager, coaches and fellow teammates were souring on his lousy play. And apparent lawyer-ie antics.

If you want to keep fixating on Barrett's wondrous on-base percentage and offensive abilities, then be my guest.

Michael Barrett = Todd Walker.

Nuff said. End o' subject.

I am more in agreement with Dave and Dusty on this one. Just because you dump Barrett because he "sucks" doest mean that you improved. Dropping Barrett to play guys like Hill,Bowen and Blanco just because is idiotic and a overall step backwards for the team. If we come up with a good defensive catcher who can help out with the bat. I am all for it. But adding another Izturis to the lineup at catcher. Just for the sake of doing it is not a smart move.

Whatever Aaron. Why don't you do us a favor, sign off the computer, and go outside and play with the other children your age. Seems to me the Cubs have pieced together a nice little winning percentage ever since the enormous distraction that was Michael Barrett was booted out of town.

WTF does "clubhouse lawyer" even mean?

AZ Phil,

If you're out there, I'm curious what the Cubs' plans are with Micah Hoffpauir? It seems like all he's doing down at AAA is hitting. But, he's blocked by DLee, Floyd, Ward, DeRosa (I'm including DLee's backups.) There have got to be teams interested in a power lefty first baseman. Baltimore?

Micah Hoffpauir is an aging minor league journeyman. He has no real trade value.

ST-Please read my post, #54.
Then, pull your lips over your head, and swallow.

Carefully picking and choosing the facts must exhaust you. Please take a break.

ST-Hoffpauir was drafted by the Cubs. He has spent his career in the Cubs system. He has developed power over the last 2 seasons.
At age 27, he is hitting:
.324/.362/.552, with 14 HR and 67 RBI. At any age, those are good, soid numbers. Age 27 is aging? He could easily get a shot somewhere else.
Trade value? You are right...probably not much...maybe a reliever, or an exchange of minor leaguers. You opinionated bs is laughable...especially how you spout off as if your opinions are facts.

Obviously ST's right, because hitting and scoring is not important to the game of baseball in any way. He's unwilling to put any good hitters out there to sacrifice defense.

If he puts the 8 best defenders out there everyday regardless of their average, he'll just lose 2-0 instead of losing 3-2.

dmac said: I have not heard one approving comment about said idiot fan’s behavior last night . . .

Well, I did imply that no jury would convict him.

I'm a fan, not a player. I identify with Cub fans. I share their predicament. The guy was wearing a Cub jersey. He'll be wearing a Cub jersey ten, twenty years from now. In a year or two, most of the players will be wearing different jerseys.

I also have a few choice words I'd like to share with Bob Howry, like, "You big idiot--why don't you learn to throw an offspeed pitch like every other pitcher in the league? Do you think you're Nolan Ryan?"

So yes, I do tend to feel sorry for the fan who made a spectacle of himself, just another poor schmuck Cub fan who feels the sting of losing the same as I do. I figure the players cry all the way to the bank.

So yes, I do tend to feel sorry for the fan who made a spectacle of himself

Wow... were you actually that guy?

I have little tolerance for stupid drunk fans who run on the field and at least act like they are going to tackle a player.

Did you feel sorry for the Sox fans who attacked the coach too?

It is one thing to be frustrated with the Cubs and their performance. It is an entirely different thing to run onto the field and attempt to assault a player or coach.

"If a catcher is good enough defensively, it doesn't matter what he hits." --Tony LaRussa

Did LaRussa actually say that? No, but his actions said it, last season, and the strategy worked pretty well.

Well, dave, the only thing that I disagree with is the assumption that the fan was going to assault Howry. I understand that that is the assumption that MUST be made from a security standpoint, and that security certainly acted appropriately. I honestly do not think that the fan was out there to try and kick Howry's ass. I think he was going out there to yell at him and ask him what the hell he was doing... That doesn't really matter at this point, but I think that's all he was doing. He still does deserve whatever he gets as far as punishment

The fan should have attacked Hendry. Howry had no business being out there again last night, as evidenced by Lou's desperation move of trying to coax one more innning out of Eyre (seemed logical that the guy could hold a 5-run lead).

The bullpen was basically 2 pitchers short last night (versus a normal 12-man pen), the Cubs were playing for the 7th consecutive day, and, with a fading Marquis on the mound, it was very likely that they would need another arm.

I assume the only reason they didn't send somebody down is that they are close to sending somebody out. Otehrwsie, that was just stupid.

If they don't bring in someone tonight, and Dempster can't go, Lilly better eat some innings.

DAVE -- you like Barrett, fine. Lou didn't. Lou wins.

Player A .324/.362/.552/.913
Player B .293/.467/.549/1016

A is Micah Hoffpauir at Iowa this year, B is Jack Cust from his minor league line last year. For many of these AAAA players it's all about being at the right place, right time with a team with the right need. Nobody can make a case for Cust's defensive skills so Piazza's injury opened the opportunity door. They are only a year apart in age. If Cust didn't hit right out of the box he'd be back in AAA. By the way, where is Chris Shelton these days (rhetorical question only).

Re: the lunatic who charged the mound...

Koyie Hill: Thank God he didn't get to Bobby. I don't know what Bobby would have done. The guy's like a giant... he scares me.

Reporter: That didn't bother you?
Howry, grinning: What, that guy? No, he wasn't very big.

Here is video of the fan heading towards Howry:

Man... the security guard may be able to fill in for Briggs with those tackling skills.

and Cust was in the Padres system, so consider Micah Hoffpauir playing for a job opening on any of the mlb clubs. It doesn't matter who owns his contract at the AAA level.

Oh... and there is obnoxious commentary on that you tube video.

And I love how Howry literally just stood there, not moving at all.

I love coming to this blog - 90 percent of which is because of our four wonderful authors, not the "debate" that occurs in the comments.

I wouldn't be opposed to them shutting down the comments. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to them introducing a submit-and-approve format for the comments.

Many of you are truly embarassing.

Re: Drunken Fan Coverage...

I love how you suddenly get artistic footage of the glorious Wrigley light fixtures after a while.

It's like in a movie love scene, when the camera pans toward the fireplace.


ZHL- Thanks for your opinion. I'm sure your opinion is valued highly by some.

The comments section is the lifeblood of most blogs.
Have a cubtastic day.

Valued highly by some? LOL. Just my colleagues and girlfriend, but they're all sick of hearing me talk about baseball anyways.

Doesn't really matter to me, I don't have to read the comments when they start to get on my nerves, just a suggestion that perhaps this place would be a little more tenable. There's always Parachat for people to act like idiots, yours truly included.

FWIW plenty of blogs are financially sound without uncensored commenting.

FWIW plenty of blogs are financially sound without uncensored commenting.

What do you mean by "financially sound?" Because I don't really think that TCR is "financially sound."

Gee, ZHL, without the comment section, you wouldn't be able to drop in and randomly insult everyone, saying that you would be okay if they did away with the comments, even though you appear to have read them... If you don't like them, DON'T READ THEM! I can't say the rest of us would miss being insulted...

Which comments here have your panties in a bunch? There are a couple trolls around here, but I'd say TCR comments are tame and mature by most blog standards.

You're insulted by that? Fair enough. Sorry if I've offended your sensibilities. I'm personally more insulted if someone was calling me a child, an idiot, a loser, etc.

Maybe I misunderstand what Dusty meant by lifesblood. That the comments are the reason people come back to this site, as opposed to the content? OK, my bad. For me, that's not exactly true.

I just meant to make a suggestion, I didn't mean to hijack the comment thread, so I'll cease to comment on the comments.

However, I will not flatly state that the discussion is over. ;)

Va Phil,

With Theriot struggling of late and no other option at SS on the roster, I think Izturis is fine. Fontenot and DeRosa are more of a one game option at short to rest the starter when a flyball pitcher is on the mound. Lou has stopped playing JJ at all. Last night he even waited to have JJ pinch run for Bowen until Bowen couldnt get to 3rd on the ball Hill hit. I think the Barrett trade has made it clear that Lou is in charge of the 25 man roster.

"Many of you are truly embarrasing"
Yeah, how could I possibly find that insulting?
I agree that, for the most part, I look for the posts, but reading the comments often yields news and other information that is sometimes the first place you hear it, and otherwise is interesting. It is pretty easy to know, once you read a few posts, which ones are likely to have valuable information, and which ones are likely to just be drivel.

Wow -- was that Hawk doing the commentary on the YouTube video?

Dave did you willingly admit that you went to and enjoyed an Indigo Girls concert last night?

IowaCubs — June 26, 2007 @ 10:28 am
AZ Phil,

If you’re out there, I’m curious what the Cubs’ plans are with Micah Hoffpauir? It seems like all he’s doing down at AAA is hitting. But, he’s blocked by DLee, Floyd, Ward, DeRosa (I’m including DLee’s backups.) There have got to be teams interested in a power lefty first baseman. Baltimore?


IOWA CUBS: We just talked about Micah Hoffpauir over at Road to Wrigley yesterday...

I see Micah Hoffpauir as a Ross Gload/Mark Sweeney/John Rodriguez-type 1B/LF/LHPH, and (if he stays with the Cubs) he would probably best fill the slot currently occupied by Daryle Ward.

The Cubs hold a club option for D. Ward for 2008, but there’s no buy-out required, and if they choose not to bring Ward back, I suspect Hoffpauir would have a decent chance to make the 25 (Ward’s slot) next ST.

Hoffpauir said in an interview last year that if he hadn’t suffered his season-ending oblique injury in August, that he had been told that he was supposedly going to be brought up to Chicago in September after the I-Cubs season was over. And then of course he an NRI to Spring Training ‘07, and hit a couple of big HRs in ST games. (Hoff - Power!)

Piniella said some nice things about Hoffpauir after his ST long-balls, and it always helps when the manager at least knows your name and has some idea of what you are capable of doing.

I would add that just because a player is labeled "4-A" doesn't mean he can't play in the big leagues. There are loads of players labeled "4-A" working in the bigs as PHs, utility infielders, 4th OFs, and middle relievers. (Heck, on some teams, even the #2 starter is "4-A"!).

The Cubs had a couple of "4-A" guys a few years ago that they let get away, and both turned into Cubs killers. One was named Gary Varsho, and the other Matt Franco.

Varsho was a defensively-challenged middle infielder who was moved to the outfield, but he just didn't have the power you look for in an everyday or platoon corner outfielder, or the defensive skills or speed needed of a CF, But he sure could hit "cold" off the bench!

Franco was a below-average defender no matter where he played (1B or 3B), but he was also an ace PH for several big league teams over several seasons.

Besides Hoffpauir, other guys in the Cubs system I would project as a possible potential future Varsho or Franco (that is, a quality "bat off the bench") would include Josh Kroeger, Sam Fuld, Jeff Culpepper, and Ryne Malone (although for a lot of clubs Fuld could be an everyday CF and lead-off hitter, because he has plus-speed, a plus-arm, is a plus-defender, and has total command of the strike zone).

Most of you know about Kroeger and Fuld, but
Culpepper is a corner outfielder at Daytona who has below-average speed, a below-average arm, and no real HR power, but he is also the type of hitter who can roll out of bed in mid-January and go four-for-four. This is the type of player who can evolve into an ace MLB LHPH, and every National League team needs one.

Same goes for Malone, who set the all-time Florida state record for most hits by a high school player before going to Florida State and having a disappointing college career. He really doesn't have a position (he's playing 2B at Peoria right now, but he has almost no range), and he doesn't have much power, but (like Culpepper) he is a pure hitter.

Dave did you willingly admit that you went to and enjoyed an Indigo Girls concert last night?

Yes Chad... I willingly admit that. Not only that, but I have been to multiple Indigo Girls concerts - all on my own volition - and have enjoyed each one greatly.

I suspect ST may be using either "The Magic 8-ball" or else rolling dice to generate these utterly officious proclamations. I used to think ST was an AI program, but it's turning out to be a little short on the I. ;-)

Couple notes from last night's game, from row 9 of the upper deck:

--Man, that Rocky DP combo sucks. I think there were 4 potential DPs they messed up on. Couldn't really tell why, tho both Matsui's and Tulowitzki's arms look really weak.

--Sat in front of the Cubs Fan From Hell. You know the guy, the more he drinks the more he realizes the Cubs are looking to HIM for strategy, and to keep them updated on the game situation. In a voice loud enough to shatter crystal. we had to move our seats by the 7th inning, and as we were leaving he made a snarky comment. So I was compelled to ask him: "Why is it that the biggest idiots in any gathering also have the loudest voices?"

--Eyre needs to be DFA'd. There wasn't a single person in the ballpark who had a shred of confidence in him. He had velocity, but couldn't throw a strike when he had to.

--I was ready to leave after the Tulowitzki homer, but my kids wanted to stay. thank god for them. We not only got to see the dufus fan (who, at that precise moment, provided a nice dose of comic relief), but got to see the improbably comeback.

--About the dufus: The Score, as well as other media outlets, are making it seem like Howry was getting attacked. Actually, it seemed to me that he was stopping, and just wanted to yell at Howry. After the game, Howry said the guy yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!" which I can say with absolute certainty is what was going through the minds of every single Cubs fan in the park.

--Also about the dufus: he was absolutely shitfaced. When he actually hopped the fence, he almost fell on his face, and looked back almost as if he were thinking, what the hell am I doing?

--The home plate ump was being very generous to the Rockies' pitchers with the outside of the plate. Bowen got screwed twice.

--Wuertz looks like he's showing the ball to the batters too early, not hiding it enough.

Debating Michael Barrett or Matt Murton on this board is idiotic. But this is what I get when trying to engage in intelligent debate with a bunch of Comic Book Store Guy types whose sum knowlege of baseball comes from memorizing the offensive stats printed on the backs of their bubblegum card collection. Whatever.

Barrett sucks, and is gone. And the Cubs have been playing there best baseball of the season ever since he left town. Which says it all.

Matt Murton is a no tool player whose sole attribute is the sometimes ability to work the count. He sucks, and is gone. Thankfully.

ST is like a broken Indigo Girls record. The same high-pitched, shrill, annoying note over and over and over again.

It's kinda funny that the guy who speaks only in absolutes and loves to lecture everyone about how wrong they are is calling us "Comic Book Store Guy types." Have you actually watched the show, ST?

No Vorare, I have never caught glimpse of an icnonic television show that has been on the air since the late 80's. I'm the bubble boy and therefore have zero familarity with American pop culture.

"You are about to see one of the biggest Cub chokes in the history of baseball"

Does that even make sense?

^ Point proven, thanks.

That was for ST.

Riddle me this Michael Barrett fans. Why then was your hero traded away for the equivalent of a used infield rake and a box of sunflower seeds to be named later? And why have the Cubs been playing much better ball ever since the wretched defensive cancer left town?!? How about providing FACTs around these facts instead of dazzling us with your insight that all a catcher is on this planet to do is to chip in with a nice on-base %. And while you are at it, why not dazzle me with some more hard cold FACTs on the piece o' crap that is Matt Murton, who happens to be toiling in Triple A.

Millions of Cub fans, Sweet Lou and I anxiously await your answers.

Man, that Rocky DP combo sucks. I think there were 4 potential DPs they messed up on. Couldn’t really tell why, tho both Matsui’s and Tulowitzki’s arms look really weak.

That is kinda' funny... because Tolowitzki is supposed to be one of the best defensive SS in the game, and Matsui has been solid all year (his first error was last night).

................................ mindless drivel..................................... mindless drivel........................

"Worst. Catcher. Ever."

anyone listening to the Score? Did I just hear that Theriot is getting sent down for a reliever?

anyone listening to the Score?

No... you are probably the only one. :)

Did I just hear that Theriot is getting sent down for a reliever?

Wouldn't surprise me. It seems like the most logical move barring a trade. Though that must mean that Lou is comfortable with DeRosa/Godenot as back up SS's.

Hoffpauir said in an interview last year that if he hadn’t suffered his season-ending oblique injury in August, that he had been told that he was supposedly going to be brought up to Chicago in September after the I-Cubs season was over

Yep, Dusty Baker and Jim Hendry (what a pair of idiots!! ) were ready to bring up the ENTIRE FRICKING IOWA CUBS last September except for the one player they NEEDED to give some MLB experience to...

FELIX FRICKING PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What really sucks is your incessant need to belittle and demean everyone on this board who doesn't share the same passion of your opinions on (pick 1 or more): Barrett as a catcher, Matt Murton, Mark Prior, Jim Hendry, et al.

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but fundamentally, I agree with more of what you write than I disagree. I'm essentially a full-time travel baseball coach and catchers who can play defense and OF's who can't catch and throw to the right base cost your team more wins over a season than their bats produce (in general). It sucks watching my team do that let alone professionally paid baseball players, but it is what it is.

However, and going out on a limb here, we're all Cubs fans. We're all passionate about our team in our own way and we're all going to feel the myriad of problems this team has should be solved 'our' way. Of course, my solutions are always the most correct solutions - but I digress.

As Rodney King said so eloquently, "Can't we all just get along?"

If so, it must mean we couldn't find anyone to take Jacque for anything. I guess that makes Font the backup SS... or DeRosa?

Tomorrow's headline: Riot Dispersed by Men in Blue

Maybe it is really time to put Riot on the Matt Murton diet: Play everyday in Des Moines and see if that wakes his bat up.

our "crappy" defense has the 2nd best outfield zone rating and 5th best infield zone rating which combines for the overall best zone rating.

speaking of broken records....

yeah, I'd listen to ESPN 1000 but I don't think they stream their feed over the net.

and I only turn it up during the updates...

Riddle me this Michael Barrett fans. Why then was your hero traded away for the equivalent of a used infield rake and a box of sunflower seeds to be named later?

One of the problems with the fantasy sports era is now us armchair quarterbacks judge trades solely on the ability of the player. There are other factors in the real world: contract length, cost, chemistry, defense.

I'm not defending Barrett's game, mind you, but you can't say Barrett's ability is equivalent to Rob Bowen + prospect based on this trade. Barrett, at this point, is a rental. It's not a bad thing, it's just a fact that the Padres are renting 3 months of Barrett's services. Bowen, imo, seems to be more of a replacement to Blanco than Barrett.

Btw, it was very interesting watching Eyre throw to Bowen, because Eyre was, needless to say, a bit wild. Bowen looked like an old pro blocking those breaking balls in the dirt. I didn't see him swiping at the ball (which, frankly, was I was tired of seeing), rather he was getting in front of it and blocking.

well someone on northside baseball heard the same thing, which is odd because hendry apparently this morning on a SCORE interview said theriot wouldn't get sent down.

we need to push Z start to Fri vs Mil----being up a starter from the minors for one start vs Col on wed then send him back and bring up a relief pitcher---need to have Z vs Mil

Meant to say, "catchers who can't play defense..."

Rob Bowen can catch. I've been dutifully impressed with his ability behind the plate. Can he throw out runners? We shall have to see. The scouting report suggests this is an area of weakness. And of course he will have to hit to a minimum standard of acceptability in order to stick in the bigs long-term. Bowen reminds me a lot of Gary Bennett, who played for Milwaukee and now is in St. Louis playing everyday while Yadier Molina is on the DL.

yeah, reading some recaps of Hendry this morning and it seems he was pretty clear that theriot wouldn't get sent down, so this is odd.

Score screwing up wouldn't surprise me of course.

I wish they'd simply ban ST from the site. He offers nothing of substance to a debate, as his only tools are ad hominem, straw men, and ridicule.

ST: I'm not going to debate the Michael Barrett issue with you but I will point out a logical fallacy in your argument.

Correlation is not causation. That the Cubs have won games in MB's absence does not prove that he's the reason for their winning. If you are to put forward a cogent and coherent argument, you need to support your thesis, not demand that others provide facts to show your thesis to be false.

I know it's probably a mistake to engage may commence with the name calling.

ST- I challenged you earlier, when you lumped me in as a Barrett defender, to read my previous post in which I went over his many defensive shortcomings. Of course, you blew right past that.

I credit the following things to Barrett being traded:
Fontenot going 5 for 5
Pagan's 3-run HR
Matsui' s error
The squeeze play on Saturday.
Soriano hitting HR's all week
Ramirez coming off the DL

Barrett was hurting the team this year, sure. He wasn't hitting like he had the last 3 seasons, but still had 9 HR and 27 RBI.
Bowen is 1 for 13, and Hill is 3 for 7 since Barrett left.
Both are better defensively so far. Neither can hold Barrett's jock at the plate.
Long term, it'll be interesting to see what the Cubs do at catcher.
Short term, ST, you're a loudmouth buffoon.

TRANS, if you're out there,

Along with RYAN THERIOT and MIKE FONTENOT, the Rox' BRAD HAWPE (2/4 last night) was also an infielder on the 2000 College WS champion LSU Tigers. He played first base.

The Brewers are starting to really gel once again. Corey Hart in the leadoff spot has been a revelation. Any lineup that has Rickie Weeks in the # 8 hole is a good lineup. Plus, Ben Sheets is everything that Mark Prior will never be.

Mr. Charmin, all I said was that the Cubs have played their best baseball of the season ever since Barrett left town. Unless the player is Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter in caliber, it would be foolish to suggest that Barrett has that much an impact on things. Of course he doesn't. But the Cubs are CLEARLY a better team without Barrett behind the plate.

Just FYI-

Cubs are 6.5 games out of the Wild Card.

Just sayin'.

Excellent post George Altman.
I agree with you George that I love to see catchers play good defense. I do not consider myself a huge Michael Barrett fan in any stretch. I just want the cubs to have a plan in place to improve the catching position over the long term. Although we don't know as of yet if Hill or Bowen can be this long term plan. I personally have doubts. That is why Matt Weiters made SO much sense in the draft a few weeks ago. Maybe Donaldson or someone can step up and progress quickly? If you knew you were dumping Barrett. Getting a long term replacement would seem to be a worthwhile objective.

"our “crappy” defense has the 2nd best outfield zone rating and 5th best infield zone rating which combines for the overall best zone rating."

This goes with our 2nd best NL starting pitching staff, according to espn.

I didn't bother to check the relievers, though...

"I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but fundamentally, I agree with more of what you write than I disagree."

that's the kicker with ST.

im in that same boat, but he spends to much time being "right" and untouchable and spinning tangents off of things challenge him on to actually realize how much of what he says people agree with him on.

so much time is spent defending himself, his actions, and trying to bring him back to the points being challenged in the mist of the subject being changed.

Reportedly, Ryan Theriot has been sent down to Triple A and a pitcher (???) called up in his place. With Theriot not being an everyday suitable shortstop and struggling at the plate, I guess the move makes sense. But who backs up Cesar Izturis at SS now?!?

"Virginia Phil says:“If a catcher is good enough defensively, it doesn’t matter what he hits.” –Tony LaRussa Did LaRussa actually say that? No,"

Va Phil, according to Buzz Bissinger ("3 Nights in August," Martin Books) that's almost exactly what Tony LaRussa said about catchers. And in particular he thought so highly of Mike Matheny's preparation and skill behind the plate he didn't "care if he hit .000"

More from Bissinger, "La Russa places a high premium on what a catcher does behind the plate: not only blocking it and preventing pitches from going wild but also the very style with which a catcher calls a game, the ability to be creative within the context of knowing what a pitcher is capable of and what opposing hitters are incapable of."


Reportedly, Ryan Theriot has been sent down to Triple A and a pitcher (???) called up in his place

Uh... Rob already said that.

that last silent towel was aaronb with a bit of spoofing fwiw...

"With Theriot not being an everyday suitable shortstop"

its stuff like that.

ST, guess lose the message you try to pass when you insist on reaching into your bag of "stuff i know to be true solely because i deemed it to be true".

your message...gone...the gist of it...gone.

you cant even put reality into your predictions.

a lotta the rest of the mesage makes sense, but the reason you gave is not reality.

no theriot isnt smooth, but guess what...he can play SS. sorry, its just a fact. i didnt make that a fact. theriot did...and lou is buying into it...and hendry is buying into fact, the cubs organization is buying into it.

your opinion doesnt take away from that fact even if you state it as fact.

It was me, I keed

"Ben Sheets is everything that Mark Prior will never be."

No, actually Ben Sheets is almost as good at getting hurt as Prior is. And it's not like we passed on Sheets to pick Prior. We would have picked him but he was off the board that year.

"He said, 'What are you doing?'" Howry said. "I'm out here trying to give up home runs -- what do you think? He didn't deserve a response."


bob howry #1

#147 = howry's response to the "fan" that ran on the field and the exchange of words.

for the guy who posted the youtube link earlier, with the awful commentary, try this:

same guy, what a complete fucking mess he must be


Chris Benoit fell off the deep end. Really sad and unfortunate.

The Towel is 2 for 2 in assessment of Matt Murton and Michael Barrett. Shall we make it 3 for 3 in terms of the whole argument that "Ryan Theriot can play a good major league shortstop?"

Lord, it's like shootin' fish in a barrel on this board.

Hey Silent Towel,

Wade Miller?
Cliff Floyd?
Jacque Jones?

shall I go on?

like shooting fish in a barrel indeed....

Don't forget Ted Lilly the Cy Young candidate.or Izturis the team MVP.'re not here for a conversation.

having an ego is one about earning it first? this is getting pathetic.

What's wrong with Cornelius Clifford Floyd?!? Seems to me he has done just fine in the role he was brought to town to serve.

Prediction: Jacque Blacque Schlaque is traded within 24 hours in a move that nets the Cubs a Neifi like infielder with a crappy contract.

ST posts are 100% more enjoyable when you imagine them being spoken by the Comic Book Store Guy.

yeah, I was trying to spare everyone the full list there vorare. :)

and if I recall correctly there ST, Cliff Floyd was a "proven run producer" blah, blah, blah, he's certainly not living up to that end of the bargain.

Nonetheless, amongst your many faults, I certainly wouldn't be touting your prognostication skills.

dispense with the childish insults or I I just did.

now he's just stoking people. how about starting

They should just DFA Jones. He is already a sunk cost. Lou has lost all faith in playing him. Apparently Hendry shot down the Theriot to AAA rumors on the North show this morning.

Apparently Hendry shot down the Theriot to AAA rumors on the North show this morning.

chifan... the rumor about Theriot came AFTER Hendry was on the Score this morning, and was reported by the Score.

yeah, Offman said nothing in his 2 subsequent updates so I don't know where that came from and I barely heard the blurb to be honest although a few others on other message boards heard the same thing.

The Cubs aren't going to DFA Jacque Jones because he's owed $8 million or so thru next season. The Tribune Company rarely is willing to eat a shit sandwich. Rather Hendry is no doubt trying to pull of a Todd Hundley type deal, where he finds a trading partner equally eager to dump somebody where the salaries match up well.

Rob... FYI - ESPN Radio streaming live:

Too bad Izturis is already on the cubs. He is exactly the type of "dead weight" contract guy that we could get for Jack Jones. Of course the team getting Jones would have to add a mid level prospect to even it out.

thnx dave, is that new?

I thought you had to get Insider access to get their radio stations over the net.

thnx dave, is that new?

I think so... I remember looking for it before and not being able to find anything. I looked today and there it was.

Hendry is no doubt trying to pull of a Todd Hundley type deal, where he finds a trading partner equally eager to dump somebody where the salaries match up well.

If Hendry could pull off a Hundley deal (i.e get players like Grudz and Klesko) for Jones, I would be elated.

Did you have a kid in your neighborhood or class who was so starved for attention that he would pick fights or say insulting, untrue or ridiculous things just to get a reaction out of the others?

You can't beat him up, so just ignore him.

karros, not klesko...played like klesko, though...good enough.

well ST might be right about that....

a Hundley-like deal where the Cubs gets $8 million in contracts that expire after this year and the other team gets JJ for the next 2 years would make a lot of sense.

you'd have to look through the free agent lists and see who's making about that much.

karros, not klesko

oops... that is what i meant.

I need some help with some contract terms, will someone please explain the difference between designate for assignment, outright, and buy out? Thx

Paging AZ Phil....

I'll let someone else handle that one.

The Wilkens era begins... and not looking very good right now.

The last place Boise Hawks (A short season) have started out 0-7. Where's the talent?

Peoria (A) 2-3 and Daytona (A+) 1-5 are both in last place at the outset of the second half.

After being rushed through the system, Tyler Colvin (3/24 .125) looks like he's in over his head at the moment batting cleanup for Tennessee (AA). And then there's Jeff Samardzija, back in the Daytona rotation and still looking for a win. Any kind of win.

that should read "Wilken"

Tyler Colvin (3/24 .125) looks like he’s in over his head at the moment batting cleanup for Tennessee (AA)

24 at-bats tells us he is over his head?

You guys created the ST monster with the "Silent Towel is right!" stuff a while back.

Barrett sucks.....Floyd is a broken down old man who isnt a long term answer, Murton got a raw deal after his great rookie year, and Theriot can play a pretty good SS.

Murton hit with a .912 OPS in the second half that year (.312 BA, .391 OBP) as he got regular playing time. It's just to bad Soriano didnt work out in CF, cuz this team could really use Matt Murton.

Cliff Floyd should have never been signed in the first place. He can't hit or play better defense than Murton...he is just 34 years old and close to retirement. He was supposed to come in and hit for power....a .768 OPS? Damn Murton can do better than that for about 2.5 million less.

That is the only complaint i have about Lou. But then again Murton is playing without a position once Soriano went to LF.

And cwtp... I guess that would mean that your boy Pie is over matched too, right?

He is hitting a very lousy .227, with an amazing obp of .281.

So if you can already say that Colvin was rushed based on 24 at-bats, wouldn't the same logic necessitate that you say that Pie has also been rushed (based on a not-so-small 128 at-bats).

24 at-bats tells us he is over his head?

Yes,what part of "at the moment" didn't you understand??

You guys created the ST monster with the “Silent Towel is right!” stuff a while back.

It was totally worth it.

But the Indigo Girls were amazing!!! :)

That's what she said.

And cwtp… I guess that would mean that your boy Pie is over matched too, right?

I never said Pie should be starting every game. I said he deserved to be on the Cubs 25 man and utilized for his defense late in games on the days he doesn't start. Big difference. But Pie has reached the point where he's not going to learn anything or develop any skills playing in the minor leagues....unlike Colvin who was doing well before he was rushed to AA recently.


good thing Tim Wilken doesn't have some sort of long track record of finding and producing major league talent....

My sources (i.e., my radio) says that the Cubs will either put Ryan Dempster on the DL or trade Jacque Jones in order to accomodate Billy Petrick who is being called up. That is all.

ST... do you care to share what radio station that was on?

And DL'ing Dempster still only leaves the Cubs with 11 pitchers, which is not what Lou wants.

"The Wilkens era begins… and not looking very good right now."

"Yes,what part of “at the moment” didn’t you understand??"

Then who the hell cares? Why comment on it?

Anyone else getting the hunch that there aren't many takers for the Jack trade?

wow, Billy Petrick? why not just call Gallagher back up if they put Dempster on the DL?

Billy Petrick?

1-2, 2.57 ERA, 43K/10BB, 1.05 WHIP split between Hi-A and AA.
23 years old.

This would be interesting.

Anyone else getting the hunch that there aren’t many takers for the Jack trade?

Or Hendry is being stubborn.

wow, Billy Petrick? why not just call Gallagher back up if they put Dempster on the DL?

One reason may be due to Hendry trying to trade Jones. If they trade Jones, they can't bring Gallagher up this soon. So if they bring Petrick up, he can be added to the active roster regardless of it is a trade or if it is Dempster to the DL.

In other words, it could be a logistical thing, in that they don't want to have both guys come to Chicago and have to send one of them back to Iowa/TN.

ESPN 1000 does offer streaming audio:

WSCR. Who cited sources from "Inside the Ivy," whatever the heck that is.

good thing Tim Wilken doesn’t have some sort of long track record of finding and producing major league talent….

And Dusty Baker had a long record as a winning major league manager.

"insidetheivy" I believe is my pal Steve Holley, so Petrick it is...

St. Louis Cardinals purchased the contract of Troy Percival.

And Dusty Baker had a long record as a winning major league manager.

and you think a scouting director and a manager are comparable?


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  • soler + hammel for mike trout is pretty much a sure thing. *nods*

    crunch 4 hours 34 min ago view
  • Not an inspired outing by Rondon. Seemingly got ahead of every hitter but had no swing and miss pitch today, slider had no bite.

    Somebody give Soler some smelling salts - yeesh

    Eric S 4 hours 35 min ago view
  • that runner scores on a single...

    The E-Man 4 hours 46 min ago view
  • So where do you think Soler will be traded to this off season?

    jacos 4 hours 48 min ago view
  • And right on cue he throws to third with no chance to get runner on 2nd so the batter takes 2nd easily. How long has he been playing baseball??

    The E-Man 4 hours 48 min ago view
  • Man you cannot put Soler out there late in games for Playoffs. Yuch...

    The E-Man 4 hours 55 min ago view
  • Such is the life of a fatted calf...

    JoePepitone 5 hours 9 min ago view
  • fowler with a triple in the 4th...he's a HR away from a "natural" cycle

    crunch 5 hours 42 min ago view
  • ...and contreras takes one off the hand and he's in obvious pain. sigh.

    he's staying in the game, though he's wringing his hand out during breaks in the action. aside from that he seems to have no issue giving signs or tossing back to the pitcher.

    ...and he's batting in the cubs half of the following inning. sweet.

    crunch 5 hours 46 min ago view
  • his collapse started on august 21st this it's a slight improvement.

    but wow, what a collapse since then...only 2 out of 7 can be considered good/decent.

    crunch 5 hours 58 min ago view
  • I'm really going to enjoy watching Hammel watch the playoffs.

    Jackstraw 6 hours 16 min ago view
  • The always combustible Jason Hammel

    jacos 6 hours 37 min ago view
  • Hammel :(

    Charlie 6 hours 38 min ago view
  • That was fun.

    Charlie 9 hours 38 min ago view
  • "home field advantage through the playoffs?"

    Except for the away games.

    VirginiaPhil 9 hours 50 min ago view
  • Eh, I read it as tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek. VEB seems to have good heads on their shoulders.

    Brick 10 hours 59 min ago view