They Sure Talk Funny In Milwaukee

A little something to break up the afternoon before debating how to attack former, almost-Cub Jason Simontacchi... The following is from the Milwaukee Journal's game story by Tom Haudricourt. See if you can decipher it. I cannot.
The Brewers hit the official halfway mark of the season with a 47-34 record, matching the best in franchise history (1979). With only three games left against Milwaukee (Aug. 28-30 at Wrigley), the Cubs will need help to make a serious run at the Brewers, much less any other NL club with a notion of playing serious baseball at some point. (Emphasis added)
Obviously, the Cubs will need outside help to make up the 6.5 game deficit. But what's with the rest of that passage? Doesn't it come off like a slam? Those nice folks up north don't talk they?


I guess folks talk like that when they get a contender once every two decades...

Yah, sure...Hey Dere...Hi Dere....

They can't bank on a winning season just yet. What, they haven't had a season better than .500 in a decade? It's just appropiate that they keep their mouths shut until/if they win the division.

They seem to have their heads up their asses -- time to give them a nice little surprise.

that is a very strangely worded sentence.....if he was trying to talk trash it is clear that they haven't had much practice up there.

i hope when they crossed the border going home last night all those wisconsinites remembered to set their watches back 30 years.

I think they are trying to say that any team could get back into this race but the Cubs are the only ones who seem like they are. To me its more of a slam at the Cardinals and Astros.

The Cubs don't need "help" to win the division, they just need to play better than the Brewers than their common opponents. Which, if they are a better team, they would be expected to do. If they're not the better team, well, then, they shouldn't expect to win the division.

Ned Yost, the guy who before the season started, said he refused to be intimidated had this to say after Sunday's game:

"They're just playing a little better," Brewers manager Ned Yost said. "They were really, really good back then, too. They just weren't playing that well. Right now they're playing pretty good. Derrek Lee and Ramirez are two of the best hitters in the National League. Their pitching has a chance to be very solid. They're a good team."

"Help" in the sense that the Cubs' fate is not in their own hands, i.e., they could theoretically sweep all of those games against common opponents and still not catch the Brewers.

Chad, I hadn't thought of it your way, but even after looking at it closely, it seems clear to me he's saying, "...the Cubs will need help to make a serious run at the Brewers, much less (at) any other NL club with a notion of playing serious baseball at some point."

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just aching for a fight with Milwaukee.

Forgot the rest of the thought... Ned Yost said he wouldn't be intimidated by a team spending $300 mil

Spending my college years in Milwaukee and knowing far too many Wisconsinites than I care to, this is what I expected the article to say.

The Brewers Brett Favre hit the official halfway mark Brett Favre of the season with a 47-34 record Brett Favre, matching the best in franchise history Brett Favre (1979). With only three games left Brett Favre against Milwaukee (Aug. 28-30 at Wrigley) Brett Favre, the Cubs will need help Brett Favre to make a serious run at the Brewers Brett Favre, much less any other NL club Brett Favre with a notion of playing serious baseball at some point Brett Favre.

They seem to have their heads up their asses

let's send izturis to investigate...

Assuming Big Z doesn't get the vote for the last NL All-Star spot (and he shouldn't anyway), I've tallied the points people got on the TCR PreSeason Prediction Contest for Cubs All-Stars. I've highlighted people who scored 8 or 10 of a possible 10 points. Two people scored a perfect 10, while a handful of others scored an 8.


You could get a job at the Milwaukee Journal.

According to Buster Olney on Mike & Mike this morning, the Mets and Brewers are the top two contenders for Buehrle, if the Sox decide to trade him.

I'm not particularly happy about either of those scenarios, but I really don't want to see him go to the Brew Crew.

i think i should get points for saying that ramirez would make it, since he should have.

ST has 0 (ZERO) points.

That just made me freaking day, Bryan. Well done, sir.

btw, looks like the Buehrle deal is dead as Wsox won't give him a NTC. My apologies if that's a repeat...

Hmm... The only other regular poster that scored 8 or higher (other than me) is jacos.... See a pattern here?

You must begin your name with "ja" to be successful?

If not, then I do not see a pattern.

That's right, Wes! Nothing more. Pretty simple, really. It's Monday, I don't wanna get too deep...

I think CT Steve with 16 pts is the current overall leader and can get another 5 pts if Z wins the vote.

Huh? The highest score I saw was 10...

there were 2 other questions for 5 pts that have already been answered (first callup and first to DL) and he got both of them right.

Ahhh. never mind. I wasn't really looking at how many points things were worth...

The White Sox are so stupid. Why won't they give him a NTC? Obviously, Buehrle is giving them a home town discount to stay in chicago. So the Sox can turn around and trade him next year to a team that he may not want to play for? So stupid.

Rob G.

a look at some ex-Cubs"

That's pretty cool that Beck was buried in his Cubs uniform. Really says a lot about how he felt about this team/city/fanbase, etc.

Rob G- You stole my thunder, I was imagining the Cheesehead writer holding back with his every fiber not to type "FARVE!!!!"

Best start since 1979 Brewers?

Hopefully the will repeat history.



Because Sox really don't want to sign Buehrle.


That’s right, Wes! Nothing more. Pretty simple, really. It’s Monday, I don’t wanna get too deep…

So noted.

I don't know if you guys listened to Boers and Berstein today, but go to YouTube and in the search box type in "Aramis Rameirez Jack" ...can you tell me what the hell the guy is doing to poor A-Ram? or who the mystery shaker is?

aram is a guy with chronic groin problems...and lockerrooms can be kinda "touchy" to a scarey point.

was gonna stay away from the whole thing, but meh...whatever.

jocks are weird ;p

what's scarier? the fact it was done or the fact aram didnt react like it was abnormal? hehe
Ummm. yeah. That's a little disturbing...

heh...murton has 7 doubles (1hr) in 16 AAA games.

ronnie cedeno is hitting around a billion with more walks than Ks and 9 homers in 45 games.

soto's still putting on his best immitation of a power hitter with 11 homers and 17 doubles in 208ab.

PCL pitching must be consistantly blowing ass this season or theyre juicing the ball in iowa. heh.

That's Mark Derosa doing a shimmy on Aram.

Every walk off deserves a jerk off.

No, that's not DeRosa. DeRosa is in the foreground from the jacker.... DeRosa is in his white jersey, whereas the jacker is wearing a blue top...

Speaking of Milwaukee: they have a good lineup but that Ryan Braun is scary. He killed the ball all weekend, including against Marmol. He's done for them what Fontenot has done for the Cubs. He's going to be in our hair for a long time. Notice he's already hitting in the three slot.

It may be Izturis...

Oh now I see it.


That's pretty close to a "rusty trombone" than I care to ever see.

It kind of looks like Bobby Abreu... Who do we have that looks like Abreu?

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MLB Advanced Media"



no play for mr. grey.

Hey, yeah. I have 16 points.

Recount! Recount!

Meh... Shut down by the man! I'm gonna say it was Izturis... end o' subject...

Clearly it was Michael Barrett in the video.

"Every walk off deserves a jerk off."

My wife does not concur.

MLB whined about the video

If Buerle goes to the brewers, it is a good thing for the Cubs. Ok, maybe not really, but lets remember how good Buerle is in the 1st half and how bad he is in the 2nd half.

I could go pull up some stats, but I am far too cool for that. Just take my word for it.

and I bet whoever was doing the jerking paid youtube millions to take that video down.

PCL pitching must be consistantly blowing ass this season or theyre juicing the ball in iowa.I went to a Stockton Ports game last night where 9 home runs were hit - in one game. That's 9 home runs - at A Ball level!

There's something gone on here and I don't think its the water.

It was Carlos Marmol-

He pitched in the 8th so he was in the dugout, and he looks a little like Bobby Abreau.

I would bet my left nut on it.

It was Carlos Marmol-

He pitched in the 8th so he was in the dugout, and he looks a little like Bobby Abreau.

Soriano named NL player of the month.

Do you think that Selig will commute Derrek "Scooter" Lee's suspension?? (a la Bush...go read the real news)

When the hell are the Cubs going to dump Fat Eyre, the Jock, and Pizza Pizza? If they could do that, and win 5/7 this week at Washington and Pittsburgh, me one happy Cub fan going into the ASB.

Z for All-Star Game? 1. Who cares. 2. Chris Young had a much much better first half, even though he's an ass. 3. I'd rather Z get the three days rest.

I used to live in Milwaukee. As unexciting as it is, I think the most likely explanation is the fact that Hardicourt is a terrible writer. You get a confusing, poorly-constructed sentence every other article he writes. He combines bad writing and Joe Morgan-esque baseball wisdom into one ugly package.

CHAD: "The White Sox are so stupid."

from the mouth of Bruce Levine a little while ago - Kenny Williams optimistic a deal can be done. Levine, however, discussed the precedent set by agreeing on a NTC and how it affects their other pitchers whose contracts are coming up in future years such as Garland, Vasquez, etc.

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  • Reds pitching meeting tomorrow:

    "Hey coach...maybe we should walk Bryant?"
    "No...keep challenging him with fastballs! What kind of man are you?! The Cubs walked Harper, and look what happened there! They got teased for it, by one of the Nat players! Is that what you want?"

    billybucks 3 hours 41 min ago view
  • How can I get that feature? I think it woudl be a win-win for all involved.

    billybucks 3 hours 45 min ago view
  • Ian Happ is hitting.733 after 5 games at Tennessee. He went into tonight's game hitting .667 -- and went 3-for-3 to raise his average.

    2-for-3, including a bomb, for LaStella at Iowa. Pierce Johnson very bad -- 2IP, 5ER. Pitching prospects not looking so hot -- Underwood has been awful.

    Did Jiminez get hurt? I noticed he came out early yesterday.

    billybucks 4 hours 33 min ago view
  • Contreras keeps hitting/walking like this, and Miggy keep up the poor D and lack of offense - the kid could be the #1 catcher very soon.

    billybucks 4 hours 39 min ago view
  • it doesn't hurt that the Cardinals lose the KC and the Pirates lost too.

    Cubster 4 hours 39 min ago view
  • ...still trying to process what I just saw. From both KB and Jake. Walking Billy Hamilton twice is a cry for help. I think the nudie photos are messing with Jake's head.

    billybucks 4 hours 42 min ago view
  • Hopefully Peralta's time on the Cubs roster will be shorter than R. Soriano's.

    Cubster 4 hours 58 min ago view
  • it took 9 pitches for peralta to give up his 1st cubs homer. neat.

    crunch 5 hours 3 min ago view
  • damn...totally missed that ruben quevedo died on june 7th. he was only 37...heart attack.

    he threw some really horrible games for the cubs in 2000 and followed it up by doing the same for 3 season for the brewers.

    crunch 5 hours 10 min ago view
  • Holy Kris Bryant what?!

    Ryno 5 hours 11 min ago view
  • Hitting 3 HR, 2 doubles in a game. Never been done in mlb history per Len/Bob.

    Cubster 5 hours 23 min ago view
  • walks? this is baseball, not a nature hike. he needs to get his head in the game.

    in my opinion, he would have been better off hitting 2 homers rather than walking twice. /moneyballs

    crunch 5 hours 26 min ago view
  • Rizzo: 2-3, homer, double, 2 walks - meh

    Eric S 5 hours 29 min ago view
  • in other news, the site seems to be eating about 50% of my comments...which is probably a good thing in hindsight.

    Rob G. 5 hours 31 min ago view
  • The Tucker Barnhart reactions after each Kris Bryant HR are kind of priceless.

    Rob G. 5 hours 34 min ago view
  • ...but, he's also good at home runs, too.

    also, rizzo.

    crunch 5 hours 38 min ago view