Game 77 Thread / Rockies @ Cubs (3 of 3)

Game Chat Jason Hirsh vs. Carlos Zambrano Lineups:
Sullivan CF Soriano LF
Matsui 2B Fontenot 2B
Holliday LF Lee 1B
Helton 1B Floyd RF
Atkins 3B Pagan CF
r> Hawpe RF DeRosa 3B Tulowitszki SS Hill C Torrealba C Theriot SS Hirsh P Zambrano P


Any news on why ARam is getting a day off, or are they just working him back slowly?

Let's hope Big Z is on form today because I'm not sure we're going to get a lot of runs today from this lineup.

no word, I'm sure he'll be getting lots of days from here on out. Especially day after night games and with an opportunity to sit 2 days in a row with an off-day tomorrow.

Looks like we are playing a little "small ball" today. I'm with Andrew on this one, Z needs to be on today to keep the winning streak alive.

Does is bother anyone that the man who can nix a deal (i.e. the commish) is the owner of the team that will stand to lose the most if the cubs pull off a successful move?

Conflict of interest?

Also, with the way Z has been throwing, we hopefully won't need Aram's bat. So give him that two day rest going into a series where we will need it.

Didn't Selig sell off his interest in the Brewers a few years ago?

I was just pondering that myself, Chad.

Not trying to start a conspiracy theory or anything, but it seem that The Bud would stand to directly profit from nixing a Cubs deal.

Bud hasn't been the owner for years of the Brewers.

and I think his family sold to Mark Attanasio in 2005.

yeah, what vorare said....

What having an owner, sorry former owner, as commissioner can create a conflict of interest? No way.

Yeah fine, former owner. Robr is right. Even with former status, it's still a total conflict of interest.

And anyway, I'd be willing to wager that if Bud really did nix the deal (and not Zell), it has more to do with flexing his muscle to the Trib before the sale than any real baseball/competitive reason. I'm sure he wants it crystal clear that the Trib needs his blessing.

anyway, it's still unclear whether Zell nixed the deal or the commish, who apparently gains some sort of supernatural controlling power of your franchise if you put it up for sale.

On a much less suspicious note, there's an interesting statistical event occuring today. It's the first time in big league history that seven 40 year olds will start on the same day. (from the AP):

The New York Yankees' Roger Clemens (44), Philadelphia's Jamie Moyer (44), Detroit's Kenny Rogers (42), San Diego's Greg Maddux (41), the New York Mets' Tom Glavine (41), Houston's Woody Williams (40) and Atlanta's John Smoltz (40) are set to pitch on the same day."

anyway, trading JJ for a lo-A prospect doesn't really affect the Cubs or Brewers all that much this year, so I don't see why he would care.

Brewers would probably be happy we made the deal.

Moving Jones off our roster frees up a roster spot that could be taken up by a better player.

Moving Jones off our roster frees up a roster spot that could be taken up by a better player.

And who is Jones blocking?

Z has thrown a ton of pitches in his last three starts, averaging 121 per.

Last time he had a three-game stretch like that was in September, '05. Next game out was against the Astros, and he got hammered.

I just thought it would be fun to inject some negativism into the winning streak.

Who nixed the deal? Does no one believe Jim Hendry?

""I just felt I wasn't going to be rushed into it and make a deal that I didn't think was good for us," Hendry said."

it's also shipping an underperforming player, paying his contract and getting nothing in return to help your team this year.

I don't think it was a horrible trade if we did get a decent prospect like this Graham Taylor, but it's not that significant of a deal that Bud would probably bother risking tampering accusations for...

no cwtp....


he's not 'blocking' anyone in our system. But he is blocking us from trading for a big name in right.

But he is blocking us from trading for a big name in right.

No he isn't. How so? If the Cubs wanted to trade for a "big name" to play right, they would just send Pagan or Theriot back down. It wouldn't be too hard.

didn't watch last night's game, but saw the highlights on wgn of some more great defensive by the Cubbies. Woo.

isn't Floyd playing RF for the most part these days? What does JJ have to do with us acquiring anyone?

Hendry's comment may just be a half truth. That is, Zell or Selig could have killed the first deal (Jones+$$$$$ for Taylor) and then Hendry felt uncomfortable about the alternative proposal (Jones+$$+Top Prospect for Taylor).

A reasonable assessment, vorare.

C'mon on guys. Let's just say there was a pretty good hitting right fielder that we wanted. And lets just say there was a trade we could make for that guy for a couple of decent prospects. how do we make that trade? Have Soriano, Pie, Floyd, Jones and new guy? to play the outfield. No freaking way. We need to move Jones before a move like that could be made. We need a power hitting right handed option on the bench. Currently we have none. I don't want Koyie Hill pinch hitting late ever again.

Chad... I really do not think that JJ is blocking the acquisition of ANYONE. If Hendry wanted to, and if he was allowed to add payroll, he would do it. It has nothing to do with JJ.

I agree that K. Hill pinch hitting last in games should not be repeated. That gave me a twitch...

last = late... sorry!

Interesting theory. Perhaps Bud Selig is still pissed off at the Cubs for spending $300 million last winter and sent a message via his temple pal Sam Zell that a deal for Jacque Jones to involve including several million dollars wasn't going to be approved by his office. Selig-Reinsdorf-Zell. A trifecta of jackasses.

Gee.. chad and dave disagree... That never happens!

no dave, it's impossible. we don't have a roster spot for this guy. forget money. we need a guy off the roster to make the space.

Hendry also said, "Bob Howry is cooked." (meaning worn out>?) in context of his discussion about the Jones trade.

Did anyone here mention that Hendry first had discussions with the Padres about an identical deal (JJ and ca$h for an A level minor leaguer) but the Padres declined because they preferred Termel Sledge over JJ? After San Diego took a pass, Hendry made the deal with the Marlins.

Pagan gets demoted, woo Roster Spot!

"and sent a message via his temple pal Sam Zell"

I'm sorry but whether you meant this or not, it's completely offensive. As if the fact they are Jews matters in this situation.

Gee.. chad and dave disagree… That never happens!

Shhh... Chad and I have been getting along pretty well lately. Don't mess it up! :)

that was in response to Chad saying we have no room for another outfielder, not that Pagan has actually been demoted.

heard about the padres being interested, where did the specific come from cwtp?

Pagan? He's playing CF today...

I’m sorry but whether you meant this or not, it’s completely offensive. As if the fact they are Jews matters in this situation.

I agree with Chad.

See... Chad and I CAN agree!

But Chad... you are wrong about the roster spot. It would be quite easy to open a roster spot if needed.

Okay, Rob... sorry...

OK fine then. Then why are we trying to get rid of Jones so badly. You see, the point is that Jones is dead weight and moving Pagan down to the minors to accommodate a right handed bat on the bench still doesn't maximize this team. We must shed Jones to really improve this team.

Bruce Miles' take, brief mention of Padres...

Sam Zell, Bud Selig and Jerry Reinsdorf are friends and all members of the same synagague according to my Jewish friend. If you want to infer my comment included direct or subliminal prejudice against people of the Jewish faith, then I can't help you.

I think Hendry made a comment about wanting to try to "improve the situation for one of his players," meaning Jacque obviously. Jacque may be demanding a trade due to the hostile fans and/or the lack of playing time.

Bruce Miles sucks. And has always sucked. He is an arbitrary and capricious schizophrenic when it comes to coverage of the Cubs. Some days he is a Jay Marriotti wannabe, other days a puppet communicator for the Cub front office. Which is it Brucie?

vorare — June 27, 2007 @ 12:09 pm
Hendry’s comment may just be a half truth. That is, Zell or Selig could have killed the first deal (Jones+$$$$$ for Taylor) and then Hendry felt uncomfortable about the alternative proposal (Jones+$$+Top Prospect for Taylor).

My gut tells me this is the likely scenerio.

Vorare, you can't trade the untradeable. Not unless Hendry gains approval to ship a check for $5 million to go along with Jacque Blacque Schlaque.

Bruce Miles sucks. And has always sucked. He is an arbitrary and capricious schizophrenic when it comes to coverage of the Cubs. Some days he is a Jay Marriotti wannabe, other days a puppet communicator for the Cub front office. Which is it Brucie?

Well that's new....

Fontenot can even make other teams drop routine pop-ups with his mind powers.

I have heard that Fontenot can hit bases-empty grand slams.

ST there is no reason in hell to bring their being Jewish into this at all. NO REASON. If you say, "His friend" or "His old pal", fine. But the moment you bring in the term "temple" you invoke his religion as if it had some bearing on the situation.

3 men living in 3 different cities go to the same syna...

well that's an interesting...whatever.


Right now JJ is blocking a 12th pitcher on the staff. Anyone can say how Theriot, Fontenot, Pie, and Pagan could be optioned for any number of reasons, but there's one reason why they won't -- Lou likes the way they play baseball and right now he seems to running the show not Jimbo. So, JJ can PR or PH 1-2 times a week or someone can ask the suits 'Mother may I please release Jacque?' Until that happens we're playing with a 24 man roster that only has 11 pitchers.

Dear God, it's Jared from Subway?!

Rockies now know that they cannot stop Theriot and Fontenot, they can only hope to contain them.

fontenot is the man

What's this? A home run?

So if they hit it between the foul poles, but beyond the fence they get to go all the way around? Neat. I vaguely remember guys doing that a long time ago, but not recently.

Is it still too early in the season to call DeRosa a good signing?

I shouldn't say that, Fonzie has been hitting a nice share of those.

DeRosa! looks like a man who wants to get his job back.

Fontenot can also leap tall buildings with a single jump.

Fontenot brings in the noise AND the funk.

winning is fun

Rob G, re#40

Also in that article:
According to the Cubs, former Padres minor leaguer JOSE CEDA, obtained for infielder Todd Walker last summer, was clocked at 100 mph. Ceda was shut down in May because of arm tendinitis.

Superman wears Mike Fontenot underwear...

Fontenot, you magnificant son of a bitch!!

Jason Hirsch can get back in his Taxi and go back to Denver.

Mike Fontenot is not hung like a horse... horses are hung like Mike Fontenot.

When Mike Fontenot throws a boomerang, the boomerang does not return because it is scared to come back.

I wasn't impressed by Soto last September, and I'm as skeptical of Ronny Cedeno as anyone, but numbers are numbers.

Cedeno is hitting .385 in 143 at bats at Iowa. Ten home runs in half a season by a catcher (Soto) or a second baseman (Patterson) are significant--and Soto has done it in 88 fewer at bats than Patterson. Kroeger put up monster numbers at AA and has hit a home run and a couple of doubles in his first week at Iowa. And Matt Murton is Matt Murton, a .297 hitter his rookie year in Chi.

Any of these five players could make use of Jones's roster spot, although the two outfielders probably have the best claim. I would imagine that Murton would replace Jones right away.

a 12th pitcher would replace Jones right away


Hawpe sure would look nice in RF for the Cubs...

thnx cwtp for the link...

Hawpe sure would look nice in RF for the Cubs…

so would Tulo at short....

Yes, he would. I am more sold on Hawpe though...

Z at 107 pitches through 6 (with a rocky 6th). I would like to see a pinch hitter for him this inning.

How does Petrick look?

Hit 96 mph... keeping it down. C/C- control

Rynox: "C/C- control"

How do you figure? He's thrown 10 strikes and 3 balls to this point.

K'ed Tavaras & Sullivan on pretty good pitches.

nice debut for Petrick...woo

Is it just me or does Petrick look a little bit like Kerry Wood out there?

Welcome to the big leagues, kid!

Thuroughgood actually knows some baseball, it's a pleasant change.

Mike Fontenot -- my goodness!!

Good thing A-Ram got hurt, or he would still be playign 2B at Iowa and the subject of much TCR debate.

Why again did Dusty not like Fontenot?

Precisely how many more chances need to be granted to Ronny Cedeno?!? He has sucked at the plate AND in the field with the Cubs. So what if he consistently rips apart triple A pitching. Have you looked at Triple A pitching lately?!? It's mostly populated by the Les Walrond's of the world.

crunch should be excited by this latest tidbit from Musket:

And I would want a good bench coach, too, if I became manager.

Why again did Dusty not like Fontenot?

What? It is Dusty's fault that Fontenot wasn't on the big league club before this year?

Mike Fontenot is lightening in a bottle. Enjoy it while it lasts. He is Cub version of Bo Hart. He'll invariably come crashing back down to earth. He wasn't a 27 year old stuck at Triple A and available for anyone to grab free of cost last winter for nothing. I don't mean to piss on anyone's parade. I have been dutifully impressed with Fontenot as well. But I'm smart enough to see a mirage when I see one. Or so that's what Yogi would say.

"What? It is Dusty’s fault that Fontenot wasn’t on the big league club before this year?"

Well yes, because when he was on the big league club in 2005 Dusty wouldn't play him.

Ronny's current AAA numbers, he's still just 24:

385/461/566 in 143 AB's

20 K/19 BB/4 HR, 12 2B, 25 R, 17 RBI

fine by me as a middle infield injury replacement but no more. Trade bait as well.

This Petrick kid is throwing strikes, me like.

With all due respect, I doubt Ronny Cedeno has trade value. He's had a couple big league trials and looked utterly awful in every dimension of the game...hitting, fielding, baserunning, instincts. Think of him as insurance. Nothing else.

no like the homer though...

Welcome to the bigs, meat.

Something hit that far ought to have a stewardess on board.

it barely made the net....

"But I’m smart enough to see a mirage when I see one."


Nuts...the kid was one out away from a great beginning......

Marmol must've told him he wanted a save situation... Good rook...

Hendry is a genius!!!

generous strikeout on Torrealba....

And that's a wrap... This winning stuff is getting to be a habit...

Silent Towel — June 27, 2007 @ 2:50 pm

Something hit that far ought to have a stewardess on board.

Rob G. — June 27, 2007 @ 2:51 pm

it barely made the net….


"I don’t mean to piss on anyone’s parade."


Cubs Win!!!

I asked to win out in June last Friday, only two more to go.

Go CUBS!!!!

Bring on the Brewers!

Milwaukee and Houston currently tied at 3 in the bottom of the 10th.

6 in a row. One more game to .500.

Winning streaks are fun. I had forgotten...

Between now and the break, we have a homestand vs. the Brewers and then 7 games vs. WAS and PIT.

If we're EVER going to do something this season, now is the time.

It's be nice to be 46-41 at the break.

I'm now convinced Silent Towel is a parody. Of what, I have no idea.

Cedeno will be a solid big league shortstop. Probably not with the Cubs but he has continued to develop even after his disasterous 2006, when he should have been at Iowa. He has seven errors at Iowa but he has completed numerous plays that most big league shortstops could never had made.

As Ryno trains to be the next Bobby Cox, I can't think of a better role model that the minor leaguers could follow-

Wouldn't it be nice if Silent Towel were indeed SILENT


(until he blows a save)

and MIL wins on a walkoff by d.miller...

cubs get their crap together and MIL rolls...damn.

Damn Brewers....

I’m now convinced Silent Towel is a parody. Of what, I have no idea.

Manny Trillo? If he's not a parody, I'm convinced that Manny, ST, and CubFan are all siblings.

I can't believe how the astros rolled over for the Brewers. In the top of the 10th 1st and 3rd with 1 out and berkman goes FC no run and CLee grounds out. FUCK YOU ASTROS!

No worries here people, we sweep one more series and we will be only 4 games out!

Dang... Milwaukee wins with three runs in the bottom of the 11th.

Milwaukee wins 6-3 in 11. Miller 3 run HR ton win it.

BTW... the Buehrle report of a contract extension is being denied.

Hmmm... might the Score be wrong... again?

Remember, they are the same ones who said Theriot was being sent down yesterday.

Miller, of all people.

Carlos Marmol has electric stuff. Assuming the mental makeup is there and he isn't Latino version of Kyle "Ten Cent Head" Farnsworth, he will be a closer in this league. I haven't seen a fastball dance like that since Pedro Martinez was dialing it up.


If we don't trade Damien Miller for Michael Barrett there is a good chance he wouldn't be a Brewer today. Therefore I blame Milwaukee's win on...

I think scoreboard-watching is a bit premature at this point. I'm as excited as anyone over the Cubs' streak (and 16-10 month), but we're not even at .500 yet.

I don't think it's too early to watch the scoreboard. Milwaukee has to start losing for the Cubs to begin catching up, so why not be interested?

1 game til .500

it makes me smile and say "damn" all at the same time.

cubs play the brewers a lot here on out at least...that'll be fun.

The Cubs should worry about getting to .500 before they worry about a Milwaukee Brewer team that is underrated. And very good. I'm not sure the Brewers are catchable. The focus might need to be on the NL wildcard. But again, the current focus needs to be getting to .500.

I think it would be more fun if we played the Nationals, Pirates and Reds from here on out, but call me crazy.

Not the Reds -- they like to fuck with us; remember Arroyo's 2 homerun game? Dunn's 40+ homerun vs Cubs extravaganza?

"The Cubs should worry about getting to .500 before they worry about a Milwaukee Brewer team that is underrated. And very good. I’m not sure the Brewers are catchable.The focus might need to be on the NL wildcard."

Who are doing these ratings, exactly? I can't find them. And yes, by all means, let's not try to win the division, but focus on the wildcard race. That makes a load of sense.

Fontenot's swing looks like Chase Utley's ----Keep it up kid.

Marmol - did you and Frankie Rodriguez have a come to Jesus in the offseson.

Well played. Our Compliment players (Fontenot, Izturis, The Riot, Floyd, and the Catching Platoon) have done a fantastic job of doing the small things --
Now it's D Lee's turn to get hot with the weather....

I think it would be more fun if we played the Nationals, Pirates and Reds from here on out, but call me crazy.

I don't know... I think I would settle for playing the sox every day. They may be worse than the Nationals or Pirates. And they are going to be trading half of their team away.

Unfortunately CTSTEVE, the Brewers also play the Pirates and Nationals prior to the All-Star break.

Now it’s D Lee’s turn to get hot with the weather….

Not sure how you can be much hotter than this:

Overall Numbers: .349/.420/.514 OPS - .935
June Numbers: .344/.423/.490 OPS - .913

And while sure, I wouldn't mind home runs, I will take his .340+ BA while hitting line drive all over the place any time.

Mike Fontenot's swing looks like Chase Utley's?!?! Oh good grief. Have you seen Utley's batting stance and bat through the strike zone? Have you seen where he stands in the batter's box? Fontenot and Utley are virtual polar opposites in the batter's box.

Look, be happy for the Cubs and Fontenot right now. The kid deserves his props. But it is a lightning in a bottle thing and he will invariabiy will come crashing back down to earth. Thank goodness Mark DeRosa is on this roster because he looms as one of the most critically important players the 2nd half.

2007 Brewers > 1927 Yankees

There, now they're overrated.

Derrek Lee isn't the player he was in 2005. His power stroke to the alleys has vaporized. Yes he is hitting for big average and hitting a ton of doubles which is a good thing. But the Cubs need him to be a 110 RBI plus guy in the middle of the order in complement to Aramis Ramirez and Cornelius Clifford Floyd. At some point he needs to regain his power stroke and the ability to drive the ball like yesteryear.

I love the concept of 'focus on winning the ____'

What a dumb thing to say. You don't focus on winning the wild card vs winning the Central. YOu cannot control any of that. All you can do is win games. the rest works itself out. It's not like fighting a multi theater war where we can send more troops to battle Hitler and hopefully win that one while sacrificing the war in the Pacific. You beat who they put in front of you and hope that everyone else ahead of you loses. Not to mention that we play the Brewers enough times whereas we pound them down, we'll catch them. Underrated? I call them OVERRATED. Chris Cappuanao and Jeff Suppan? Please. Ben Sheets is a top pitcher but he will get hurt. And Turnbow and Cordero will turn back into pumpkins soon enough. That team is not that good.

JJ Hardy, who doubled his career high in homers is on pace for @40. I bet he won't hit more than 32. These guys are playing above their heads. The only star they have is Prince Fielder who is going to be a very very very good player.

Alright you nit picking losers -
good win for the cubs. Regarding line 135----
Fontenot is Hot -- and is hitting like Chase at EVEN Chase's peak. great work.
2. D Lee hit about 80 bombs in the previous 2 healthy years. he has 6 bombs, on pace for 12. assuming he gets stronger through the warm weather, we are due for a really fun stretch with DLee.

YOu guys are losers for contesting this. enjoy the moment.

And your idea about Derrek Lee is totally unfounded. He's slugging higher than he did the year before his MVPish year. That year (04) he had 98 RBIs. That year he had a slg % of .504 this year its .517. If he keeps that up, he's fine.

"YOu guys are losers for contesting this. enjoy the moment."

Who are these 'guys'? I see only 1 'guy'.

how's the Brewers death spiral going, Chad?

dont worry about ST...he's only here to hear himself. he sure as hell isnt here to contribute to ANY kind of 2-way conversation, learn something, be corrected, or contribute anything but barking his views at others.

dont push to hard or he'll break out the insults. dont let the losers drag you down, just know what you're dealing with and move on.

CubFanBudMan -

GO to a different board. You obviously have never played baseball before.

careful chad... you are getting dangerously close to using statistics in order to make an argument... :)

I continue to yearn for an "ignore this poster" feature in the comments.

Cub Shark -- send me your little league stats...and i'll send you mine.

chad and st, i agree - d. lee is rolling -- and the power will likely come. for now, i am enjoying his production. Fontenot does have a nice swing, is left handed, and has provided a much needed spark. he seems to hit left handed pitching well, which is a good sign---
having 2 new left handed bats - fontenot and the C slot really helps with the balance of the lineup.

"how’s the Brewers death spiral going, Chad?"

It was going great! They were down to like 4 games over .500. then they caught this updraft and played really mediocre teams. Sure Minny isn't that bad but San Fran is not a good team and KC, well, need I say more and the Astros, who really suck.

Let's see how they do this weekend.


you got it wrong. ST says DLee is not doing enough. I said he's doing fine. I think are saying that you agree with me, right?

Lee is just going through a Teixeira-2006-first-half. The power will come.

having 2 new left handed bats - fontenot and the C slot really helps with the balance of the lineup.

Yea... those catchers are really helping the Cubs line-up:

Bowen, vs rhp (i.e. batting right-hande): .235/.346/.382
Hill, vs rhp (i.e. batting right-hande): .207/.281/.379
** Bowen's numbers are for the whole season, not just his time on the Cubs**

Barrett, vs, rhp: .255/.296/.391

While Barrett wasn't exactly destroying rhp, Bowen and Hill sure are not helping out anything by replacing him, thats for sure.

chad and st -- d lee is obviously doing fine, ---however a few of his linedrives are bound to start going over the fence as the weather begins to heat up.

i'm not sure if i should explain balance - 99% of people on this list understand that having a combined lineup of righties and lefties is much more difficult to pitch against than a team of all righties. --- therefore, having fontenot, pie / pagan, bowen/hill, and floyd in the lineup --- helps balance a team, particularly against right handed pitching. it also helps moving a runner over from 2nd base in certain situations, etc.

right now we have a good mix of platoons / options going on -
Theriot / izturis
bowen / hill
floyd / derosa
pie / pagan

balance is good.

It is the end of June! The weather already has heated up. You guys sound like you think it is mid-April or something.... I do think Lee will finish the year with better power numbers than he has now, but it's a bit late in the year to be blaming it on the cold...

lee has a hole in his swing on the outside that pitchers are exploiting like hell.

he didnt used to have it, but he does. he's got an eye and a decent stroke, he's just seeing outside, outside, outside, outside.

when he does whatever it takes to reclaim the outside part of the plate, he might look a bit better with his power results.

Cubs had 6 hits today -- all by Fontenot, DeRosa and The Riot.

Let's hear it for the all-infield offense!

Cubs win six in a row, Chad used something besides, RBI's, win and ERA to prove a point. God help us, I don't even want to think what is about to happen next


The spirit of Rod Beck will roam Wrigley.

"The weather heating up" argument is horseshit. It's something that Dusty used to talk about. While there is a measure of truth that power hitters do "heat up" in summer, the concept applies to the opposition as well. For whatever reason, Derrek Lee has lost his ability to drive the ball in the alleys, to include hitting home runs. Maybe, as suggested, it's a Mark Texiera in 2006 type of slump. Or maybe it has something to do with the serious wrist injury Lee suffered. Either way, the Cubs are going to need him to be a run producer in greater fashion than he has been to date. Either that or Cornelius Clifford Floyd is going to need to stay healthy and fill the run production void.

Big Z now on pace to win 18-20 games.

Hmmmmm.....Cy Young candidate?

Lee still well below where he should be in HR/F at 7% and still raking line drives at 21.5%

Manny, Ortiz, Berkman not really hitting a ton of homers either to name a few....

although Berkman's finally warmed up over the last week.

I still think Lee's got a 25 homer season in him. Lower than I expected at the beginning of the year, but he's really the least of this team's problems.

Sullivan shoots down that Zell squashed the deal.

Jesus Christ. ST says things that are so stupid I cannot even fathom saying them sarcastically.

ST, your new 'Jaque Strap Jones sucks so let me fawn over this not very good player' hero, Cliff Floyd has a slugging % of .430 after hitting a HR yesterday. Matt Murton, who has 'no power' despite his horrendous start to this year, has a career slugging % of .441. Just out of morbid curiosity, could you be any more blatantly incorrect about player evaluation? Oh nevermind, this is the guy casting his all-star ballots for Cesar Izturis and pencilling in Wade Miller for 15 wins.

At what point does someone who is always wrong about everything he says finally come to realize 'I just don't know what he fuck I am talking about?' Seriously.

Oh yeah, Felix Pie's career OPS .644. Ronny Cedono's .618

Rave on brother. Give us the gospel. Or maybe go back since the first time your cancerous drivel attached itself to TCR and find one instance (just one) where you were ever correct about anything.

I have learned how to read comments much faster. I just zap through all Silent Towel's posts because they are mindless anyway.

Remember that day when Towel was right about everything? Good times...

Silent Towel is the Ann Coulter of the TCR. There might not be an "ignore" option, but that doesn't mean you have to take the bait.

On the Brewers, by the way... I know our tendency is to expect a collapse, but does anyone have any statistical evidence about how real they are? Is it all done with smoke, mirrors, and cheese?

Yeah, I only point out ST's idiocy when I am drunk. Cubs move into 5th in the WC standings with the sweep of the Rockies.

Huge statement series this weekend. Either show the Brewers that they were just keeping the division crown warm while the Cubs sorted things out, or re-affirm their place at the top of the standings. Winner of the series wins the division - that's my prediction.

99% of people on this list understand that having a combined lineup of righties and lefties is much more difficult to pitch against than a team of all righties.

Sure... if the lefties can actually hit.

But Hill/Bowen cannot hit. If we are talking purely offense, I would much rather have a right handed Barrett than a left-handed Hill or Bowen at the plate, regardless of what arm the pitcher is using.

One final comment on Michael Barrett and his game calling:

M Barrett C 4 0 1 0

G Maddux (W, 7-4) 7.0 5 1 1 1 4

No offense, but I am going to go ahead and take the smartest pitcher of our generation over the 'Barrett calls for Home Run pitch when we need strike out pitch' meat heads. And no, that's not a Straw Man argument.

If Lee does not turn on the power by All-Star break you have to move Soriano down the line up.

In fact with Dlee suspension time coming I wouldnt be surprised if Lou moved Soriano down then.


"On the Brewers, by the way… I know our tendency is to expect a collapse, but does anyone have any statistical evidence about how real they are? Is it all done with smoke, mirrors, and cheese?"

All I know is that very important players on that team (Capuano, Suppan, Turnbow, Cordero, Hardy) are playing well above their career norms. I expect a regression to them mean oh my God did I just say that?

Quiet Laundry - please just shut up now.

Don't forget, the lower in the order you put Soriano, the less at bats you get from him. The lowest i would put him is 3rd.

Zambrano likes Fontenot. "He hits the ball like a man."

I am going to go ahead and say the chance of Soriano batting 5th are somewhere between zero and none at all.

He didn't hit too well when he was moved down earlier (Jacos, you know you have a suspended Lee in your lineup, right?) Anyway, I expect the lineup to be:

Shitty Catcher

When Lee is out against a LHP. Not sure who plays 2nd/SS let Lou figure it out.

The team is starting to resemble the 2003 team, which was one bat short of making the WS - maybe we will sign Barrett during the off season to bulster the lineup.

maybe we will sign Barrett during the off season to bulster the lineup.

No Real Neal... Barrett can't handle a pitching staff, remember? Nor will he ever be on a winning team...

Arod is going to get 500 HR's right around the time he turns 32 next month. I am officially no longer upset about Bonds stealing Aaron's HR record for 6 years. He will go down as a sidenote in Hhstory, right along with other famous scumbags like Steve Howe, Richard Nixon and Sadam Hussein.. ok maybe that last one was a little harsh.

Real Neal-

Yeah, I was showing where I think the lineup might end up.

Suspension lineup


"The team is starting to resemble the 2003 team, which was one bat short of making the WS"

Not being a smart ass, but I think that team was one arm away from making the World Series. If Dusty had a guy he could count on in the 8th, Prior would have come out but when all that shit was going down, there was no one he thought was better. One lockdown set up man and we go. IMO

Also, I'm with you on the ARod thing. Barring injury and as long as he wants to keep playing, Arod will out homer bonds. the only problem is, as he ages, ARod will not be able to turn to steriods which is what helps older guys recover faster.

Nor will he ever be on a winning team…

He IS on a winning team....for now.

Looks like Soriano will stay in the leadoff position, mostly because he seems to have a problem with the off - speed stuff. I don't have any statistics to prove this, but it appears that most of his hits over the past two weeks have been off of fastballs.

Rob G.:
"how’s the Brewers death spiral going, Chad?"

So Vorare or dave you going to call out Rob G. for that? Nah I didn't think so, Go TCR!!

So Vorare or dave you going to call out Rob G. for that? Nah I didn’t think so, Go TCR!!

No... it is different. Chad has been continually hammering his opinion that the Brewers are going to spiral into mediocrity, or worse. It wasn't one conversation, or even a week of conversations. Chad has attempted to rub it in our faces that he is right about how Milwaukee absolutely will not finish over .500. And when Milwaukee continues to play well, it is something that we can/should call Chad odd. It was also very related to the topic at hand.

You, on the other hand, decided to use a conversation about Jock Jones to attack Rob about his position on Marcus Giles that he had several months ago.

Two very different things.

"Two very different things."

So you say, not surprisingly. Go TCR!!

So you say, not surprisingly. Go TCR!!

Good response manny. You don't actually respond to what I wrote. You just write it off.

You do know that I am one of the few people that defend you around here, right?

Oh yeah, Go Cubs!!!

One more win and I officially can be back really interested in the season. Not living in Chicago anymore, working for another baseball team and the team being under .500 a vast majority of the season, it is hard to stay to excited.

Hopefully they won't go into the tank this time after making a nice run like they did earlier in the year. The Nl and especially the NL Central are not good this year. Stay around .500 and make a run in Sept like they did in 2003 and playoffs here we come...

You do know that I am one of the few people that defend you around here, right?"

Thanks, but honestly, I don't need anyone to defend me. There are tons of times when people take random shots at me when I am not around for a couple days (I do read almost all the posts, just don't have time to post very often when I have games), and I rarely see anyone come to my defense, again not that I need it. But if you say you do, thanks. It just bothers me the constant double standard.

Manny... I am really not sure it is a double standard.

You brought up a conversation you had with Rob from months ago that was completely unrelated to what we were talking about in order to attack him.

Rob brought up a conversation that was directly related to the conversation, and one that has been talked about on almost every thread over the last month or more, in order to attack Chad.

They seem like pretty different situations to me.

Chad can take a joke and he knows I was messin' with him.

On the other hand, if Manny needs to indulge himself on one of the few things he thinks he's right about, I'll let him have his brief moment of sunshine today. I'm sure he needs it.

Btw, Giles is 5th in Win Shares (offense and defense) among NL second basemen with 9. That would make him still the best 2b that was available this far.

"Sullivan shoots down that Zell squashed the deal."

Zell is Sullivan's boss for public disclosure.

Matchups for this weekend:

Fri - Gallardo v. Hill
Sat - Sheets v. Marshall
Sun - TBA v. Marquis

Vargas is due on Sunday, but Capuano may come off the DL in time for that start. Or so I'm told.

You were messing with me?

Rob G.:
"On the other hand, if Manny needs to indulge himself on one of the few things he thinks he’s right about, I’ll let him have his brief moment of sunshine today."

Thanks man, you are so sweet...:)

How the heck are win shares determined?

Giles has 6.3 batting win shares with this line: .258/.335/.357 OPS - 692 (322 plate appearances)

DeRosa has 4.7 batting win shares with this line: .275/.353/.432 OPS - 786 (253 plate appearances)

I would think that the only difference would be that Giles has played more?

Of course... Manny didn't like the DeRosa signing either, if I recall.

Ah... this could be key:

a player will get credit for more Win Shares if his team happens to exceed its Pythagorean win/loss record. And vice versa.

"Vargas is due on Sunday, but Capuano may come off the DL in time for that start. Or so I’m told."

Capuano is one pitcher that I think this league will eat up this year. Unfortunately, we can't hit soft tossing lefties.

yeah, maybe DeRosa is getting slighted for our run differential difference. There's also some park factor stuff that gets played into there.


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  • "According to FOX Sports' Jon Morosi, Tim Tebow's baseball workout Tuesday in Los Angeles will be attended by scouts from "roughly half" of the 30 major league teams."

    "One scout told last week that Tebow's swing is so long it might "take out the front row." That's not a good thing."

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    The #MBpelicans and @Cubs have extended their PDC through 2020!
    Carolina League getting 2 new teams too.

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  • CF WAR is ridiculous...billy hamilton is pulling a 3.0 WAR somehow...and managed a 2.0 WAR last year (even though he missed a month of the season)...and a 3.7 WAR in 2014.

    yeah, a lot depends on how one is doing relative to others at a given position, but WAR is common used (right or wrong) as a blanket comparing all kinds of players.

    trout's one of the best, and at this point should probably win over donaldson (and should have more MVPs in the past, too), but the defensive aspect of valuing WAR still needs more tweaking...imo.

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  • Don't know if Cubs will recover from "spanking" Gordo

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  • 2nd in defensive WAR, NL.

    6th in NL in RBI

    Go complain about something else, like, "they never play good against the good teams", or some other shit.

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  • Addy really has trouble breaking through .250 BA -- after his hot streak got him to .251, he has gone 1-for-17.

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  • Thank goodness for Jansen's 2 WP on Friday -- otherwise this would have been a sweep.

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  • There seems to be a direct correlation with overconfidence in the Cubs offense against mediocre/young pitchers and really poor offense against mediocre/young pitchers. So, let's fear the Pirate pitchers!

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  • Rizzo due for a power surge -- one HR in August so far. He truly does hit them in bunches.

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  • Sometimes I'm not as supportive of Cahill as maybe I should be. There, I said it.

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  • Rough 8th inning all around -- HBP, Cahill error, Javy's poor decision.

    Oh well - given that the Cubs didn't look like they were going to score, it's better to lose in 9 innings, save the bullpen and get changed for the PJ trip home.

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  • Baez still learning

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  • heyward with his 3rd multi-hit game since the all-star break (all in august)...2nd in the past 3 games during his 7 game hitting streak.

    he's gone from flirting with a sub-.300 ob% to nearing .310 ob% in 3 games (1 game was just a 1 for 1 pinch hit appearance). all 5 hits in the past 3 games have come in a row...neat.

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  • stewart with 7Ks through 3ip...of course.

    that 10-13 mph difference in his fastball/change is working today...and they're swinging at his crappy slider.

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  • brock stewart...steven times for the cubs hitters vs allegedly competitive teams...maybe.

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