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Game Chat Jeff Francis vs. Jason Marquis Lineups:
Taveras CF Soriano LF
Matsui 2B Fontenot 2B
Holliday LF Lee 1B
Helton 1B Ramirez 3B
Atkins RF DeRosa RF
r> Hawpe RF Pagan CF Tulowitzki SS Bowen C Torrealba C Izturis SS Francis P Marquis P Congrats to Alfonso Soriano on his NL Player of the Week honors.


On Opening Day, I had thought that Murton and Floyd would play left and Jones and DeRosa would platoon in right.

I'll be interested to see how DeRosa does this evening.

Ugh, a lefty.

a lefty and felix pie is sitting again...aram back is cool, hope he can field his position.

a lefty that's been torched at Wrigley in his 2 starts fwiw...

11.1 IP, 11 ER. 8.74 ERA, 1 HR

ohhhhhh...rotoworld started this whole "jones might be sent" and the "cubs need a 12th pitcher" thing.

i was wondering who stirred that pot til i found the blurb.

mmm...rumor season. getting paid to speculate...must be nice time to be a baseball journalist. bad.

I thought Sun-Times started it with an article Saturday morning.

saturday predates that blurb...guess it was sun-times.

that would be the article I linked to in this post which someone brought up earlier in the day in the comments.

it is weird he's not playing at all...

Weird except for that whole "trying to win" business...

who is this Bowen guy catching? Where the hell is Michael Barrett?

FYI, if anyone wants to actually see the quality of the Cardinals' newest starter for themselves, ESPN is showing the Cards-Mets in the Chicago area and Maroth is starting.

re: Cowherd discussion from the last thread....

Let's just say that he does more for the sale of XM radio than any ad ever could.

The whole "trying to win" business is probably also why Pie is sitting...

I see Marquis is starting strong again. Ugh.

Come on, #21. Get with it.

Pagan homers. And there was much rejoicing.

Going, going, Pagan!

Forgive me.

Hmm...maybe they took Felix Pie and switched him with Angel Pagan's body in AAA Iowa, because he sure looks like the five-tools prospect that Pie was suposed to be.

Bowen isn't very good at hitting a baseball.

Nor is Izturis any good at fielding one.

Oh...I didn't see Izturis' play, just heard it was a bad bounce, but I am still displeased.

You know, at some point before the All Star break, Marquis will have already justified his entire 4.75 mil. Anything he gives us the rest of the year is gravy.

They won't trade him, but do you think they might get a decent offer?

Just something to consider:

Cubs run p;roduction by batting order slot:

#1 60/35
#2 45/41
#3 43/33*
#4 37/49
#5 24/20* (13 different hitters)
#6 22/19* (11)
#7 23/38 (13)
#8 34/31 (14)
#9 31/30 (14+pitchers)

cwtp pennant

you're stats don't mean much without comparison to other teams.

Nor do the asterisks....

I swear Alfonso Soriano looks like Ernie Banks. The skinny face, the baggy uniform the big smile...

To Rich C&T: Thank you. This board needs more funny stuff like that...

Font Tah Not Looks like he is well on his way to becoming a major league ball player.

Fontenot and Theriot are a combined 7-7 tonight and turned a sharp double play last inning.

you’re stats don’t mean much without comparison to other teams.

believe me, I don't expect anyone here to understand the significance of those batting order stats

btw FONTENOT 5/5

Why was Eyre still pitching? I mean... it's not like Lou used the entire BP last night. The Cubs also have a day off this Thursday.

I don't get it.



Just another day in paradise.

this one on Lou

How much more of Eyre's crap pitching do we have to tolerate? This is sickening.

What the hell? I watch Daily Show for 10 minutes and we lose a 5 run lead? Good grief...

even playing good baseball lately, we fall further behind MIL

momentum - gone!

If this holds up, it will truly be a spirit crushing defeat for the annuals. All I can say is this. I blame Rob Bowen. If we had Damian Miller or Scott Servais and their mythical Catching defense. We win this game no problem. 2003 Damian Miller coaxes an extra 8 mph out of Howry's fastball.

Eyre and Howry blowing gigantic leads? I've seen this show before...

Anyone recall what we paid for Eyre/Howry?

and can we give them back?


How many bullpen losses will this make?

aaronb, how about we just bring back Jody Davis?

18 BP losses, assuming the Cubs fail to come back tonight.

huh. Its a wonder I'm not heavily medicated.

Anytime they want to try out Marmol late, is ok by me.
At least he's pre-empt the Eyre-Howry Suck-a-thon..

Why in the world was Eyre pitching in the 9th? He gave up no runs in the 7th and 8th --- thank your lucky stars and get him the hell out of there.

Short bullpen that had a lot of work the last few days -- Marquis pitching -- why wasn't a pitcher added today?

Wow --- just when you think they aren't the same old Cubs, they are.


It's like this team is terrified of success...the Mets game, the Dodger game, the Braves game...each of those when we were starting to get a little hot.
I have to question the use of Howry in 3 straight games.

The other interesting thing is, every one of those were one run losses...our pitching tightens up, gives up the extra run, and then shuts them down.

Koyie Hill hitting, Bowen on first as tying run.


18 losses out of 40 total.

Contrast this with a good team, like, MIL. 10 pen losses out of 32. Or NYM - 5 pen losses out of 32. Or the Dbacks - 8 out of 32 total losses attritubed to the pen.

well great, Rob Bowen can't get himself to 3b and the Cubs could have tied the game.

Go SOriano

well there you go, vulture win for Howry and some bad defense.


I don't believe this. Soriano didn't strike out?

Yeah!!! A Comeback!!!! Go Fonzie!!!

Too bad he admires home runs.


um...did we just win? WTF.

This can't be the Cubs, can it?

Man...I was all ready to bitch about the bullpen.
Why was Eyre in there still?

Anyway...Cubs win!!!!!

OK Trans, you can put the humor back into the game recap.

Why am I practically crying my eyes out over the sloppiest blown save in a long, long time? When was the last time we had a bottom-of-the-ninth come from behind win?

Howry got the W.

Wow. I almost don't believe the box score on Yahoo that I just refreshed...

This just in...
The Cubs offered the Ranger Jacque and Howry for Eric Gagne...sign Gagne for 3/44...

I take back all previous bitching and depressing comments. Hell Yes!

That was the most exciting Cubs game I've seen since Game 5 in Atlanta.

Mad props to the Man of the Week.


Is that a first for the season?

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

I haven't seen 9th inning excitement like that since the Sosa days. I literally felt like a little kid again.

I take back all previous bitching and depressing comments.

highlights on espn now...

Wow, what a night! Go Cubs.

Wow, thank god for tivo, rewinding it again and enjoying



Still need another pitcher, though. Howry needs a couple of days off....a short start will be fatal.


Re: No. 29 -- carmenfanzone

I've also noticed the Soriano/Ernie Banks resemblance. Physically and also the joy they show about playing the game of baseball.

Carnen -- do you play the trumpet? Did you also make a career out of hitting two 450' home runs in one game before disappearing into oblivion? (Memories from the mid-70's)

It s great to see all the cub players on the field mobbing each other without any punches thrown.

this is on lou.

Just got back from being at the game--I've never been so frustrated, angry, saddened, wired, pumped, excited and jacked up all in the same 20-minute span...what a ridiculous ninth...

Lou in postgame was particularly complimentary on Koyie Hill's pinch hit AB. Also he said that Fontenot's 5-5 game is a statement that he wants to stay in the lineup (duh...but true)

He said he didn't want to use Howry tonight either. I wonder why he didn't use Marmol who warmed up in the 8th when Eyre was shaky in that inning. In the 9th he got caught needing Howry before he was really warmed up...that always leads to trouble.

I hate the way my stomach feels after blowing 8-3 leads in the 9th, but winning this game is such a rush...WOW.

Sheffield/Cornelia - I don't think I would have survived. I nearly dropped dead from the Parachat.

"Why in the world was Eyre pitching in the 9th? He gave up no runs in the 7th and 8th"

BILLY: Do you know people who don't know WHEN to walk away from the table with their winnings in Vegas?

THIS was Lou today. I was REALLY pissed at him for doing this.

Marquis should have had a win. I feel bad for the guy.

But, kudos to the "O" to keep it alive.

AaronB knew we had it the whole time. I just didnt say anything for dramatic effect.

every good citizen go here:
...and vote for Shooter.

these are the nights why we keep that was really awesome.

lilly and Z the next two days.....keep it up offense.

eyre, you've had many a chance.....thanks but no thanks, bring cotts back.

fontenot taking ground balls at SS today.....i'd love it....izzy is no better than theriot at this point in the field, not sure about fontenot but worth a shot once in a while.

woooo! cards lose a tough one (only gave up 3 hits i believe), just keep milwaukee within sights, get the off day thursday to rest the bullpen and we'll throw two lefties at the prince.

The fan on the field was pretty funny. It looked like he just wanted to ask Howry why he sucks, then he got jacked by security.

I agree--Eyre looked awful even in the 8th and never should have come out for the ninth. Carlos Marmol has been the best thing going for the pen lately; Lou should've had no problem sending him out there with a big lead in the 9th.

How did that fan rushing the field on Howry look? Was he actually going for the pitcher in an angry rush, or was it just some drunk goofing off? We couldn't tell from the right-field line...we were pretty worried out there...just an absolute embarrassment for Cubs fans everywhere.

When Dusty on Baseball Tonite was told Fontenot went 5-5 for tonite said "Oh My god."

The Guard came from the cubs dugout.

Nice open field tackle my man.

Not to steal any thunder from this game (I only saw the bottom of the ninth inning-- which awesome)

But...I just came back from Round Rock-- where Brewers prospect Manny Parra just freaking threw a PERFECT GAME.

That was pretty awesome to see.


The Soriano/Banks comment is funny. A friend of mine's father came over and watched some of the game. Having no real knowledge of the current cubs he made the comment that the Batter (Sori) looked like Ernie Banks. I laughed it off and said "sure, I guess?" Then I log on and sure as hell. 2 other people are making the same observation. What are the chances?

I haven't seen a game like this from the Cubs in two years--the game when LaTroy blew his save, Grudz tripled, and then K-Pat homered to end it. Jumping up and down, screaming at the T.V. when I'm the only one in the room, being so jacked up that I won't sleep for hours... What an unbelievable game. We needed this one, fellas.

Go. Cubs.

3 more and we're on our way.

Go. Cubs.

I begin to understand (just a glimmer now) why Hendry wanted Soriano last winter.

I also have some small inkling of why Hendry wanted DeRosa, Lilly, and Marquis.

Maybe that's why he's the GM and I aint.

The other interesting thing is, every one of those were one run losses…our pitching tightens up, gives up the extra run, and then shuts them down.
I also noticed this point. To me it means the bullpen person brought in either:
1) sucked (mostly referring to Eyre)
2) wasn't warmed up enough to be brought in yet...Howry looked fine after the HR, before that his pitches were very straight.

that's the problem with using your worst pitcher in the 9th with a big lead...if he explodes, you get caught with your pants down.

E-man's point about not knowing when to walk away from a casino when you're well ahead....Exactly on target. Thankfully the baseball gods are smiling on the Cubs lately (even if they are messing with us a bit).

I really don't understand why Lou didn't go to Marmol in the 9th. OK, he wanted to marshal his bullpen and get Eyre to mopup a 5-run lead, I can understand that. But when is the last time the fat tub-o-lard pitched a third inning, Lou? It's asking too much.

Thank god for Fonzie bailing us out, and to Kaz Matsui an even bigger thank you.

Finally, how bad do the Cubs need a RH PH for the bench to complement Ward from the left side? Answer--pretty bad. I have a candidate, and it might let the Cubs get rid of Jock too....Reggie Sanders in KC. He's an old man now, but he can still rake LHP. As a PH off the bench, that would be a nice 1-2 combo late in games, Ward and Sanders. And neither one will complain about such a limited role.

Oh! Take it as you want, but I feel it's somewhat sad but amusing that, speaking of Hawkins, he was warming up in the 9th inning and you could hear distinct screams of "You're still worthless, LaTroy!!!"

i think that lou was just trying to bring eyre into the fold. he thought he had a hot hand, and could bring eyre into the bullpen that was effective, and it almost worked, except that his hot hand was hot, it just wasn't resting on eyre's shoulder.

So - what will the roster adjustment be?

Jones DFA?

Pagan? Hardly, after tonight I'd think?



But let's look at this squad and how these youngsters brought in by Hendry are at least some of his bright spots that are blooming now:

Fontenot (for Sammy!)
R. Hill

These guys have really given a great spark of energy to a pretty lethargic team from last year.

Joe Pepitone: Speaking of look alikes, you I and kinda look a like. Big Shcnoz, Long burns, Curly Mulltet!

Man, I'm glad I recorded that game!

I'm so glad the jails have internet now. Just to think I almost got that stinkin Howry. Those groundskeepers are tough! I wish they'd bring back Marla Collins. I'd let her tackle me...

E-Man, did you forget Pie on purpose?

Call me sadistic, but I always like to read the blog of the opposing team in this type of win. This one's a particularly good kick of schadenfreude:

I loved hearing Brenley talk about Fontenot's hitting and how he is "Raking" everything. This game was amazing and it got me to jump off my couch and hop up and down like the Cubs!

Not surprising though that some drunk and stupid Cubs fan is taking on the whole Rox board. *Sigh*


hmmm, never seen that spelling before.

Was at the game tonight, and WOW, that was amazing. I've never experienced so much disbelief in one inning of baseball. After the game ended, no one was leaving their seats. Haven't seen the crowd that nuts since the 2003 playoffs. Good times.

In other news...interesting article of how the surface of Wrigley needs to be resurfaced.

Thanks for proving idiocy goes both ways, Rockies Fan.

Just got back to my puter. Some of you may know what i've been up to since the game ended. I'm tired and i"m going to bed!

Anyway, Jack plus midlevel prospect for Gagne. NEEDED NOW!

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  • Trading for Warren, Warren sucking, getting Warren back for Chapman plus 3 prospects, sounds like Revenge of The Yankees on the former Boston executive. Old rivalries never die.

    I pray to the heavens above Chapman doesn't suck for some reason, or he'll be booed out of town faster than a Todd Hundley revival meeting.

    Old and Blue 59 sec ago view
  • I'm kind of nostalgic for the Schwarber-for-Miller rumors.

    Brick 12 min 43 sec ago view
  • This offseason, after some ridiculous playoff run and Chapman saving every game from here until the end of the postseason striking out 27/9innings, I welcome anyone to quote this thread and call me a dummy: I hate this trade, and my hate is 2 parts Chapman makes this team less likeable and 1 part that's a ridiculous overpay for 30 regular season innings and, at tops, 10 postseason innings. Already hoping they don't extend him.

    Charlie 14 min 32 sec ago view
  • btw...Thanks AZ Phil. I'm really enjoying your take on this trade.

    Cubster 36 min 51 sec ago view
  • I'm a bit disappointed on the Warren experience. Essentially they gave Castro away for crickets (OK, well they signed Zobrist with the Castro salary dump). Otherwise one might look at it as Chapman for Castro and our #1 minors prospect (Torres) + McKinney/Crawford. Seems pricey for a 2 month rental. We will see if this price tag is that steep in a relative way based on the remaining deadline deals for relievers.

    Cubster 37 min 19 sec ago view
  • Yep. One of the great things about this team (in addition to being really good at baseball) was the "likable" factor. Feels a bit different now. Who knows...maybe Chapman will be the king of the dance parties.

    billybucks 46 min 8 sec ago view
  • Here are some possible corresponding minor league moves we might see in the aftermath  of the Chapman trade: 

    SOUTH BEND to MYRTLE BEACH: OF Donnie Dewees and INF Bryant Flete  

    EUGENE to SOUTH BEND: OF Robert Garcia and INF Vimael Machin 

    There is really no reason to replace Billy McKinney at Tennessee because both Chris Coghlan and Jorge Soler are doing their rehab at Tennessee.  

    And there are plenty of pitchers at Iowa. No need to replace Warren at AAA. .  

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 6 min ago view
  • I am 70 years old. The Cubs last played in the World Series in 1945. I was born in 1946. I hate to lose a prospect like Torres, but when the opportunity is there to get that World Series ring, you go for it. This was the idea in stock piling all this young talent. I would like to see Reddick added now and the Cubbies should be done.

    Hagsag 1 hour 36 min ago view
  • I would expect Richard to accept an optional assignment because based on how he's played this season, there is a decent chance that he won't find work elsewhere. Rather stay and potentially get a ring. Same goes for Coghlan since he's struggled mightily this year.

    Edwards should not go down. He's pitched very well and Maddon is very impressed with him. I would expect Grimm to go down for Cahill so he can get back on track (he's pitched better in July, but he's not getting enough appearances).

    chitownmvp01 1 hour 40 min ago view
  • chitownmvp01: Indeed Clayton Richard would seem to be odd man out once Chapman reports, but Richard might accept a minor league assignment if he is promised a return to Chicago on 9/1 when MLB Active List rosters expand (Richard has minor league ioptions left).

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 43 min ago view
  • The only player in the deal that would cause me a second thought is Gleyber Torres.

    McKinney and Crawford are decent prospects but both are redundant/replaceable in the system and Warren was really only a middle-reliever or #6 starter, so to me it's really just Torres for Chapman.

    Arizona Phil 2 hours 3 min ago view
  • There is no Comp pick for players traded mid-season. 2+ months of Chapman is it.

    mbauer 2 hours 6 min ago view
  • to get one of the best you have to give up one/some of your best...but it's a bit painful to watch the system's best prospect walk for any 2-3 month rental, especially one that's not an everyday player.

    crunch 2 hours 8 min ago view
  • I assume Chapman will replace Richard on the roster, but who goes down when Cahill gets activated? Maybe Grimm?

    And when Soler and Coghlan get healthy, how do they fit them on the roster when they're ready to be activated?

    chitownmvp01 2 hours 11 min ago view
  • We are giving up a lot, but it's not like we're trading Addison Russell for 2+ months of Jason Hammel. When impact players become available, they are going to cost you. The other bids could also have been high.

    Having Chapman as a rental is potentially less disruptive than having him come in with an extension in place. 

    CTSteve 2 hours 13 min ago view
  • Billy McKinney had season-ending knee surgery last August and came to Minor League Camp this year somewhat restricted. (He was used mostly as a DH in Cactus League Minor League Camp games), and I'm not sure he's 100% right now (he's repeating AA, and his XBH numbers are way down, like he's not getting good rotation in his lowev half). That might have been part of the reason why the trade wasn't completed right away.

    Arizona Phil 2 hours 20 min ago view