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The bottom three hitters in the Orioles lineup for tonight's game at U.S. Cellular Field were Freddie Bynum, Paul Bako, and Corey Patterson. BB&P went a combined 3-for-13 with four strikeouts. Still, the trio collected a pair of walks and scored three runs between them, and Bynum, who had two of the ex-Cubs' safeties, also smacked a triple. Bynum (4th) and Patterson (16th) stole bases as well. The fact that these three have landed on the O's roster at the same time and in their starting lineup ON THE SAME NIGHT says a lot about the state of the Baltimore American League Ballclub and the job in front of Andy MacPhail. It also says something about the state of the Chicago White Sox, who the Orioles hammered tonight, 9-6.


Andy MacFailure is welcome to all three of them. There is no one less likely to return the Orioles to respectability than MacFailure. His reputation is still living off his "catch lightening in a bottle" days at Minnesota.

Boom Boom!

All that mean is the O's lineup is Hot Garbage. Smells like Cooperville, MI. Poopy.

My "s" key must be cashed out..I meant to say...

That MEANS the O's lineup is H.G., and CooperSville, MI. Stinky stinky town.

You cannot stop Gabor Bako II, you can only hope to contain him.

For those of you who don't think the pressure of a pennant race weighs heavily on young players, you should watch the baseball sports highlights Wednesday so you can see Prince Fielder go postal on a water cooler because he didn't hit a home run. It was crazy. You usually only see that kind of behavior on teams that are doing poorly.


"see Prince Fielder go postal on a water cooler because he didn’t hit a home run"

Someone told him it was a piñata full of Twinkies.

Not even couting Paul Bako, Freddie Bynum, Steve Trachsel, and Scott Williamson, the Orioles hiring Cubs Scouting Director John Stockstill as their Scouting Director probably has had the most to do with so many ex-Cubs prospects gravitating to Baltimore over the past couple of years:

Francis Beltran
Chadd Blasko
Jason Dubois
Jon Leicester
Luis Montanez
Corey Patterson
Brandon Sing
Kenny Steenstra (minor league pitching coach)

For those of you who state that the pitcher calls "99% of his pitches", Lou's quotes would seem to disagree with this:

Re: Z's last start:

"He called a real good game yesterday, he really did,” Piniella said of Bowen. “I took notice. Both of my catchers have done real nice jobs here, handling the pitching staff. And they both understand that’s their primary function.”

7/4 Daily Herald

Lou just ran his best catcher out of town for no apparent reason. I will promise you all right now that Lou won't be saying anything to slam his current catchers, to draw criticism to himself.

I have been a big Michael Barrett defender but when he started fighting with the pitching staff, regressed defensively and mentally, and then was club house advocate against Lou, it was time for him to go.

I'm happy with Lou making players accountable and playing the hot hand, and imo if Dusty was still here you would have an outfield of Floyd in LF, Soriano in CF, JJ in RF and Neifizzy playing SS everyday.

E-Man said: Re: Z’s last start: “He called a real good game yesterday, he really did,” Piniella said of Bowen.

E-Man, Hill has been catching Zambrano ever since the fight. Piniella was referring to the Monday game when Bowen caught Lilly.

At RFK Tuesday night, we watched Billy Petrick carrying a pink bag with a shoulder strap to and from the bullpen.

I was going to ask if anyone knew what that was, but I just found this online:

Since Dempster joined the Cubs, he has initiated a type of hazing for the newest member of the bullpen. That player is required to carry a pink backpack that belongs to Dempster from the dugout to the bullpen prior to the start of each game, in full view of fans and teammates alike.

“They haven't really done anything too bad to me, except I got to carry out the pink bag,” said Petrick, who again carried it on Wednesday. “(Fellow reliever Carlos) Marmol was so happy because it was his since he got called up (on May 18). I know he was thrilled to get rid of it.”

"calling a good game" and "calling a bad game" does exist. Don't believe I ever made the claim that it didn't exist.

You call a good game, we're on the same page. You call a bad game, and you're pissing me off. We're doing a lot of talking on the mound and in the dugout in between innings.

Does that relate to pitcher's success? Eh, I still don't think so. The disagreements don't happen that often. Unless you've got a really crappy catcher who doesn't pay attention. Both guys read the scouting report. Both guys watch the video. Both guys talk in the clubhouse about how the pitcher wants to attack certain guys. That's what Lou's talking about when he says "manage the staff".

Catchers can call a good game, and since the media and most folks think that directly relates to a pitcher's success, one of the press probably asked Lou how he felt about how Bowen called the game: "'He called a real good game yesterday, he really did.”

I have been a big Michael Barrett defender but when he started fighting with the pitching staff,

Lets Z - both "fights" were initiated by the pitchers. One was initiated by a known pyscho (Z) and the other wasn't even a fight (with R. Hill).

believe he meant "when he began to fight", not "when he initiated fights"

I never pitched, other than screwing around, but I have to disagree about the game calling mechanism not having an impact on the pitcher's game. If you're constantly shaking off and arguing over how to work a hitter, at the very minimum, it is going to disrupt your timing.

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  • A special after day after Thanksgiving thanks to AZ for his insanely detailed posts on all things roster. I don't know how you keep track of all that stuff - I suspect a chip implant, but whatever it is, it's cool.

  • ...the wrong half.

  • there's nothing like crapping out of the playoffs with a strong/young cheap team after pinching pennies for years then having theo talk about having to be creative with money to make things work for 2016...but hey, baseball isn't baseball without a farmer's market and beer garden plaza with ice rinks.

    they can do both...then again, if you want to look at it from a business point of view, they don't have to do both because the team is expected to be competitive and the merch+tickets+eyes-on-team are going to be at a peak unless they fail badly.

  • Really ?

    They are trying to bring the facility to the 20th century.
    I think they know what they are doing.

  • With the Cubs adding Pierce Johnson to their roster and not exposing/losing him to the Rule 5 Draft keeps the trade ancestry tree alive that started in 1999 with Tom Gordon and undrafted Adam Morrissey and includes 17 players, the trade tree progressed to involve the Hee Sop Choi for Derrek Lee deal and the famous Aramis Ramirez/Kenny Lofton deal..Pierce Johnson is the compensation pick for Aramis Ramirez in 2012

  • Well played.

  • Yeah, the Rex brothers, Tyrannosaurus and Oedipus

  • When I first saw the Tweet, I thought there were two guys. Happy Thanksgiving gang! And TheoJed!

  • They can use another Brother

  • Cubs acquired Rex Brothers. Awesome fit for this team. Wander Cabrera going to COL.

  • "MLB announces #Cubs Minor League RHP Tanner Griggs receives 50-game suspension without pay after testing positive for amphetamine"

    2014 12th rounder...


    it's hard to know who to blame...on one hand he's a baseball player, on the other he sells cars in the offseason...either job leads to amphetamine abuse. =p

  • Thanks PHIL! I thought only the Cubs had control until the last day of the MLB 2015 Season.

  • that's awesome...makes me look forward to hearing theo talk some more about how the team needs to be creative with finances because money is tight.


  • See What The Cubs Are Building This Off-Season For Wrigley Plaza, Clubhouse


  • CUBBIES-4-EVER: It's not unusual for a PTBNL to be chosen after the Rule 5 Draft from the list of Rule 5 eligible players who were not selected. That way, a club gets a player they like (perhaps somebody like OF Jeffrey Baez) without the cumbersome Rule 5 roster restrictions that go with a Rule 5 Draft pick.